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A Review of – Is It a good rephraser?

Review of Sentencerephraser

The English language has a myriad of sentence structures, nuances and phrases that have evolved over time. The use of long, convoluted sentences is on the wane in modern writing, especially when it comes to business documents and academic essays. Concise and to-the-point phrases are preferred by editors and proofreaders as they help the reader understand the writer’s point more efficiently.

Paraphrasing is one of the methods that is used by many writers nowadays to present existing ideas in a simpler and concise way. It is done both manually and by using automatic paraphrase tools. Because manually paraphrasing consumes a lot of time and effort, these tools are used to get the work done. 

Paraphrasing tools are easily available online on different websites and you will see them in different forms. One of the types is sentence rephraser that rewrites sentence by sentence to ensure more accurate and compelling results. 

As there are an array of options available, it can be difficult to choose a sentence rephraser for your needs. So, to address this issue, we managed to test different tools and as per user’s reviews, we concluded as one of the best out there. But is it the best? We are gonna review this tool in this post to help you clear out your doubt and see whether this tool marks all the boxes or not. 

What are Sentence Rephrasers? 

A sentence rephraser is a tool that rewrites your sentences to be more concise and easier to read, making it unique (free of plagiarism) and helps in writing a single sentence in different ways . The sentence rephraser is based on an algorithm that is trained to identify potential improvements in sentence structure. 

These tools are popular because of their accuracy and the results it generates allow more freedom to the user to choose from different results. These tools are easy to use and do not require any prior knowledge. It requires you to enter a text with one or more sentences, then you need to point your cursor towards a sentence and it will show you a rephrase button that when you hit, you will get 2-6 different results according to that sentence that you can copy and use anywhere you want. – Review is one of the best rephrasing tools with thousands of users across the globe. This tool made its impact because of the variety of results it produces while maitning the accuracy, intent and original idea of the input text.

This tool has challenged many big fishes on the market and is proving its point quite impressively. This tool is used widely by students for academic writing, bloggers to generate their content, webmasters to improve outdated or old content and email marketers to generate high-sales pitches to increase sales. 

We tested this tool under different conditions and saw what this tool has to offer for different circumstances. 

Can this tool generate accurate Results?

Accuracy is one of the main aspects to look into when choosing a rephrase tool of any kind. If it generates content that does justice to the readers, it is good to go. This was the main concern for us too. To test this tool, we inserted two different sentences in it and here are the results for it: 

As you can see it generates text that is very easy to read, improves clarity and it makes several structure changes and adds relevant synonyms to make the text unique from the original text while the idea of the text remains there. 

How many suggestions for a single sentence? 

As you can see in the above image, it generates four different results for a single sentence. You will see many similar tools that offer 2-10 different results but the text they generate is not usable at all. The delivery, flow, intent, grammar and everything about such generated text isn’t likable at all.

Also, there are other similar tools that only take in text and paraphrase it for you giving you only one type of paraphrased text that you may or may not like but this isn’t the case with this tool as it allows you to choose from four different options giving you a lot of freedom overall. 

Also, the suggestions it gives can help you improve your writing as well. You use those results as inspiration, practice similar sentence structure techniques and use it in your writings in future. 

Can it Remove Plagiarism from a text? 

Plagiarism is a term that haunts many students and writers all the time and they have to avoid it at all costs. Plagiarism is of two main types; intentional and unintentional. Intentional plagiarism has no cure but as far as unintentional plagiarism is concerned, you can remove it using this sentence rephraser. 

Unintentional plagiarism occurs mainly in some sentences or a paragraph which means you do not have to rephrase all the text and this is where this tool comes in handy. All you need is to add those sentences in the tool, rephrase it and pick one suggestion that you think will work best. 

Is it Free? 

Rephrasing each sentence manually was hard before but because of so many tools now available, you do not have to worry much about it. is available for free and there is no need of any registration or a need of buying a premium package to use it. 

Final Words

Using a sentence rephraser is an easy way to complete your work and in the meantime improve your writing. It can help you reduce redundancy in your text, make your writing easier to read, improve your SEO and make your writing sound more professional. 

As far as this tool is concerned, we have reviewed and showed you different ways this tool can help. The best thing about this tool is that it offers different accurate results  while offering all its services without costing anything. We hope this review will help you make your mind whether you should go for this tool or not. 


A complete review of how it helps writers?

Nothing can harm a writer’s reputation or student record more than a plagiarism claim. Online plagiarism checkers are widely available to shield students, researchers, and journalists from this embarrassment. Sometimes it takes time to decide which is 100% accurate and budget-friendly.

Well, good news! I have solved this puzzle for you. 

After checking and testing a lot of plagiarism checkers available on the internet, I finally found a It has all the qualities the best plagiarism checker should have. 

It is 100% accurate and faster than most online plagiarism checkers. 

In this article, we will discuss the following:

Why should you choose for your writing, among all others? 

How does it help writers? 

What are its pros and cons?

What did a plagiarism checker do? 

A plagiarism checker software can check a document or a portion of a document for duplication or Plagiarized content by scanning the internet for other similar uses of those phrases, terms, or quotes.

These tools are mostly AI-based. Their main purpose is to help writers submit plagiarism-free content. 

Why you should choose

Before answering this question, what do we want a plagiarism checker to do for us? 

  • The largest variety of sources
  • Scan paraphrasing
  • Most diverse database
  • Fast and efficient
  • The trustworthy and user-friendly

Guess what? provides you with all these features along with some other valuable features. So, no need to go anywhere else.

Below are some of the qualities of this tool to prove its efficiency according to our requirements:

·       Identify plagiarism from the largest variety of sources.

This tool helps you to check your content deeply. With its most diverse database, the tool compares every single word from your writing.

Only some plagiarism checkers have this diverse database that can scan plagiarism deeply.

However, with the help of this tool, you can confidently submit your essay, assignment, or blog article without any fear of plagiarism. 

·       Paraphrased content detector

Unlike other plagiarism checkers, this tool scans your content so accurately that Paraphrased sentences or phrases also get highlighted with red.

Along with highlighting, it also gives the source of the original content. So you can cite the original author of the content.

These features helped a lot of teachers and business owners.

·       Most diverse database uses advanced databases for the detection of plagiarism.

They have a large and diverse database, which contains one billion+ online documents, 1 million + eBooks, 15 million + offline databases, 10 million + offline Documents, 10 + search engines, 50 million +archives, 100+ video transcripts, 10 million + online journals and 5 million + semantic database.

With this diverse database, there is no chance of plagiarism detection failures.

·       It is easy, fast, and accurate.

While checking the plagiarism after a long hard work, you expect this software to work fast but accurately, which is what it does.

Honestly, we hate to wait in this world of hustle and bustle. I had tried many other plagiarism checkers, but while working with this tool, I found it fast, easy to use, and 100% accurate.

·       User-friendly interface 

The interface is easy to understand for anyone; even new users can easily use it without assistance. They allow you to check plagiarism at the start of the interface, and the page contains data about this software.

Unlike some other plagiarism checkers who made things difficult by putting this option somewhere below.

On the top left corner, there is also an option for contact so that if you have any difficulties during the usage or have any questions, you can easily contact them and get help.

·       Words limit for plagiarism check

The interface-free mode has a limit of 1000 words per document. Most assignments, easy articles, or journals consist of 1000 words. It allows you to check this limit without any restrictions.

However, if your content contains more than 1000 words, you can check your content by splitting it in half or buying their premium version and removing this limit.

How it helps writers

It has helped many students, teachers, and content writers with its features to check plagiarism without difficulties.

·       Free plagiarism checker for students

Students normally had a tight budget. They need to spend their money wisely. Some have little money for this stuff, and some do not even have any, as they have to pay for other expenses.

However, this plagiarism checker has helped millions of students by allowing them to check for plagiarism in their assignments or essays for free. Students can benefit from its free version specially designed for them.

·   Paraphrasing and citation 

After checking for plagiarism, this software helps you identify which phrases, sentences or paragraphs are similar to other sources online. If your text contains plagiarism, you must remove it before submitting or uploading it. As it identifies the plagiarised text, you can use it to paraphrase those phrases manually in your own words and remove any traces of plagiarism present. 

Giving credit to the owner could be easier if you know the source of the original content. This plagiarism checker highlights the plagiarised content in red; when you touch that part, it gives you the source and link of the original content so that you can credit the source appropriately using citation standards.

·       Maintain Academic Integrity

It helped millions of students, teachers, and businessmen keep plagiarism-free records. As we all know, if you get accused of plagiarism, it raises a question about all the hard work and progress you have been making.

It saved you from such shame by allowing its users to check their content before it was submitted.

·       Avoid all kinds of plagiarism.

It helps a writer to avoid plagiarism of all types, regardless if it occurs intentionally or unintentionally. 

The software helps writers detect plagiarism for each word of their content to generate 100% unique content.

·       Languages 

Only some write in English, and understands this.

It sports 30 different language-speaking writers. So, feel free to check for plagiarism from any of these languages:

English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Swedish, Persian, Filipino, Croatian, Ukrainian, Urdu, Welsh, Africans, Bengali, Punjabi, and Irish.

·       Download and share the plagiarism report 

It also allows you to download or share your plagiarism report with a friend or students to whom the content you were checking.

Users found this option helpful as they can easily share plagiarism reports for further clarification or editing of their work.

Pros and cons 


  • Easy, fast, and accurate
  • Sports many languages
  • Deep scanning of content to check plagiarism
  • Aids in citation and paraphrasing
  • Reliable


  • Limited words in the free version

Conclusion is one of the best plagiarism checkers on the internet. It helps students, teachers, and content writers with accurate and guaranteed results.

It even detects paraphrased text and helps in citing original content. After testing it, I highly recommend this tool for having a clear academic record.

B2BWoo Review

B2BWoo Review – A Complete Business to Business Platform

B2B eCommerce is a literal behemoth in the eCommerce industry.

Shrouded in the shadows of its more glittering counterpart, B2C, B2B eCommerce is a land of opportunity for those looking to gain more profits.

Don’t believe me? Let the statistics do the talking.

B2B eCommerce is growing at a quick rate. Predicted to reach 18 trillion dollars by 2023, the industry’s sales are skyrocketing. In 2019, digital sales grew by 10.9% which is a positive sign of things to come.

The industry is going up, there’s no doubt about that. Business owners have started to realize that, and are now opting to go digital in order to sell more.

But the problem is that they don’t know where to start. We were faced with a similar problem. At my organization, we were looking to go digital but didn’t know where to start. We were already using WordPress as our CMS of choice.

We were also not too inclined on using a SaaS platform, since it meant we were limiting ourselves to a closed source platform.

Eventually, we heard about B2BWoo, and were so impressed with the product demo that we decided to purchase it.

We haven’t gone back since!

What is B2BWoo?

B2BWoo is a complete plugin bundle for the WooCommerce platform – coming equipped with everything that you need to build a B2B store.

As we mentioned before, we were using WordPress as the CMS of choice for our eCommerce processes. When we decided to use WooCommerce in a standalone manner, we ran into problems with it because at its core, WooCommerce doesn’t facilitate B2B purchases.

It wasn’t until I saw B2BWoo that we managed to get our processes in check. We were able to implement a complete B2B store and overhaul our business website with a business-to-business storefront.

What does B2BWoo do?

B2BWoo helps introduce a variety of B2B functionalities, making your store wholesale friendly.

Everything from dynamic pricing, catalog creation, quotes, minimum order quantity setting, account management, and more – we gained everything from B2BWoo.

For businesses looking to sell wholesale on WooCommerce, there is no better alternative to B2BWoo.

Simplify Your Wholesale Processes

B2BWoo is built for wholesale processes without a doubt.

Built on top of the most popular eCommerce platform there is, B2BWoo includes everything you need to get started with your B2B operations.

It helps deliver a seamless B2B experience backed by WordPress + WooCommerce, without any inhibitions.

It comes with a variety of different functionalities, which I’ll explain in the second section.

Order Management Controls

For B2B customers, managing product ordering is very important. B2BWoo allows you to manage your store at a deeper level by providing you powerful product control functionalities.

  • You can create minimum and maximum order requirements before letting users make a particular purchase.
  • Allows users to backorder products.
  • Allows users to view samples of products.

Catalog Management

With the help of B2BWoo, you can create a B2B catalog tailored to each individual user on your store. Depending on the preferences that they have, you can show/hide products based on those groups.

Wholesale Pricing

Being a prime wholesale solution, B2BWoo provides a variety of different tools to customized wholesale based on different filters. Some of those filters are as follows:

  • Show/hide prices at product level – you can hide/show products depending on whether the user is logged in or not.
  • Dynamic pricing – change the prices of products based on monthly or seasonal trends
  • Category based pricing – allows you to change the category of your content with ease.
  • Role based pricing – shows or hide products depending on the user role.

The pricing factor is one of the major selling points of B2BWoo. It gives you serious legroom when it comes to managing the prices on your store.

Quick Ordering Features

The best feature of B2BWoo is perhaps its conversion savvy tools in the form of product table and quick order. Both handy tools to speed up the checkout process.

If you have a recurrent customer base who order the same products from your store, then you can use this functionality to allow them to purchase products from a single tab rather than going to each individual tab, and ordering from there.

This is the functionality provided by B2BWoo’s Quick Order.

On top of that you also have the product table functionality. It allows business owners to create customized product tables from which customers can select and purchase products directly without having the need to visit each individual product page.

Now, you might be wondering what’s the difference between them?

Quick Order is a plug and play type of functionality. When integrated, it adds a new page where you can display the quick order table. In contrast, product table help you customize the product table according to your preferences. 

From Gutenberg compatible, to CSV upload options, RFQ integration, and the ability to support multiple order forms – this feature of B2BWoo is by far the best.

Quote Request Features

B2B purchases are high value and before purchasing, customers usually demand a quote to see if the price is accurate or not.

 With the request for quote functionality, you can overhaul the “Add to Cart” functionality which allows users to request quotes and negotiate pricing of a product.

Corporate Hierarchy

If you are looking to manage multiple buying parties on your eCommerce store, then B2BWoo has a solution for you with its Account Management functionalities.

Essentially speaking, what it does is that it allows customers to create a hierarchy of their organization on your store. Similar to their original hierarchy, businesses can set roles, give permissions, and keep their processes on your store organized.

By introducing this hierarchy, business owners can improve their processes for the better. Moreover, because of this organization, they have incentive to stay on your site.

Integration Friendly

If you’re looking to integrate your existing B2B store with an ERP system then B2BWoo has you covered.

With integration partners like Microsoft Dynamics, Sap, QuickBooks and more, you have the opportunity to integrate your store with a variety of ERP, CRM, AMS, and WHMS systems.

All your front and back office systems can get integrated easily.

Content Management, Taxation, and More…

Creating public/private stores, hierarchies, roles and permissions, and content management – B2BWoo provides it all based on its own functionalities, and some supported by WooCommerce.

On top of that, B2BWoo provides you significant legroom when it comes to managing your taxes. Depending on your requirement, you can show or exempt taxes depending on your situation.

B2BWoo Is Scalable

When we were discussing the process of onboarding with B2BWoo for our eCommerce store, we were skeptical of just one thing: whether B2BWoo (being built on WooCommerce) is as scalable as the other eCommerce platforms.

Well, we got our answer in the form of web hosting. Similar to how you would upgrade your B2B store on Shopify or any other platform, you can do the same on WooCommerce by upgrading the host.


B2B is, without a doubt, a trillion-dollar industry on the rise. If you’re looking for a platform that facilitates B2B eCommerce to the best possible degree, then look no further than B2BWoo. It’s an all-in-one eCommerce solution.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: Everything You Need to Consider Before Purchasing

Many of us want to keep something similar to an iPad, yet when we check the price for Apple’s product, it goes beyond our expectations. If you are not much of a fan of purchasing a laptop falling in the four digital categories and yet want a sleek laptop design that does wonders the same way as an Apple product, look no further than Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. With an aluminium back and a keyboard deck, Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Go is one of the machines which goes beyond expectations. It is one of the best laptops imitating as the powerhouse of multitasking & performance. 


After all, if you realize that this Surface Go laptop imitates Apple’s Macbook products, it must pack some punch which, although it doesn’t lie in the four-digit category, has all the exciting features. There are two variants of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go available. 

1) Costs $899 with ci5 1035G1 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD. 

2) Costs $699 with ci5 1035G1 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD. 


As far as the design is concerned, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is slightly on the lower side from the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go’s preceding design. The upper deck comprises aluminium, whereas the undercarriage contains a polycarbonate composite resin system, which also includes glass fibre and offers a much sleeker eco-friendly touch. The Surface Go laptop variant has a much more excellent feel, and with an all-aluminium chassis, this particular design goes well beyond the Surface Laptop 3. 

The weight of the product is approximately 2.5 lbs. And for the thickness, it doesn’t go anything beyond the Asus Zenbook 13 UX325EA. Weighing at 2.5 lbs, the laptop weighs slightly more than the Google Pixelbook Go. The Surface Laptop Go supports both USB-A and USB-C ports. It has a 3.5 mm headphone, which is available on the left side of the laptop. You can also find the Surface Connector port on the right side of the laptop. 

Since the Pixelbook Go features dual USB-C ports and the ZenBook offers a selection of different ports, including a single Type-A port lacking a headphone jack, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go brings both the ports and a headphone jack in a single machine. 


The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go has a screen size of 1536 x 1024 and has an aspect ratio of 3:2. Subbed as the Full-HD resolution at 148 PPI, it may not be as clear and in-depth as the 166 PPI of the Pixelbook or Zenbook, but it still does the job pretty well. You can tell the difference in sharpness only if you choose to squint your eyes and look with a deep focus. However, the difference isn’t quite noticeable when you are watching it from a normal view distance. It will look just the same. 

Considering the color calibration, according to Klein K10-A colorimeter, the Surface Laptop Go gives a better result producing 103% of the sRGB spectrum, which is better than the 91% color spectrum of the normal mainstream laptops. However, when the display is compared with the Zenbook 13 (108%) or the Pixelbook Go (108%), it still weighs slightly on the lower side. The Surface Go has a low brightness capping around 319nits, which isn’t quite as bright as 370nits or 368nits of the other two machines. The reaction time on taps is fairly better than many other versions. 


The sound quality which the speaker on your Surface Laptop Go emits is pretty remarkable. The vocals from the speakers are also satisfactory. You can easily listen to the riffs, drums, and synths just accurately. As far as the bass goes, it produces a satisfactory bass so overall, the sound quality is satisfactory. If you are sitting in a medium-sized room, and you turn up the volume on your Surface Laptop, it’s enough for a person sitting in the next room to listen to what you’re listening to. 


When it comes to multitasking, Surface Go does a fair job. You can open multiple tabs on a single screen simultaneously and perform different tasks without breaking a sweat. In short, the core i5 10th generation chipset coupled with 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD does a satisfactory job when it comes to performance. When the performance was measured on Geekbench 5, the overall performance benchmark displayed 3,117, which is relatively lower than some of the mainstream notebooks available in the market. The average notebook has a benchmark rating of 3,662. 

On the other hand, the more expensive Zenbook 13 displayed a better landing score of 5,084. 

Battery Life

If you’re a workaholic and would prefer to spend a lot of time on the Surface Go laptop, this is not the best option. According to Microsoft, you get a good 13 hours of battery life on the Surface Go. In contrast, according to a review covered tom’s guide, the average battery life found as per their personal experience capped around 7 hours and 13 minutes. Normal mainstream laptops falling in the same category can easily give up to 8 hours and more. 

Comparatively, the ASUS Zenbook has an average time of 13 hours, whereas the Google Pixel Go extends to as much as up to 11.5 hours. 


Another point of interest for most individuals is how fast does the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go heat up. When you watch a 15 minute of Full HD video on the Surface Laptop Go, it was found out that the Laptop Go device started feeling a bit warm. As per the heat gun readings performed by Tom’s guide, it averaged around (96 and 116 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively). However, the touchpad remained cool. 

So that’s just about it, for Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. I hope you found this article informative, and I believe you may have learned a great deal about the new Surface Go Laptop. 

Are you planning to purchase the new Laptop Surface Go? My verdict is that you opt-in for it only if your budget is a bit on the low-side. Otherwise, you should go for the better options available in the market. There’s the Zenbook and Pixelbook which does the job more profoundly. 

The Best Action-Packed Pixel Art Games to Play in 2020

The world of gaming has come a long way. From 2D to 3D and now, we have some crazy AAA titles which not only creates an immersive experience for the individual gamer but significantly keeps them hooked by offering them state-of-the-art graphics and some really amazing gaming mechanics. 

But even in an era where ultimate graphics rule the market, there is something quite different and charming about the pixels form together into a creative and interactive element. We, the millennials especially come from a time when we used to stay hooked playing games on our favorite consoles like Atari and Sega. And back then, games were all designed on pixelated motion pictures. To be honest, those games had some of the best storylines and the most interesting characters, all in all. 

There is just something about these pixel art games which makes the whole experience a lot better. 

Are you an active gamer who still craves playing these pixel art games even in 2020? Then worry not, as we bring some of the highly interactive and action-packed pixel art games, the best of the best. 

Dead Cells

You are running out of time, and your score keeps getting smaller and smaller as you progress through the game. Each second that passes simply decreases your chance to score better against your opponent. You have to make decisions, and you have to make them quick. The task is simple! Kill plenty of monsters, gather loot and somehow reach the exit of every stage. It sounds like a typical pixel-art old school game, but it is not. Here, you are challenged to fight against time and death also. 

The game is pretty challenging because it is fast-paced and time-bound. You are tasked with taking out brutal enemies on a gloomy island. The only thing which you can use to your expense is your wit. Different game areas have different special doors that are scattered across various levels. They are only accessible if you can reach them on a set time and apparently each of these doors is filled with plentiful loot. Being frantically quick and achieving big is what makes the game quite exhilarating. 

Dead Cell is an interesting game for players who want to exercise their brain’s analytical abilities. 

Faster Than Light

Have a knack for exploration and that too in space? Well, look no further than Faster Than Light where half the ship you are on is technically under siege and fire. Apparently, the rebel scums never get tired of sending waves of lasers one after the other to damage your spacecraft’s entire hull. Survival sounds like a challenge doesn’t it? Well, guess what it is brutal and harsh, and very unforgiving. But the game is so cool that you just can’t have enough as you keep coming back to play it over and over. 

Faster Than Light features 10 different types of ships with multiple layouts. Each ship can help you progress through the game and earn interesting achievements throughout the game. You find powerful weapons that you can equip to your ship and use it against more difficult enemies within the game. The game has a ton of content that keeps you hooked and is fairly unjustified based on price. The entire experience is tenfolds better because it brings different playstyles and random characters. 

FTL is a game that you don’t easily get bored of, and apparently, it stays fresh every time you play it. 

Stardew Valley

Not much of a fan of hardcore killing, blood, and gore? Want a peaceful game where you can just earn profits without investing much. Apparently, Stardew is one title where you can kick-back, relax and work on your profit generation strategy. Stardew Valley is a farm building game that promises a lot of content and a whole lot of fun. Imagine a game where you simply inherit farmland and start with a basic plot which you slowly transform in a money-making machine and look aesthetically amazing. 

Just when you think the game has finally come to an end, the game comes out as an entirely new branch giving you a real blast of some extra fun. Stardew Valley is an interesting game where you start off as a basic farmer working on the plot of land but just as you move forth, you can observe that the farm ultimately becomes an optimized money-making machine that looks incredibly pretty. The game options are limitless and in fact, give you enough room of freedom with a calming soundtrack. 

So if you’re looking for a casually styled gaming experience, look no further than the Stardew Valley. 

Hotline Miami

Not only the game is fast-paced but it packs quite a punch for all those seeking blood, gore, and some mind-blasting beats. With Hotline Miami, you take the traditional arcade action to the next level. Created by Dennaton Games, this instant classic is a great one that offers pixelated gore and a traditional top-down view. You are tasked with shooting evil people and as you progress through the game every level just brings a new challenge your way. Each level is unique with creative bosses. 

If you want to go on a killing spree, you can do it on the Hotline Miami. The game includes somewhat scores of weapons and each of these weapons has their own playstyle which keeps the player going. Even though the main storyline of the game is just a few couples of hours but the game is so creatively designed that it can a whole lot more than just those hours, or probably a whole lot longer. In the end, the temptation to score high and make ultimate combos is what keeps the gamer hooked. 

So there you are, some of the most exciting, action-packed, fun and thrilling pixel art games which one must play? If you haven’t decided what you should be playing this season, these titles may interest you. Have you played something similar lately, or are you a fan of the pixel games? Leave a comment. 

Loop Technology Makes Ear Plugs to Keep All External Sounds at Bay

If there is one thing to keep your mind peaceful, it’s good music. 

And we often tend to listen to music at high volume but we don’t see the problem. Prolonged music listening or loud sounds can impair our hearing and we can have a serious problem in the future. 

According to a report published by the World Health Organization, almost 1.1 billion people in the world at risk of hearing loss. And a major reason for hear-loss is none other but listening to loud music such as rock and roll, heavy metal, and EDM. Well, you can’t stop listening to music now, can you? But, here’s what you can do! You can take some precautionary measures to keep ears safe. 

Loop has come up with a marvellous idea to block the loud noises out and yet, give you a thrilling experience of listening to music. Usually, when you ask a person why they don’t choose to wear earplugs, you will often find answers like it feels uncomfortable or it may look very awkward. But with Loop, you don’t have to worry about any such thing. Loop offers comfort and style in just under $30. 

How Does the Loop Technology Ear Plug Works? 

Loop came into existence to deliver improved sound quality to its consumers. When you try to listen to others wearing an ear plug, the end result is often very muffled and usually, you can’t make any sense. 

However, with Loop sound waves enter into your ears through a small opening. It passes through a hollow acoustic channel so you can comfortably hear whatever the sound you wish to hear without damaging your eardrum or suffering with hearing loss whatsoever. The unique shape of this ear plug is what ensures that you can peacefully listen to your favorite music and listen clearly wearing them. 

The design simply relaxes the sound wave and transfer it in a more monotonous pattern. 

How does it Work? 

These ear plugs work in three different phases. 

Phase # 1: Acoustic Resonance

So here’s how it all works! The sound wave normally enters into the Loop via a small opening. Then there’s a hollow channel inside the ear plug which guides the sound to the acoustic resonator. The resonator is pretty much the same length as the ear canal and takes almost a quarter of the incoming sound’s wavelength. How does it happen, thanks to the latest most accurate 3D printing technology which is used to design the acoustic resonator. 

Phase # 2: Advanced Filters

The acoustic resonator is itself the advanced filter which makes sure that it filters all types of frequencies. It is created and installed by a company named the Dynamic Ear Company who specializes in creating technologies for hearing aids. To check if there are any leaks in the sound filter, they pass the acoustic resonator through a UV light. Upon confirmation, that there are no leak holes, they ship the product to the parent company, Loop. 

Phase # 3: Ear Canal Protection

To ensure that your ear remains safe, Loop has created the device in such a way that it keeps all sound waves at bay. The ear plug filters the sound evenly by 20 decibels so a person can listen accurately. For Ear canal protection, the company uses ear tips which ensures that the earplugs perform to their best. Both the earbuds come with memory foam which are adjustable. They have soft silicone ear tips which are available in all three sizes. 

What Happens When All Three Phases are Combined? 

When all three phases are combined, Loop results in providing an accurate 20dB sound reduction across all frequency types. As a result, music and speech comes out in complete clarity.

In short, Loop makes you party harder and longer. 

Did you enjoy reading this article? Well, stay tuned for more interesting technologies as we will share. 

Enjoy the Wonders of Reverse Image Search

We live in a world of technology and the internet, where everything is only a click away. And thanks to a variety of search engines, we can access the whole world by simply typing a word or a phrase. It is a day to day slang now that if you don’t know anything, or if you are confused about something, just Google it. Google, being the name of a search engine, but due to its vast popularity globally, it has become a household name like Coca Cola or Pepsi. Instead of saying, ‘let’s search this on the internet,’ we say ‘Let’s Google it.’ 

Thanks to Google and the internet in general, we can partially diagnose what ailment or disease we have by looking up the symptoms on Google; we can listen to the latest music videos right after they are released, and now, with Netflix, we even have home cinemas. And, just when we thought life could not get any easier, and technology could not get more advanced, we came across this amazing technique of Reverse Image Search!

So, What’s the Fuss About?

Nowadays, there are many search engines or websites available that when you upload a picture or image for reverse search, it helps you quickly discover visually similar images from around the web. Or simply put: give it an image and it will tell you where the similar images appear on the web! Interesting right? I find it absolutely cool. 

It is a content-based image retrieval query technique that involves providing the CBIR system with a sample image that it will base its search upon; in terms of information retrieval, the sample image is what formulates a search query. It will help you find the original source of photographs, memes, and profile pictures on your device.

The Wonders of the Internet…

Journalists can use the reverse search option to find the original source of an image or to know the approximate date when a picture was first published on the internet. The search is pretty much standardized. If you wanted information on the most beautiful places on the planet, all you had to do is key in your search term, and the search engine will return the best results it finds. Now in a different scenario, you found the picture of a really exotic and breathtaking location that you admired so much? And you didn’t know anything about it, so that’s where image search comes in handy.

It Works Like A Breeze!

Searching by images instead of keywords is surely interesting. It is useful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsApp images, screenshots, and memes. Tinder and Facebook users have used ‘search by image’ to research profile pictures of their potential dates while travelers use it to find the photo’s location.

With reverse photo lookup, you could actually do fascinating things, like the following:

Find out more about the object in the image; The picture of the exotic place and you find its exact location and all of its details

Find visually similar images; you get to see even more breathtaking views of that very place you loved!

Find the original sources of that image; if you need to credit the right source of a particular photograph but have difficulty in discovering who the original creator is, then reverse image finder is your answer.

Find plagiarized photos; photo pilferers may think they are smart, but Google image search makes you smarter. If you have some original photos and want to know if someone is using them without your permission or giving any credits, then reverse image search is your friend to the rescue. You will get to see how many other pages have your image.

Create backlink opportunities; so, when you find people who are using your photographs without attributing any credits to you, you could ask them to mention you as the owner or author and tag you either or link back to your page. 

Identify people, places, and products; if you have photos of anything and you want to get more information about it, then reverse image search is your go-to. For example, if you’ve seen a dress you loved on the internet, you simply put that picture up, and you will be traced to exactly that brand’s page or website. Happy shopping with that!

Discover more versions of a particular image; maybe your current version of an image is not getting the job done. With reverse image lookup, you can get more versions of a particular image, whether that means a different size, format, or one that is clearer in graphics and not as blurry.

Detect fake accounts; this is great to identify people misusing social media by adopting fake identities. If you think you are cute or even simply photogenic, and generally, people cannot stop gushing over your pictures, you may as well check with reverse image search right now if someone might be using your photo on a fake social media account! So, keep your personal reputation clean.

Now many search engines claim that the images you upload in their tool is 100% safe and secure. Although some save the content in their database, most do not. Never forget to go through the Privacy Policy of the service you are using.

Reviewing the Apple Watch Series 5 – Always on & always perfect, the best one can have

Apple’s watch has often gained top-class features each year, but it still remains overshadowed by the iPhone. The iPhone 11 may have dominated this year’s current news cycle (following leaks of its specifications) but Apple’s Watch Series 5 is something that has taken us all by surprise.

In fact, its release was announced when the iPhone 11 was launched on September 10, 2019.

In comparison to the Apple Watch Series 4, the Apple Watch Series 5 showcases three new key features:

  • The display is always on.
  • An in-built compass.
  • International emergency calling feature.
  • A faster processor.
  • An app measuring ambient noise (also present in Series 4).
  • 32GB of in-built storage (the previous series had 16GB).

The Apple Watch Series 5 has been launched at the same price as the Series 4. Let’s have a look at how well it fares.

The design aspect of Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 does not look different in comparison to the Series 4 one. It comes in a 40 mm case size for people with slimmer wrists and a 44 mm case size. It weighs only 36 grams which makes it barely noticeable on anyone’s wrist.

Even better, it never gets tangled under a shirt’s cuff and its curvy base is ergonomic in delightful terms.

Well, it does look like it was designed by an expert on watches (and it really was!). Its design proves it.

Gone are the days when consumers were upset over the Apple Watch not having a round shape. Its current shape has become an icon, and Apple further refined the features without enlarging the body which not only gave it a further visible screen area but also made it quite attractive as well.

The Apple Watch Series 5 in the iconic white strap | Source: 9to5MAC

Do we need a circular-shaped Apple Watch? I think not because the current design is truly iconic in its own sense.

What is more heartening about the Apple Watch Series 5 is the way it has been presented. It comes in an elongated box (giving customers an occasion to open it). It is wrapped in a protective bag that is soft and tiny.

Packaging of the Apple Watch Series 5 | Source: 9to5MAC

The watch’s straps are kept separately in the box. They come in an elegant leather version, high-performance fluoroelastomer strap, flexible nylon weaves or a metal band one (customers can choose from any one of them). They all come in multiple colors.

The finish? Customers can choose from stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic  and titanium.

The best part of the watch’s materials? They all are recycled hence its environment-friendly.

There is no change in the watch’s design because there simply wasn’t a need for such. In the future, the watch might become not just thinner, but the bezels could be shrunk too. But, at the moment, the Apple Watch Series 5 is exceptionally marvelous.

The Apple Watch Series 5’s display – ‘Always-On’ is a big deal!

Almost all smartwatches in the market have had displays that were always on. In case of Apple’s Watch Series 5, it’s a little more than that.

The Series 5 has a screen which is always on indeed and shows more than just the time. When inactive, the display shows information on the screen but in a dimmer mode. When you raise your wrist to see the time, the screen turns on.

Another positive point the watch has is a fitness tracking display. If you are jogging and want to see the number of meters run without the need for stopping, the display will show it to you (which alleviates a previous complaint on the series 4).

The series 5’s always-on display is more than just anything. Users get to choose the correct watch face. Apple overcame considerations for battery life, to make it function properly.

There is a whole new collection of watch faces to select from; ranging from the California watch face to the simple numerals’ duo. Apple made it easy for users to match the numbers’ color with that of the watch’s strap for a real matching look.

Is there a noise app in it?

The Noise app is interesting, as it signifies Apple’s continuing commitment to users’ health. It notifies users when they are entering a noisy environment and even warns them about the consequences of excessive noise.

For instance, if you are in a disco and the sound levels reach 90 decibels (dB) then it will warn you about the noise level. It may not be instantly helpful, but it does provide users a step above in level of awareness of our surroundings.

Which OS does it run on?

Apple Watch Series 5 runs on WatchOS 6 (which is also available for previous generations too) has new additional features that are fun to have.

After each hour passed, the watch makes a ‘beeping’ sound which is reminiscent of watches the current generation had in their childhood; minus the annoyance it would cause today.

How well do the Apple Watch Series 5 and WatchOS 6 work together?

They both work together quite well, with exceptional performance and an easy to learn user experience. It has beaten all other platforms.

The usability is fun, and the feedback is tactile in nature. Users can also use the digital crown to zoom in and out of the screen, which looks great due to its cohesiveness & smartness.

Battery and performance of Apple Watch Series 5

Previous models have fared better in comparison to the current series 5 in this regard. The Apple Watch Series 5 lasts 16 hours in a day and the older models lasted longer. Hence, a nighttime charging is needed.

The good news is that Series 5’s always-on display does not suck much battery life. The battery only drains when it is intensive use: such as installing apps, testing the compass and maps, tracking fitness cycles, using Siri and the like. It would then leave it with 10% with such robust use.

Depending on the user’s usage of the watch, the Apple Watch Series 5 requires almost daily charging (provided the usage is strong)

Smartwatches offered from competitors such as Fitbit, Garmin, Moto and Samsung offer a longer battery life, but they lack the features Apple Watch Series 5 has. At the moment, it is still pretty much a trade-off.

Compass and Maps made better

The Apple Watch Series 5 has a built-in compass, a feature most consumers would have yawned at.

In fact, consumers and die-hard Apple fans need to realize how useful the compass feature really is. Imagine taking a hike in the forests of Colorado, or a hike on the shores of Manhattan beach.

The compass is not only synced well with the maps but also gives users an idea of where they were heading. It is essential when users are either hiking, camping or traveling in a distant area.

The compass does take advantage of the watch’s built-in magnetometer and Apple is opening its API to third-party apps.

However, it should be noted that certain watch bands can interfere with the built-in magnetometer present in Series 5. In fact, a band with a magnet will put the compass’s performance out of loop. Hence, when going out on an adventure, leave the Milanese loop strap (or the modern buckle) at home.

Price and Availability of the Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available on Apple’s online store, it’s retail outlets and its partner locations. The pricing options are as under.

For Aluminum body:

  • 42 mm costs USD$ 400.
  • 44 mm costs USD$ 430.
  • 42 mm with GPS & Cellular connectivity costs USD$ 500.
  • 44 mm with GPS & Cellular connectivity costs USD$ 530.

The stainless steel one starts at USD$ 700, the titanium one costs USD$ 800, Ceramic one costs USD$ 1300 and the Hermes version starts from USD$ 1250.


When compared to older models; such as Series 2 (GPS & water-resistant), Series 3 (cellular connectivity) and series 4 (medical-grade health measuring features), Series 5 is a serious upgrade. Apple has set the bar for smartwatches quite high which is impossible to match.

Rival smartwatch makers lag behind the series 5 in other features despite matching it with the screen part.

Series 4 owners can have new features if they install WatchOS 6. Whereas, Series 3 owners can get heart health watch and the always-on display with the WatchOS 6 upgrade. But Series 5 is best in its own style, sense, and uniqueness. It is simply un-matchable.

Say Hello to the New Motorola Razr 2019 – Motorola’s Answer to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X

The new fold-able Moto Razr 2019 |Source: Self

Who could have anticipated its return after all those years, yet here it is. The New Motorola Razr has made a fabulous comeback as an Android smartphone that can be folded in half (akin to its iconic flip predecessor). The 2019 Razr may look pretty much like the ones still stamped on our minds, but it replaced the old T9 keypad and the small LCD with a 6.2-inch plastic foldable OLED panel. Its camera is a double duty one with 16 megapixels.

Instead of Android 10, it runs on Android 9 Pie. Upon its launch in January 2020, it is expected to cost USD$ 1500 (equivalent to GBP 1170 and AUD$ 2200).

Why is the new Razr fundamentally different from the other foldable phones present at the moment? It turned a typical sized smartphone into something that is compact and easy to carry around. When the Razr is folded in half, it softly snaps shut from top to bottom. One side lays snuggled on top of the other, without a visible gap between both halves of the screen.

Because of this, Motorola has solved the world’s biggest design puzzle which has left other foldable smartphones (including the Samsung Galaxy Fold) in a conundrum. Not only is the phone pocketable, it reeks of nostalgia yet is streamlined to weather the future.

What sets the new Motorola Razr apart from its predecessors and other phones?

The original Razr was one of the world’s bestselling phones which helped it earn an iconic status. Motorola updated it into a newer version which is wider, heavier, and replete with new features. The foldable Razr gives Motorola a unique opportunity to steal the show.

This phone comes at a time when foldable smartphones are teetering precariously on the edge between reality and fantasy. It was only last year when foldable phones were pegged as a revolution in the smartphone design, and made the dream of a large-screen device being portable a reality.

However, what went wrong were the issues with screens and massive delays in launch, especially from major players, including Samsung and Huawei. It is now Motorola’s turn to bask in the spotlight. If Motorola comes out successful, it will herald a new era for the fold-able phone industry.

The new Motorola Razr folded and unfolded | Image Credits: T3 & Yanko Design

What’s it like using the new Motorola Razr?

In terms of the screen, it is a 6.2-inch P-OLED screen that is foldable. Motorola worked together with Lenovo’s laptop team on this design. The screen is like a thin film that curls in the shape of a teardrop when the screen is being folded.

The New Motorola Razr’s patented hinge design has an open cavity covering the looped part of the screen. Most plastic screens do not fold completely flat without a crease appearing in the middle. The thin layer of air gap is hardly conspicuous. When the screen curls like a teardrop, it creates a gap of 0.2mm between the hinge and the display.

The front screen might look tall but it is narrow with a ration of 21:9. It also has a resolution of 2142 x 876 pixels. Most of the apps are located on the bottom side of the screen along with the controls. This makes it easy for users to reach and use them with just their thumb. It also works better than other phones with one hand only.

The New Motorola Razr folded | Source: Self

On the outside, users can see an 2.7-inch OLED external screen. It is a quick view display that shows essentials such as time, notifications, alerts, signals and battery life. Users cannot type on it but can respond through recorded messages or their voices. In fact, users can use it to check what they look like in selfies.

Google Pay and Google Assistant can be used on the quick view display, as well as for controlling music. The useful yet addictive Motorola gestures are present too. Move the phone in a twister pattern to turn on the camera and shake it sideways to turn on the flashlight.

You can hardly feel the hinge tension, when opening and closing the phone because the movement is smooth and gradual. The hinge’s gears are visible, and magnets hold their sides together. This mechanism prevents the creases from forming on the screen.

People have been asking about the presence of a thick plastic chin on the bottom of the New Motorola Razr. Such is because it reminds us all of its original design so hence it gets a good score for nostalgia. It also houses the optical fingerprint reader, the antennas, vibrating motor, GPS & Wi-Fi units. Most importantly, it is like a handle for users to hold on to when they are watching a video.

To make a call, the phone has to be opened but when on a call, the phone can be closed and the conversation can continue as long as you are using the speakerphone, connected via Bluetooth or are on a video call. However, it closes out most apps with the music player being an exception (the quick view screen helps control music tracks).

The 21:9 screen is termed by Motorola as its Cinemavision display. Small black bars will be bordering the sides when videos are being watched.

Beneath the exterior display is a 16-megapixel camera that is used to take photos and selfies. The five-megapixel camera that is visible when the Razr is unfolded is used mainly for video calls. However, telephoto and wide-angle lens won’t be available. But a software aided portrait and night vision mode are available.

The new Motorola Razr completely opened | Source: Self

The phone is available in 4G and not in 5G. It does have quite a decent amount of memory but has no SD card slot. The phone also lacks a SIM slot so there are pretty much quite some tradeoffs for those looking to buy the new Motorola Razr.

Specifications of the New Motorola Razr

Specifications of the phone are as under:

  • Snapdragon 710 processor.
  • 6GB RAM.
  • 128 GB of internal storage.
  • Snapdragon 710 processor.
  • 2.7-inch Quick View display (800×600).
  • 6.2-inch foldable pOLED display (2142×876).
  • 16 megapixels front-facing camera focal point 1.7 with night vision mode).
  • 5 megapixels internal camera.
  • USB-C port present.
  • eSIM.
  • Fingerprint reader.
  • Android 9 pie.

What do users get in the box?

When prospective buyers think of buying and unboxing the Motorola Razr, their experience is most likely to be memorable. Motorola has created a unique and eye-catching box with sharp corners which will have a tinted, transparent top with a speaker grill.

This way, users can play music from their Razr phones through the box when they slot the phone in the box in an upright position.

The phone comes with:

  • Wired USB-C earbuds.
  • An accessory case for sunglasses.
  • 15-watt TurboPower charger.
  • USB-C cable.
  • Headset adaptor.


While the phone comes equipped with some pretty good features but with a hefty price tag of USD$ 1500, we wonder if its worth the buck. It runs on Android 9 instead of 10 (for which Motorola promised timely updates) and the battery power is 2,500 mAh, which is 10 percent less than what Google’s Pixel 4 currently offers.

With the phone being launched in collaboration with its exclusive telecom partner Verizon, users may need to go to competitors with the compatible ECM format if they wish to switch their carriers. Other than that, the processor will be 2 years old at the time of the launch.

Still, the new Motorola Razr is primed to be a hit among customers when it goes into official launch. For its price tag, this phone is truly going to be unique among the many present in the ever competent smartphone market. It is truly a comeback sign from Motorola and its answer to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

Microzu Innovation

Are you an industrial shopper? Or Are you interested into online/offline resseler prefer partners? Or are you interested in smart living technologies? If you are interested in any of these then you have set your foot to the right place because Microzu is an efficient combination of physical retail locations, quality electronic technology products and it is an e-commerce website which provides services at incredibly competitive prices. Microzu is based upon H-commerce and the term H-commerce is invented by the fonder of microzu. H-commerce is believed to be a platform for online, offline and mobile commerce combined in to one technology.

Microzu has the following five categories:

  1. E-commerce provider
  2. AI cloud solutions
  3. Showroom of smart home products
  4. Virtual warehouse marketplace
  5. Smart home applications


Individual consumers can utilize the Y-box as the microzu’s premiere technology hardware. It is basically a home to all-in-one, including the private cloud server, storage, firewall hub, wi-fi extender and others. Microzu provides quite a few services, while using microzu you can have a peace of mind that the hardware you will be using is completely safe. Y-box is one of the most popular products and it is also completely safe to use. It is a combination of e-commerce, technology services, artificial intelligence and so much more.

Some of the sources through which the microzu generates revenue include electronic commerce orders, retail walk-in sales, wholesale accounts, cloud solutions, AI, and lastly, smart living and home services. All these sources make microzu one of its kind due to its vast variety of services.

Some of the goals of microzu are as follow:

  1. To make sure that microzu has retail places where the industrial shoppers or other consumers can get quality products at affordable prices.
  2. To ensure that microzu leads the electronic retails in smart living. It also aims at making microzu a reliable place for the consumers.
  3. Another major aim is to go for online and offline reseller prefer partners.
  4. Ensure expertise in the field of smart living.

The company has been able to create an intranet of things with the help of developing a cloud hardware which acts as a private application server. The unique thing about microzu is that it not only focuses upon technology but also focuses upon human security.

Ybox is a private home cloud platform that comes with hardware and software. It comes with seven unique features is able to operate with any operating system or communication carrier. All the technological products that are created microzu are safe and secure from malicious intruders. Microzu aims at generating revenues through the business opportunities that they create for the public and the consumers. The unique idea of having virtual warehouse marketplace, smart living gears, applications, hardware and software.

However, there are some restraints behind the drivers behind the market. The problems are that the market is not necessity-driven but it is convenience-driven. Also, there is a high cost of switching for the already existing smart device consumers. There also some issues related to the privacy and security.

The start od microzu leads back to the selling of computer parts but in the current times, microzu is a full fledge company which is technologically advanced and has come up with unique ideas. Not only this, the company now focuses upon smart home and electronic services, virtual warehouse focusing and so many other things. The unique thing about the company is that it comes up with the unique and innovative ideas with the help of the expertise of the engineers and others experts working in the company. It then invests on these innovative ideas to make sure that the market demand is met.

Out of all the goals that the company has, it mainly focuses upon technological advancement to have a smart living. The company also aims to become the go-to place for firms and consumers where they can find the right products on an affordable price. The company’s mission is to become an asset for the society and for the environment as well. They also aim to create scholarships for students who belong to the fields of technology or business. With the philosophy of being creative and aware, microzu aims at providing advanced services to the consumers.

TTSPY Review: A Leading Parental Control Application For Smartphones

What is TTSPY?

TTSPY is a leading parental control application for smartphones that allows parents to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp and much more

Why we need TTSPY?

Thus, while other monitoring applications have limited functions or support, a multifunctional TTSPY telephone tracker can provide support for all users. Actually, it is the most efficient software to track online activity and the location of someone who exists today.

Features of TTSPY

By installing TTSPY on your child’s phone, you can see exactly what he’s doing and who he’s talking to on social media and his smartphone. You can also track the position of their phone.

There are two editions, Basic and Premium, which support a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You will find below a list of the features available with the Premium Plan:

1. GPS Tracking: TTSPY not only records the GPS location of your child’s phone but also sends it so you can see exactly where your child is all day long. You can even see his position in real-time on a map.

2. Read text messages: read their text messages sent and received, even if they are deleted from the phone.

3. View call history: Find out who they are calling and who is calling them. Get details such as phone numbers, contact names, date, time and duration of calls.

4. Read instant messages: Watch their instant messaging conversations like WhatsApp and Skype, as well as social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. This feature is only available on rooted Android and jailbroken Android devices.

5. Keylogger: Record all user keystrokes while using their Android phone. This feature is only available for Android OS version 4.0 and later.

6. Read emails: Read all incoming and outgoing emails. You can also read emails sent via Gmail and other email clients.

7. View photos and videos: View all photos and videos stored on your child’s phone.

8. Monitor Internet activities: check the websites they visit, their search history, and the web pages they visit.

9. Access contacts and calendar: Browse your child’s contacts to see who they are communicating with. Check all calendar events on their phone.

How does TTSPY work?

TTSPY collects information about the target device and sends you to your control panel (your account will be created after purchase). … TTSPY collects data from the device on which it is installed and displayed in the control panel where you can access any Internet browser.

Compatibility Information

TTSPY Compatible With All Popular Devices

For iOS Devices

  • Well-suited with all iOS versions
  • The device must be Internet-enabled
  • You do not need physical access to the device if you already have its iCloud authorizations (Apple ID & Password).
  • Physical access is required if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the checked device or 2-factor/2-step verification is enabled.
  • Monitoring of calls
  • Oversight of the full contact list
  • Sent/Received Text Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Browsing History
  • Events
  • Notes
  • Installed apps

For Android Devices

  • The target device must be a fully functioning Android 4+
  • The target Android device must be linked to the Internet
  • You’ll need physical control of the device to install TTSPY
  • Instant messengers monitoring works on rooted Androids only
  • Monitoring of communication apps (Snapchat, Skype, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, WhatsApp, Telegram) and optional blocking
  • Current GPS Location
  • Text Messaging (including recently deleted)
  • Monitoring of phone calls
  • Review the full contact list and block unwilling contacts
  • Read all emails (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Internet usage: Browsing History/Bookmarks/Keyword alerts/Optional blocking
  • Calendar Activities
  • Device Wipeout
  • & more!

Determine Your Android Version

  1. Open your phone’s menu. Tap System Settings
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom
  3. Select About phone
  4. The OS version of your device is shown under Android version

Customer Service and Support

If you need any technical support, contact our customer care service. Note: To use TTSPY to its full potential,  

Common Questions

Q: What is TTSPY and how does it work?

TTSPY is an excellent cell phone tracking app that makes it easy to track your kids’ activities on their smartphones. Available for Android and iOS, it allows you to read all of your child’s call logs and SMS (even deleted), track their GPS location and monitor their phone activity.

The way it works is simple. Simply download the TTSPY application on your child’s phone and she will provide you with details of phone usage. If TTSPY is installed on an iPhone or Android phone, you can then monitor the phone’s activity from the TTSPY website.

Q: Is TTSPY hidden?

The application is invisible to the monitored user. There is no indication that TTSPY is running while it is active. The application has no icons on the phone. It starts automatically each time the phone is turned on and stays hidden.

Q: Is TTSPY legal?

The TTSPY software is 100% legal as long as the phone on which you install it is your phone. If you try to use TTSPY to monitor a cell phone that you do not own or you do not have the appropriate written consent, you may be violating federal laws and state laws.

As long as you are the parent or legal guardian and the child is under the age of 18, you are legally allowed to monitor your child’s activities without notifying them.


TTSPY has everything you need from mobile monitoring software. It offers a long list of features, including the ability to track websites visited, calls made and received, messages sent and received and keystrokes typed, and even block any app or website. It has a user-friendly web-based control panel and excellent customer service. The app interface is very easy to use and works on all major operating systems.

web design agencies new york

The Most Promising Web Design Agencies of New York in 2019

New York is the ultimate hub of inspiration, replete with talent for web development, advertising, and design. As one of the leading cities in the world, New York sees its fair share of Web Design Agencies.

The New York city is sprawling with the most creative web design agencies, where crème-de-la-crème talent gravitates together to create works of art that create everlasting impressions. The top design firms in New York are home to some of the most brilliant industry experts who work seamlessly together to craft winning digital strategies incorporating website development, marketing, and graphic design. They breathe life into each client’s vision through a stunning website that gets measurable results. Here are some of the most amazing web design company to look out for in 2019.

Big Spaceship

In the heart of Brooklyn, the “Digital Dumbo” area of New York, lies this gem of a digital creative agency that is making great splashes. They were founded on a collaborative process which continues to guide their work. Their work is the epitome of their principles, and their projects not only feel united on every front but never cease to push the capabilities and expectations of the web.


Branex is a top-of-the-line creative digital company in New York, dedicated to enriching digital experiences by providing innovative and ingenious solutions to small and large-scale businesses. Every day, they strive to assist you in augmenting your brand’s online visibility, increasing reach & engagement with your target audience, and eventually driving sales. As one of the leading web design agencies in New York, they understand that every client has a unique set of requirements that can be in the form of either generating leads, increasing sales or boosting traffic on their virtual storefronts, and strive hard to deliver them just that.


Being a hybrid production company, B Reel has artfully mastered the field of advanced digital production for physical installations, mobile, web and other media. Their heightened ability to craft over-the-top pieces of digital content has made them a real force to contend with. From earth-shattering interactive music videos to astounding Chrome Experiments, B-Reel is fast becoming popular as one of the most creative digital production companies in the business.


This humanity obsessed, technology friendly, strategically driven, and creatively led advertising network is known for some of the most inventive pieces of work, such as The Great Schlep” viral campaign for the Obama presidential campaign and “Tap Project” for UNICEF.

Blue Fountain Media

This full-service international digital agency integrates email marketing, pay per click, SEO, and social media campaigns to achieve stunning results through the use of various harmonized marketing campaigns via their 3-prong approach which entails generating repeat business and brand loyalty, converting visitors into customers and leads, and driving qualified traffic. This strategy allows them to target potential clients on a global, national and local scale. Their delivery quality dictates precede their reputation, which shows how laser-focused they are on providing tangible results.

Lounge Lizard

This New York based web design and app development agency offers a wide array of services to their valued customers. Lounge Lizard sees your app development through all the way from the initial app idea to the complete brand identity design, making sure of web quality across various devices. They provide over-the-top marketing strategy and easy access social media development to companies in New York and worldwide. Their customer-centric approach helps them retain consumer goals.


This state-of-the-art online company provides specialized products such as marketing and website design in the online world. A web design company and a marketing company merged together to form Fishbat, a company boasting of experienced professionals having ample expertise in both the fields. The management

This company is one that focuses on teamwork, ensuring a seamless transition from design to marketing, which is exemplified in their 94% customer retention rate- meaning customer’s love working with them. Everyone at this company guarantees quality work with their services from branding to social media management.

The Future Forward

This New-York based creative agency is highly specialized in the development of custom website experiences, visual identity design, and brand strategy. Their philosophy is even reflected in their name. First, they help their clients envision an unprecedented future, then work toward bringing their dream to reality.

Domani Studios

Since its launch in 2009, the studio has been expanding its reach to an ever more global audience. Their name has been linked to myriad integrated and digital works praised the world over. They aspire to craft a winning digital experience for each client, starting from analytics and strategy all the way to design execution and creation. Their clientele includes some major impressive names.


Crafted is one of the best design agencies in New York, specializing in the creation and design of native apps and websites for clients. This is why, it comes as no surprise that most of their clients are in the start-up categories and fortune 500 brands. They always work on producing seamlessly functioning and aesthetic creations that set their clients apart from the rest. This is achieved by maintaining a constant stream of communications with clients to help them achieve the desired results and increase visibility. Not only has Crafted been featured in one of the top most interactive agencies in the world, it is also one of the best digital agencies in New York.

Best Document Scanning Apps of 2019

Chuck your Run-of-the-Mill Scanners Out the Window; Document Scanning Apps take the Center Stage in 2019

Whether you’re looking to handle business on the road or log receipts for a big project, scanner apps let you bid adieu to the nuisance of bulky all-in-one printers or dedicated scanners. Even better, some of these apps help put your scanned documents to use, mark up images, and make it easier for you to share scans via emails or on social media. Keep your documents safe on the cloud for future use. So, alleviate your reliance on paper, save trees, and go digital with the best document scanning apps of 2019.


While we are about to see a plethora of Document scanner apps emerge in 2019, we focus on CamScanner here; one of the highest rated Android document scanner Apps of the year, touting over 350 million downloads. Did you know that you could turn your phone into a full-fledge scanner?

Be it a business card, whiteboard discussion, invoice, a note, receipt or any other document, scan it to your phone’s gallery in a matter of seconds. The app’s Optical Character Recognition feature helps you extract text from images and an internal optimization tool makes sure that all the graphics and text are sharp and clear enough to appear legible, with premium colors and resolutions. The app lets you print any scanned documents via AirPrint if you have a printer at hand and share them as .JPEG or .PDF. The app also allows you to make annotations on documents with a full set of editing tools. Not to mention, adding customized watermarks are available to mark your own documents.

Genius Scan

Wish that you could carry your scanner on the go in your pocket? Genius Scan is a powerful mobile scanning app for scanning documents, having said to have digitized over half a billion documents since its inception. The intuitive app turns your paper-based documents into PDF files and JPG. Its limelight features include image enhancement, perspective correction, smart page detection. Using patch scanning, dozens of pages can be digitized within seconds. Not only does the app enhances the readability of documents, all the scanned pages can be organized using a search function, tags, and titles. The cropping feature is particularly useful as it can help you crop out the background of any other old picture and make it look like any other scan.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

No photo editing talk is ever complete without Adobe apps popping up in between. As such, Adobe Scan allows users to capture and scan all your physical documents and view it in an easy-to-use and simple UI, with an ability to share as PDF or images. Adobe Scan automatically enhances your photos automatically, recognizes text (using OCR), optimizes sharpness, and automatically detects borders to ensure the highest quality. Not to mention, you can edit PDF directly and convert it to a Microsoft Office file.

Adobe Scan is probably all the more popular due to its close integration with Adobe’s other apps, not least Adobe Fill & Sign and Adobe Acrobat. This means in addition to scanning documents into PDF format, you can also sign, annotate, edit and work collaboratively with the scanned documents. 

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner

While this document scanning app also touts all the wonderful features we talked about above, it turns your phone into a document scanner with a host of other value-added features, such as multiple editing tools to heighten legibility, print scanned documents via Cloud Print, and exporting your documents into PDF files. What helps set this app apart from other apps is that it is available free of cost and allows you to scan as many documents as you want without having to pay a dime.

Clear Scan

Clear Scan - Free Document Scanner App

This spectacular document scanning app truly lives up to its name; It focuses on scanning your documents clearly with a host of value-added features such as the ability to email specific pages, text extraction images using OCR, sharing scanned documents through myriad cloud storages, printing documents via Cloud Print, flexible editing tools, high quality, perspective correction, and automatic edge detection. The page size for various PDF files can also be modified. What makes this app truly a gem is the smallest space it takes in your phone, like its not there at all!


TinyScan - Document Scanner App

While this app is the latest addition to the scanner app market, it is already garnering a bevy of satisfied followers with a 4.75-star rating and over 290,000 reviews on Google Play. The app gives you password protection, image editing, faxing, and cloud storage integration at the fraction of the price of other apps. Instead of confusing the users with endless menus, you can get great looking results with a few simple sliders. Hone your scanning abilities with a free version of the app, through it allows a few free scans before instigating you to upgrade to a paid version, which offers more export options when creating PDFs, better image optimization options, and improves scan quality. However, what this app makes for in terms of features, it lags behind in post-processing. Whereas most apps automatically adapt settings, you need to manually tweak the settings each time before scanning a document, to most out of the app.