Slow content: A digital content marketing strategy with high added value

Slow content

Slow content: A digital content marketing strategy with high added value

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You are an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, and you are present on the Internet? Do you want to inform more Internet users and enrich your website with quality editorial content to acquire more prospects? Slow down! Create slow content. Indeed, this trend of content marketing, which gives meaning to your digital communication, has a serious advantage for your SEO. Learn how to implement an effective strategy with different types of high-value content. Let’s go for an overview of useful, reasoned and sustainable web writing!

What is slow content?

At a time when short, identical and irrelevant content is invading the web, this so-called “minimalist” trend is gaining momentum. Inspired by slow fashion in the fashion sector for several years, slow content, a content marketing technique is developing in companies and marketers. The concept refers to a type of digital content that is produced and consumed slowly. It is a question of giving priority to quality rather than quantity to emerge in the mass of online publications, especially in B2B.

“About 86 million posts are published every day on WordPress and 3.3 million posts on Facebook every 60 seconds.” Source

Slow content versus snack content

We tend to oppose slow content to snack content: short and direct publications that are quickly consumed but can be complementary. Indeed, long text keeps the user on a website longer, while micro-content attracts attention, can create buzz (virality) and increase the engagement rate of readers. Examples include a 500-word article, image, meme, animated GIF, short video, etc. So, it’s all about dosage in your editorial strategy.

Advantage of a slow content

By offering in-depth topics to your readers, you improve your SEO on search engines, such as Google. On your blog, for example, the longer a text is, the more you have the opportunity to develop the semantic field of the theme addressed. A 1,000-word feature article will therefore more easily get a better SEO score than a 400-word essay. Finally, the only disadvantage of slow content is that it takes time to produce. But everything is relative since, your pace of publication is reduced or slowed down in your editorial planning. In short, the idea is not to do less but to do better.

What are the objectives of a slowed editorial strategy?

On the Web, the consumer is constantly solicited, it is more and more difficult to hold his attention. Let us put ourselves in his shoes for a moment. What information do we want to read? Just like the user, we want useful texts that are in line with our values. We therefore expect from a brand something other than simply promoting a service or product. This low content must allow us to get answers to our questions, to choose according to our convictions. The secret is to really care about readers’ expectations and not just their attention.

Have you ever wondered what purpose you write for the Web? Indeed, it is useful to carry out this reflection, having in mind the promise of authenticity for your readership. If your company is anxious to start a virtuous circle, to give meaning to the messages it disseminates, then in the long run, you will certainly achieve these three objectives:

  1. Establish your expertise in your professional field.
  2. Strengthen your brand image and notoriety.
  3. Gain the trust of your audience.

“Compared to pre-Covid times, ‘useful’ content is on the rise, as consumers seek to move towards a new personal normal. It’s important to note, however, that nearly half (48%) of all content provided by brands is deemed on-meaningful to consumers.” Meaningful Brands® 2021, the leading global brand perception survey, conducted by Havas Group.

* Useful, full of meaning.

How to create quality content?

Professionals who write for the Web need to know the notions of utility, identity and sustainability. The editorial line of your communication must be clear and rigorous. To arouse the emotion and engagement of Internet users, you must give meaning to your texts and images. It is an opportunity to spread informative and creative messages. All your publications must reflect the DNA of the company: the watchword is “authenticity”! Build on these 3 pillars to create value:

1. Inform in a useful way

In concrete terms, what should you talk about with your readers? Keep it simple! Address the themes that currently resonate in society. It seems inevitable to talk about the environment because the French likes to learn about this major topic of the news. They are wondering and waiting for answers from brands in the face of this problem. Then, talk about the human: it is essential in our ultra-digitized world. Companies that are providing social media verification service need to connect with Internet users and create a lasting and reciprocal relationships. Finally, mention social issues: your readership wants a sincere commitment from you. Speak up, and highlight your company’s actions.

2. Slow down with reasoned content

Moving to slow content means focusing on sobriety, and slowing down the pace by keeping your editorial creation under control. We must ask ourselves at each stage if what we write brings value compared to what already exists on the Web. This responsible approach must not only be at the level of the web editor. So be sure to federate all the actors of the edition of your company around this project: good communication is essential.

3. Focus on sustainability

In this third pillar, the desire is to reject the overconsumption of so-called “disposable” publications that do not strengthen the identity of a brand. Thinking sustainability means anchoring one’s presence in time through perennial writings. Slow content can easily integrate into an overall ethical content marketing strategy. At a time when we are living through the global Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of slow content, this new approach to email marketing, takes on its full meaning.

What are the different types of slow content?

Dare to use new formats. They are numerous and are presented in the editorial or audiovisual form:

  • informative blog post of over 1,000 words;
  • white paper ore-book (5 to 50 pages) in PDF file;
  • complete guide;
  • comparative;
  • Guest article;
  • product review;
  • long video;
  • Series;
  • Motion Design;
  • Computer graphics;
  • evergreen content (a perennial publication whose idea is to be “always green”);
  • Pillar Page (pillar web page developing the global vision of a theme);
  • webinar;
  • expert interview;
  • opinion piece;
  • case study;
  • success story;
  • Podcasting;
  • Checklist;
  • etc.

🎥 Good to know: very popular with Internet users, video represents a high potential in terms of feedback and engagement. It is one of the preferred formats for your website, your blog or your social networks. In a slow content objective, prefer it in long version (more than 2 minutes).

How to slow down your content for the Web?

The concept of slow content tempts you? Discover now our method to get started:

  • Segment your target audience by analyzing consumer profiles and their needs.
  • Define your new editorial line.
  • Sort through publications and recycle them.

It is important to analyze and review the writings you have already published. Feel free to remove obsolete and low-quality articles. Some can be grouped into a guide for example.

  • Optimize your old articles for SEO while creating added value.
  • Publish recycled items to different channels.
  • Produce new quality texts in a reasoned way.

In web copywriting, it is important to rely on professionals who know Seo services Dubai and understand how a web editor works. To take the turn of slow content so that your company stands out, also read all about hiring a web editor on a freelance platform.

As you can see, Leonetti’s slowing down, knowing your consumers well and focusing on your values. In line with “less is more“, the goal of this meaningful strategy is to create editorial content with high-added value and to stand out by reducing the frequency of publication. Prioritize quality to inform and communicate with your readers! Give them a breath of fresh air with great slow content.

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