Day: February 2, 2021

Fix Windows 10 Update Issues for Latest Upgrades

Windows Update is a vital element on Windows 10. This critical component helps in downloading and installing quality updates. Feature updates help improve overall performance, incorporate new features, and cover security issues. However, sometimes you may face problems during various operations.

However, you do not need to mull over it for long. Thankfully, if you come across an issue or an error, you can use various troubleshooting steps to fix the problems in Windows 10.

Monitor Automatic Updates and Schedule Reboot Timings

You don’t have the option to manage the automatic updates on Windows 10, but you can always monitor these updates. You can also control the reboot timings of your machine after all the updates are installed. This action ensures that these updates do not affect your work and cause inconvenience. 

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to Settings and click Update & Security options.

Step 2: Select the Windows Update tab on the left-hand side at the top. Then, select Change Active Hours.

Step 3: A window called Active Hours will come up that allows you to set the reboot timings of your machine (not the installation of the update). Choose your preferred times, and click Save.

Step 4: You also have the option of customized settings in case of a pre-scheduled update. Just select Restart Options from the main Windows Update settings page to choose a custom restart time.

Step 5: You can halt system upgrades briefly for up to seven days. However, you will have to see different settings for essential updates like security.

You can select Advanced Options on the main Windows Update page to postpone the upgrades. You can choose the number of days from the drop-down menu.

You can make other adjustments to apply the updates in various ways in this menu, including the manual or automatic options. You even have the option to pause them completely.

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

Microsoft created the Windows Update troubleshooter because the company is aware that sometimes there can be unwanted issues like the infamous Windows 10 May 2019 Update. This tool will run through your primary operating system specifications and search for any apparent problems that may be posing problems for Windows Update’s functionality. If possible, the troubleshooter can also fix them automatically. If nothing else, it will make you aware of what the problem is.

You can download the troubleshooter from Microsoft’s support page. Click Download Troubleshooter for Windows 10, and the tool will manage the rest. You may have to permit administrator privileges so that the tool can perform an in-depth check. You do not need to do anything else beyond that. It is best if you try it early on if you are facing update issues.

The troubleshooter will not solve every problem, but it’s the right solution. Even if it can’t fix the issues, you can still get useful information.

Check Your Installation Error Code

If your general update or featured update fails or poses problems, you will often get an installation error code. Usually, you can’t learn much from these codes directly, but they do have much information. You can consult online from Microsoft’s guide.

It would help if you remembered that this guide is designed specifically for Windows 10. It also works with recent versions like the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Error codes may not translate in the same way in other versions of Windows.

Quick Fixes

If everything else fails, you can apply the tried and tested tips and tricks that have been solving update errors since the update was first designed. Here are a few options that you can try.

Reboot your computer

Surprisingly, this works quite well. When you experience an update error, reboot your computer and try installing the updates again. You may have to repeat the process if the Windows haven’t been updated for a certain period.

Clean the Disk

You should have at least 10GB of free space for updates installation. Perform a disk cleanup check to ensure there’s enough disk space. Apart from the system files, you can remove everything else.

Check System for Malware

Perform a check for malware as it can make your system insecure by messing with core system files or turning off Windows services. Install powerful antivirus software to protect your system from any malware.

Contact Microsoft support

If you have performed all actions and still the problem persists, then get in touch with the Microsoft support team for further assistance.

Tesla Delivered Record-Breaking 500,000 Vehicles Alone in 2020

Do you know that Tesla smashed its delivery record last year by putting together more than 500,000 vehicles? During the fourth quarter of last year, Tesla delivered more than 180,000 vehicles to its customers in just under three months. This number approximates to 30 percent higher than the average of Tesla’s Q3 deliveries from the time the company initiated its production.

According to one of the reports, Tesla successfully created and delivered a total of 499,550 vehicles to customers worldwide. Just alone in 2019, the company was only able to create 367,500 cars overall. However, with time, the organization evolved and increased its overall percentage up by 36 percent this year. It has been a proud moment for the CEO himself. 

Tesla wasn’t quite prepared for delivering this many vehicles, but because of the growing pandemic, the company faced an immense challenge. With the fear of going out of business, Tesla worked overtime to achieve their required targets, and as a result, they were able to ship around half a million vehicles. This unusually challenging year is what compelled Tesla to grow its strategy out-of-the-box and do great things within a fairly less amount of time. 

Like every other factory shutting down, Tesla’s Fremont factory stopped its production from March till mid-May. As a result, Tesla observed a significant gap in its production. 

So when the industries initiated back its productions, the company worked overtime to meet the market’s demand and, as a result, produced over half a million vehicles in 2020. For now, we have realized that Tesla holds the potential to create a great many cars, especially during this year 2021. With the production rate, estimations indicate the company is capable of making at least 180,000 vehicles per quarter. As the numbers show, Tesla should produce a total of 720,000 cars altogether from its Fremont & Shanghai factories combined. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as Tesla further plans to open up new factories in the United States & Germany. It is very well rumored that Tesla is investing in launching its manufacturing plants in Texas and planning to go across borders. Tesla is going to invest in starting up a new manufacturing plant in Germany this year. 

For now, we can’t say for sure that Tesla will be able to produce a million vehicles in 2021. But with the establishment of two more manufacturing plants, we can assure you that a million cars are an achievable target for the company by the year 2022. 

As Elon Musk has concluded, 

“We aim to produce 20 million cars by the end of this decade.” 

Why Should Tesla Focus on Increasing its Stock Price? 

The need for expansion for Tesla is imminent because Tesla needs something to justify its high stock price. The company’s current stock price value approximates around $600 billion, and this number is fairly larger than any other automobile industry in the world. Even though many auto-industry giants such as Toyota, GM, and Volkswagen create millions of vehicles every year, their stock prices aren’t skyrocketing the way Tesla’s stock price is. Plus, the fact that Tesla’s production is low, but the stock value is high, creates a significant problem for the company and puts it in hot waters. 

Wall Street has its eye on the company. 

For now, we hope that Tesla launches the other two manufacturing plants to meet high expectations. 

About Tesla

Tesla was founded under the supervision of some of the finest engineers who wanted to create many newer & robust technologies that are more accessible to the world. Therefore, they worked together to develop electric vehicles and not just any type of electric vehicle; they worked on creating highly efficient electric vehicles that were more entertaining in drive than other traditional gasoline cars. 

Who knew a venture started with the idea of optimizing electric vehicles would turn into much more. Today, Tesla is exploring not just all kinds of electric vehicle drives. Still, it is also focusing on scaling up to other projects related to clean energy development and enhancing storage products. 

Tesla is one of the many which are contributing towards establishing a more sustainable environment. 

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It May Come to You As a Surprise But Adobe Flash Player is Finally Dead

The famous web browser tool which brought many games and animations to life has finally reached an end. The tool which made many Internet advertisements a thriving success has finally laid down to rest by the developers. For now, Adobe confirms that it will no longer release any security updates for the respective plug-in. Moreover, Adobe Flash Player’s software developers are encouraging users to uninstall the software from their laptops, desktops, and other computing devices. 

January 12th marks the end date when Adobe will officially discontinue Flash Player’s use for running videos. Although users will be able to access the pirated versions of the software; however, Adobe will not be entertaining any upgrade or security releases from here on out. 

The bells were out and about ringing for Adobe’s Flash Player when Apple announced that their platform wouldn’t be supporting any Adobe related applications. According to late Steve Jobs, the reason for discontinuing Flash Adobe Player for his operating system was the format’s limitation. There was a lot of criticism from late Steve Jobs about the app’s shortcomings for not being able to support the touch facility and other related security loopholes. Also, at the same time, Adobe was found as quite the battery-draining app for smartphones, making a point of concern for manufacturers altogether. 

According to one of the write-ups published by Jobs, 

“Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice. Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces, and open web standards – all areas where Flash falls short,”

After all, for us Millennials, this is big news because we have lived in an era where Flash was abundantly used for animations, graphics, advertisements, video-watching, and more. With Miniclip games and much more, Flash gave the Internet a medium through which many unique experiences came into existence. 

In an era before smartphones hit the market, Adobe Flash Player used to reduce file sizes to very low. It allowed many game savvy people to get great looking animated graphics and immersive gaming experiences. Miniclip became quite the trend giving rise to one of the most exciting & fun-filled gaming. 

However, over the years, and with the advent of smartphones, Adobe Flash Player’s era has finally met an end. Back in the days, it was one of the great gaming enablers of the Internet. All you needed was a dial-up connection to access a library of games & videos, which you could easily download and view in a matter of minutes. Today, the app’s minimized usage has finally led developers to claim that the app has experienced its bull run. Therefore, it has been laid to rest by the developers. 

As the software plugin is unannounced of getting a shutdown, many different gaming platforms such as Zynga was found shutting down its 11 year old game called Farmville. All of this just because Farmville relied on Flash to operate. For now, all we know is that Ruffle is working to create an app which will support Flash content in a web browser where the user won’t require any extra plugins to install. 

How Can I Remove Adobe Flash Player from My Computer? 

Removing Adobe Flash Player from your computer is easy. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to remove the Flash Player from your computer on their official website. Just visit their official website and find out how you can easily remove the Adobe Flash Player for Windows & Mac. 

You will also find a warning  

“Uninstalling Flash Player will help to secure your system since Adobe does not intend to issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the end-of-life date.”

This indicates that from here on out Adobe Flash is going to discontinue its ongoing efforts. We have now finally come to an end of an era and would like to say our final abode to this once wonderful application. Flash created multiple thriving experiences in its time for which it will forever be remembered.