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10 Of The Best Performance Management Solutions In 2022

The HR department of an organization handles various essential tasks and maintains the efficiency to achieve the company goals along with increasing employees’ performance growth. 

Managing the workforce’s performance is not an easy task in 2022. Evaluation, appraisals, monitoring, goal setting, reviewing, and giving feedback are significant components of the performance management system. It’s a vast subject that requires a manager’s practical evaluating skills. However, the digital practitioners came up with a practical solution that streamlines the process. We will discuss it here:

Performance Management Digital Solution

Technology has altered through each generation and impacted various businesses and their functions. Modern business practices involve implementing digital tools that deliver a great experience and improve the overall efficiency of tasks. Modern software streamlines and automates the PMS process. 

A performance management system helps HR professionals in numerous ways and saves time so they can devote their precious time to other essential tasks. Some popular features of the system are feedback & review cycle, goal-setting, reports & analytics, and performance evaluation. In addition, the system helps in automating different tasks and growing staff efficiency. 

While it’s difficult to eliminate distractions, inefficiencies, and their causes entirely, a lot can be done to improve employees’ productivity with PMS software. Below is a list of PMS tools with essential features to help an organization boost its workforce’s productivity. 

Best PMS Solutions In 2022

1. Zenefits

Zenefits is an internet-based software managing the PMS needs of organizations and boosting the productivity of staff. Its system assists managers in goal management, performance reviews, and scheduling meetings. 

Why Choose Zenefits?

  • Zenefits lets administrators create, update, and track goals so that they can monitor the progress towards them all time.
  • 360 review enables various types of templates to deliver specific reviews to employees. Additionally, one can add their own review template and save it for future use.
  • Important meetings can be scheduled and tracked through the software. And thoughts, ideas, and follow-ups can be set in private notes. 

2. Lattice

Lattice is a PMS software managing the performance data of employees and provides valuable assistance to HR. Its system includes features for performance reviews, feedback, and appraisal tasks.

Why Choose Lattice?

  • Authorized persons can set 360 reviews with the system to track every member’s accomplishments and identify improvement areas.
  • A continuous feedback cycle is established in the workplace, so the employees’ productivity growth can be redefined. 
  • Analytics lets managers get valuable insights into performance data and generate reports, so the management can make necessary decisions.

3. factoHR

factoHR is a cloud solution for organizations to manage performance management functions and enhance employees’ productivity. Its system helps HR managers evaluate employees’ performances, managing & tracking goals, and handling review cycles efficiently.

Why Choose factoHR?  

  • In-built dashboards give a complete view of performance analysis, and necessary decisions can be taken easily.
  • Employees can add OKRs assigned to them, and on achievement, managers can add reviews or ratings.
  • Employees can give their opinions regarding the goals and hurdles so it gets resolved after.
  • The system integrates PMS with payroll to generate accurate salaries for the workforce based on their work.

4. Deputy

Deputy is a SaaS-based solution handling numerous organizations’ PMS activities and enhancing productivity. The software runs the feedback process and provides necessary insights into performance data. 

Why Choose Deputy?

  • Managers can leave ratings on employees’ work, and they can track it to use in performance reviews.
  • Staff members can drop feedback at the end of the shift, so the managers can identify hurdles and resolve them.
  • Dashboards provide managers with performance ratings, comments, and trends. So they can prepare valuable reports easily.
  • With Deputy, managers can also access the performance data from anywhere as it comes with a mobile application.

5.  Personio

Personio is web-based PMS software enhancing employees’ efficiencies. Its system helps HR professionals track performances, generate reports, and run review cycles. 

Why Choose Personio?  

  • Manages can efficiently set up review cycles for the entire company or certain teams and monitor all progress.
  • The 360-feedback feature brings a holistic reflection of tasks as peers and authorized persons give feedback on employees’ work, and the workforce can provide upward reviews of their seniors. 
  • Administrators can define and track both quantitative and qualitative targets through the system. If the targets are connected to the bonus, then the results are automatically sent to payroll.

6. Paylocity

Paylocity is a PMS solution for businesses to improve the workforce’s productivity. Its software enables assistance for efficiently managing goals, performance reviews, feedback processes, and gaining data insights. 

Why Choose Paylocity?  

  • Individual goals can be added and managed with Paylocity. It helps the workforce in their personal growth. 
  • Using the system’s 9-box method of performance reviews, each employee can participate in the review process. In addition, succession planning can be done by determining success elements, remarkable scoring options, worker potential, and enthusiasm for the next role. 
  • Visual dashboards help authorized persons observe key metrics, determine trends, and make data-driven decisions.

7. 15five

15five is a robust PMS solution for HR professionals to enhance PMS functions and improve efficiency. The software handles performance review cycles, skills assessment, goal management, progress tracking, and KPIs regarding activities. 

Why Choose 15five?  

  • The system assists in building a review culture wherein the staff members get a complete review of their work/achievements, and they can know their strengths and weaknesses from supervisors and peers. 
  • The customizable 9-box grid method is pre-built in the system to make decisions regarding organizational performance. 
  • The software provides robust reports based on performance rating distribution, so that top management easily makes necessary decisions. 
  • Employees can share their personal growth wins during reviews.

8. Talentguard

Talentguard is a PMS tool that streamlines PMS activities and reduces the HR manager’s burden. The system assists superiors in skills assessment, performance appraisals, and goals development.  

Why Choose Talentguard?  

  • Dashboards allow supervisors to review and track their team’s progress.
  • 360 feedback feature allows receivers to get a complete view of their achievements by receiving feedback from their peers, manager, or customers.
  • Organizational and departmental goals can be set and directly assigned to workers via Talentguard.
  • Key metrics help managers in recognizing and rewarding staff members. 
  • Employees can easily get feedback from peers and managers. In fact, the review and feedback process can be customized as per the need.

9.  PeopleHR

PeopleHR is an online software handling the performance review cycle of various companies. The system enhances the review process by enabling 360 feedback, in-built templates, and goal-setting features.  

Why Choose PeopleHR?

  • With the help of PeopleHR’s system, managers can set goals and track them in real-time. 
  • The software sends timely reminders and notifications to the administrator to prompt action. 
  • 360 feedback feature lets workers get a complete review of their work from colleagues, supervisors, or reports. 
  • The software assures all the workers are provoked to add the review set for them by administrators. And supervisors can monitor the status of reviews.

10. SyncHR

SyncHR is an internet-based software automating various organizations’ PMS functions. The system assists HR professionals in different activities such as goals management & tracking, feedback & review process, and development plans.  

Why Choose SyncHR? 

  • Using SyncHR, management can align individual performance with company objectives and goals. And also, they can track the status of goals.
  • The performance review process can be streamlined by getting continuous feedback. Employees can get 360 feedback on the accomplishment of tasks.
  • Managers and the workforce can get real-time insights into goals alignment and skills through the dashboard. 
  • Supervisors can highlight employees’ competencies for their professional development, and they can also set company development plans.


Performance management is a mandatory process to run for any organization that aims for better productivity of employees and the company. Employee productivity influences the company’s goals and achievements; that’s why it should develop an efficient work environment that encourages the workforce to get better outputs. In the context of small startups with a smaller workforce, scheduling software is in demand as it saves time and money and streamlines the process. 

As mentioned earlier, digital solutions can help automate various tasks and remove errors. Therefore, the above-suggested tools can be considered while automating PMS tasks.

How Technology Has Altered Through Each Generation

Technology continues to advance every year. Depending on when you were born, you’ve likely seen many technological advancements throughout your life, even though they may not seem as new as some of them are. 

There has been some form of technology since the beginning of time. There was a time that the invention of the wheel was the biggest and greatest invention of all time. While we’d love to talk about how technology has changed since the beginning of everything, this article will only cover the last 100 years. Here’s how technology has changed through each generation. 

The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation consists of individuals who were born between 1901 and 1927. At the time of this article, many of those still alive would be in their mid to late 90s. The 1920s may seem like the beginning of technological advancements as it brought appliances to households, including garbage disposal, bread slider, and garage door opener. The radio also emerged during this generation and cost hundreds of dollars. 

The Silent Generation

The Silent Generation, also known as the post-war generation, was born between 1928 and 1945. The 1930s is when the first jet engine prototype was designed and flown. The 1940s saw even more technological advancements, including color televisions and microwaves. 

The 1940s brought about many modern appliances and technologies that we still use in our homes today, along with the first transistor, which helped influence modern-day electronics.

Baby Boomers

Born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers have seen many technological advancements in their time. For example, many baby boomers can still remember the first videotapes, credit cards, and hard drives from the 1950s, while younger baby boomers saw the invention of the first computer game, SpaceWar! Not only that, but many baby boomers got to experience the first cassette tapes. 

Gen X

Generation X was born between 1965 and 1980, during which personal computers first hit the scene, along with email and GPS systems. Believe it or not, a personal computer in the 70s could cost thousands of dollars. 


Millennials are of the generations that seem to get the most media attention, likely because they’re known for their social media use and have seen more technological advancements in their lives than any other generation. Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, which overlaps with the same technological advancements as Gen X. 

While Gen X may have seen the first personal computer, older millennial employees got to experience IBM PC, which changed the way businesses function. Of course, the 80s was also when Microsoft launched Windows 1. 

The 1990s brought even more advancements, including 2G cell phones and the web, two inventions that have changed the way we live forever. Millennials may also remember the first DVR, which recorded shows in real-time for you to go back and watch before Hulu existed. 

Gen Z

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z has grown up with technology to rely on. Known for making TikTok videos, this generation was born in the digital world. In the 2000s, the world saw the rise of smartphones and the launch of social media. The technology that came about in the 2000s is still very much a part of our daily lives today. You may remember social media beginning with MySpace, but Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were not far behind. 

In the 2010s, the world became filled with technology, including self-driving cars, virtual payment options, 4G, and 3D printing. 


The 2020s have been a wild ride so far, even though we’ve only gotten to experience two years of it. We have been evolving from the technological advances of the 1910s and 1920s to give us a world that’s almost completely digital. From spending all of our time online to investing in cryptocurrency and paying for items with digital currency, technology has come a long way in the last few decades.

Technology: Then vs. Now

Millennials and Gen Z could likely function if they went back in time to the twenties, but people from the twenties would have no idea how to live if they were transported to 2021 because there have been too many technological advancements in the past twenty years. 

Believe it or not, there was once a time not too long ago when nobody had a cell phone, and Google didn’t exist. That means when someone had a question, they had to go to a library to get the answer, and they had to rely on landlines to talk to friends and family. Now, technology has connected people throughout the world so we can remain in constant communication. 

The Future of Technology

More technologies are stacked onto one another and developed every year, and the momentum is not going to shift. So you can expect that new technologies will continue to enhance the way we live our lives, making life easier, more productive, and giving us more distractions to contend with daily. 

The future of technology is faster and streamlines all aspects of our daily lives. Unfortunately, we can’t be sure of the future, but we can predict that new technologies will continue to emerge. 

Does Technology Really Make Life Easier?

Technological advancements are all about progress, but does progress make our lives easier? Some would argue that technology allows us to be more productive and better at doing simple tasks. However, others argue that technology has brought its own set of complications with it. For example, in the past, people weren’t distracted by their cell phones at work because cell phones simply didn’t exist. 

Technology has evolved so quickly over the last twenty years alone that it can be difficult for older generations to keep up. Consider how you use technology to determine if technology makes life easier for you.

Keeping Up 

Technology is always evolving, which means learning something new almost every day. However, keeping up with technology can add value to your life, business, and family. Learning about new and emerging technologies can help you keep up with the growing demands of everyday life. 

How Coaching Management Software Change Fortune Of Coaching Business?

The focus of people is diverting towards fitness at a high rate. The increase in the range of different diseases emphasizes the importance of fitness. Anyone can decide between being fit, but sticking to it matters. They will require the assistance of someone who will hold them accountable at all times. This is the motto on which coaches start their coaching business. Individuals will always require assistance in taking the initial step in their fitness journey. So, coaches have a huge responsibility for people’s health on their shoulders. They can’t neglect that responsibility because of other aspects of the business. To tackle that critical situation, they need help from the Coaching Management Software. This software is capable enough to restore the balance in your business.

Coaches are overwhelmed form the unwanted responsibilities of the business. It is your job as the owner to provide them with some form of relief. This relief is available in the form of software, that shares most of their responsibilities. Because it is designed with all-rounder characteristics, to touch all aspects of a business. Maybe this sounds funny, but in reality, it is the fact which utilization of software can prove. But right now, by providing knowledge of its capabilities, maybe we successfully convince you.

Key Capabilities Of The Software:

Here are you are going to know some most attractive capabilities of the software.

Make Your Coaching Centre More Than Sessions:

When clients choose a coaching centre, they will not experience sessions only. They will experience a whole sense of exceptional management. This will happen due to the following capabilities of the software:

1.    Keep Members Engaged With Your Business:

It manages all kinds of details of members for your ease in one place. Coaching Management Software automates the process of membership renewal and updating members information. For members, it provides various gateways for successful payment. In the form of reports, it gives detailed information about members. The software quickly provides clients with clear online contracts and invoices. This entire procedure is automated and is based on the data you provide to the software. It simplifies which branches and services fall into the category of providing membership.

Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for easy building of forms and waivers for members. Isn’t it is leading towards streamlining and simplification of the membership process?

2.    Facilitate Class Booking And Scheduling Process:

This software acts as the easiest way of planning, managing, and visualizing schedules. This happens due to the existence of an efficient scheduling feature. After the selection of a specific class for an appointment, the software immediately generates an invoice. You can set policies in software for early or late cancellations and no-shows. It manages the human resources of the business efficiently. The human resource which is booked for one slot can’t be available for the other. Wellyx enables staff to view the details of their daily schedule on a calendar. It provides the power and flexibility which a coaching business needs.

3.    Software Ensures Efficient Staff Management:

The software possesses a specific portal for staff that show details of their daily schedule. It shows real-time metrics about the performance of your staff. The software makes the staff scheduling process automatic to avoid staff shortages and scheduling conflicts. Because of the staff app, all staff members always stay in a loop. Regardless of the shape of the shift rotational plan, it’s easy to develop because of the software.

·        Coaching Management Software Optimize Client Management:

The understanding of the customers and using flexible coaching software to put systems in place is a key secret behind a successful business. This is the time to discover how software optimizes customer experience?

1.    Incorporation Of Point-Of-Sale Feature:

Whenever a client type keywords, it quickly add a specific class to the sales list. This quick search won’t let clients go through the whole set of services that businesses provide. Because finding a singles class among various classes is a time-consuming process. It streamlines the process of payment with the checkout aspect of appointment booking. Synchronization of the card reader with the software ensures the offering of a contactless system. It removes the chances of double entry and human error in payment processing.

The pos system is responsible for displaying which classes are free and at discounted prices. Furthermore, park sales temporarily until a customer is ready for a transaction. Customers can take a benefit of the split and partial payment option of software. The pos feature of the software is a perfect formula for waitlist management. Experience the ease of adding customers to the waitlist of classes or services. You can say it delivers world-class business improvement and client satisfaction.

2.    Customer Portal Of Software:

The selling of classes from an online platform was never easy in absence of Coaching Management Software. It provides an exceptional user experience that stays the same on all devices. Do you want to have a down payment before confirmation of any class or service? With this software, it is easy to get that kind of ease. This assures that a coaching business is dedicated to giving clients the greatest experience possible. Furthermore, it provides more control over cash flows to businesses and reduces the risk of no-shows. By creating specific policies, you can give clients ease of cancellation and rescheduling.

Software stores forms and waivers in the customer portal automatically. This software provides countless ways of designing forms and waivers. You don’t have to spend time on the chores that take up the majority of your time. Therefore, it becomes easy to focus on the most important tasks. It excites clients by making it simple for them to join a waitlist. Automation of the appointment confirmation increases the delightful experience.

Final Comments!

At this point, the coaching business needs the help of software for sustainability. It makes everything so efficient that it seems unbelievable. Therefore, it has been a part of the success stories of many coaching businesses. If you want your business to be successful, make Coaching Management Software a part of you. Utilize this software at its full potential to ensure business’s growth. The above discussion is enough to enlighten its full potential.

Google Review Widget

Accelerate your marketing with Google review widget

No doubt, Google Review Widget are becoming the most prudent and integral part of the businesses to display their authentic images in front of their customers and become the reliable source of providing products and services to the customers.

To establish the strong presence of the business among the online users or customers, modern marketers very well understand the importance of genuine customer reviews and feedback.

Marketers understand how integrating this genuine customer feedback helps them to expand their business with new customers that will boost sales and revenue of the businesses.

Thus, here comes the role of the Google review widget that modern marketers are using in their marketing game-play and help them build a robust marketing presence among their customers.

So let’s understand how the Google review widget works, what are its benefits, and how you can embed Google review widget on your business website to grow your business with your potential customers.

Let’s begin with,

What Is A Google Review Widget?

Google review widget is a tool that allows you to collect and insert selective Google reviews or Mr.Doob Google Gravity A Fun Digital Tool reviews on your website and other marketing touchpoints in a creative manner. You can collect the Google reviews and star ratings from your Google My Business account and design them into creative displays to showcase on your website.

A Google review widget offers you many features and functionalities to build a powerful content display on your website that is powerful enough to fetch the attention and attraction of your targeted audience.

Instead of taking screenshots and copy & pasting the images of your Google reviews from your Google My Business page to your website, Google Review Widget helps you to collect and creatively embed these Google reviews on your website.

You can use this to enhance the appearance of your website as well as improve the authority of your website.

Benefits Of Embedding Google Review Widget On Website?

Attract & Engage Customers On Your Website

Google reviews are enticing and fascinating as they are shared by real customers. Google review consists of the words that are easy to comprehend and relate to by your customers that keep them exploring Google reviews on your business website. Moreover, the Google review widget helps you creatively display Google reviews using the themes, colors, layout, design style, and many more customization options that add attractive features to your website.

Build Authority & Credibility Of Your Website

Display a Google review widget on your website boosts the authority and reliability of your website among your customers. With the Google review widget, you can build the credibility of content on your website that will earn your customer’s trust and reliability on your business. A Google review widget helps in improving the authenticity of your website by adding reliable sources of information. Your customers usually check customer reviews on your GMG (Google My Business) listing. However, embedding the Google review widget on your website represents the authentic Google reviews directly on your website and removes the hassle of checking reviews of your business on your GMB account.

Help Your Customers Find Genuine Customers Feedback On Your Website

Most of the testimonials present on websites are fake and designed by the website owner themselves. It is the most common practice and everyone knows such customer testimonials can be molded easily. However, Google reviews have their authenticity and only valid users can place the review. Google review widget helps you in embedding customer feedback on your website and helps your visitors to find your customer feedback on your website.

Enhance Website Appearance & Design

Using the Google review widget, you can innovatively display your customers’ reviews by adding colors, design, and frame them into a beautiful layout to add to your website. This beautiful display of Google reviews increases your website’s appearance that attracts your visitor’s attention.

How To Embed Google Review Widget On Your Website?

There are so many ways you can integrate Google reviews into your website. However, one of the best ways to showcase Google reviews on your website is with a Google review widget that gives a platform from where you can collect, customize, and easily embed Google review widgets on your website.

Several Google review widgets are available on the internet that you can use to display Google reviews on your website. Finding a right from hundreds of Google review widgets might be an overwhelming task, so if you want to use a Google review widget for your website, here below are some best options available for you on the internet:

  • Taggbox Widget
  • Tagembed
  • Elfsight
  • EmbedSocial

You can find any of these tools and embed the Google review widget easily on your website. These tools are highly recommended by many users and are widely popular among marketers to enhance their websites with powerful customer reviews.

Wrapping Up!

Google reviews are potent to make your marketing efforts more effective and retrieve exceptional results while implementing them into your marketing strategies.

best smartphones under 20000

Best Upcoming Smartphones Under Rs. 20000

In the burgeoning world of smartphones under Rs, 20000, we have finally reached a point where customers are no longer needed to spend huge amounts of money to get their hands on cool, interesting, and useful features on their devices. Some of the best phones under 20000 that are set to launch in India in the coming months are set to take the mobile world by storm.

Indian customers will no longer be required to break banks thanks to the availability of these phones. Whether you are looking for the in-display fingerprint sensor or high-end cameras, high refresh rate displays, or powerful processors, your latest mobile phone is likely to have all these features and more.

Smartphones under Rs. 20000

Here are some smartphones under Rs. 20000 that is set to launch in the coming months:

1. Realme 9 Pro

One of the major releases in the coming months is Realme 9 Pro. This smartphone is expected to be shipped with a punch-hole display with a 64MP primary camera. According to rumors, the device will also have a 3.5mm audio jack, a fingerprint scanner, speaker grille, and a USB Type-C port.

The Realme 9 Pro will be a powerful phone as it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor and will be launched in different variants. The base variant of the device will have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage and will be priced less than Rs. 20000. If you are looking for the best phones under 20000, we suggest you look at the phone’s base variant.

2. Vivo iQOO Z1x

The Vivo iQOO Z1x is expected to feature a 6.57-inch full-HD+ display with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The phone will have an HDR10 certification and a pixel density of 402ppi making it a delightful phone to watch content. This latest mobile phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 765G processor featuring Adreno 620 GPU.

This combination will help the device process all kinds of graphics thrown at it. The base variant of the phone will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Camera-wise, there will be a 48MP primary sensor, 2MP macro lens, and an 8MP ultrawide.

3. Realme Q3

Realme Q3 is expected to be launched in India in the coming months at a pocket-friendly price point. The base variant of this smartphone will have a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display. The most impressive aspect of this smartphone is that it will be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1100 processor that is sure to provide users with a flagship-like experience, performance-wise. The device will have a built-in 4500mAh battery that will support 50W fast charging. One of the best phones under 20000, the Realme Q3 will have a quad-camera setup, including a 48MP primary sensor, 2MP depth sensor, 2mp sensor, and 8MP ultra-wide sensor.

4. Samsung Galaxy A22s 5G

This full-HD+ display device from Samsung is expected to be launched in India in the budget category shortly. According to some reports, the device will come packed with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. The base variant of this latest mobile phone will have 4GB of RAM and will run on Android 11.

The phone may come to India in different color combinations, including Light Green, Grey, White, and Purple. The Samsung Galaxy A22s 5G will come with a quad-camera set up that will include a 48MP primary camera, two 2MP sensors, an 8MP secondary camera. Customers looking for a non-Chinese phone in the affordable category can look at this option while shopping.

5. Xiaomi Poco X5

Xiaomi Poco X5 will be amongst the best phones under 20000 when it will be launched in India in the coming weeks. This smartphone is expected to have all the features a user needs to get excellent overall performance. Poco X5 will come with an octa-core Snapdragon 765G chipset and will be paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage with an option to expand further via a microSD card. This 6.67-inch device will support 1080*2400 pixels resolution and will have a pixel density of 395 ppi.

The huge 6000mAh battery that will come with the smartphone should easily help it last longer than a day. Some other features this phone will have are a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, headphone jack, face unlock, etc.

Buy smartphones under Rs. 20000 through easy EMIs

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network promises to make your life easier through easy EMIs. When you are looking to buy the best phones under 20000, the Bajaj Finserv Network EMI Card helps you a lot. With this card at your disposal, you can shop for more than a million products in more than 1.5 lakh stores that are spread across 2,900 cities in the country. To top it up, the card presents to you a pre-approved loan offer of up to Rs. 4 lakh. And also for Best alcatel mobile phones they are lot cheaper then any cell phone.

Schedule Your Posts

Amazing Ways to Schedule Your Posts – 4 Simple Steps

Schedule Your Posts on Social media is a brilliant tool for both individuals and businesses alike. It is used by billions of people, who, on average, spend over two hours on social media each day. People can use it to market products, to keep up with friends and family, learn more about their favorite celebrity, or simply be entertained by all the content.

One of the keys to success on social media is being consistent. This is not only in terms of posting the same types of content your followers expect but also posting frequently enough so people will want to continue following your journey.

However, if you lead a busy life, you can’t always be on your phone or at the computer to make posts. Thankfully, it is possible to schedule posts ahead of time, to ensure your page always has new content going up.

Let’s take a closer look at four simple steps to help you schedule your posts and find social media success.

Choose the Best Scheduling App or Tool for Your Needs

If you want to schedule posts, the first thing to do is find an app or tool that can schedule the posts for you. There are many out there, but they are not all created equally. Some can do the job okay, while others are sure to wow your followers and take your social media game to new heights.

Take your time to check out one of the best social media schedulers at Sked In addition to accurately scheduling a variety of different posts, some of these tools can help you do everything from edit content to collaborate with other users. Be sure to check out the reviews and testimonials for the different tools you are considering, to ensure they are a solid and popular choice.

Create the Post or Schedule Your Posts

Once you have chosen the right platform and linked your account, the next step is to create the post. This process can differ depending on what you are doing. This could be filming a video, writing a funny tweet or caption, adding photos, or anything in between. You need to upload the content, as well as anything like tags, hashtags, location tags, and anything else important.

When scheduling your content, it is important to stay consistent. Make sure your posts all share a similar voice and remain in line with your brand identity. Also, while consistency is key, ensure you maintain a solid mix of content. For example, a business shouldn’t only post ads and sales content and should mix in some blog posts, infographics, or other types of valuable content.

Choose the Right Time for the Post to Go Up

Once the post has been created and optimized, it is time to choose when it should go up. In most cases, you can schedule post-hours, days, weeks, or even months into the future. But before you simply choose when to post, it is a good idea to look at the data. If you want your posts to do well, you need to put them up when many of your followers are online.

If a post is made during the middle of the night or a slow period, a large chunk of your audience may miss it, which will hurt how effective it can be. The right time (or day) to post can differ depending on where you are in the world, and who your target is. Be sure to look at your past content and see when you have had the most success or reach,

Monitor The Results

Once a post is scheduled, many individuals or companies may think their job is done, but that is not the case. Not only do you have to make sure it went up at the right time and was formatted correctly, but you also need to make sure that the posts you have scheduled are doing well.

There are many different KPIs (key performance indicators) that you should look at to judge how successful a post has been. This can include how far it reached, how many site visits stemmed from it, how many people engaged with it, and many others.

This information can help you decide if the post was good or bad, and what can be learned from it going forward. For example, if you find that posts you have scheduled at a particular time or day are not doing well, you need to fix this to ensure future posts don’t suffer the same fate.

In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you learn some amazing ways to schedule your posts on social media.

Best Website Design

50 of the Best Website Design Ideas for Inspiration in 2021

The design of Best Website Design Ideas can determine how many visitors engage with the brand. In design, many things need to be considered, but most importantly usability, security, and aesthetics.

You may be redesigning your website as you lead your team into 2021. Here’s some of the best sites ever that you can check out along with some Awwwards nominees from the past and future. Some of these sites offer a unique look at successful websites around the world, offering what works for them.

The Awwwards cover a wide variety of categories, from articles and interviews to mobile excellence and design, revealing the best in creativity, design, and innovation across the internet. They have a great category called Web Design that we especially love to watch. It is not only providing updates on trending topics, but it is also easy to see how technology is affecting business the way we know it. Consider whether you could draw inspiration from our Best Website Design list, Awwwards’ past winners, or current nominees as you prepare your 2021 strategy and think about improvements for your own brand’s Techno fuss.

1. Slavefootprint (Best Website Design)

Slavery Footprint, started in 2011, is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness against modern-day slavery by engaging individuals, businesses, and groups. There website goes a step further when it comes to usability, accessibility, and responsive design. Visitors get a clear sense of the mission of the company when entering their homepage, which features a breaking of the chain design.

With unique pop-ups for each menu item, the site offers its members an interactive experience. Non-profit organizations can learn from Slavery Footprint Website how to engage their members through innovative content and resell them on the cause.

2. Negative black

It’s dark and moody, but it’s actually what’s dark and moody. Black Negative is a Best Website Design that uses the color black smartly, along with subtle colour.

The Best Website Design of Black Negative is especially special because of its unusual design, excellent fonts selection, stunning photos, great video, and care for small details. Rich multimedia content, harmonious flow, and background music in the website are just two examples of the technical skill displayed by the designers.

3. Hello, Monday

Founded in 2014 by Hello Monday, a creative studio that brings digital ideas, experiences, brands, and products to life, the company aims to improve the Mondays of its customers. A Best Website Design created by this company provides users with unique experiences, amuses the mind, and pleads the eye.

It’s a great concept, and it’s executed beautifully! Hi Monday’s site is filled with captivating visuals and animations, making each part of the site more engaging and informative for the user. Despite its uniqueness, this site makes good use of bold fonts and has an easy-to-use user interface.

4. Quest

Among the numerous things on the site of AQuest is incredible imagery, seamless storytelling, creativity in multimedia and animation, visual design, and best of all, fantastic audio engineering. It’s hard to talk about the typography without also mentioning the use of motion, cursor hover effects, and smart use of this project.

The website’s designers devoted much time to integrating functionality and rollovers. AQuest’s dark background theme with excellent visuals reflects the outstanding work they do with websites, social media, films, and 3-D work. The website’s motion effects bring an artistic flare to the Best Website Design. Throughout this Best Website Design of this production and technology company, there is a strong image of creativity.

5. At arkivert, you can find Rainforest Watch.

Users can take a virtual tour of this Best Website Design in 360 degrees. Every village, natural area, waterway and natural area in the Yanomami tribe are clearly visible from satellite images.

It creates an amazing user experience with an incredible amount of imagery, storytelling, and visual designs, as well as an interactive quiz for people to participate in and contribute to becoming effective environmental protectors.

For interactive quizzes, you can use WordPress quiz plugin to make the quiz-making process easier.

With this app, we offer smooth transitions, navigation mechanics, and the ability to see mountains in 3D.

6. Just Chocolate

A website created by Danish chocolate maker Simply Chocolate includes specific pages with additional information about each of their bars. This site features a consistent branding style that is pleasing to the eye while scrolling through the products. You will be tempted to reach out and grab every chocolate bar that appears on the screen.

Just Chocolate manages to combine minimal design elements while creating an immersive and interactive experience that entices the user to explore and continue engaging with the site.


Great use of CSS and JavaScript to bring the animation and artificial intelligence experience to life. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are displayed with the help of artificial intelligence on Crypto trading. Chain link is known as the most used technology for crypto trading. The most use of this software is for its feature called chain link price prediction which can gives you the most accurate prediction regarding the currency sales volume. The Best Website Design helps customers identify buying and selling opportunities because of changes in currency values.

The Best Website Design challenges our assumptions of what web AI could potentially achieve with its amazing concept and stunning execution. Crypton’s greeting for the user appears one letter at a time on the home page, as the visitor scrolls down the page.

8. An active-theory perspective

The Active Theory portfolio utilizes a dynamic website, typefaces, animations, and dynamic imagery to display their excellent portfolio. The site also uses animation to display its portfolio in a new way with its navigation mechanics and visuals.

This website’s use of innovative graphics and animations will leave you speechless regardless of whether or not you are knowledgeable about augmented reality or virtual reality. They offer a meticulously crafted and experienced team of in-house designers and developers that have an amazing understanding of all the facets of Best Website Design and development.

9. In the name of the people of KOOX

This Takeaway restaurant, based in the heart of Central London, is managed within a partnership between top chefs in the city. Websites made by their team are among the best in digital experience and development. The Best Website Design stands out for it’s unique color scheme, continual scroll, and smooth transition between sections, as well as its continuous animation of vegetable illustrations.

The designers have taken great care to provide the visitors of the website with beautiful illustrations which are both animated and aesthetically pleasing. The captivating website features top chefs from London, so you can surely order food from there.

10. Tribes that are nomadic

One of 2019’s best website designs is Nomadic Tribe. We’re talking great illustration, interactive elements, and a story-telling experience enhanced with four chapters of content and an awesome soundtrack. The website features captivating visuals and audio that takes the users on a poetic journey to learn about their comic book heritage. It’s a poetic journey that they won’t soon forget.

The navigation experience was streamlined by Nomadic Tribe to ensure usability, and beautiful transitions were implemented that allowed the site to be the site of the year. Please engage the site’s sound feature when you are browsing it.

11. Cannabidiol

It is a great example of a website that has been revamped for Retail companies. Designed with an emotional journey in mind – the site offers unique features to highlight the unique features of their products, leading the user through the Four Worlds.

A warm and friendly environment is created for visitors with the orange-themed Best Website Design agency with its youthful feel. Overall, the website offers a strong level of engagement, as well as eCommerce functions, and is the perfect combination of creativity and 3D visuals.

12. the king

A site like King isn’t like any other. Among their awesome games is ‘Candy Crush’, one of the top-rated interactive entertainment games. Their Best Website Design was awarded best graphical site design – not just for its color scheme, nor for the icons or the images, but for how the story is associated with each game and how users develop a sense of connection.

I’m not completely sure how I would describe this website’s overall experience. It has illustrations, motion graphics, audio/video, colors, movement, consistency of brand. The characters and different buttons make scrolling enjoyable, and we’re able to get immediate feedback.

13. Almenken

Audiences have been spellbound by the works of Alan Menken for over 35 years, entertaining them with some of Disney’s most beloved songs. One of the biggest portfolio Best Website Design of this time demonstrates his love for music and poetry.

The site weaves a compelling story alongside a user-friendly interface that offers a comprehensive overview along with information on all of the legend’s famous works. A minimalist interface and use of large grids in his website bring his famous compositions to life, and can be used to relive childhood memories and listen to the songs once again.

14. Portfolio of Elias Akentour

Taking users through an incredible array of works, this French artist’s website integrates still photographs with video content. In addition to his experience as an art director, Elias Akentour has a special focus on new technologies and luxury markets and his work has spanned more than seven years. It immediately strikes you that this is a site with an upscale vibe. Quickly introducing a variety of content on Elias’ Best Website Design, the overview has a clean and streamlined presentation that makes it easy for the viewer to navigate.

The site’s captivating animations provide an outstanding look at Elias and his achievements.

15. Partners Torgerson

Torgerson Design Partners created an outstanding Best Website Design in Ozark, Missouri. A familiar feature on the site is that micro-animations mimic the iconography you’re used to seeing on other sites. The site has an exceptionally clean design that takes visitors through the story of the company, and it showcases some of its previous work as well.

16. We are Locomotor – Swab the world!

These efforts are aimed at increasing awareness and will hopefully result in diversifying the world’s stem cell bank. It is difficult not to be drawn to this site – an almost all-consuming amount of attention is drawn to the blend of umbers and teals, and to the pulsing movement to the right of the eye. Users are forced to see the site in fullness due to the balls located only in that area, increasing visual interest seamlessly.

17. Films by Skyline

You must optimize your mobile site regardless of your industry because the competition has taken advantage of this issue. For example, digital campaigns in the film industry are expected to have high imagination levels and to be able to use modern technology. The movie Sherlock Holmes’ marketing was handled by Skyline Films. The challenge of making a period piece beautiful whilst also making it user-friendly is challenging, but in the case of this project, we have surprised most users. The slowness and purposefulness of the sit, when viewed in sepia tone, appear in contrast to the speed and intuitiveness of Victorian images, but this paradoxical contrast is what makes it work.

18. Digital Spinning

One of their top awards for Best SEO-Friendly Best Website Design comes from their well-laid out-site content and keyword strategy, together with their template strategy. A powerful visual presentation was created by SPINX Digital. Website that not only makes their services clear but is also appealing and progressive. 

It was designed using the best SEO practices and it has been made responsive. The simplicity of pixel-rich imagery and the simplicity of the design enabled them to focus on and provide exactly what people intended to see: Services.

19. Surrealism at its best

More and more designers are creating their websites in surrealist style, along with the collage art trend. This type of composition consists of unusual backgrounds on which elements are placed. Gucci’s example uses an image for each bag. When consumers see the bag from a distance, they can fully appreciate how it looks, feels, and reflects a fashion sense.

Aside from flamboyant colors and textures, Surrealism in web design expresses the idea of another dimension beyond the domain of the eye. Over the years, it has given these companies one more way to expose their audiences to products via a novel, emotional medium.

20. The Gallery Menu can be hovered

A website’s menus are as essential to an interface as any other element, and have been the subject of a lot of design trends. The “half hover gallery, half navigation menu” takes a spin on the traditional menu structure. If you hover over the menu, the content, including the preview for the next step, appears and we see a sneak peak.

As you will see with CHIVI CHIVI, we can take this engaging experience one step further: every distinct menu item displayed as you hover over it displays a unique image, telling us what awaits us on each new page you encounter.

21. Shapes That Make Sense

Web design trends have also been influenced by the 90s aesthetic, which is seen here as a return of simple shape motifs used throughout schemes. The simplicity of these illustrations in 2D is matched just by the one tone of color and lacks depth and texture. You can find examples of these shapes throughout a website that features Happy Socks’ two-dimensional packaging and Best Website Design.

Often resembling stickers from the 80s and 90s, these basic shapes may include text along with them as well. The shape may also be used for buttons with animation or banners for limited time promotional offers. They all aim to capture the attention of a website visitor, no matter what they may look like or entail.

22. Reviewing creative work

Since it launched its print magazine in 1980, Creative Review has expanded to other platforms using digital technology and has launched an online blog as well. Design training and insights are included in the blog website. Creative Insight, Creative Leadership, Creative Inspiration, and Creative Process are the modules that we offer in this blog. A section called Insight keeps you updated on designer-related developments. A creative inspiration section is included to give you a lot of ideas and help ignite your imagination. Designers will learn about business management through this course.

23. ScientistSoft 

A ScienceSoft blog is targeted to businesses as opposed to other design blogs. It explains how design plays a role in e-business success, the strategies to utilize and the estimated cost of designing and redesigning a website. Having a blog covering the experience of ScienceSoft’s design team, business people can discuss the design process with web designers and ensure that their design investment gives them the most benefits.

24. Web Designer Depot

Our daily website updates provide you with everything you need to know about web design. Website design and website development news and resources are available on the site. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive daily posts that contain valuable information. They also have Twitter and Facebook accounts, or you can simply sign up for their email lists.

Learn about web design, user experience, freelancing, accessibility and more with a wide variety of articles. On this site, you can find tons of free templates, mock-ups, icons, free fonts and more. The same way Reddit lets you comment and vote on the posts, you can do that on the blog.

25. The Ledger of Web Design

The Web Design Ledger website helps web designers effectively organize their work and makes the whole process more straightforward. There are various topics covered, such as User Interface (UI), graphics, web development, and web design. There are five web design and development categories they cover for web designers in their well-organized website. While there are five categories for web design and development, there are also sections for web development.

Interviews with web designers and programmers are provided, as well as a section on inspiration. This book interview conducted by Fabio Sasso is alongside references of interviewee Nicholas C. Zakas; it also offers references to the books he cites.

26.  Creativity Bloq

WebMagazine is officially called Creative Bloq, however its online version is referred to as Creative Blog as the address matches the website’s domain name. Content on design and web development are published monthly in this magazine. In obscurity to eminence, this blog has grown to a monthly readership of more than 10 million as the first forerunner of design content.

Throughout this blog, the main focus is on creativity. The site does not give you banal, old-fashioned advice but rather, new and creative ideas. In addition to blogs about web design, the website asks you to follow various tweets, which give you inspiration and ideas on how to improve your design. If you’re looking for a job, this site’s job board is available every day.

27. Bomb designs

The site’s name indicates it offers some of the freshest ideas in web development and design. Here at our blog, we upload highly informative, easy to follow posts with exclusive discounts, well-researched guides, and any other useful knowledge you may need. We have designed this website with a fresh, clean layout that makes you feel refreshed.

In the beginning, the purpose of a group was to allow web designers to share their own designs, but now a centralized place has been created that’s useful for sharing tutorials and other resources. It’s a great place to get inspiration if you’re running low on inspiration.

28. A full range of design services is available from Design Shack

Another blog or magazine which is popular among designers is Design Shack, which was founded in 2003. Business and design articles are explored. You can find web design tips on this blog when you search “tips.” It’s easy to get around as the blog’s design is straightforward.

The site offers everything from design and development to freelancing, freelancing software and freelancing mobile devices and devices. Trends, mobile sites, UI/UX, CSS, PHP, HTML and JavaScript. The materials here are great for passing on skills and staying updated if you’re looking to hone yours. Almost 16k members refer to this blog regularly, so there is little doubt that you will become a fan of it.

29. Onextrapixel

In addition to being an online magazine and resources site for web developers and designers, Onextrapixel is a leading industry resource for designers. A Singaporean-focused online magazine offers tips and advice in the areas of design, development, and other topics that are relevant to your learning.

Subscribers get valuable and interesting content by signing up for the newsletter. You should bookmark this blog. Its case studies, based on failure success web designs, is what sets this site apart from others. 

30. Point of Information Site Point of Information

The Library section of Site Point offers a lot of useful guides, covering CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and more. Site Point is an Australian publisher of books and courses for web developers.

31. Illustration is a worthwhile investment

A custom illustration can really help your brand stand out and give prospective customers an idea of what it feels like to work with you. Social Media Examiner is particularly good at this.

An elaborate illustration conveys Social Media Examiner’s belief that it takes a friendly approach to working with clients, while exploring new facets of social media. Unfortunately, this route can become fairly expensive, so you should limit your illustration to your home page.

32. Put your website on one page

Users can learn everything they need about your company without needing to search different areas of the site since all of the important information is on one page. In order to do this, one really good way is to put all your information on one big frame, such as the Galleon and Caravan sites now have.

33.  All over the place, 3D graphics

High resolution screens have enabled design of 3D content at a much higher quality than Geocities’ blocky edges and beveled edges. A high-quality 3D visual is becoming more and more common in web design. In actuality, they improve the user’s overall experience instead of being distracting.

Incorporated with the 3D elements of their site, the creative agency Sennep emphasizes depth. Everything about the design here feels harmonious. The use of 3D is particularly effective in limited layouts.

34. Muted colors are the focus

Light and dark blocks of green make up Magic Theater Studio’s design, resulting in a vibrant contrast between sections. Text and illustrations are drawn by hand in a style that complements the muted colors. The black and white design is dominated by a subtle shattering of negative space, which creates a sense of movement that is quite appealing.

Below you will find the professional marketing portfolio of Bobby Rowe, which celebrates color, and which also displays his work in an insightful and humorous manner. This web design shows off a good mix of subtle and bold colors. It’s created by Bobby Rowe, who truly knows how to design awesome web designs.

35. Design based on preferences

With more personalization on the web, web development has progressed greatly. Changing the appearance and navigation of a site through the use of a toggle switch may include providing custom-tailored content that is tailored to individuals’ likes, similar to the custom playlists generated by Spotify.

Internet users are experiencing the internet in a less passive manner as a result of new design practices and algorithms. Those who visit websites today will increasingly have their needs and tastes met.

36. Blurring at Gaussian levels

Creating gently blurred images with Gaussian blur is an outstanding thing to do. Although designers have been using this effect for a while, it has become more prominently featured in web designs in recent years.

With a gaussian blur of color, Moment House’s homepage begins rather than with a hero image. With this feeling and images of Los Angeles cityscapes right after it, you’re greeted by an atmospheric scene. The light and shadow of the golden aperture perfectly capture Los Angeles as viewed through it.

37. Grids are used in geometry

There is a lot of flexibility in integrating grids into a design, so were able to make them in a lot of different ways. With their clean and bold look, grid-based layouts are gaining traction.

Blocks are both used for navigation and content in the design of Hudson Gavin and Martin. You’ll love how they keep your attention and make navigating through such a natural experience.

38. Designing for responsiveness

The first source of Best Website Design inspiration we had on hand was, because responsive design has become a significant design consideration for today’s websites. RWD Sites: A repository of successful sites that use RWD techniques, as well as a site dedicated to the advancement of RWD as a design discipline.

Responsive Design does more than offer galleries of inspirational web designs. It also explains the code underneath the designs, which is potentially very helpful to those making their first foray into web design and those honing their web development skills.

39. The CSS Zen Garden is described in the following way

Since this website was established almost 20 years ago (at least relative to Internet time), it has been adopted by many webmasters.

It’s not just a collection of awesome images, but rather a way to show off all the amazing power that CSS brings to the table. Only the CSS files have been altered in any of the designs showcased on the site.

It takes on a special place in the web community’s heart because CSS Zen Garden serves as a great example of the power of CSS-based design on the web. There are two major aspects to the site’s design and accessibility. The CSS Zen Garden Best Website Design itself states that it is dedicated to teaching pragmatic, relevant CSS rather than the latest trickery viewed by 2% of browsers. Validating your CSS is very important.”

It has also added the useful possibility of viewing un-published designs and submissions. This makes CSS Zen Garden a rarity now days. If you want to create your own design, you can also get the free HTML and CSS files the site offers. This will work for both experienced and new designers alike!

Your site’s visual appearance can be dramatically altered by CSS, and CSS Zen Garden can offer you suggestions for your next redesign. You might not need to fix your HTML, but it would be best to at least clean up the CSS.

40. Colored pencil

The minute you discover this site, it’s hard to imagine life without it., a one-stop shop for online visual inspiration, has become an indispensable resource for marketers, web designers, and developers looking for ideas for future ventures or to see the latest trends in web design.


It’s been an honor to collaborate with Stash on so many projects, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Interviews and breakdowns from the top designers within the field make their permanent collection one of a kind. They also keep us informed about current trends, jobs, and events relevant to our industry. The site is free to use, but you’ll need to subscribe for access to its full functionality. However, you’ll love it because of the features it offers.


A visit to CG Society is the top way to be up-to-date on the latest Hollywood 3D techniques and effects. Here you’ll find inspiration for high-end visual effects, 3D animations and general high-end animation techniques. It’s easy to learn about the art and craft of animated characters and visual effects through the community forums, or you can look up specific tutorials on how to make them. This is a great piece of information to add to your toolbox.

43. In web design there are distortions, glitches and noises

We’re also going to see things like distorted, glitchy, noisy, blurred, out of focus, chaotos, mismatched, random, flaws, dysfunction – in short, chaos. The design reflects reality and this is a reaction to these strange times, so suffice to say, this is a fantastic move. You will see a site with a random arrangement of typography and images, a color theme (or lack of one) not unified by anything other than its very existence. Despite being a somewhat anti-design piece, 2021 makes a potentially huge statement about our current state of affairs, challenging the viewer to take what is given and understand it for themselves. If you are fascinated by the idea of dark web design, then perhaps this group will pique your interest.

44. Designing an interactive website with micro animations

UX and UI are essentials; they aren’t trends, and they won’t ever go out of style. Micro-interactions have been a powerful way of getting users comfortable with the simple processes they need to adopt. A few years hence, the interactions will be animated. These interactions include tiny buttons, call-to-actions, pop-ups, cursors, or graphics, an affix will appear and the image will move if it matches where it appears on the page. Micro Animations will become more prevalent in 2021, more subtly but used to emphasize interaction, which will be useful but also playful. You can find great inspiration here if you’re looking for good design elements.

45. Web design with bold fonts

Among the most fundamentally influenced trends of this generation are the fonts and typography of Best Website Design. In 2021, we will be seeing a push for big, bold, eye-catching, and brassy fonts that need to be seen. Full page, grabbing the edge of the page, animated, flying around… This is what the 2021 generation of fonts will look like… Look at me, look at me, look at me!! For when they are this cool, who can fault them.

46. Web Design created by hand

An interesting and fascinating attribute of all designs is their paradoxical quality. It’s like finding tasty food combinations that couldn’t possibly work yet do. The web design trends of 2021 will be disorientingly different from an inherent computer-style web and will be more flexible and free-form in their approach. This can create an environment that feels beautiful and relaxed in contrast to the coldness of computers. This homemade style that is bubbling under for a number of years is likely to take a step forward this year, became a little friendlier, more casual, and a lot less formal. You will find many ways to make things look uncrafted such as: handwritten fonts, doodled images, underlines in marker, journal entries, photos with dates, and journal-like entries.

47. Web Design that embraces minimalism

Minimalism has been one of my favorites for a long time, and why should it? It has taken the ideas of simplicity that we mentioned before to a whole new level. Seldom understood the changing world has never been more appropriate. A web design trend that is popular today could be just as popular in 2021. Its simplicity and confidence are what make it so engaging. There are no added frills or foolish gimmicks. Direct, straightforward, and often styled in a way that is simple yet stunning, and quietly cool. Aim to use minimal design more creatively and invigoratingly in 2021

48. Getting started

Google launched its Mobile First campaign, and the number of mobile users continues to rise. Therefore, you need to optimize your loading time.

Users respond very negatively to loading times that are too long, regardless of the fact that Google has made loading time a ranking criterion. You lose cash because your bounce rate rises.

Optimizing the loading speed starts with image optimization and extends to caching techniques. For example, a few WordPress plugins work well for the optimization of loading time.

Despite all of the good feedback Monstroid2 has, and also the fact that you can get tons of skins, I recommend lighter WordPress themes.

49. An enlargeable video

Background videos add uniqueness to the Best Website Design, by making it modern, which increases the blog’s traffic and audience’s involvement. In the second case, the user may find the information they’re looking for in the video before scrolling down the page.

An old trick used background videos that spanned their entire length first appeared. This had already gained fame.

Because load times dropped because the site was unable to support a lot of mobile devices and had a lot of weight on it. In fact the video returned as the main background in the system again due to the performance and technical optimization capabilities of the gadgets. The design team still has a strong role to play in 2021 in order to take a leading position.

50. Images and graphics to get your juices flowing

On a site with the same photos, it becomes boring. Modern consumers need something outstanding, captivating, and distinctive. Graphics are the solution. 

The colors and vibrant graphics create an impact, attracting attention and motivating the viewer to take further action. 

You should check out the Reddit blog to ensure it is cool. A theme-complementing image or photo helps. They must, however, be of high quality and juicy.

The end of an era has begun – Apple decides to finally discontinue the iMac and iMac Pro

The iMac Pro during its launch in December 2017
The iMac Pro at Apple’s press event in December 2017 (Source: ARS Technica)

As tragic as it sounds, it is inevitable and the bad news is here:

The iMac Pro will soon be phased out by Apple Inc. Once the most powerful computer the Cupertino, California based giant once made; it is now meeting its end.

Those who are looking to get their hands on the all-in-one-Mac, they can do so but only for a short period of time. The standard model priced at USD$ 4,999 is still available on Apple’s website but only until supplies last.

Meaning, that once Apple’s existing inventory is finished, the iMac Pro will no longer be available.

When did Apple release the iMac Pro?

The Apple iMac Pro
The Apple iMac Pro (Sources: Veanne Cao & TechCrunch)

It was in 2017 that Apple released the iMac Pro and it termed it as ‘the most powerful Mac ever.’ The computer was an all-in-one desktop machine aimed at creatives and professionals featuring advanced capabilities for 3-Dimensional (3D) rendering and graphics. However, since then the computer has not received any major updates in the past few years.

Some other versions of the iMac Pro can still be found at third-party retailers, provided that customers are heavily inclined at having the computer over a Windows PC.

The space gray version of the iMac Pro was introduced initially in 2017 and it was done ahead of Apple Inc.’s much awaited revamp of the Mac Pro. At its launch, this computer was colloquially known as a love letter to developers. However, such a term now seems to have run its course.

Didn’t Apple Inc. revamp the standard iMac since then?

The back side of the Apple iMac Pro
An image of the space-gray finish on the iMac Pro taken from behind (Source: ARS Technica)

Ever since then, Apple has revamped the standard iMac targeting the 27-inch model at the very same users it promoted at in the beginning. The company noted that the model is right now the most popular iMac among professional users.

The dark-themed Magic Touchpad (Source: ARS Technica)

The system has essentially made the iMac Pro redundant. At the high end of Apple’s offerings in the same category, there is the new iMac Pro.

Also, no one should forget that silicon-powered Apple iMacs are on the way. As far as we now, Apple Inc. revamped the MacBook, MacBook Air and Mac Mini with its proprietary chips. New versions of the 21.5-inch and 27-inch desktops are rumored for arrival this year. They will also be sporting a much-awaited new design.

What now for Apple Inc. after folding the iMac?

The ports behind the iMac Pro —a headphone jack, a slot for a SD card, four USB 3.0 ports, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, and an Ethernet cable slot (Source: ARS Technica)

The iMac Pro will no longer be available once supplies run out and according to Apple, the 27-inch model introduced in August 2020 is the preferred choice of iMac users. The company further stated that iMac users requiring more performance specifications and scalability, can go ahead with the iMac Pro.

The power button of the iMac Pro is the same as that of previous models (Source: ARS Technica)

Other than that, the iMac Pro was released in December 2017 but received no substantial hardware upgrades over time.

The latest 27-inch iMac features a 5K display with True Tone plus a nano-texture glass option. It has a 10-core 10th Generation Intel Core i9 processor, up to 128GB of RAM, 8TB in storage, AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics car, 10Gigabit Ethernet option, a camera of 1080p high resolution with microphones, improved speakers and other added features.

While this 27-inch Intel based iMac Pro is Apple’s most recommended machine right now, there are rumors suggesting that a newly designed iMac having a next-generation Apple silicon chip and a design which is inspired by Apple’s high-end Pro Display XDR will be released later this year.

Customers are however exercising patience despite these rumors but it is still not clear if such a version of the iMac Pro will ever be released. Because at this point, it seems to be highly unlikely.

A Facebook Like

It’s settled: The standoff between Facebook & Australia is over as the social media giant pledges monumental investments in Australian news companies

In what looked like a standoff that would literally crush Facebook, its brands and its practices; the American social media and tech giant signed deals with Australian news firms for content days after it blocked Australian firms from posting news on the platform.

Contrary to Facebook, Google signed deals earlier than it, planning to spend USD$ 1 billion over the next three years.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Sources: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds | AFP | Getty Images| CNBC

This is the same amount Facebook plans to spend in the Australian new industry over the next three years.

Does the announcement come as a surprise? In all honesty, it sure does.

Why? Because it comes just days after a heated debate with the Australian Government over how much the social media giant should pay news publishers for publishing content on the platform.

According to Nick Clegg, Vice President of Global Affairs at Facebook:

“Facebook is more than willing to partner with news publishers. We absolutely recognize quality journalism is at the heart of how open societies function – informing and empowering citizens and holding the powerful to account.”

Campbell Brown, Vice President for Global News Partnerships at Facebook had to say the following:

“Going forward, the government has clarified we will retain the ability to decide if news appears on Facebook so that we won’t automatically be subject to a forced negotiation. It’s always been our intention to support journalism in Australia and around the world.”

What had happened earlier between Facebook, Australian News Firms and the Government of Australia?

It was in the ending days of February that Facebook blocked almost all Australian news on its platform. It did so as a protest against a legislation proposed by the Australian Government, which obliges digital platforms to compensate media outlets for online content.

The company inadvertently also blocked access to government information pages.

In response to the social media giant’s unfair blockage, Australia’s health department confirmed that it won’t advertise on Facebook anymore as it sought to hit Facebook where it got hurt the most.

It indicates that Facebook will lose out on Australia’s USD$ 20 million public information campaign, which was designed to convince Australians to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 induced Coronavirus and reject the anti-vaccine sentiments.

This spelled disaster for Facebook not just in Australia but also around the world. It also hurt Facebook at the place where it felt the most pain.

Consequently, Facebook’s managing director for Australia Will Easton stated that the pages blocked previously will be restored in the coming days. 

Google had earlier copied Facebook’s stance, by blocking Australian news providers from its search results among 1 percent of Australians. However, the Alphabet owned Technology giant conceded after agreeing with Australian news giant News Corp over payments for content.

What have Facebook and the Government of Australia agreed upon?

Australia’s Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher and National Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced on Tuesday, February 23, about the deal reached between the Government of Australia and Facebook regarding the legislation ‘Media Bargaining Code.’

The Government stated that it may not apply the code to Facebook, provided it can prove it has cut enough deals similar to its agreement with News Corp and with other publishers. The government also agreed to give digital platforms a month’s notice before deciding whether to apply the code or not.

This does indicate that social media and tech giants won’t be able to act unfairly in the Australian market. There were earlier calls for regulations of practices and activities of the big tech in all spheres of life. 

It is confirmed that Australia has taken the necessary concrete steps towards regulating the big tech and their unfair business practices.

Has Facebook signed deals elsewhere too?

Last month, Facebook announced deals with a number of publishers in the United Kingdom namely:

  • Financial Times.
  • Sky News.
  • Daily Mail Group.
  • The Guardian.
  • Telegraph Media Group.

Consequently, publishers will see their content featured in Facebook News. It is a dedicated section within the app featuring curated and personalized news from numerous national, local, lifestyle and sports publications.

Is Facebook happy about signing deals or is still sour?

Despite optimism from both sides regarding the agreement to the law, the social media giant is in a sour mood. The company Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg, took a cloaked jibe at News Corp last week in a social media post criticizing Australia’s new legislation.

The law aims at setting a fair price for the Australian journalism that digital platforms exhibit.

According to him:

“It is ironic that some of the biggest publishers have long advocated for free markets and voluntary commercial undertakings now appear to be in favor of state sponsored price setting.”

Executive Chairman of News Corp. Australia Michael Miller said that in the previous week, his company had monetary negotiations with Facebook regarding payment for content.

He stated the following in front of a Senate inquiry regarding media diversity in Australia:

“Having been someone who’s dealt with Facebook over the past months, we have some weeks where we’re getting good engagement and think we’re progressing and then you get silence. I think the door is still open.”

How powerful is News Corp. in Australia?

News Corp. owns most of Australia’s major newspapers. Analysts argue that the US-based international media empire is the main force for the incumbent and conservative Australian Government making Facebook and Google pay for news.

In fact, the global media giant announced a wide-ranging deal with Google covering operations in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Has Google followed suit?

At first, Google was locking its horns against the Government of Australia. However, it later changed its stance and is planning to spend USD$ 1 billion on news over the next three years.

Google announced in October last year that it intended to pay publishers in creation and curation of content for a new mobile product known as Google News Showcase.

The app went live initial in Germany and Brazil before it is launched in other countries.

German publishers Der Spiegel and Die Zeit including Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo signed up as part of the rollout program.

According to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai:

“The business model for newspapers – based on ads and subscription revenue – has been evolving for more than a century as audiences have turned to other sources. The internet has been the latest shift, and it certainly won’t be the last…. We want to play our part by helping journalism in the 21st century.”


It is undeniable that both Google and Facebook are among the most powerful of the Big Four Tech Firms, yet it is also undoubtedly true that both firms can, and will be held accountable for all they have done up till now. 

In fact, both of these firms have no escape. They both not only signed deals with Australian, German and Brazilian news firms but are also agreeing to follow Australia’s latest legislation ‘Media Bargaining Code.’

This law has inspired India to create and enact its own regulations to hold the tech industry accountable. It is also time that other countries prepare similar legislations and the European Union has been eying a similar move in this matter.

Time to investigate the big tech and possibly reopen Myspace? Australians get rude wakeup call as Facebook blocks Australian pages and news

In what turned out to be the most shocking and deceptive of all cyber acts, Australia and Australians were both caught off guard by Facebook Inc.

The social media giant’s decision to remove news from its platform due to a deep spat with the Government of Australia over legislation covering payment for content has hurt numerous businesses in the country especially when they were doing their best during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government of Australia is thinking about passing legislation requiring tech giants to pay Australian news companies for news space on the internet. Facebook’s operations were causing Australian news companies serious losses in terms of revenue.

Facebook had followed through on it overnight 2 days ago after threatening to band Australian users from posting news. The move was dreadful as it also cut off access to information like the national weather service and cut news’ access on pages of local healthcare institutions and sites. However, Facebook stated that such had been done by accident.

The Sydney Morning Herald's Facebook page went blank.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s Facebook Page went dark all of a sudden with all of the content gone | Source: Al Jazeera Network

A clearer view of what is happening between Facebook and the Government of Australia?

In response to potential regulation by the Government of Australia, Facebook responded to it by blocking news in the country. It is also preventing Australian users and publishers (individuals and businesses alike) from sharing and viewing news. Google was planning to do the same but somehow made a different decision in response to the proposed legislation in the country.

ABC Australia's Facebook page went blank.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Facebook page also went blank due to Facebook’s recent actions |Source: Al Jazeera & Facebook

Facebook’s block is coming from its disagreement with Australia’s newest proposed legislation, the News Media Bargaining Code. The legislation forms the basis of arguments of Australia’s news outlets, who say that they should be compensated for articles presented on online platforms like Facebook and Google.

According to the proposed law, news outlets could bargain with Facebook and Google for compensation regarding news content being shown and shared on their platforms. Questions regarding the legislation pointed out the fact that the code was created to address the imbalance of bargaining power between the tech giants and Australian news outlets.

This law will force Facebook and Google to reach commercial deals with Australian publishers or face compulsory adjudication.

If the law would have not been drafted, Australian media outlets would have endured monumental losses in the coming days.

Yet, there is news regarding the Australian Law, the News Media Bargaining Code. It has already been cleared by the Federal Lower House and is expected to be passed by the Australian Senate within the next seven days.

Is there any collateral damage caused by the dispute between Facebook Inc. and the Government of Australia?

Marcey Papandrea, a 36-year-old owner of a movie review website known as the Super Network is disappointed and heartbroken. Her hard work of 10 years in creating a small following on Facebook in drawing people to her website has been quashed. She blamed both the Government of Australia and Facebook for such an outcome.

On her website, she posts reviews of movies as well as related podcasts. Last week on Thursday, she woke at her Melbourne home, only to find out that her Facebook page has been blocked.

According to her:

“I have no idea what Facebook’s algorithm would be that someone like me would be targeted. At the end of the day, this is like a mudslinging contest.”

Is Facebook supportive of such legislation in Australia?

The American tech giant vehemently opposes legislation by the Australian government that effectively requires big tech firms to pay the country’s media outlets for content. Since the legislation is being watched by all companies around the globe, it could offer a model for governments of other countries to follow suit.

Such legislation is working its way through Australia’s parliament.

What did Facebook have to say about such a move by the Government of Australia?

In a blog post, Facebook had this to say:

“The proposed law fundamentally misunderstands the relationship between our platform and publishers who use it to share news content. It has left us facing a stark choice: attempt to comply with a law that ignores the realities of this relationship or stop allowing news content on our services in Australia. With a heavy heart, we are choosing the latter.”

The News Media Bargaining Code is the law through which Australia is doing its best to get tech firms (Facebook & Google included) to pay for the news that is widely shared on their websites. Why? Because the advertising revenue that was once supporting publishers is now slipping away.

This law would force the tech firms to sign deals with media companies or have a set of fees set for them regarding sharing and publishing of this news on these platforms.

To add a further twist to the tale, Google had once threatened to withdraw its search services from Australia. However, in what looks like a clear U-turn, it started securing agreements with revenue-sharing with Australian publishers at the same time.

This paints a somewhat tricky yet clearer picture of the bias the big tech firms have in their essence. Yet, Facebook is insisting that its relationship with the news industry is primarily different.

According to the platform: “Publishers willingly choose to post news on Facebook, as it allows them to sell more subscriptions, grow their audiences, and increase advertising revenue.”

It should be noted that last year, Facebook generated 5.1 billion referrals which helped it earn around 407 million Australian Dollars (USD$ 315 million) for the publishers.

The platform claimed it was a value exchange working in favor of the Australian publishers, which is somehow disputed in the account of what Australian businesses, citizens and state government describes as Facebook stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

What is the response of the Australian Government and Society in this regard?

Facebook’s sudden move in blocking news has sparked outrage of monumental proportions because some Government and Emergency Response pages (Fire services, health authorities, and the police) also went dark. This in turn also affected Facebook’s page.

According to Australia Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who earlier had a discussion with Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg regarding the legislation, condemned Facebook’s move and stated:

“Facebook was wrong. Facebook’s actions were unnecessary, they were heavy-handed, and they will damage its reputation here in Australia.”

Mr. Frydenberg had more to say. For the second time following the news blackout, he spoke to Mark Zuckerberg. According to him in a tweet: “We talked through their remaining issues and agreed our respective teams would work through them immediately. We’ll talk again over the weekend.”

Australia Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s tweet about his conversation with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg | Source: Twitter Account of Australia’s Treasurer, The Honorable Josh Frydenberg

Yet, Facebook was adamant in its stance. In its statement announcing its move to Australia, the social media giant said that the Australian legislation misunderstood the platform’s value to publishers. Somehow, this statement is untrue as most publishers are irked by abusive market practices Google and Facebook have employed there.

Mr. Frydenberg earlier told the following to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “There is something much bigger here at stake than just one or two commercial deals. This is about Australia’s sovereignty.”

The same words of Mr. Frydenberg were both indirectly and directly echoed by numerous organizations and individuals in Australia. A considerable majority of media analysts and Facebook-watchers condemned the platform’s actions and accused the company of bullying, in light of the net profit of USD$ 29.2 billion it made last year.

Leader of Australia’s Labor Party, Anthony Albanese’s tweet against Facebook’s dreadful move | Source: the Twitter account of The Honorable Anthony Albanese, Leader of the Labor Party
Statement of Victoria MP Gabrielle Williams regarding Facebook’s move to block news in Australia | Source: the Twitter account of The Honorable Gabrielle Williams, Member of the Parliament of the State of Victoria

Both Facebook and Google had campaigned together against the law set forth by the Australian Government. They both had threatened to withdraw key services from Australia if it brought the laws into effect.

However, Google took a major u-turn and signed a deal with Australian news giant News Corp.

Filipino businesswoman Maria Ressa tweeting about Facebook’s move to block news in Australia | Source: the Twitter account of Maria Ressa

According to American journalist Judd Legum:

“Facebook’s actions today can best be understood as an aggressive lobbying effort. It’s showing the Australian government it’s willing to follow through with the ban. Tough to square this bare-knuckled approach with the company’s supposed commitment to free speech.”

Marcus Strom, the President of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA, also referred to as The Alliance), the Australian trade union and professional organization covering the entertainment, media, arts, and sports industries, said that Facebook probably fears other countries adopting similar laws.

According to Mr. Strom

“This is not just about Australia. They are worried about a global precedent. This is a classic monopoly move by a powerful company trying to dictate what society does when in a democratic society, it’s civil society that needs to determine how tech companies operate.”

What was Google’s Response to Australia’s proposed legislation?

In response to the News Media Bargaining Code, Google signed a landmark deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, last week on Wednesday. This ensures that it can show news from the company in Australia as Google has paid for that news. This also lays the foundation for developing a subscription platform and sharing advertising revenue.

Also, another point worth noting; News Corp has also come under fire in Australia as it dominates a large part of the Australian news industry.

Another fact worth noting is that the Alphabet-owned company has secured deals with publishers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil for its Google News Showcase product.

However, Facebook’s move is the exact opposite as it has prevented Australians from sharing news links around the world. It should be kept in mind that Facebook’s decision comes in within rising tensions between social media giants and state governments around the world doing their best to regulate the tech industry.

Tweet of an irate Australian citizen regarding Facebook’s recent decision of blocking news in Australia and about the Christchurch massacre of March 15, 2019, | Source: Twitter Account of Max Walden

What do journalists and other prominent figures outside Australia think of Facebook’s actions in the country?

Emily Bell, the Director of the Two Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School said that Facebook’s claim about being a voluntary platform where news publishers willingly share their content is itself a misguiding statement that distorts the relationship it has with its users, businesses, and organizations alike.

According to her:

“Most publishers feel obliged to be on Facebook. They don’t like the asymmetry of the relationship, they dislike the requirement of going through an intermediary without access to even negligible data.”


There was a time when Facebook’s intrusions into personal privacy space were beginning to get noticed and the social networking giant acted to fix it. However, there came more issues and in 2017, a Thai man murdered his 11-month-old daughter live on Facebook, which then forced the social network to start moderating things but struggled to do so.

Yet, the social media giant is facing stern criticism for allowing a lot of wrongful information and propaganda to be posted on it. The Christchurch shootings of March 15, 2019was also posted live on the social media platform, at a time when it was moderating live transmissions and broadcasts which it did not fulfill.

According to a spokesperson from the Australian television network Nine:

“Nobody benefits from this decision as Facebook will now be a platform for misinformation to rapidly spread without balance. This action proves again their monopoly position and unreasonable behavior.”

Facebook’s time might be coming to an end and this may just be the inception of such an event. Its abusive and monopolistic market practices have made it the least preferred social network around the world. Furthermore, its acquisitions of Snap Chat, WhatsApp, and Instagram are drawing further scrutiny from numerous governments, bodies, authorities, and organizations as well as individuals from around the globe.

In short, Facebook has created a recipe leading to disasters for the social media giant and eventually, its demise.

All eyes on the most happening smartphone brand! – Presenting the Xiaomi Mi 11 which has made its worldwide debut

Chinese tech brand Xiaomi just doesn’t stop making headlines and the Xiaomi Mi 11 is its newest flagship smartphone. Its specifications and price have turned it into Samsung Galaxy S21’s latest rival as well as rivaling phones such as the OnePlus 9 and Oppo Find X3.

The front side of Xiaomi Mi 11 in Horizontal position
The front side of Xiaomi Mi 11 in Horizontal position | Source: Android Police

When was the Xiaomi Mi 11 first seen?

The Xiaomi Mi 11 was first seen at its Chinese launch event somewhere in December 2020. Yet, the phone got another global unveiling, and that too on February 8, 2021, before it could be released globally. This is a pattern Xiaomi follows with its Mi lone of smartphones though the global launch of their phones is usually done at Mobile World Congress (MWC) held each year (This year’s MWC will be held in June).

Whenever tech-savvy people think about the name ‘Xiaomi’, they think of devices having high-end specifications that are good on the budget and available in competitive price ranges. However, the pricing aspect may not be friendly when it comes to the Mi 11.

Yet, the specifications Xiaomi Mi 11 has are pretty impressive including its features. No one should be surprised to see this phone get ranked among the best Xiaomi has to offer.

Before anyone gets to test the phone, we decided to round almost anything and everything everyone would love to know about the phone especially its specifications, features, and availability; helping everyone get a good idea of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

Some brief facts about Xiaomi Mi 11

  • The phone is Xiaomi’s newest flagship phone of 2021.
  • It will be released worldwide somewhere in March this year.
  • Its price will start at €749 (equivalent to USD$ 900, AUD$ 1,175, and GBP£ 660).

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi 11

After its global launch event in February 2021, Xiaomi Mi 11 will be launching in various regions across the world in March.

At the moment, the price for the phone is available in Euros instead of US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Australian Dollars. Due to instance, no one is expecting the phone to be available in the United States. Yet the phone will have conversions so people can get an idea when it comes to the phone’s price.

Another view of Xiaomi Mi 11
Another view of Xiaomi Mi 11 | Sources: Mi Official Website and TechRadar

For the set having 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage, the price will be €749 (equivalent to almost GBP£ 660, AUD$ 1,175, and USD$ 990). If consumers wish to have more storage, they can obtain 256GB for €749 (equivalent to GBP£ 700, AUD$ 1,250, and USD$ 960). Another version of the phone with 256GB storage and 12GB RAM was unveiled in China, which may not be released globally.

For context’s sake, the Xiaomi Mi 10 cost GBP£ 799 (equivalent to AUD$ 1,699 and USD$ 990) with 8GB RAM and 128 GB Storage. Hence, the Xiaomi Mi 11 can cost approximately the same or a little less in comparison to its predecessor.

What are the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 11?

Here is an overview of the specifications of Xiaomi’s flagship phone:

SoC (Chipset)Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
Storage128/256 GB UFS 3.1
Display6.81-inch DotDisplay with AdaptiveSync (30/60/90/120Hz), 20:9, 3200×1440, 515 PPI, 1500 Nits max, HDR 10+, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus
Rear cameras108 MP main camera: 1/1.33”; f/1.85; 1.6 µm (4 in 1 Super Pixel); OIS; AF; 7P lens 13 MP ultrawide; f/2,4; FOV up to 123° 5 MP macro: f/2,4; 50mm; AF (3 to 10cm)
Front camera20 MP selfie: 1.6 µm (4 in 1 Super Pixel); f/2,2
Power4,600mAh battery with 55W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, 10W reverse wireless
ConnectivityDual SIM, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, IR, USB-C (PD)
Bands (European model)5G: n1/n3/n5/n8/n20/n28/n38/n41/n77/n78/n79 4G: LTE FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/12/17/20/28/32/66 4G: LTE TDD: B38/40/41/42 3G: WCDMA: 1/2/4/5/8 2g: GSM: 850 900 1800 1900 MHz
Operating System (OS)MIUI 12.5 on Android 11
Dimensions164.3 x 74.6 x 8.06MM (Glass)/ 8.56mm (Leather)
MiscellaneousStereo speakers, in-display fingerprint sensor with heart rate sensor, IR blaster, 55W GaN charger included.
ColorsTrimsGlass (Midnight Gray, Horizon Blue, Frost White) and Vegan Leather (Honey Beige, Lilac Purple).
Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 11 (Source: Android Police)

It runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with 5G capabilities | Source: Mi Official Website

The Xiaomi Mi 11 carries Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 888 chipset backed by 8GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, which makes it quite a powerful phone. No one will notice an instant difference from the Snapdragon 865 processor which was also a fast one. Yet, Qualcomm promises improvements in the CPU and GPU performance by 25% and 25% respectively in Snapdragon 888.

The display and batteries are flagship-level

The Xiaomi Mi 11 from another angle showing its curved body and display
The Xiaomi Mi 11 from another angle showing its curved body and display | Source: Mi Official Website

The Xiaomi Mi 11 features a spectacular waterfall screen complete with a 6.81-inches OLED panel that is exceptionally bright and clear regardless of the lighting conditions. The peak brightness is at 1500 nits making it the brightest phone available yet.

Additionally, the phone has wide quad HD plus resolution (3,200 x 1,440 pixels) and 120Hz refresh rates, which can be used together or can be put in reserve to save the phone’s battery life.

A vast majority of phones have refresh rates of 60Hz, meaning the screen refreshes 60 times in a second. Displays of 120Hz look much smoother when scrolling through webpages in comparison. The Xiaomi Mi 11 also has an in-screen fingerprint reader, which according to Xiaomi doubles up as a heart-rate sensor.

With mild usage, the battery can easily last a day and a half. Even when it runs out, recharging the phone’s 4,600-mAh battery is done relatively quickly with thanks to its 55 Watt wired charger. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to bring the battery to 50-60% from zero percent while almost an hour is all it takes to completely recharge the battery.

It is hence safe to say that battery anxiety is an object of history when people will begin using the Xiaomi Mi 11. One thing to keep in mind that the phone supports 50W of wireless and reverse-wireless charging.

Loud and crisp speakers are another hallmark of the Xiaomi Mi 11

Harmon Kardon speakers in the Xiaomi Mi 11| Source: Mi Official Website

One of the features that stood out in last year’s Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro was its pleasingly loud and crisp speaker system complete with one speaker on each end of the phone. Now Xiaomi stated that it has leveled up in the speaker aspect in Mi 11 through refining its audio experience in partnership with Harman Kardon, a well-known and decades-old manufacturing firm specializing in audio equipment and stereos.

The Xiaomi Mi 11’s speakers are loud and crisp, and it has the right bass to boot up with. Hence, Xiaomi has raised the stakes in the speakers’ game.

Three rear Cameras are present on the Xiaomi Mi 11

Three rear cameras of the Xiaomi Mi 11 | Source: Sareena Dayaram & CNET

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has three rear cameras, one less than its predecessor. Fascinatingly, quality beats out the quantity aspect.

The cameras are the main camera of 108 Megapixels with 13 MP ultra-wide and 5 MP telephoto macro. The latter cameras are designed for both close-up and zoomed shots. The first two cameras match the results and effectiveness of the Mi 10 whereas the third camera is a major improvement.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 had a 2MP macro and a 2MP depth-sensing snapper which had low functionality and not an impressive resolution. Perhaps the Mi 11’s 5MP camera will supersede it as it does bring the ability to provide a good zoom.

The front and back sides of the Xiaomi Mi 11 in various colors | Source: GSM Arena

The video mode of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is intriguing thanks to night videography. Low-light photography (also known as night mode) has become the phone’s proving ground where competitors need to stand out and the company has extended the feature to video shooting.

AI Erasure is another camera mode that can automatically remove people from the background of both a photo and video. AI cinema modes help replicate the look of professional film cameras and HDR10+ recording video capture is a focal point of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

On its Weibo account, Xiaomi posted some pictures and sample videos of the phone.


Xiaomi has never failed to amaze anyone, thanks to its cutting-edge technological prowess in all electronics it has made. With 5G set to become mainstream, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has not only raised eyebrows but is also set to outpace competitors with its pioneering cameras, speakers, display, battery charge, and processing power.

Tesla Delivered Record-Breaking 500,000 Vehicles Alone in 2020

Do you know that Tesla smashed its delivery record last year by putting together more than 500,000 vehicles? During the fourth quarter of last year, Tesla delivered more than 180,000 vehicles to its customers in just under three months. This number approximates to 30 percent higher than the average of Tesla’s Q3 deliveries from the time the company initiated its production.

According to one of the reports, Tesla successfully created and delivered a total of 499,550 vehicles to customers worldwide. Just alone in 2019, the company was only able to create 367,500 cars overall. However, with time, the organization evolved and increased its overall percentage up by 36 percent this year. It has been a proud moment for the CEO himself. 

Tesla wasn’t quite prepared for delivering this many vehicles, but because of the growing pandemic, the company faced an immense challenge. With the fear of going out of business, Tesla worked overtime to achieve their required targets, and as a result, they were able to ship around half a million vehicles. This unusually challenging year is what compelled Tesla to grow its strategy out-of-the-box and do great things within a fairly less amount of time. 

Like every other factory shutting down, Tesla’s Fremont factory stopped its production from March till mid-May. As a result, Tesla observed a significant gap in its production. 

So when the industries initiated back its productions, the company worked overtime to meet the market’s demand and, as a result, produced over half a million vehicles in 2020. For now, we have realized that Tesla holds the potential to create a great many cars, especially during this year 2021. With the production rate, estimations indicate the company is capable of making at least 180,000 vehicles per quarter. As the numbers show, Tesla should produce a total of 720,000 cars altogether from its Fremont & Shanghai factories combined. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as Tesla further plans to open up new factories in the United States & Germany. It is very well rumored that Tesla is investing in launching its manufacturing plants in Texas and planning to go across borders. Tesla is going to invest in starting up a new manufacturing plant in Germany this year. 

For now, we can’t say for sure that Tesla will be able to produce a million vehicles in 2021. But with the establishment of two more manufacturing plants, we can assure you that a million cars are an achievable target for the company by the year 2022. 

As Elon Musk has concluded, 

“We aim to produce 20 million cars by the end of this decade.” 

Why Should Tesla Focus on Increasing its Stock Price? 

The need for expansion for Tesla is imminent because Tesla needs something to justify its high stock price. The company’s current stock price value approximates around $600 billion, and this number is fairly larger than any other automobile industry in the world. Even though many auto-industry giants such as Toyota, GM, and Volkswagen create millions of vehicles every year, their stock prices aren’t skyrocketing the way Tesla’s stock price is. Plus, the fact that Tesla’s production is low, but the stock value is high, creates a significant problem for the company and puts it in hot waters. 

Wall Street has its eye on the company. 

For now, we hope that Tesla launches the other two manufacturing plants to meet high expectations. 

About Tesla

Tesla was founded under the supervision of some of the finest engineers who wanted to create many newer & robust technologies that are more accessible to the world. Therefore, they worked together to develop electric vehicles and not just any type of electric vehicle; they worked on creating highly efficient electric vehicles that were more entertaining in drive than other traditional gasoline cars. 

Who knew a venture started with the idea of optimizing electric vehicles would turn into much more. Today, Tesla is exploring not just all kinds of electric vehicle drives. Still, it is also focusing on scaling up to other projects related to clean energy development and enhancing storage products. 

Tesla is one of the many which are contributing towards establishing a more sustainable environment. 

About Tech Wire Hub

Tech Wire Hub is an online platform through which we aim to educate our audiences on technology’s benefits. We venture across different digital horizons to bring out only the best & most valuable information to our readers. Tech Wire Hub is not just a typical technology-focused blog, but it goes way beyond just the usual developing news. Here you can learn about the latest gadgets, what’s growing in the AI world, what’s happening in the Fortune 500 companies, and much more. 

Do you want to stay up with the trends in this tech-savvy world? Feel free to stay connected with us and read more interesting blogs. 

It May Come to You As a Surprise But Adobe Flash Player is Finally Dead

The famous web browser tool which brought many games and animations to life has finally reached an end. The tool which made many Internet advertisements a thriving success has finally laid down to rest by the developers. For now, Adobe confirms that it will no longer release any security updates for the respective plug-in. Moreover, Adobe Flash Player’s software developers are encouraging users to uninstall the software from their laptops, desktops, and other computing devices. 

January 12th marks the end date when Adobe will officially discontinue Flash Player’s use for running videos. Although users will be able to access the pirated versions of the software; however, Adobe will not be entertaining any upgrade or security releases from here on out. 

The bells were out and about ringing for Adobe’s Flash Player when Apple announced that their platform wouldn’t be supporting any Adobe related applications. According to late Steve Jobs, the reason for discontinuing Flash Adobe Player for his operating system was the format’s limitation. There was a lot of criticism from late Steve Jobs about the app’s shortcomings for not being able to support the touch facility and other related security loopholes. Also, at the same time, Adobe was found as quite the battery-draining app for smartphones, making a point of concern for manufacturers altogether. 

According to one of the write-ups published by Jobs, 

“Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice. Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces, and open web standards – all areas where Flash falls short,”

After all, for us Millennials, this is big news because we have lived in an era where Flash was abundantly used for animations, graphics, advertisements, video-watching, and more. With Miniclip games and much more, Flash gave the Internet a medium through which many unique experiences came into existence. 

In an era before smartphones hit the market, Adobe Flash Player used to reduce file sizes to very low. It allowed many game savvy people to get great looking animated graphics and immersive gaming experiences. Miniclip became quite the trend giving rise to one of the most exciting & fun-filled gaming. 

However, over the years, and with the advent of smartphones, Adobe Flash Player’s era has finally met an end. Back in the days, it was one of the great gaming enablers of the Internet. All you needed was a dial-up connection to access a library of games & videos, which you could easily download and view in a matter of minutes. Today, the app’s minimized usage has finally led developers to claim that the app has experienced its bull run. Therefore, it has been laid to rest by the developers. 

As the software plugin is unannounced of getting a shutdown, many different gaming platforms such as Zynga was found shutting down its 11 year old game called Farmville. All of this just because Farmville relied on Flash to operate. For now, all we know is that Ruffle is working to create an app which will support Flash content in a web browser where the user won’t require any extra plugins to install. 

How Can I Remove Adobe Flash Player from My Computer? 

Removing Adobe Flash Player from your computer is easy. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to remove the Flash Player from your computer on their official website. Just visit their official website and find out how you can easily remove the Adobe Flash Player for Windows & Mac. 

You will also find a warning  

“Uninstalling Flash Player will help to secure your system since Adobe does not intend to issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the end-of-life date.”

This indicates that from here on out Adobe Flash is going to discontinue its ongoing efforts. We have now finally come to an end of an era and would like to say our final abode to this once wonderful application. Flash created multiple thriving experiences in its time for which it will forever be remembered.

How Facebook’s AI Can Catch 95% of the Hate Speech Circulating the Platform

Recently, Facebook revealed that its AI algorithm is taking strong steps in mitigating the occurrence of hate speech on its platform. The AI algorithm working at the backend of the platform has been successful in removing 95% of the hate speech comments, posts and shares before anyone reports. Facebook revealed this information in its latest community-standard enforcement report explaining 

how the remaining 5% of the 22 million flagged posts were the only shares reported by users. 

According to the published report, there’s also a new hate-speech metrics called the prevalence. Prevalence is an equivalent term used to measure the percent of time someone observes something as harmful. It is done by sampling the content on Facebook based on the count of views and then applying a label on it that it shouldn’t be there. As per the record, the figure was between 0.1 percent & 0.11 percent which approximated around 10-11 views of every 10,000. 

Mike Schroepfer, who is hired as the Facebook’s chief technology officer (CTO), explained this figure in a blog post where he explained that the numbers increased from 80.5% from last year to 94.6%. In 2017, the figure of hate speech recognition was around 24% which was shared in Facebook’s latest Community Standards Enforcement Report. Many different social media firms such as Twitter, Facebook & TikTok have done seemingly well in keeping racial slurs & religious attacks off their platform. Today, companies employ over thousands of content moderators from around the world to help observe different posts, videos and photos which are abundantly shared. 

More than 200 content moderators emailed the CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently explaining their complaints on how they had to risk their lives by joining the office and continue work during the COVID

With the passage of time, it was pretty evident that human content moderators for Facebook weren’t good enough. With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, Facebook made due investments. With powerful machine learning algorithms at work, the content moderation experienced significantly improved. As Mr. Schroepfer states, 

“A central focus of Facebook’s AI efforts is deploying cutting-edge machine learning technology to protect people from harmful content, with billions of people using our platforms, we rely on AI to scale our content review work and automate decisions when possible. Our goal is to spot hate speech, misinformation, and other forms of policy-violating content quickly and accurately, for every form of content, and for every language and community around the world.”

For now the algorithm is in its nascent stage. There are many different things such as sarcasm and image text which Facebook’s algorithm is unable to clearly read or detect. If there are people who are using slang language, this is something which the algorithm was unable to detect but the human moderators could. So until the AI matures, human moderators will never become obsolete. 

For now, the two technologies working at the back-end for detection are RIO and Linformer as concluded by Schroepfer. These tools are responsible for analyzing Facebook & Instagram content.  

Furthermore, Facebook has developed a new tool to detect deep fakes (computer-generated videos that appear very real.) It has made some significant improvements in an existing tool called the SimSearchNet which is an image-matching tool which can help spot misinformation. 

Schroepfer further concludes, 

“Taken together, all these innovations mean our AI systems have a deeper, broader understanding of content,” said Schroepfer. “They are more attuned to things people share on our platforms right now, so they can adapt quicker when a new meme or photo emerges and spreads.”

For now Facebook insists on taking down at least 95% of the overall hate speech proactively. During the last three months, the company has been encouraging employees to take proactive actions. 

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Facebook Will Announce the Presidential Election Results Through Notification

In recent events, Facebook has decided to display the name of the winning contestant for the presidential elections on their social media platform. They have decided to send out a notification on Facebook & Instagram once it’s sent out into the public by the majority of media outlets. The company spokesperson Mr. Tom Reynolds explained how the social media giant plans on presenting the presidential candidate results using a link that will take the users back to the voting information centre. For now, the company has planned to show the presidential candidates’ name in the notification at the top of Facebook & Instagram titled, “A Presidential Winner Has Been Projected – [name of the winner] is the winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election.” 

This was revealed by Tom Reynolds in one of the emails he sent to The Verge

The winner’s information will not be accumulated from a single source but it will come from a number of news outlets including names like ABC News, Fox News, CBS News, NBC News, etc. It will help determine who’s the winning candidate and will then be displayed on the page accordingly. 

Previously, Facebook announced how it is taking several steps to minimize the sharing of wrong information through its platform ahead of 3rd November. Till the election completes, there’s an indefinite ban on running US-based political ads and the sales and purchases of political ads has also been freezed. Facebook has a stringent policy on strictly banning ads which spread false information such as claiming victory. As of Thursday, Facebook took the initial step in minimizing the indecency of false campaigns by taking down a group of 300,000 people naming the campaign, “Stop the Steal.” 

It also blocked several hashtags which became part of the false claims surrounding election fraud.  

For now Facebook believes that other media outlets such as Fox news and Breitbart can fill the vacuum. It will still be unintentionally politicized way before the election results come in. However, presently Facebook is unconcerned about its political standpoint and would like to stay neutral with running any form of political campaign. Allowing social media outlets as a place to run political campaigns will make the platform biased and supportive to a certain political party and Facebook doesn’t wish to see itself there. 

Since the time the false news about Joe Biden’s son started circulating the social media platform, Facebook started using a new deployment tool called the “viral content review system.” The tool acts as the perfect circuit breaker which prevents the spread of false information across platforms. 

As Facebook battles with designating a name for the tool, it has found out that the tool has immense potential. It can easily block the spread of a tsunami of wrong information around a certain topic. 

It’s a great tool for minimizing the false spread of misinformation on a variety of political and health related topics on the Internet. When false news gets published on the Internet, it ends up spreading a lot of misinformation which leads the audience astray and in the wrong directions. With Facebook’s new circuit breaker tool, social media attempts to cut down on the occurrence of false spread but the tool has its downside and it may run a counter tactic against Facebook’s business campaign efforts. 

In recent events, New York Time listed 4 possible false election stories which were circulating widely in the market. One of them was such a baseless rant which talked a lot about a Democratic coup viewed for over 3 million times. Such incidents compelled Facebook to take the necessary step of finding a robust solution which can block the spread of this viral content spread. 

Facebook is taking considerable measures to ensure that they can provide the right information. For now, we are waiting for the presidential elections to conclude so Facebook can display results. 

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A hair raiser for Intel? AMD poised for acquiring Xilinx for USD$ 35 billion in a major push for the data center market

In what is known as one of the most ambitious acquisitions ever witnessed in the tech industry, Advance Micro Devices (often referred to by its abbreviation AMD) has agreed to pay USD$ 35 billion in stock for Xilinx. This deal is aimed at reshaping one of the biggest pioneers in the computer industry.

CEO of AMD Lisa Su |Sources: Business Insider & Reuters

AMD is Intel’s longtime rival in microprocessors powering most computers is planning to use the acquisition to widen its business into chips for markets such as 5G wireless communications and automotive electronics.

The transaction may help AMD acquire a larger share of component sales for data centers and counter Nvidia, who is poised to acquire chipmaker Arm Holdings from Japanese investment firm Softbank for USD$ 40 billion.

What is expected out of the deal?

The deal is known as an all-stock deal which was announced yesterday along with AMD’s financial results for the 3rd quarter of this year. This is touted to be the most valuable acquisition in the history of the microchip industry.

At the moment, Nvidia holds the title for the industry’s most valuable acquisition for its proposed USD$ 40 billion deal for British chip designer Arm Holdings.

For quite some time, chip manufacturers have experienced numerous waves of consolidation which are driven by factors such as duplicate product lines and plans for reducing costs. However, AMD, who has enjoyed some of the most robust sales since its inception; is expecting Xilinx to expand its business whilst boosting profits.

AMD expects the deal to close at the end of the year 2021. It will create a combined company with 13,000 engineers and a manufacturing strategy fully outsourced with heavy reliance on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC).

Both firms benefitted from a lean approach in holding the market share from Intel, who is recently struggling with internal manufacturing.

An overview of both AMD and Xilinx in recent years

For quite some time, AMD has been the chief rival of Intel in terms of central processor units (CPUs) in the personal computer business. When Lisa Su took over AMD in 2014, she has since then focused on challenging Intel in the fast-growing data center business.

Data centers power internet-based applications and services. Other than that, they are also fueling the rise of artificial intelligence and fifth-generation telecommunications networks.

Recently, Xilinx has also been working to enter the data center business with programmable processors fastening specialized tasks (digital encryption, video compression, etc.). Altera Corp is its main rival and it was acquired by Intel in 2015 for USD$ 16.7 billion in what is known to be Intel’s largest acquisition deal ever.

According to AMD CEO Lisa Su:

“There are some areas where we’re very strong, and we will be able to accelerate some of the adoption of the Xilinx product family, and there some areas where Xilinx CEO Victor Peng is very strong, and we believe that we’ll be able to accelerate some of the AMD products into those markets.”

A closeup of Xilinx’s Virtex chip | Source: The New York Times

Did the deal come up at a right time?

The deal comes at a time when Intel’s manufacturing technology has fallen way behind that of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC). Almost a decade ago, AMD spun off its factories and has since then surged ahead of Intel with chips that perform much better.

The edge in performance AMD earned helped it gain its best market share since 2013 at slightly less than 20% of the CPU market. This in turn pushed AMD’s shares up by 68% between this year’s start and close of trade on October 26.

Does Xilinx also use TSMC’s facilities for production?

Yes, it does. Xilinx has been using TSMC’s factories (known as fabs in the industry) for making its chips. Both AMD and Xilinx have been using modular designs that let them swap out different pieces of a chip to avoid possible bottlenecks and delays.

According to Xilinx CEO Victor Peng:

“We ended up with TSMC, and have stayed with them, not due to any contractual reason – we could go to any fab at any time – we could go to any fab at any time – but because they are best-in-class. It’s about the choices you make.”

What will both AMD and Xilinx get from the deal?

Under this deal, Xilinx shareholders will receive about 1.7 shared of AMD common stock for each share of Xilinx common stock. This puts Xilinx’s share value at USD$ 143 per share, or about 24.8% higher than its USD$ 114.55 closing price on October 26, 2020.

AMD shareholders will own around 74% of the combined company while Xilinx shareholders own the remaining 26%. The companies revealed that the transaction’s original intention was to be a tax-free reorganization for purposes of U.S Federal Income Tax.

Lisa Su of AMD will be leading the combined company as chief executive, with Xilinx’s Victor Peng serving the role of President, responsible for Xilinx’s side of business and initiatives for strategic growth. Both companies expect the deal to generate around USD$ 300 million in cost savings.

A closeup image of a microchip | Source: Nasdaq

Also, on Tuesday; AMD reported earnings before schedule. It reported adjusted earnings and revenue of USD$ 2.80 billion and 41 cents per share, beating Wall Street expectations of USD$ 2.57 billion and 36 cents per share.

AMD's EPYC chip beside Xilinx's VERSAL chip.
AMD’s EPYC and Xilinx’s VERSAL chips side by side | Source: Next Platform

What potential hurdles will AMD’s deal face?

For AMD, it does make strategic sense in acquiring Xilinx. However, the deal can face a lot of challenges. AMD only held USD$ 1.8 billion in cash and equivalents at the end of the second quarter, hence it is likely in the need of taking on more debt or fund a large part of the deal in stock.

The rumored price tag of USD$ 30 billion price tag is also equally high for an organization that generated a revenue of USD$ 3.2 billion and USD$ 793 million in net income last year. The deal could however be blocked by regulators, who possibly have no intention to allow these two chipmakers to dominate the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) markets.

Even if the deal is approved, both AMD and Xilinx could find themselves struggling against Intel in the data center market for two reasons:

  1. Intel’s Xeon chips still enjoy a reputation of the best breed as the world’s fastest server CPUs.
  2. Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) business also owns eASIC, a firm that produces customized Application-Scientific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips that complement FPGAs in various industries.

Intel is still the only firm that can bundle x86 CPUs, FPGAs, and ASIC chips altogether. AMD however will only be able to offer x86 CPUs and FPGAs, which will lead customers to purchase custom ASIC chips from chipmakers like Marvell.

Hence, AMD may either need to develop ASIC chips by itself or acquire an ASIC chip maker to compete against Intel in the data center business.

Should Intel be paying attention to the deal or ignore it?

AMD’s known interest in Xilinx shouldn’t raise eyebrows at Intel but the company should be following its rivals moves closely. Even if it leaves its ‘data-centered’ businesses exposed to aggressive competition from Epyc CPUs and Xilinx FPGAs, it still should have a look at it.

Moreover, Intel generates over half of its revenue in the previous quarter from its data center business.

It’s here, it’s now and it’s happening! – all eyes on Apple iPhone 12!

The Apple iPhone 12 in various colors.
All eyes on Apple’s newest and flagship 5G creation, the Apple iPhone 12 | (Source: Apple Inc.)

In what is known as one of the biggest innovations the company has brought in today, Apple has announced the launch of its much-coveted & sought-after product, the iPhone 12. This year is perceived as the last year of the iPhone being a kid and is now entering its teenage years.

A fun fact worth knowing: Apple’s four-model line of the iPhone 12 marks the first major revamp of the phone’s design since the iPhone X of 2017 (which introduced facial recognition-based unlocking and improvements in screen technology).

The iPhone 12 with the MagSafe wireless charging system and other features | (Source: MacRumors)

Now, the company is sporting an array of colors, more models in the iPhone 12 range, and 5G wireless support in the iPhone 12 lineup. Other than that, Apple also launched the HomePod Mini smart speaker, the MagSafe wireless charging system for iPhone 12, and Beats Flex wireless headphones.

Let us now explore the phone in brief detail.

Apple iPhone 12 – the talking points

Backside of the iPhone 12 in available colors | (Source: Digital Camera World)

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 with four models in the lineup and each of them supports 5G networks (a first in the company’s product line). But the super-fast 5G mmWave technology is exclusive for the U.S market only.

To improve support for the new 5G network on the phone, both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro come in with a new side cutout. This cutout is somewhat confusing but has been created to support 5G tech on the phone.

People are confused when they hear the term mmWave. This is the version of 5G having quite an impressive speed (500Mbps+). However, its range is limited, and cell phone carriers need to set up more cellular towers for 5G so it can be available to all users.

Also, rollouts of sub-6Ghz 5G stateside are easily deployable and usually achieve speeds in the range of 100-150 Mbps. They are however not as powerful as mmWave 5G.

What did Verizon’s CEO have to say regarding 5G for iPhone 12?

Apple invited Verizon’s CEO Hans Vestberg to the launch event of the iPhone 12. He announced there that the iPhone 12 will achieve gigabit download rates and 200 Mb/s upload rate on Verizon’s network.

Since this 5G works based on low range frequencies, the phone’s antenna structure was redesigned accordingly.

As a consequence, the new cutout on the phone’s side edge is made.

The phone’s antenna

The side cutout of The Apple iPhone 12 is actually a 5G antenna | (Source: 9to5 Mac)

The phone’s antenna is a new 5G antenna situated on the upper right side of both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. They are not smart connectors for the Apple pencil. But they are rather antenna for the mmWave 5G technology.

However, iPhone 12 models sold outside the United States will not be having the cutout feature.

The price of all models of the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 mini starts at USD$ 699 while the iPhone 12 is priced at USD$ 799. The price of the iPhone 12 Pro is USD$ 999 and iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at USD$ 1099.

The product line of Apple iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 in various colors | (Source: MacRumors)

Being Apple’s flagship 5G phone, let us now have a brief look at each phone present in the iPhone 12 lineup.

The Apple iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has a different body compared to the previous generation. It features smooth and flat edges and uniquely even construction. It was created in line with the new 5G technology into a slighter form factor (new antennas).

It currently is coming in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Blue.
  • Black.
  • Green.
  • White.

The iPhone 12 will have a 6.1 inches front display screen (like the iPhone 11) but with smaller display borders. It also means that the phone will be 11% slimmer, 15% shorter and 16% lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 has a Super Retina XDR display having 2 times more pixels than its predecessor. Text and images will hence look much sharper and better (thanks to the increased dynamic range).

The glass used in the phone’s display is made of a new material known as Ceramic Shield which is created in conjunction with Corning.

The new material of which the screen is made of has 4 times much stronger than the screen of the iPhone 11. This is the biggest jump Apple has made in terms of reliability for the iPhone (especially for iPhone 12).

Coming to 5G, the iPhone 12 will automatically switch to using LTE if the 5G speeds do not match user intentions on saving battery. The 5G will then turn itself on when it is needed.

The iPhone 12 is packed with a new dual-camera system, which features a 12MP wide-angle camera with a new aperture of f/1.6. It will also have an ultra-wide-angle camera with an aperture of f/2.4. Each camera of the phone has a four-element lens signifying a 27% improvement in low light conditions.

The flagship computational features of the iPhone 12 | (Source: MacRumors)

New computational photography was created to deliver more powerful new features to the phone. This means that the iPhone 12 will be able to understand scenes through machine learning by using Smart HDR 3, which will automatically adjust highlights and shadows for a great dynamic range. The same feature also helps the phone’s Night Mode, which is available in all cameras of the iPhone 12 (this is also a first).

The Night Mode Time-Lapse function is an update in the iPhone 12’s video capability, helping users create a time-lapse in the Night mode.

The Apple iPhone 12 mini

Comparing the Apple iPhone 12 with the iPhone 12 mini | (Source: MacRumors)

For those fans of Apple who adored the once-popular iPod, say hello to the iPhone 12 mini. With a screen size of 5.4 inches, it is currently the smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G smartphone in the world. It is made to pack all the tech iPhone 12 has into something which is delightfully compact.

The Apple iPhone 12 mini comes in with storage options of 64, 128, and 256 GB respectively. In terms of camera and color, it is the same just as the iPhone 12.

Fans might have to wait a little longer for the iPhone 12 mini. With pre-orders taking place starting Friday, November 6, it will be available in stores from Friday, November 13.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro with the antenna visible.
The Apple iPhone 12 Pro | (Source: E Online)

The iPhone 12 Pro has the same bells and whistles, the A14 Bionic chip, Super Retina XDR display, Night mode, Dolby Vision, Deep Fusion, and the same Ceramic Shield present in the other iPhone 12 models. This one has the LiDAR Scanner, which measures light distance and pixel depth information, thus delivering a faster and more realistic experience in augmented reality (AR).

The main alluring point of the iPhone 12 Pro Model is its capabilities in camera. Its camera has improved autofocus which is 6 times more than other models in low-light scenes.

A picture taken by Apple iPhone 12 at night | (Source: Apple Inc.)

Other than that, the ‘pro camera system’ present in it includes an ultra-wide camera for expanded photos, a Telephoto camera for longer focal length, and a wide camera with an f/1.6 aperture for taking photos and videos and both bright and low light places.

Picture taken using Apple iPhone 12 Pro in Telephoto Mode | (Source: Apple Inc.)

The iPhone 12 Pro also features Apple’s ProRaw allowing users to edit everything right on the phone. Storage options are 128, 256, and 512 GB respectively. It is available in the following colors:

  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Graphite.
  • Pacific Blue.

Consumers in Australia, P.R China, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States along with 30 more countries can pre-order the iPhone 12 Pro on Friday, October 6. The availability in the United States will begin on Friday, October 23.

The iPhone 12 Pro will also be available in India, South Korea, and other countries from Friday, October 30.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

The different photography modes of the iPhone 12 Pro Max | (Source: Digital Camera World)

The things that make the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max notable and distinguishable from others is its 6.7 inches screen (the largest Super Retina XDR display), more enhanced camera capabilities with improved focal length, low-light conditions, and of course, the zoom range.

Color and storage options are the same as the iPhone 12 Pro. Other than that, its availability for consumers in Australia, P.R China, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and 30 countries for pre-ordering starts from Friday, November 6, and full availability is from Friday, November 13.


There you have it, the complete product line of the Apple iPhone 12. This phone is not just a first for Apple in 5G but also in terms of display, camera, features, and the night mode. With its availability starting from October 23 for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and Pro, the Pro Max model is coming from November 13.

We are hopeful that the iPhone 12 will help Apple leave a positive mark in today’s ever-increasingly competent Smartphone market especially in the 5G territory.

Microsoft Will Bring xCloud to iOS Devices Using a Web Application

In recent events, the multi-billion dollar industry Microsoft has announced that it won’t be launching the xCloud game streaming service on the iOS market. Why is that? It’s because Microsoft’s xCloud is a game streaming service and it works exactly like a store and according to App Store guidelines set by Apple, you are prohibited to launch such apps on the Apple Store. But lately, Business Insider & The Verge revealed different news explaining how the company is planning to invest in a web version of the xCloud service which can easily run on the iPhone and iPad devices. 

According to Business Insider, Microsoft’s head of games Mr. Phil Spencer conducted an in-house meeting with the employees this Wednesday to discuss what possible measures the organization is planning to take in order to bring the Game Pass to Apple devices. As Spencer states, 

“Even though the policies of Apple are stringent, we are still aiming to take xCloud to the Apple Store. xCloud absolutely will end up on iOS.”

He also revealed that this is going to happen somewhere during 2021. 

It’s not like the first time Apple has blocked services such as xCloud or Stadia from running on iOS powered devices via its App Store. It does allow certain streaming apps to run on its App Store, for example, it allows olive branch to run its respective services entertaining certain levels of restrictions. 

For now, Apple thinks the best course of action for developers is to submit their games as a separate app instead of submitting them compounded in a game streaming service. On the other hand, Microsoft & Google allows a catalog style app which collects and links out to all the individual apps. 

Microsoft, later on, criticized Apple for its decision expressing that such restrictions can eventually lead to “bad customer experience.” Initially, the team at Microsoft was convinced that they no longer had any plans to bring xCloud to iOS but apparently Microsoft’s gaming team was still not convinced and they wanted to share the experience with their Apple fans. Hence, they expressed how they are working on an alternative way to deliver the experience to their iOS fans out there. 

As The Verge states, xCloud will be available for public use as a web app in the year 2021, using the web app, the users will be able to use the game streaming service easily on any device. 

Microsoft took its inspiration from Amazon’s Luna, the ever-growing cloud gaming service which will be publicly available for use via the web. How Amazon achieved it, they worked tirelessly with Safari to launch a PWA version of the game streaming service so people can run it on their respective iPhone and iPad. It allows users to access all the games through the web browser and the official Luna controller. 

As far as Google’s take is concerned, they wanted to steer clear from commenting on these changes. 

“This remains a bad experience for customers. Gamers want to jump directly into a game from their curated catalog within one app just like they do with movies or songs, and not be forced to download over 100 apps to play individual games from the cloud. We’re committed to putting gamers at the center of everything we do, and providing a great experience is core to that mission.”

As far as Apple’s prohibition measures are concerned, it states the prohibition is in place because Apple cares about the security of its customers and focuses on delivering enhanced user experience. 

As a spokesman once mentioned, 

“The App Store was created to be a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for all developers,”

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Amazon Luna: A New Cloud Gaming Service Just Like Google Stadia

Amazon is about to hit the market with its new cloud gaming service called the Amazon Luna. It has been a while since Google Stadia took the stand for making the gaming experience more accessible for the world.

With Stadia, an average person would’ve been able to play their favorite AAA game titles on phones, tablets, computer desktop and even television sets irrespective of what device they owned. 

After the launch of Stadia, Microsoft stepped into the market with its xCloud providing a similar experience. And now, Amazon came with its own specific version of the cloud gaming service called Luna. 

Fans of Amazon can now subscribe to Amazon Luna for as low as $5.99 per month. They can access Amazon Luna based on an invite-only early access program. Just like Stadia, Amazon Luna also features a controller through which a user can connect to any device of their choice.

The price of the controller will be sold along with the subscription and will cost a meagre $50.

However, if a user is not interested in purchasing the controller, Amazon will still offer gamers a chance to play their favorite titles using the Xbox One or PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers or mouse & keyboard.  

The platform will be running on Amazon’s AWS servers. Users will be able to easily stream games in 1080p resolution with a locked 60 fps. However, in the near future, Amazon does plan to introduce the 4k feature.

As far as the supported games are concerned, for now, it is revealed that Amazon Luna will offer players Resident Evil 7, Control, Yooka-Laylee, GRID, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and The Impossible. 

But there’s also one great news for the fans of Amazon out there and i.e. 

Ubisoft has also decided to feature the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the platform after release. 

Now ain’t that exciting? 

Are you a fan of streaming your online plays? Well, Twitch which was earlier purchased by Amazon in 2014 will be integrated with the platform allowing streamers to broadcast their gameplay live on their channels. It will also allow Twitch users to directly shift from watching video streams to directly play their favorite titles on Amazon Luna.

As far as the speed is concerned, Amazon Luna will require a minimum 10 Mbps connection to play the titles on 1080p resolution and if people would like to play the titles in 4k resolution then they would require a more stable connection up to 35 Mbps. 

For now, Amazon has revealed, Amazon Luna will be available for use on Fire TV, PC and Mac. It can also be accessed through the Amazon Luna “web app” on iPhone and iPad, the condition applied that both the apps are running on iOS 14. As far as the release date is concerned, there’s nothing revealed as of yet. 

Are you a fan of cloud gaming experience and you’ve your head stuck to Stadia? Be ready because soon Amazon is going to take a deeper delve into the world of cloud gaming with amazing service. 

Read more About amazons gpt44x

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iOS 14: Apple Announces Public Beta for Every Apple Fan Out There

Recently, Apple has launched its new iOS 14 software which the fans have been desperately waiting for to hit the market. It has now finally arrived and is now taking the Apple fans by storm. 

For now, the iOS 14 has been launched in its beta phase for testers to experience it. 

While there are plenty of new features that the iOS 14 brings to the table for Apple fans, it also provides complete liberty to just about everyone. As long as you own an Apple device and you want to get experience with the new iOS 14, the software is currently compatible just about everywhere to use. 

It also brings a completely new redesigned home screen and you can find few functionalities changed in the core apps. For now, the beta phase is out and the full application of the software is expected to arrive in the market until the autumn when the new iPhone 12 is expected to be released in market. 

For now, the public beta programme provides people plenty of chances to use the software early on. The beta phase of the software is basically launched to gain the feedback of the people on what they believe is not working too well with the new iOS 14. Based on their feedback, the company expects to change these flawed features into the ones that just might work well for the Apple fan club out there. 

Apart from identifying bugs, Apple also desires that their fan club gets acquainted with the new iOS 14. For now, the company sends out a warning explaining how there can be certain unexpected issues that can arise on the device. They claim that the software might have some compatibility issues now. But in the near future, the company aims to fix these issues and release a much better release. 

One of the sites covering the news on beta release expressed, 

“Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software. Be sure to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and your Mac using Time Machine before installing beta software. Since Apple TV purchases and data are stored in the cloud, there’s no need to backup your Apple TV.”

It is highly advised for now that people should focus on installing the beta software only on non-production devices. If you are a fan of Apple and use your Apple product for running businesses, then it’s best that you don’t download the beta version of the iOS 14 for now until its official release. 

For now, fans who have tested the new iOS 14 claims that the new iOS update is very stable. There are a few major bugs that have been reported at the Cupertino company but nothing that cannot be fixed by the developers working at the backend. Besides, the nature of the iOS released in beta phase is for now focused on testing the device so there will be problems that will occur until the new iOS is tweaked to perfection. The real final release will officially hit the market in about the month of August. 

How can users experience the new iOS? 

All they have to do is visit the dedicated page that is specifically created by Apple’s beta programme and sign up with their login ID/Password. Once, you sign-up for the program, you will automatically be able to download the iOS 14 experience to just about any compatible Apple device you want. You can download a profile which will allow you to download the update just as if it was some other software. 

Besides, if it is iPhones, you will automatically be able to install the new iOS on your own. 

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Sundar Pichai Announces a Companywide Solidarity Silence for George Floyd

Yesterday Google shared a solidarity silence in all of its branches across the world. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai asked the entire company that they should honor the life of George Floyd which was lost to police brutality in the United States. The act performed by Sundar Pichai sends a message loud and clear that the Indian mastermind believes all Black lives matter. 

An email was sent to all the employees working for Google and the message was shared across the company’s blog page requesting all employees to maintain a solidarity silence at sharp 1 PM PDT. It was a combined decision made by both, the CEO of Google & Alphabet where they decided that they will maintain a complete silence which will last for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. 

This was the total time during which George Floyd was held under the knee of the white police officer before he took his last breath. Sundar Pichai, who recently met a group of black leaders who were voicing the cause, wrote in one of his statements, 

“Our Black community is hurting, and many of us are searching for ways to stand up for what we believe, and reach out to people we love to show solidarity,”. 

In further support, Sundar Pichai also concluded that he will give around $12 million dollars to organizations that are working in order to stop racial profiling, racism, and brutality against black people in the United States. It’s not just the CEO at Google who is willing to contribute, but the company internally also organized a fund-raising campaign that has successfully gathered about $2.5 million in total. Sundar Pichai has again claimed, he will do what he can to match the numbers.

Every year, the company holds a stockholder call where all the company’s shareholders participate. At the call, he also raised the concern against racial profiling and presented his views supporting blacks. 

During the call, he said: 

“The senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others have compounded the grief people are already feeling,”

Similarly, observing how Google is currently taking a stand against racial profiling against black people, YouTube has also taken a step towards voicing the concern in the favor of black people. Employees at YouTube and YouTube Music were asked to take an entire day where they can reflect on what’s happening with the black people all across the United States right now. They were also asked by the management to make donations, and do what they can to propel internal activism programs. 

Right now, the world is in support of the black community. 

Black lives matter just as much as any living matter on the planet Earth right now. They are just as humans like anybody else and have every right to live their lives the way they want to. But what’s not right is the way they are protesting. Looting stores, burning vehicles, trashing buildings is not justified. 

We believe that the unrest taking place in the United States right now will soon subside and hopefully, the oppressions happening in the light of law will seemingly subside and blacks will get their rights. 

Was the article informative? Do you wish to learn more about what’s happening in the technology world? Stay connected to Tech Wire Hub and learn everything about technology with us. 

Did I Just Hear Clearview Will Stop Selling It’s Facial Technology Service to Private Firms?

The notoriously controversial firm Clearview has finally decided to stop all its sales for private companies.

It was found out that the company has decided to cancel all such accounts which weren’t backed or associated with a law enforcement agency or recognized by the federal state or the local government.

As per why Clearview made this sudden decision, it’s because controversies against the firm have been circulating the market for quite some time putting the firm’s name in the hot waters. It was under the radar of the local government authorities for a while and when the authorities realized that it’s high-time, they issued different lawsuits against the firm proclaiming the unlawful conduct. The company was found gathering personal information on people in real-time from different social media platforms in order to make its Face Recognition technology work for the firms it was employed by. 

More than billions of image data was being harvested by the firm from various media platforms. 

Back in February, the organization found itself already in the limelight when some notorious hackers hacked into the consumer database of Clearview. After the debacle, many privacy experts raised a flag of concern against this organization and said that it is now unsafe to fully entrust in Clearview.  

Once the breach took place, the authorities did a background check and realized that the organization was involved in commercial dealings of the product. In order to make a few extra bucks on the side, the company failed to realize the threat its technology posed to the people around the world. How this face recognition technology can result in losing data worth millions. If fallen in the wrong hands, how this data could be manipulated and used to perform unlawful or unethical activities. 

Based on the following dangers, the organization received a lawsuit from the state of Illinois against the firm. The lawsuit clearly stated that this is nothing more than a breach against the state’s privacy laws. In response to the lawsuit, Clearview has come out presenting its clarity by saying that they will not be selling their technology on to private firms commercially or anyone within Illinois may it be a private firm or a law enforcement agency. They have also further concluded that they will halt their sales to private firms outside the states as well. 

As per how many private customers was Clearview entertaining? 

Reportedly, there were almost 105 private customers who were residing in the state of Illinois that were benefiting from the Clearview technology. It also included people from the Chicago Police Department, the office of Illinois Secretary of State, and a majority of government-backed institutions.  

It has also observed criticism from software giants like Google LLC and Twitter Inc. Both have demanded Clearview to stop collecting information on images as a means to identify the public. 

As the events unfold, it was revealed that the organization was distributing its technology around the world. It was delivering the news technology to more than 27 different countries. It was entertaining with the service to more than 2,000 different police departments and it was also serving many law enforcement agencies by facilitating them with the face recognition technology. 

In fact, just a few days ago, there was also news circulating on The Verge magazine regarding the facial recognition startup. The Clearview AI lost its respective source, some secret keys and cloud storage credential, and even app copies in a security hacking incident. A server was found exposed to the public which was discovered by Mossab Hussien, who is currently working as the Chief Security Officer at a firm called SipderSilk. Anyone can easily log into the server and collect relevant info,

Amazon faces another lawsuit – This time for selling a faulty battery that burned down a Minnesota Garage

Customers are now beginning to feel skeptical about Amazon

In what is known to be the latest among a string of controversies faced by the internet retail giant, Amazon is facing a lawsuit over a faulty Chinese battery that burned down the garage of a resident in Minnesota.

According to Farm Bureau Property and Casualty Insurance Company, the online retail giant sold the battery to its client Dane Meyer (resident of Cottonwood, Minnesota) last April. Amazon should pay the affected person damages of $75,000 caused by the fire.

The insurance company claims in its complaint that the product was eligible for Amazon’s Prime Shipping. It was also in the spotlight as a choice product of the retail giant.

The complaint states:

“Through its ‘Amazon’s Choice’ program, Amazon recommends highly rated well-priced products available to ship immediately.”

The complaint mentioned that the battery caught fire when it was used with a charger listed as compatible in the product listing on Amazon’s website which was later determined to be incompatible.

Amazon is being sued by the insurance company for its failure to warn the customer, negligence, and liability. It not only promoted the battery but also played a part in selling it, customer fulfillment, and distributing it. It was delivered to Dane Meyer in a trademarked Amazon box.

Is this lawsuit just like another lawsuit? Or a test Amazon is facing for the goods it sells?

Sign of Amazon outside its Sunnyvale, California Office.
Sign of an Amazon Office in Sunnyvale, California. Source:

The current lawsuit Amazon is facing is the latest test on the amount of responsibility it bears for products sold by third-party sellers on its platform. The company has upheld its stance for some products sold in the past.

Amazon maintains that it only works as an intermediary between the seller and buyer. Thus, it cannot be held responsible for any defects in those products.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in July last year ruled 2-1 that Amazon was liable as the seller of products of third-party vendors. The court made the ruling in light of the case of a woman from Pennsylvania.

She lost vision in one of her eyes when a dog collar she purchased from Amazon broke and struck her directly in the face.

According to the opinion of the majority at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals:

“We do not believe that Pennsylvania law shields any company from strict liability simply because it adheres to a business model that fails to prioritize consumer safety.”

What kind of lawsuit is Amazon facing in California?

To add more fuel to the fire, California consumers recently filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon on price-gouging.

Hagens Berman law firm filed a federal lawsuit against the online retail giant on behalf of two consumers: Oakland’s Mary McQueen and Selma’s Victoria Ballinger. They allege that they purchased goods from Amazon during the COVID-19 pandemic which they could not buy safely from physical stores.

However, they found prices set by Amazon to be higher than average.

The suit labeled Amazon’s alleged price-gouging tactics as ‘unacceptable,’ and further listed examples of products and their prices. It also claims that prices of face masks were raised by 500%, from less than $20 to $120. Similarly, cold remedies cost more than $35.99 after getting a price rise of 674% from $4.65.

Has Amazon taking a stand regarding price gouging?

Amazon has previously vowed to tackle price-gouging by third-party sellers on its e-commerce platform. The company has removed over a million products and banned those sellers who violated their pricing policies.

Amazon declined to comment on the lawsuit. However, in a statement issued to a private media company, a company spokesperson wrote:

“There is no place for price gouging on Amazon and that’s why our teams are monitoring our store 24/7 and have already removed hundreds of thousands of offers for attempted price gouging. We are disappointed that bad actors are attempting to take advantage of this global health crisis and, in addition to removing these offers, we have terminated more than 60,000 accounts and working directly with States’ attorney generals to prosecute bad actors and hold them accountable. We continue to actively monitor our store and remove offers violating our policies.”


Amazon’s statement is not convincing. The real problem, however, lies within the company itself. After seeing its marketplace boom since the year 2000, these incidents have certainly put Amazon’s reputation and business practices in question.

It is still unclear whether Amazon is deliberately overlooking the problem or is not acting in an unethical manner. One thing is for sure that it is in trouble for selling unreliable products through unverified sellers. This practice could ultimately see an end soon and may see Amazon face tighter regulations from the U.S Government.

It also may hurt Amazon’s position on the internet. The success story of the dot-com boom may now face an end if it does not check into allowing unverified sellers in selling defective merchandise on its platform.

Google Explains How COVID 19 Has Become the Most Famous Search Topic in 2020

In recent events, Google reveals that COVID 19 has become one of the most searched topics on Google Search based on a country by mile data which Google collects to record information. By observing this sudden influx and growth in the search term, Google has dedicated a separate information portal on its search platform to provide a more improved search experience to visitors. 

The portal is optimized for both, web and mobile users accordingly. 

The COVID 19 Search Portal has plenty of options for users to gather insights on variable details. It provides every bit of basic as well as useful information (such as what symptoms does the COVID 19 creates, what treatments does the COVID 19 follows, what prevention measures must be taken and so on). Also, one can easily find a number of links and other multiple on-site options to explore further.  

Even though the information portal is very self-explanatory, there are certain features which the portal still lacks. I believe the portal has failed to offer any particular format of creating interactions between the normal users. There exists no form of integration with any renowned social media platforms or communication apps which makes it just another tracking feature on Google. In my opinion, the portal could have a better impact if only it was able to add more tools for offering direct communication. 

Details on the New Portal

One of the many interesting things about the new search portal is that it not only includes search results but also adds many additional links which lead the user to “authoritative information.” Some of the information which the new portal includes are from leading health authorities and updated data.  

In one of her statements written in a blog post, Emily Moxley Google’s Product Manager explains, 

“This new format organizes the search results page to help people easily navigate information and resources, and it will also make it possible to add more information over time as it becomes available,” 

As far as how the search engine is covering the social aspect, it includes links which lead the user to a Twitter carousel belonging to civic organizations present within your vicinity. It also contains a “most commonly asked questions” section which covers enough necessary details related to the COVID 19 pandemic. The information is collectively gathered by the World Health Organization and CDC.

For now, the feature is working in English US but Google will release more language updates soon. 

Other relevant features that the portal contains tips for the US to stay healthy. It also contains official resources, localised resources, information on fundraising efforts, latest statistics, and so on. 

We believe that it is a positive step taken by Google as of now to promote the basic information on the new COVID 19 pandemic. While there is plenty of false news circulating the Internet on various social media platforms, the concerns on whether the info is authentic or not became a major issue. However, with the influx in demand of the right knowledge and correct data, Google took the bold step of putting together an entirely separate information portal to create the necessary awareness. 

This portal has considerably helped to minimize the panic among people. It has managed the load of receiving multiple unwanted calls on different medical health lines. What’s even more worrying was the fact that most people infected with the common flu or pneumonia would often rush to the hospital believing that they too are infected with the novel coronavirus COVID 19. This sudden influx of people reaching out to medical healthcare without identifying the symptoms or taking any precautionary measures was becoming a diabolical threat for the healthcare officials around the world. However, with Google’s new information portal, they have somehow been managed to a considerable extent. 

When it comes to a global pandemic, the Internet is the first place where people turn to. And it’s not just the pandemic but everything else where people usually make the Internet as their last resort for information. When they will be in self-isolation (which they are right now) they are more connected to the Internet than ever. At times as such, they would require a platform that can provide them with the correct information and Google is one such platform which offers it all. 

For now, Google is bringing together as much important information as it can. 

Do you have any updates on how things are changing in the digital stratosphere amid the pandemic? Are there any new developments taking place in the technological world? Feel free to comment. 

Microsoft Cancels In-Person Build

Microsoft Cancels In-Person Build 2020 Conference Because of COVID-19

As the widespread threat of Coronavirus is on the rise, Microsoft has decided to cancel its in-person Build 2020 event. The COVID-19 virus which has claimed tens and thousands of lives around the planet has now raised a major concern among the tech-enthusiastic individuals working in Microsoft. 

For now, the hosts have decided that the show will continue in a virtual environment on the same day, mid-May time slot instead of the regular conference which was previously planned to take place. 

Also, Microsoft has concluded that they are about to cancel many other small in-person events too. 

According to Microsoft’s spokesperson, a statement was issued on the evening of March 12 stating:

“The safety of our community is a top priority. In light of the health safety recommendations for Washington State, we will deliver our annual Microsoft Build event for developers as a digital event, in lieu of an in-person event. We look forward to bringing together our ecosystem of developers in this new virtual format to learn, connect and code together. Stay tuned for more details to come.”

The news of the event getting cancelled comes as a no surprise as Microsoft encouraged most of their employees who are located in Seattle and Bay Area to stop all tasks and work from home from March 25th onwards. It all started when Microsoft found out that two of its employees are diagnosed with COVID-19. On March 2nd they updated their website with the following news on the Build site: 

“In light of the global health concerns due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Microsoft is monitoring public health guidance in relation to in-person events. We are looking carefully at our event calendar as well as our presence at industry events in the coming months. We are not taking decisions lightly, but the health and well-being of our customers, partners, guests, suppliers, and employees remain our ultimate priority. We will continue to monitor and make any necessary changes as the situation evolves.”

As far as for those who have already purchased the tickets, Microsoft has already updated their website with the information on refunds for Build. Microsoft employees who are living in the countries on the CDC COVID-19 afflictions are put on a permanent travel ban because of the rise of the virus.

On March 11, the state governor at Washington made an announcement claiming that public events with more than 250 people or attracting more are meant to be restricted. Such events can become a leading cause of the COVID-19 widespread across the nation. These restrictions are readily in effect in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. Seattle where the event was about to take place fall under King’s County. 

Why is Build Event 2020 Important? 

One of the key conferences held by Microsoft is none other but the Build Event where it unites more than thousands of developers from around the world to effectively socialize. The event is massive because it provides good exposure for the software world on what Microsoft is planning to launch in the future as well. On this event, the estimated attendees were approximately around 5,000. Microsoft planned to provide a sneak-peek into its dual-screen Surface Neo/Duo strategy and talk about its WinUI framework. Microsoft has planned to focus at Build more on its Azure & IoT messages at Build. 

Microsoft has decided to launch three major events every year among which the Build 2020 is one. The other two are called Inspire (for reseller/integrator partners) and Ignite (for IT professionals). A rumor was circulating the market almost a year ago, stating that the company is planning to drop its Build event. The idea was to introduce more of its developer content in its Ignite session list. However, that didn’t happen and the plan went on forth to hosting the event at Build 2020 in Seattle. 

However, the future had something else in store. As Coronavirus threat became imminent within the state, the colleagues and contacts at Microsoft took precautionary measures by discontinuing the in-person session. Instead, they took the step of virtualizing the whole process and still do it anyway. 

Let’s see what the new Build 2020 conference, despite of COVID-19, has in store for the world.

The Coronavirus strikes again! Facebook joins Twitter is pulling out of the SXSW 2020

A glimpse of SXSW 2019
A glimpse of last year’s SXSW |Sources: The Hollywood Reporter & Getty Images

The coronavirus has struck again! Facebook has joined Twitter in withdrawing from the 2020 South by Southwest festival (SXSW). Their withdrawal from the event is due to the corona virus pandemic.

Though SXSW is declaring that the event will go on as planned, many notable attendees have decided to withdraw from the event. Among them are Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter and Facebook confirmed their withdrawals yesterday. Here is how it went.

How and when Twitter withdrew from SXSW 2020?

It was this Sunday that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey postponed his plans to be at the event. This was mainly due to the company’s stance and curbs on travel due to the coronavirus outbreak and crisis.

A Twitter spokesperson, in fact, stated: “Twitter is implementing a mandatory global business travel restriction for our employees, effective immediately. This, unfortunately, includes SXSW.”

Apart from Jack Dorsey, the company canceled employee travel to that event and further announced yesterday that it was stopping all business travel and events that were not crucial in nature.

The policy took place with immediate effect at the time of announcement. It would remain in effect due to two reasons:

  • Until and unless a vaccine for the corona virus has been discovered.
  • The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control declare it is safe to step back from precautionary measures regarding the pandemic.

Twitter spokesperson Siobhan Murphy stated in an email to an undisclosed media firm that the company travel restriction on employees included SXSW unfortunately.

Even the organization’s #TwitterHouse at SXSW which was to have an array of events and programs has been canceled as well.

Why did Facebook withdraw from SXSW 2020?

Facebook revealed that it withdrew from SXSW 2020 because of concerns regarding the corona virus. This move came shortly after Twitter’s withdrawal from the event.

According to a statement released by Facebook’s spokesperson: “Due to concerns related to coronavirus, our company and employees will not be participating in SXSW this year.”

The company spokesperson also stated that the company did not have any additional details upon being asked about the number of employees expected to attend the event.

The 2020 SXSW is scheduled to start on March 13 and end on March 22 in Austin, Texas.

The massive drop in the rate of participation from large tech organizations is raising concerns about whether the SXSW will be postponed days before it’s scheduled to start or not.

Recently a petition has been signed by more than 25,000 individuals on which calls for the cancellation of SXSW 2020.

According to reports in different media outlets, SXSW organizers said that the event would still go on as planned. Several Facebook employees were scheduled to speak at the conference.

Last year’s SXSW brought in more than 400,000 attendees from around 105 countries.

Is Facebook’s decision to avert SXSW 2020 a surprising decision?

The social media giant’s decision to avoid the event is not a surprise. Facebook recently canceled its F8 developer conference, which could have taken place on May 5 & 6 in San Jose, California, due to coronavirus concerns.

A global marketing conference planned on February 14 was also canceled by the company.

However, Facebook intends to host local events and stream videos online. It has also restricted social in-person visits to its physical offices.

The social media giant has decided to conduct job interviews through video conferencing tools and methods.

Any other events that have been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak?

This move was followed by the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress which was to be held this year in Barcelona, Spain, twelve days before the event could start at the end of February.

The same led to the postponement of the Game Developer Conference, which will be rescheduled somewhere in Summer this year.

On Monday, Google also stated that its event Cloud Next, to be held in April, will take place virtually this year with streamed keynotes and sessions live.

Microsoft has also canceled one of its conferences due to the coronavirus pandemic. The same goes for the Geneva Motor Show.

How bad is the Coronavirus outbreak now?

The Corona virus outbreak has worsened. It causes a disease known as COVID-19.

The pandemic was first discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year. It has spread rapidly across the planet (except Antarctica) in a span of two months.

It has killed more 3000 people (mostly in the People’s Republic of China). It has also infected more than 89,000 people around the globe.

More cases of it have emerged in South Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Italy. In the past few days, 6 people have died due to the corona virus in the U.S State of Washington.

Though the World Health Organization has stopped short of calling it a pandemic, it has declared it a public health emergency of international concern at the end of January.

The outbreak of the corona virus has caused the following occurences:

  • It has negatively impacted public health.
  • The stock market is experience turbulence.
  • There are imminent fears of an economic meltdown.
  • It has caused a monumental slowdown in manufacturing, purchasing and supply chain networks in the People’s Republic of China.

Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are currently wrestling the spread of false information. They are taking needed steps to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories and other false things that can cause panic.


The withdrawal of Facebook and Twitter from the 2020 SXSW indicates how bad the coronavirus outbreak has become. The spread of COVID-19 has progressed at a blazing pace and the situation is worsening.

Though the World Health Organization, leading healthcare bodies and State Governments around the globe are scrambling to control the outbreak, many are yet unsure of what is coming next.

We advise everyone to stay safe and take the necessary measures to protect themselves against COVID-19 and the Corona Virus.

How Noodle Boxes Can Help You To Increase Your Sales

The noodle boxes are sturdy, food-safe, and play a massive role in customer satisfaction with their easy-to-use feature. They are light in weight and have a leak-proof design that serves best in keeping the delicious sauces spill out. With them, it is easy to carry your hot noodles without any harm to your hand. They can be availed in manifold sizes and attract people with their sleek design. The manufacturers can get their hands on printing some amazing graphics, patterns, text, and illustrations to make the people crave more noodles. 

Being a noodle manufacturing business, your final goal would definitely be to capture the maximum sales share in the market segment. You must have tried certain strategies in this regard too, but to your regret, they did not work in your favor. When nothing is going in favor, it is always wise to think about the ways that you overlooked before. Of course, we are talking about the noodle boxes that convey quality and proffer a presentational edge to your food products. They are a significant part of your business that performs the job of creating product awareness and customers’ persuasion in making a purchase.

Address Common Needs and Fears

In the retail market, all the sales are dependent on two main factors, i.e., on the need and fear of the people. If you can cope with these two essential factors, the chances are that you will experience a huge boost in net sales. The noodle packaging boxes provides a great hand in meeting these challenges. The need of the people is to get the noodles in their original form, i.e., they need to stay fresher for a longer period of time, and some harmful particles should not get stick to them. This box is made from sturdy cardboard or corrugated material, and manufacturers can insert some user manuals in order to convey the nutritional value the food products hold. The fear of the people is about the environmental impact of the packaging, which can be mitigated by the use of recyclable material in the manufacturing of this box. 

Ensure an Impeccable Appearance

The attractive and irresistible appeal is a fundamental circumstance that can lift up the number of sales for a product. The design of the noodle box wholesale acts as the silent salesmen for your food items with a job to increase their word of mouth. So, you need to think one more time again if you ever thought that the packaging design does not matter in turning all the eyes towards your items displayed on the shelves. Human nature is pretty judgemental, which is why the apparent appearance gets judged and noticed by the buyers prior to thinking about making a buying decision. The businesses can tap on the customization opportunity and introduce some short-running or limited-edition designs to make sure the clients do not get repelled by the rote packaging design. Furthermore, they can also get these boxes designed in some crazy shapes and slot in some mouth-watering pictorial illustrations in order to arouse the starvation of people. 

They Provide Essential Details

The noodles are special food products that come with some salient features and ingredients. This information is indispensable to be conveyed if you are targeting to make maximum sales in comparison to your competitors. If you are not taking care of this information provision, the chances are that it will raise suspiciousness regarding your food items, and the customers might believe that you are hiding something from them. Obviously, you cannot express the basic knowledge concerning your noodles by standing near the retail aisles where they are placed. The noodle packaging design presents a unique opportunity to cover your product detail and convey it to the visitors. The disclosure of essential ingredient lists and health advantages will act as the driving force behind the customers’ choice of your eatables. The noodle packages can also be printed with a recipe so that the clients can enjoy delicious noodles at their homes. This will help you procure a soft corner in the hearts of clients, and they will become interested in purchasing your eatables. 

Their Nature Friendliness Counts

The rising concern of climate change has impacted all industries worldwide, and the noodle manufacturing industry is no exception. As the packaging is an important part of the product journey, it also matters for the clients, probably more than the item itself. There is no more demand for eco-friendly alternatives so that the environment does not get harmed at all; researchers have proved that clients are determined to pay even more for sustainable items. It would not be wrong to say that the sales graph of your company is interlinked with the sustainability and green nature of your business. The custom noodle boxes can increase the value of your eatables even more by reflecting your ecological side and telling the people that you are doing your part for conserving the exquisite resources of our mother Earth. Due to this massive influence on the buying trend of the target audience, manufacturers search “noodle box near me” on their smartphones. 

In short, the noodle boxes stand the best chance of succeeding you out in the heinous task of increasing your overall business sales. With their ability to cater to the needs of customers and ensure an incredible product presentation, they leave no reason behind for the rejection of your food items. If your eventual goal is to increase sales, they should be your preferential choice. 

The Xperia 1 II – Say Hello to Sony’s first-ever 5G phone

resenting the Sony Xperia 1 II, Sony's flagship 5G phone.
Presenting the Sony Xperia 1 II, Sony’s flagship 5G phone |Source: Sony

At a time when companies are moving towards folding smartphones and 5G supported phones, Sony finally has come up with a successor that will not only tilt the company ahead of Chinese competitors but also adding a new dimension to the Xperia brand.

It has now been confirmed after early leaks that Sony’s flagship 5G phone is the Xperia 1 II (pronounced Xperia 1 Mark II). As the naming scheme suggests, this phone is the Xperia 1’s successor, and the company recently announced the launch of its flagship 5G smartphone.

From the looks of it, The Sony Xperia 1 II looks like an improvement over its predecessor, the Xperia 1. It packs a lot of meaningful improvements over its predecessor.

According to Mitsuya Kishida, Sony’s President of Mobile Communications, No one understands the experience of entertainment better than Sony. The company is in a unique position in today’s time of 5G cellular technology to give the target users an ‘enriched’ experience thanks to Sony’s extensive content portfolio.

He further stated: “Whether you are a broadcast professional who requires dynamic speed or an everyday user who desires enhanced entertainment, Xperia with 5G takes your mobile experience to the next level.”

What sets the Sony Xperia 1 II apart from the rest?

Sony Xperia 1 II has specifications like the 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display with a tall 21:9 aspect ratio.

It is powered by a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 8GB RAM, 256GB of storage, and a 4,000mAh battery with a fast-wired charging of 21 Watts (equivalent to 21 Volts and 1 Ampere).

Among the other specifications are :

  • The IP65 and IP68 certifications for resistance to dust and water.
  • Stereo speakers.
  • A 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Wireless charging.
  • A dedicated shutter key.
  • A fingerprint scanner mounted sideways.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 😊 It’s now about to sound even cooler.

Thanks to the presence of the Snapdragon X55 modem, the Sony Xperia 1 II will support sub-6GHz 5G.

However, it will support 5G networks in Europe for now. The device will support 4G networks in other parts of the world.

The flagship 1 II handset will be 4G only in the United States, but US fans should not be heartbroken. Sony recently teased a separate 5G device known as the Xperia Pro.

The company also announced a new mid-range handset known as the Xperia 10 II.

The Sony Xperia 1 II’s camera and the new things coming with it

In terms of the phone’s photography capabilities, Sony has added some neat hardware features such as the 3.5mm headphone jack and wireless charging support.

Surprisingly, both these features were not present on the Xperia 1.

Today’s era is that of the 108-megapixel smartphone cameras, the 12-megapixel triple-camera array found on the back of the Sony Xperia 1 II risks it is getting labeled as a low spec phone on paper. However, the company thinks otherwise.

Sony is of the belief that it has raised the bar up by bringing in features from its Alpha lineup of cameras. 

The phone supports up to 20fps shooting in burst mode (the company believes it to be a first for a smartphone) and has the ability to calculate AF/AE at up to 60 times per second.

What’s more, is that the eye-tracking auto-focus has returned from last year. This system works quite well with animals.

According to Sony, the camera auto-focus covers 70% of the frame.

What else has Sony brought with it?

The Japanese electronics giant has a new Photo Pro app, which joins last year’s Cinema Pro app. The goal here is to give users more manual control over their photography.

According to Sony, this will be done with a similar interface to an interchangeable lens camera. If users wish taking pictures using a normal smartphone camera interface, they can do easily.

Sony Xperia 1 II Real-time Eye AF for both humans and animals in photography.
Real-time Eye AF for humans & animals in photography in the Sony Xperia 1 II | Source: Sony

What is the Camera’s hardware?

The Sony Xperia 1 II has three rear cameras and a 3D iToF sensor to help with focusing. All the three rear cameras feature 12-megapixel sensors, like the iPhone 11 Pro.

On the phone, the main 24mm f/1.7 camera has a large 1/1.7-inch sensor which is almost the same Samsung is using for the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus’s main cameras but not as large as the one found in the Galaxy S20 ultra.

Another thing the phone has is a 16mm f/2.2 ultrawide camera and a 70mm f/2.4 telephoto camera. On the front, an 8-megapixel selfie camera with a dedicated camera button on the right side of the phone.

The video aspect

The Sony Xperia 1 II can record videos of 4K quality at 60 fps and 2K videos at 120 fps. The company promises superior audio quality whilst recording videos as the phone separates out disturbance caused by wind noise.

The phone also comes in with 360 reality audio decoding which is known to be another first in a smartphone.

The good part of the Sony Xperia 1 II’s screen

Just like its predecessor, the Sony Xperia 1 II has a 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display with a tall 21:9 aspect ratio. The company is somehow keen to emphasize the benefits of such as a screen for media consumption, there is plenty of daily usage people will have on the phone. Among them is the ability to see more emails in an instant and explore more content in an instance on social media.

Pricing and release date

Sony has not announced any price for the Xperia 1 II. However, it will launch the device in Europe in late spring. The U.S release date for the device is unknown.

Currently, the company is working on the Xperia Pro, which is a professional variant of the Sony Xperia 1 II. It is designed specifically for the US market and for use by professionals specializing in broadcast video production.

This will feature 5G mmWave connectivity and an HDMI port which allows it to be hooked directly on professional cameras.

What mid-range handset does Sony have?

Sony currently has a new mid-range handset known as the Xperia 10 II. It has a slightly smaller screen 6 inches in size and 21:9 1080p OLED display. The processor is the Snapdragon 665 which is less powerful than what Xperia 1 II has and a smaller 3,600mAh battery.

Although it has an array of 3 cameras with the same combination of coal length as the Xperia 1 II with two cameras having 8-megapixel sensors. It has the 3.5mm headphone jack but no areas for wireless charging. The company aims to ship it in select markets this coming spring.


The market for smartphones today is obsessed with 108-megapixel cameras and ultra-thin bodies. Renown manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola went ahead with foldable phones such as the Razr and Galaxy Z Flip to add a twist to the smartphone market today.

Sony Xperia 1 II is not just any smartphone. It has introduced 360-degree spatial audio and front-facing speakers. The welcoming return of the 3.5mm headphone jack adds more to the good over the bad. The handset will hardware-decode streams from Tidal for optimal high-resolution sound quality.

The audio aspect coupled with its compatibility with Sony’s Alpha cameras is set to make this phone a hit with consumers. The arrival of the Xperia 1 II adds more flavor to the 5G phone lineup which was dominated by Apple and Samsung.

The Sony Xperia 1 II will start getting shipped in spring and in a choice of either black, purple or white. The company has revealed that it will launch it on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Cricket.

Did You Also Get a Mysterious Notification from Samsung?

Do you own a Samsung phone? If you happen to own a Samsung smartphone and you have recently received a mysterious notification then don’t freak out, every Galaxy phone around the world mistakenly received the same notification from the Find My Phone app. 

As far as the mysterious notification was concerned, it wasn’t anything serious but just a simple digit 1 placed above another similar digit 1. And whenever you pressed the notification, it didn’t lead the user to any particular screen but instead, the notification just vanished. 

However, according to a survey performed indicates that the Reddit and Twitter got immensely flooded with a large variety of messages from different users owning the Samsung Galaxy devices. 

Here’s a snapshot showing what the mysterious notification actually looked like: 

As far as Samsung itself is concerned, it sent out the following tweet on Twitter by saying, 

“The problem occurred on a limited number of Galaxy devices.”

They further said, 

“This notification was confirmed as a message sent unintentionally during an internal test and there is no effect on your device. Samsung apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers and will work to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future.”

Hence, there isn’t anything that you should be basically be concerned about on the arrival of such mysterious notification. According to Samsung, it was just an internal glitch which has been pretty much sorted.

They claim that they are working together to ensure that such a problem doesn’t re-occur again.

As per why owners of Samsung got concerned, it was because of a previous event that took place with the OnePlus owners. They received a similar notification on their phones with Chinese characters which didn’t make any sense. Same as Samsung, they also confirmed that it was only a mistake that took place during an internal test. Henceforth, there’s a chance that the issue is of a similar nature. 

Whether humor or an honest error, mistakes as such still raise the flag for smartphone owners and send them in an array of worries. We hope that it isn’t anything serious, and believe it won’t happen again. 

Was this article informative? Did you enjoy reading it? We are eager to know how you felt. Leave us a message. 

Google Presents the First Glimpse of the New Android 11

Do you own a Pixel phone powered by Google? 

In case you do, and you are a bit of a nerd who likes to explore the new software… then don’t hold up download the new Android 11 mobile operating system which the company is currently working on. 

If you want to download the new Android 11, click here

The fact isn’t hidden that Google isn’t interested in launching the new Android 11 for its customers, but with Google, developers sending out the preview version for other developers seem pretty convincing that Google is downright working hard to launch the new Android 11 for its Pixel phones. 

For now, here’s everything that we know about the new Android OS so far. 

When is the Android 11 Set to Release?

Google has planned to reveal some of the features for the new Android 11 operating system during the Google IO event which is going to be held in the month of May. For now, we are confirmed that Google IO will be hosted from May 12 – May 14 and will keep extending from this year to eventually the next one. Here Google’s keynote tends to happen on day 1 of the three-day developer’s conference. So not sure as of yet, but we are more likely to see the Android 11 unveiling on the 12th of May, 2020.  

Once the unveiling for the Pixel phone is done, other smartphone brands & carriers will slowly be updated to shift to the all-new Android 11. We can’t say for sure whether all smartphones are going to be updated to the new Android 11 in 2020; but by the year 2021, it is expected that all of them would. 

What are the New Features in Android 11? 

Google has been pretty secretive about its new Android 11 mobile operating system. For now, we only know about a single feature that has been confirmed by Google. This new feature is what they call, “Scoped Storage” and it is a relatively new way introduced by Google to organize information and files. 

In short, it makes memory read speeds much faster and offers improved security. It also removes the element of improving your security and stopping your need to deliver apps additional permissions. 

For now, it is the only Android 11 feature that we are aware of. For the rest of the features, I believe we simply will have to wait as it will be a while until May 2020 until we hear about the rest of the features. 

What Improvements Can We Expect in the new Android 11? 

Here are some noteworthy improvements that we expect to see in the new Android 11 which we don’t happen to observe in the current build of Google’s operating system. 

NFC File Sharing Alternative

With the launch of the new Android 10, we observed removal of the Android Beam feature which allowed our phones to share files over the NFC. File sharing became as easy as simply tapping devices on one another, but now the feature is gone. While Google thought the feature is troublesome, fans equally loved it and would like to see a more easy-to-use alternative to NFC in the coming Android operating system. With the NFC feature, Android users can share photos, videos, music, documents and just about any other file which they want to by placing two Android devices together. 

A More Interactive Dark Mode

The dark mode isn’t for everyone but if you got the hang of it, the Android 10 version of the dark mode has a few bugs up its sleeve. Apparently, many of the Google apps do not support dark mode, which ultimately kills the buzz for dark mode users as they keep switching from light user-interface to dark user-interface and vice versa over and over again. It certainly becomes quite eye-straining for users. Apps that do not support dark mode often miss out the tex color swap making the normal text invisible so even when you want to see suggested results, you do not actually get the chance to do so. 

In the new Android 11 version, fans would love to see these bug fixes resolved. In that way, they can be able to use the new Android 11 in the dark mode version without any hassles or concerns so on. 

Fans are now desperately waiting for the new Android 11 release. They have their fingers crossed, and their hopes are high regarding the new features which they are planning to observe in the New device. 

Google is Pulling Down YouTube TV Subscription from Apple’s App Store

Do you know that if you subscribe to anything via the App Store, Apple takes a 30% cut off from every in-app purchase done by customers? It means that 30% of the app revenue straight away goes to Apple. Now it may not sound as much displeasing for an average customer who’s purchasing the app from the Apple Store, but it sure does displease the organization as it loses a substantial cut from their earnings. Recently, it has been revealed by MacRumors that Google is one of the latest firms who are kicking back against the Cupertino firm. 

In recent events, Google has announced that it will cease any YouTube TV subscriptions made on the Apple App Store dated 13th March and onwards. Are you an active subscriber of the YouTube TV via one of the Apple devices?  Your subscription is more likely going to succumb cancelation on the next billing date if you have subscribed to the YouTube TV subscription through the Apple App Store. 

The email which helped MacRumors identify that Google has decided to terminate their partnership with Apple hasn’t disclosed any reason in particular, but the affirm decision confirms that it is pretty evident that Google doesn’t want to share any more of their profits with the Cupertino company. 

YouTube TV isn’t the only one who has recently planned to terminate its partnership with the Cupertino firm. In fact, Netflix has also discontinued its payments for your subscriptions via the App Store. Just like Netflix, Spotify also has issues with Apple’s stringent profit reaping App Store policies and have equally voiced the concern engaging Apple’s own platform for Music, Apple Music. They claimed that their own service was making far off better profit than Spotify who had to share its own. 

Apple has a relatively large fan-base and being not able to subscribe to the YouTube TV service via Apple’s storefront, there’s a high concern related to how much will the business incur a loss on exposure. For now, Apple has presented a trade-off for its high fees by placing a condition for YouTube TV app, that if they want to reap all the profit, they should remove any reference of subscription from any other separate platform other than the Apple’s own App Store. 

If you are using YouTube TV through an Apple device or plan on using one, you can still get the app from Apple’s App Store, but if you want to subscribe, you might’ve to do it from someplace outside. 

Galaxy Z Flip

Teased a day early at this year’s Oscars – Presenting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in September last year. It was able to impress the Smartphone universe greatly with its unusual and creative concepts, but its hardware lacked teeth. The hardware failed to match up to expectations as it had encountered several embarrassing issues.

This did not frighten Samsung, as it still expects to sell around 6 million foldable devices this year and 20 million of such by next year’s end.

Since last year, we all have been hearing news, leaks and details about Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone. It was initially assumed to be known as Galaxy Fold 2, but as it turns out; it is the Galaxy Z Flip. Thanks to an ad for this year’s Oscars, we got to find out when the device will be released as the ad teased Samsung’s new folding phone.

With the new Moto Razr available as the first foldable smartphone, it will be quite interesting to see how much Samsung can add to the line of folding phones.

Previous folding phones have not been able to impress consumers. With the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has proved to all how it can also improve the folding phone model to stay ahead of competitors.

Here are some details of the Galaxy Z Flip, based on rumors about it and on what Samsung has showcased at the Oscars.

What do we know about the Galaxy Z Flip so far?

The Galaxy Z Flip is known to have a 6.7-inch folding display, two 12-megapixel cameras on the back (one is regular while the other is ultrawide), two batteries and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus processor.

A close up of a flower

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip | Sources: Tom’s Guide and

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Here are its specifications detailed completely:

  • Price: $1,400 – $1,500.
  • Screen size, when unfolded, is an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screen of 6.7 inches with a resolution of 2636 x 1080 pixels.
  • The outer screen is a 1.1 inches OLED screen with a resolution of 300 x 116 pixels.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ CPU.
  • 8GB of RAM.
  • 256GB of Storage.
  • Rear cameras of 12 megapixels, with the main one having a focus of f/1.8 and the ultra-wide-angle one having a focus of f/2.2.
  • A 10-megapixel front camera having a focus of f/2.0.
  • The battery has a power of 3,300 mAh.
  • When folded, the phone has a size of 3.4 x 2.9 x. 0.61 – 0.68 inches.
  • When open, the phone has a size of 6.6 x 2.9 x 0.27 – 0.28 inches.
  • The phone has a weight of 6.5 ounces.

The ad that teased the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ad that was aired during the Oscars | Source: YouTube

Tuesday’s event won’t just see the Galaxy Z Flip’s full unveiling as Samsung is also expected to launch a trio of Galaxy S20 phones (formerly known as the Galaxy S11).

Based on the latest rumors, the biggest addition to these new phones is compatibility and support for 5G and a 120 Hz refresh rate OLED screen (which matches the ASUS ROG Phone 2) and a new 108-megapixel camera.

Snap from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's TV ad
Snap from Samsung Galaxy Flip’s TV Ad | Sources: Samsung, YouTube and Tom’s Guide

After seeing only three significant folding devices last year, folding smartphones are still hanging on the edge of the mountain of futuristic reality and fancy ideas.

The Galaxy Z Flip competes directly with the Motorola Razr (which went on sale recently and even failed folding tests last week). Recent news about squeaks in the new Moto Razr when folding raises concerns. Such concerns can be allayed by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The Motorola Razr failing the fold test | Sources: YouTube

Samsung leads the pack of phone makers in terms of output and the Galaxy Z Flip is the company’s second folding smartphone after the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy fold was a super-luxury item, priced around $ 1,980 (around £2,000 and AU$ 2,950).

The Price

If Samsung sells the Galaxy Z Flip for $1,400 (£1,086 and AU$ 2,090), then the Korean electronics giant will effectively dent Moto Razr’s price of $1,500. Also, the company will be doing it with a phone having a more comprehensive set of specifications and much more durability.

Experts views on the shape and price of Galaxy Z Flip

Experts in the industry concur with the view that Samsung’s adaption of a Clamshell body for the phone is one of the best ways of making these folding smartphones affordable and portable. It is also likely that regular people will be purchasing it with ease, apart from the pricey ones lying around.

However, the price $1,400 price tag is somehow a long way from an earlier report in Singaporean News ‘The Independent’. It revealed that the Galaxy Z Flip could be priced at $850.

The phone is also known to be using quite an extra-thin layer of glass instead of plastic for the screen.

Consumers are hopeful that the phone’s vertical hinge will be easier to use than that of the Galaxy Fold. A lot of people are surprised that the phone was unveiled at last night’s Oscars.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold special edition from Russian jeweler Caviar | Source: Caviar

Yet, it is still affordable than the Galaxy Z Fold. For those who are looking to spend a bit more than that, Russian jeweler Caviar announced that it will release a special edition case for the phone costing $5,000.

Will the Galaxy Z Flip avert the fatal screen issues of the Galaxy Fold?

One thing is clear regarding the phone; Samsung has enhanced the design in order to set aside the design flaws in the Galaxy Fold.

This is the Korean giant’s second attempt at making a folding smartphone. Also, the company used plastic end caps in shrinking a gap preventing entry of dust and debris.

Internal support for the delicate display has also been reinforced.

Android 10 and One UI 2 software are included in the Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have a USB-C charger port and is guaranteed to work with Android 10 and Samsung’s One UI 2 software layer riding on the top of Android OS.


The tease of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at the Oscars comes in as a surprise. It will be released on February 11 this year alongside the Galaxy S20.

The Galaxy Z Flip comes in as an upgrade to its predecessor Galaxy Fold. The phone is much affordable than the new Moto Razr and is rumored to be much more durable as well.

How will the phone fare practically? Dear readers, please stay tuned to find out more about the Galaxy Z Flip.

YouTube Has Decided to Share Billions in Ad Money with Creators

In recent times, Google after the acquisition of YouTube revealed the ad revenue of YouTube ads for the first time. And believe it or not, but the numbers are quite bewildering. Just last year, YouTube accumulated a total revenue of $15 billion and you won’t imagine how much of the profit goes back to its creators. Well, it might not be enough at a glance, but it sure is a lot once you compare it with rivals such as Instagram. Eager to take a look at how YouTube’s financial results are broken down by Google? 

Google’s Financial Report for the Q4 2019.

As per the report published, apart from just the $15 billion which YouTube earned from the ad revenue, it made a staggering $3 billion from paid subscription through YouTube Premium and YouTube TV. 

Ruth Porat, the current CFO of the parent company Alphabet revealed at one of the occasions, 

“We pay out a majority of our revenue to our creators.” 

And just in case, if we take her word for it than at the lowest, the marginal profit shared by YouTube with the consumers account for a total of $8 billion on individuals who are capable of hosting its lucrative ads.

The Clash Between the Titans

Though YouTube’s ad revenue spent exceeds $15 billion, it was still unable to parallel the numbers churned up by Instagram’s ad spent. A recent report published by Bloomberg confirms that the total ad spent on the Facebook-owned platform, Instagram was approximately $20 billion. Normally, I don’t delve in approximating who is better than who? But here’s how the two of the biggest companies marginalize their profits on ad spends. YouTube keeps 45 percent of the revenue from all the creators’ ad spends and gives a majority of its earnings back to the creators. 

However, the case with Instagram is entirely different. Instagram doesn’t directly payback to its creators. So here’s the thing, while Instagram is making a great fortune out of the ad revenue, it is not really returning enough back to its creators as expected. The only way Instagrammers have a chance to make a good amount on ad spends is by directly approaching the partnered companies. In fact, not until recently, Instagram didn’t even provide any sort of mechanism by which sponsors could track or analyze performance on sponsored posts. Creators were left with putting their faith in unsure third-party software.  

Albeit now, Instagram has launched a tool called the brand collab manager. The tool still does not provide any direct method of paying anything to the content creators directly. Taking a single perspective is still not the right way, because our research indicates that when it comes to profit reaping margins, even YouTube isn’t as perfect as it discloses itself to be. No wonder, the high-end YouTube content creators keep the lion’s share of the profits and make a good earning, but the mid and lower tier YouTubers are the ones swimming in shallow waters. They experience what you can term as the “adpocalypses” and that too happens once every year. During the “adpocalypses” major YouTube advertisers pull themselves out of the platform and it greatly affects the overall YouTube revenue. Since YouTube fails to earn from ad revenue, it doesn’t have much to pay to the mid-tier or low tiered content creators publishing their content. 

Adpocalypse is the time when independent content creators are denied paid ads in their videos. 

Our Take on the Matter

Either way, if you’re an average person seeking to start a business clearly dependent on reaping profits through ad spends on YouTube or Instagram, then it’s not a profitable strategy. One way or the other, both the companies still make a great profit on your published content irrespective of you knowing about it. 

My advice to YouTubers and Instagrammers is to work on a particular skill or innovate a product. By depending on ad spent, they might not be able to earn enough but marketing their own product/skill sandwiched in between binge-worthy published content will surely upscale their profit margin immensely. 

Do you have a product or service idea in mind that you always wished to work on? Share with us. 

A new era begins: A look into the new design of Apple iMac

For quite some time the Apple iMac had been on a stagnant run, to the extent that it has fallen way behind when it comes to an all-in-one design for a personal computer (PC). However, in the recent few days a patent has been spotted which can change all that.

Patently Apple was the first to spot the patent application, which was filed in May 2019. It shows the new Apple iMac comprising curved glass having the keyboard, track-pads and display in the same body.

It does seem weird, but this is the new era where devices are not only odd but innovative, given the case of Lenovo’s new foldable laptop and the new Moto Razr.

Let us now have a good look at the new Apple iMac because there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Apple’s new mysterious computer.

Is the new Apple iMac’s design genius or what?

The design is truly genius and it is unthinkable. But Apple is surely the master in doing the unthinkable.

The American technology giant recently applied for a patent. This patent is itself quite ambitious for a design showcasing a new all-in-one computer integrating both the track-pad, monitor and keyboard into one single curved sheet of glass.

The patent describes the way the supposedly new iMac model’s input and display areas can be built and integrated into a single unit having a unified continuous surface.

A support structure will be behind the display unit which can contain the computer’s central processing unit and provide the space for all the machine’s ports.

The new Apple iMac patent registered by Apple Inc. with the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO).
Patent design of Apple’s supposedly new iMac | Sources: United States Patent Trademark Office & The Verge

Some parts of the patent suggested that the actual computing component of the iMac might be removable which allows users to slide in their MacBook in that dock.

In case of absence of a MacBook, an iPad can be stuck in on top of the iMac. Since it will be behind the screen, no one is sure how this will be useful.

More diagrams of the patent |Source: Apple & TechRadar

We are also unsure of whether this new radically overhauled iMac will come out in the market in this design or with an improved one. But consumers always find it fun to try and determine what Apple will try to do in the future.

The patent itself is bizarre yet fascinating that even if it does not become real, it excites everyone (including the die-hard fans of Apple) for Apple’s future products in many ways.

Should we think about the patent design of the new Apple iMac again?

Let’s analyze this design, again? Some believe it might not become a final product, but no one should feel disheartened. They also should never feel guilty about fantasizing about an Apple product, especially what this patent design might turn out to be.

As we know it and as it exists today, the iMac is a space-saving wonder machine. It is packed with desktop-class components and is much faster than a MacBook Pro, with an adorable display that can help people perform heavy-duty computing tasks (especially true with the iMac Pro).

One of the best things about the iMac as of right now, is its versatility. It is VESA compatible, meaning that its users can mount it on their own stand as well as on the wall.

Also, the wireless peripherals can let users’ interface with their computer in any way they want.

However, the versatility becomes questionable with the curved glass design.

Evolution of the Macintosh leading to the new Apple iMac

If the new Apple iMac ever makes it to the Apple Store at any point in time in the current decade, then it will be revolutionary.

The Current Apple iMac | Source: 9to5 Mac

Apple adopted the current form of iMac in 2004 of a panel with a screen and CPU with an aluminum case holding it. This form factor was refined through all these years with thinner screens and chins.

Apart from that and changing materials (from plastic and glass to a combo of aluminum and glass), it has remained the same throughout the course of time.

The Apple Macintosh of 1998 | Source: The Telegraph

Before that, the significant changes observed were in the Mac of 1998 when Apple changed the first iconic design into the real iMac. 2002 brought another radical reform with a semi spherical base having a floating flat panel holding the display alone through a balanced, stainless steel arm. 2004 brought the iMac as we know it today.

The Apple iMac of 2002 | Source: The Telegraph

A MacBook docking port in the iMac would be truly revolutionary. The last time anyone saw such was in the amazing and beloved Powerbook Duo, which was a line of sub-notebooks made from 1992 until 1997.

The Powerbook Duo had a mechanized docking station, allowing users to insert their computers into a slot to turn it into a desktop computer instantly. It was complete with expanded slots, a standalone display and added hard drive storage.

The Apple Powerbook Duo |Source: Pinterest


The idea of Apple making something like a revolutionary new iMac is something which is irresistible for both the old and new generation users.

Like Apple made radical changes in 1984, 1998 and 2004, it is not impossible nor is it surprising for consumers and users alike to think about Apple doing something great. Any revolution in Apple’s gadgets will surely start with the iMac for sure.

The UK Has Decided to Side with Huawei and Here’s How it Affects the World

The world has taken a step back when it observes that the UK has decided to support Huawei to continue its ever-growing mobile market for 5G networks. But there are certain restrictions. 

The decision has been made by the tech authorities residing in the United Kingdom. The country has heeded no attention to all the pressure statements issued by the US to bar Huawei’s products. 

However, the UK industry-watchers have revealed that they believe there’s considerable potential in the Huawei products and can greatly benefit the people with their next-generation mobile data service. 

As Stephane Teral from the IHS Markit states, 

“I think it’s a pragmatic decision that brings stability and continuity in the 5G ecosystem. Huawei has been investing in the UK and in other countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, and Poland since the beginning of this century. A ban would have been disastrous.”

Will We See Tensions Rise Between the US-UK Relationship? 

There’s a high chance that we will, specifically in the technology market. 

The decision taken by Huawei can have some real detrimental effect on the relationship between both the countries. While Washington and Westminster have been lobbying together against Huawei, but in recent events, the decision taken by Westminster can create disharmony among the closest of allies.

Sadly, Trump’s administration feels that the US “is very disappointed” in the current decision. 

And the sentiments are not only hurt among Republicans but they are also pouring in from Democrats.

The Americans are concerned that such a decision made by the Kingdom is a forward step towards appeasing Beijing. Whereas, the UK claims that Huawei’s product endorsement in the United Kingdom is solely based on the forward progression towards making the best use of the latest 5G technology. 

Will Other Countries Support the UK’s Decision? 

Different sources close to “Huawei” has foretold that the UK’s decision to include Huawei is going to have a great impact on other markets. While countries like the United States, Australia, and Japan decided to ban Huawei kit for using the 5G telecommunication networks, many are still confused whether they should allow Huawei to become a part of their country’s technological advancement. 

For now, all that we know is that New Zealand and Canada are planning to follow the UK’s lead. 

Currently, the EU is fueled with conversations and debate is going on where the major telecommunication networks in the United Kingdom have stood together against the Huawei ban. 

Also, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany stands against the ban and claims that it is the wrong decision for removing Hauwei from the existing German networks. With the current decision made by Great Britain, it can easily bolster her case and can have a significantly positive impact on growth. 

She sarcastically commented in one of the debates that removing Huawei from the telecommunication service providers will not going to have any progressive effect on cybersecurity. 

It’s not just the EU, but Huawei also has a strong footprint in different African countries for years. In fact, South Africa has commercially gone mainstream with the 5G technology supported service. The company who made it possible, deals with Chinese products. The name of the company is Rain. 

India is still following the events unfolding around the new Huawei products. But they still haven’t decided which side they are going to take when it comes to deciding whether Huawei should stay or go. For now, critics are saying that they will look forward to UKs analysis and then make a decision. 

As far as South America is concerned, Huawei is getting massive exposure. 

It is widely being sold in the Brazilian market.

We can’t say for sure whether the United States will show any inclination towards declining their ban on the Huawei phones. But one thing’s for sure, other countries do not show much of an inclination at following through and through with this obstructive brand ban. Huawei’s personal phones are equipped with the latest 5G technology which makes them one of the fastest Internet mobiles in the market. And here’s definitely something which the world is not looking forward to miss.  

Sony PlayStation Just Revealed the Release Date on PS5 Console!

The hype is real… and it just got better. 

PlayStation has given more to the gaming industry than one can imagine. 

From DVDs to Blu-Ray and now 4K and HDR gaming experiences. There’s just so much that the console has offered over the span of years that the fanbase can’t wait to see what’s new and more.

Questions such as, 

  • What will the PlayStation 5 offer? 
  • Will PS5 support 8k resolution? 
  • Will PS5 support optical media? 
  • When will PS5 be released? 
  • How much will PS5 cost? 

Are some of the common concerns that the fanbase is frantic about. 

To be honest, we wouldn’t have known the answer to what’s about to make the frontline in the PlayStation world still if it wasn’t for the Sony PlayStation’s lead architect and console producer, Mike Cerny. During an interview conducted in April of 2019, Mike Cerny did bring a lot of information to the table along with Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan. Things escalated until October of 2019, and more news related to the new PS5 saw the horizon. Here’s just about everything that we have learned so far. 

Sony has confirmed the official name and the release date of the all-new PS5 console. It has also shed light on some of the PS5 accessories as well. During the CES 2020, Sony also confirmed the official PS5 logo and since then Sony has been on the track of leaking information on the PS5 DualShock 5 controller. In fact, there is also interactive news about the first PS5 exclusive game, GodFall

With 12 months to go, here’s just about everything we have learned so far about the new PS5 console. 

PlayStation 5 Release Date

It comes as no surprise but Sony has finally revealed the release date for the new PS5 console. Previously, it was rumored that the PS5 console is going to be released in the month of April of 2020. However, now Sony has confirmed that the new PS5 console is about to drop in during the holiday season. We can expect it to come out somewhere in between Christmas and the New Year alongside the new Xbox Series X which is also rumored to be revealed during the Holiday Season of 2020. 

In August of 2019, an anonymous bulletin site 4Chan published a rumor that the new PS5 is going to be released during the 12th of February 2020. This news was soon picked by NeoGaf who publicized it worldwide. With things escalating fast, Sony didn’t want false rumors to circulate the market and so after the CES 2020, PlayStation itself came forward revealing the actual release date during its own event “PlayStation 2020.”

About the Official PS5 Logo

During the CES 2020 event, Sony started its press conference stating important news about the forthcoming PS5. Alongside revealing the official date, they also shed light on the new PS5 logo. 

Although, there’s not anything new about the PlayStation logo it does represent a logo designed with white lines on a black background.  

Will PlayStation 5 going to have a Blu-Ray 4k Drive? 

It is true that the new PS5 is going to feature a completely new 4k Blu-Ray drive. Previously, it was revealed that the new PS5 is going to have an optical drive which was later confirmed by Wired that the optical drive on the new PS5 will be a  4k Blu-Ray player. Since it has been a great disappointment for the PS fans not to actually see a 4k optical drive on the PRO version but with the announcement of the drive appearing on the new PlayStation 5 is something that has created an extra appeal for fans.

Will the All-New PlayStation 5 Support 8k videos? 

Yes, the new PlayStation 5 is going to support 8k videos. The console will contain an AMD Ryzen chip and a GPU from the Radeon Navi family. It will also include an SSD storage for ultra-fast processing. This combination will ensure that the users can experience a faster load time with large bandwidth.

Since both PS4 and the PRO version comes with HDR support so there’s no point concerning that the PS5 will not include the HDR. However, the question that should concern us is whether we should expect a more advanced version of the HDR such as an HDR10+ coupled with the Dolby Vision for high-end sound quality? We can’t rule this out because the new Xbox already contains both the features and if PlayStation has to beat that market, it will require to introduce both of these elements. 

However, nothing so far has been announced yet by the Sony PlayStation. 

One particular thought which is cooked up by fans recently is that during the announcement, there is a significant chance that Sony will announce both the PS5 and the PS5 Pro version during the launch. The rumor was initially started by a gaming enthusiastic YouTuber Zenj Nishikawa. And just like PRO version of the PS4 is better than the preceding one, pretty much the same can be said about PS5 PRO. 

Will the New PS5 Support Dolby Vision Sound? 

Once again, the Xbox leads with offering a better sound quality to users in comparison to the PS4 whereas Sony’s consoles are only limited to the 7.1 audio system. So it is rumored and believed that the new console is going to have a better audio system powered by Dolby Vision Studios. 

The current Xbox machines include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio which equally contributes the 4k Blu-Ray gaming. FOr now, we only know the Cerny has confirmed gold standard audio for its PS5. 

So here’s everything that we could gather about the all-new PS5 console. Do you know something that we have missed out in our present article? Please feel free to share it by adding a few comments. 

The Moto Razr’s Facing Competition! All Eyes Now on TCL’s New Foldable Smartphone

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TCL’s new prototype folding phone | Source: T3

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is quite fascinating and this time, we all are getting to see some unique gadgets. Among them is TCL’s new foldable smartphone, a prototype the Chinese electronics giant showcased at the event hoping to give Moto Razr a tough time.

The company recently showcased its prototype for a folding phone. Not only is the scenario for folding phones illuminated further but also TCL is poised to do really well.

The Chinese electronics giant is known to play second fiddle to giants such as Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Lenovo; but this gadget is set to bring its status to the stop. It has recently showcased the TCL 10 5G smartphone at CES 2020 priced at less than $500, which is affordable than the ones offered by its competitors.

The company has also not only raised eyebrows but also sounded the alarms off with its prototype for a quite workable folding phone. It is being heard that it will be quite affordable in comparison to the upcoming folding Moto Razr (priced at $1,500). Therefore, it is quite a big deal for phone enthusiasts.

How TCL’s new foldable smartphone helps it move a step ahead in folding phone technology?

The company is known for giving consumers top-notch gadgets running on the latest tech and available at the best affordable price. TCL’s new foldable smartphone is set to give the $1,500 Motorola Razr folding flip phone a tough time.

Its shape is an absolute square and when opened in the center, it shows a 7.2-inch plastic display surrounded by thick black plastic bezel like casing. It has no selfie camera inside but behind the screen, it has four cameras in diamond pattern. The color used is eye-catching deep emerald, which is a pleasant sight.

The best part about it is that it has enough strength to stand on its own and that too on any stage of the fold. In comparison, other phones tend to snap either completely open or closed at certain points. Its absolute square shape helps it sit up and be used like a laptop without any hindrance.

TCL’s new foldable smartphone in sit-up position.
TCL’s folding phone prototype in the sit-up position | Source: CNET

The features and functionality of TCL’s new foldable smartphone

TCL’s new foldable smartphone’s prototype does look and feel a bit bulky. Its software responded slowly when the device was rotated, and in some instances it froze. When opened and closed, an audible squeak was heard.

The Chinese electronics giant is renown for its affordable, top quality TVs and is transparent regarding the product prototype. Knowing its reputation, there is no doubt that TCL will add improvements to the phone’s prototype. In fact, it will also be making other products in the future that can bend as well.

TCL’s prototype features a square shaped 7.2-inch display, a quad-camera system and a middle level Snapdragon 660 processor. The operating system in use is Android 9.0 Pie. It is not much of a technical masterpiece, but it does deliver a true folding phone’s experience.

When the refinements will be added, it would be undoubtedly attractive who need folding smartphones at a reasonable price tag. The company sees folding devices as one way of establishing TCL as a leading brand name. That too at a time when competing firms are trying to add spark to a slowing industry through innovative product design. It also hopes to stay ahead in the race of adopting 5G technology.

Release and price date

Right now, no official price, release date or the official product name has been released by TCL. However, there are rumors that it can be released late this year.

The final word

It is true that TCL’s foldable phone prototype is not ready for release yet. Why? Because the phone’s hinge and foldable screen are far from perfect, the software it runs on is sluggish and there are no front facing cameras.

The phone’s specs were mid level but it is only a prototype. The designs and features change with time. Thus, we can be assured that the company will upgrade them before its release.

Should we be thrilled with TCL entering the foldable smartphone market? Yes, we should be!

Why? Because the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $1980. In contrast, TCL’s phone will be cost less than that.

The company also aims to bring in a folding phone that is not only durable but also without glitches.

Apple Acquires Making Wyze Cam Lose Its Business

Every once in a while, Apple signs off contracts with smaller tech firms which helps the company progress forward. But rarely do we come across situations where multinational corporations such as Apple acquisitions mid-tier organizations which create a direct problem for other organizations. 

In recent events, something quite similar has happened where Apple acquired a company, XNOR is a firm that specializes in creating AI technology for facial recognition. The firm has been long serving this AI technology to smart home company Wyze as they included it as one of the core features in their products. However now, the smart home company has lost its unique selling point. 

Earlier in November, Wyze revealed that they will soon be removing its key Person Detection feature from its security camera products. A clause addition to the Xnor sent the company wondering if it was the right decision as the clause stated that they can discontinue partnership at any point in time. But after the acquisition, the air was pretty much clear revealing the plans behind Xnor merging Apple.  

The deal sign-off between the two has come as a rather harsh blow for the Wyze camera company. delivered an edge-based AI-powered technology to Wyze Cam which ensured that all its recorded information stays put within the device’s own memory unit rather than getting uploaded on the cloud. Because of this particular feature, Wyze was known for its high-end security cameras. 

Apple has not just shown an inclination but it has shown quite an interest in acquiring this tech. 

Xnor brought forth its powerful innovative AI edge-based facial recognition algorithm to the forefront in 2017. Xnor came out into the open from the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI2. It was a project governed and initiated by the latter co-founder of Microsoft Mr. Paul Allen. Its particular algorithm is what put the firm into the limelight and the company was able to raise $2.7 million during the first year of its inception and approximately $12 million in the latter year 2018. 

Edge-based person recognition is a unique feature where the AI recognize objects through edge identification and extraction. It eases the uncertainty of false face recognition where Apple previously suffered a backlash on its Face ID. Two sisters who were fairly identical were able to open the same phone in an experiment even though they weren’t twins but had an age difference of 4 years in them. The existing gap in Apple’s Face ID was something creating quite the distress for the organization. 

The algorithm designed by isn’t just any specific type of edge-based person recognition. It is a very powerful machine learning algorithm which requires a considerably low power to run on embedded systems. It can run on any kind of device irrespective of whether it is a low-tier, mid-tier or high-tier electronic component. Xnor simply designed an algorithm that could be integrated anywhere. 

As per why Xnor got Apple’s attention? It wasn’t just the fact that the algorithm can overcome the gap for Apple on its Face ID concern. The data recorded by the algorithm can stay on the device itself rather than getting transmitted somewhere else such as a cloud instance at a particular datacenter. 

The company is more likely perceived to be moving in the Apple’s Seattle offices. It was reported to GeekWire that a move is certainly underway and can be expected sooner than they think. The company also concluded that Mr. Farhadi, the man behind the technology is no longer working at the firm but has relocated himself to the University of Washington as a faculty member. 

Do you find this bit of information interesting? Do you think it was the right decision of Apple to acquire Xnor and sever its ties from Wyze? Will Wyze be able to search up a different alternative? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.