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Credit Card Fraud

How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

How to protect yourself from credit card fraud? Some of the steps you can take include not paying for anything in person and not clicking on suspicious text messages. Go paperless and only pay for online purchases. If you receive a phone call asking for your credit card information, do not answer it. Instead, call the customer service number listed on the back of your card. Check Indigo credit card login for any trouble. Also, do not give out your credit card information in public or in front of others.

Avoid paying by card at businesses with a magnetic stripe payment system

The most common fraud scheme involves stolen or lost credit cards. If they are not caught in time, the thieves may go on a shopping spree before the owner even realizes. While these thieves are less likely to steal a card in person, they may still use it online to make purchases. To prevent fraud, avoid paying with your card at businesses that use a magnetic stripe payment system. Instead, ask the clerk to process your payment manually, so that no one else can access the card information.

Another risk associated with magnetic stripe payment systems is skimming. Skimming occurs when a fraudulent card reader is placed over a legitimate one, allowing an attacker to clone your card. To avoid falling victim to this scam, make sure the card reader at the store you’re visiting is protected. This includes gas pumps. When possible, avoid paying for gasoline at gas pumps.

Generally, magnetic stripe cards don’t offer much security, and are a prime target for thieves. Because these cards do not contain encryption, criminals are able to copy the information from the magnetic stripe on a card, allowing them to access accounts in stores and online. Instead, microchip cards use a superior system, which uses a one-time encrypted digital signature. For added security, you can also request the use of a signature or PIN.

Don’t click on suspicious text messages

Don’t click on suspicious text messages and avoid purchasing apps with questionable senders. If you click on links in suspicious text messages, you can unknowingly install malware or visit malicious websites. In addition, replying to suspicious texts may reveal your phone number, which can be sold to other bad actors. Instead of replying, block the threatening texts and report them to your wireless carrier. If you suspect that a text is from a phishing company, don’t click on its link. The message could contain malicious links that download keyloggers and install malware on your device.

Be wary of smishing scams, which often include fake email addresses and short codes. Fake text messages will often request information or request financial or personal information from you immediately. They may contain awkward language or misspelled words. Legitimate texts will use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Be sure to always check the source of the message. If the number is unfamiliar, it could be a scam.

SMS or short message service (SMS) scams are another common way to commit credit card fraud. These messages are quick to grab your attention, and 80% of people open them within 15 minutes. To prevent falling victim to phishing, always check the source of incoming texts. If you have doubts, you can call the number back and report the smashing message.

Set up real-time alerts for transactions over a set dollar amount

You may have heard of credit card alerts, which let you know when you make a purchase that’s suspicious. But did you know that you can set up an alert for transactions over a specific dollar amount? This simple technique can help you protect your bank account and identity from credit card fraud. You can set an alert for purchases, account balance, or activity, and you’ll be notified by email or text message if something is suspicious.

Most credit card issuers offer these services. They’re free to use, and you won’t be charged for the texts or data your cell phone provider sends. In addition to credit card fraud alerts, the credit card issuer may send you alerts for other account activity. These notifications can help you manage your account more efficiently. Nevertheless, it’s still important to monitor your account activity regularly to protect yourself from fraudulent transactions.

Setting up real-time alerts for transactions over an amount you specify can protect you from credit card fraud. These alerts let you know whenever your card is used or has been discarded by a thief. You can also choose to receive notifications via text or email when your card is used. Depending on the card issuer, you can also sign up for free credit monitoring services to keep an eye on your account. Check more trending on Balthazar Korab

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication Combat Potential Threats and Scams

Biometric authentication is a changing technology that is incorporated in many institutions. Traditional identity verification systems have multiple drawbacks but online biometric authentication has a beneficial value. For instance, mobile phones have incorporated facial recognition technology through which mobiles can be unlocked in an instance. Overall, the technology is beneficial to both the customer and the business. They have been able to secure doors through face recognition to enable automatic attendance. 

These technologies have not only made processes easier but have also busted many risks. For example, facial recognition technology has minimized the risks of fake identities. 

How Does Biometric Authentication Help Easy AML And KYC Compliance?

Biometrics is the mathematical analysis and measurement of human characteristics and behaviors. The analysis of the unique identity of the individuals is used to authenticate them. Nowadays, Biometric authentication is being used widely to perform verifications for multiple purposes such as security and transactions. 

Biometric authentication technology has the ability in identifying individuals based on their biometrics extracted.  The behavioral and physical attributes can be used for criminal investigations such as biometrics or to track kidnappers from public CCTV footage. Artificial intelligence biometric identification recognizes the characteristics and matches the face with thousands of profiles. 

Fingerprints are also used to unlock doors or to scan the DNAs of criminals who have touched the crime scenes. Many companies have also incorporated iris recognition as an added security of biometric authentication. These technological advancements have allowed verifications without any physical contact which is the need of the hour due to the COVID pandemic. 

Why the Need for Biometric verification?

In the world of digital services, frauds and hacks are prevailing. The more the hacks increase the more important it gets to minimize the risk of identity thefts and imposter fraud. Thankfully, the incorporation of artificial intelligence technology has streamlined the biometric authentication process. As a result, businesses are more than happy to empower a technology that makes KYC and AML compliance easier.  

Furthermore, in order to verify the claim that a person is who they claim to be, biometric identification is necessary with minimum contact. Financial institutions need KYC and AML compliance and to verify the clients they need biometric authentication services. Financial sectors have multiple clients of different natures such as UBOs and PEPs and they need to effectively verify them through sanctions lists already available. Additionally, banks have to keep fraudsters out of their systems for KYC compliance. 

This is why banks have adopted online biometric technology that also removes the chances of any physical contact. Biometric technology such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, iris recognition is being widely adopted by banks and many financial institutions. These approaches make it nearly impossible for criminals to thieve identities. 

How Does Biometric Authentication Work?

There are multiple authentication processes that we will be looking at while knowing that biometric authentication is the standard check nowadays. 

  1. Facial recognition: Biometric authentication uses characteristics such as 
    1. The shape of the face 
    2. Size of the features
    3. The positioning of eyes, nose, lips, and ears 
    4. The distance between two features for example the distance between the eyes
    5. Texture and tone of the skin
    6. The thickness of the skin for in-depth analysis 
  1. Fingerprint scanning: The unique prints of the skin such as the thumb make up fingerprints. These prints are used by experts to examine and extract information. Fingerprint recognition is widely used in government organizations and stored in passports as a verification check. 
  2. Voice patterns: Although voices can sound similar, they are definitely different. The combination of all characteristics such as pitch, profundity, and more make up an individual’s voice. Voice recognition has been enabled in multiple leading mobiles to unlock phones or direct orders. 
  3. DNA: DNA testing is done on individuals to find the connection between two people. Relative share codes that have slight similarities in them. DNA testing is usually performed when trying to catch a murderer or a criminal physically present on a crime scene. 

Final Words

Biometric authentication is the new technology that businesses must acquire. It is promisingly changing the future of frauds and scams. It is not only weeding out criminals but also providing security. It further improves the productivity of organizations through robust technology. These verifications can be incorporated in different industries and make regulatory compliance easier. 

Secure Your System

6 Best Methods To Secure Your System Against Viruses

Secure Your System

A malicious virus in your computer can do anything from leaking your data all over the internet to making your system extremely slow. No matter how careful you are, there is always the risk of a malicious party getting into your system using a virus.

This holds true for both smartphones and PCs. Even if you have the best smartphone with Secure Your System by Spectrum mobile plans, you need to take protective measures against viruses.

The same goes for your computer. You need to take all the measures you can to prevent viruses from attacking your system. These viruses can cause intense damage and are a huge security risk as well. Furthermore, they can make your computer essentially unusable.

Therefore, you should do your best to secure your system against viruses. Often, just one measure will not suffice. Instead, opt for some or all of the following suggestions to implement as much security as possible.  

Install Antivirus Software

This is the first thing you should do when you buy a system. Get an antivirus software suite that is highly reputable and covers all major threats such as viruses, worms, hacking, and others Report facebook hack. Most of these antivirus suites are available for purchase online, and are quite easy to install.

These will run in the background and deal with any threats that try to invade your system. Additionally, you should also run full antivirus scans so that these softwares can go right into the depths and remove even the most innocuous of threats from your system.

Update Your System

You should keep your system updated, with all the latest patches that the OS developers put out. This is because most system updates are in response to security breaches somewhere, resulting in newer and stronger safety protocols.

Do not ignore those system update alerts you get, and make sure you have the latest security patches for your system.

Most of the programmes will have various updates lined up, and this usually involves improved security standards. So, keep both your computer and its various software apps constantly updated, so that you have the latest in attack prevention.

Install Adblock Software

Ads are one of the biggest culprits which let viruses into your computer. This is especially true for random ads from companies or video games you’ve never heard about. Many malicious parties use ads as a medium to get into people’s systems.

The best thing to do is not to click on any ads which are from suspicious sources. However, a great solution is to install adblock in your computer, so that you don’t see any ads to begin with.

Whitelist any websites you use which don’t let you access their content without ads but make sure these websites are legit. 

Use Strong Passwords

Your system and all your online accounts should have strong password protection in place. Make sure you use a mixture of alphabets, numbers, and special characters, and do not use any identifiable information in your passwords.

Furthermore, you must make sure your passwords are long enough to not be guessed easily. In addition, make sure you have different passwords for all your accounts so one being breached does not lead to a crisis.

Do not leave your passwords written visibly anywhere. Instead, keep them in a safe location away from your system.

Avoid Suspicious Links

Most phishing and invasion attempts are made through suspicious links, whether on a webpage or send via email. If you see such links, do not click on them.

In addition, before you click on any link you see on social media, hover over it to see where it leads to. Usually, malicious links are disguised as shortened URLs and the post itself looks quite legitimate.

Therefore, do not open suspicious emails, do not click on random links Secure Your System, and always check where an email attachment is coming from.

Before proceeding to URL, you should check HTTPS and a secured padlock in the browser. Moreover, you can check certificate details with a single click on a padlock. For example, a website having a wildcard SSL may be DV wildcard, OV wildcard SSL and you can check certificate details in the browser.

Avoid Cracked Software

If you use cracked software, then you won’t get the official updates the company will give regularly. Furthermore, a cracked app may also contain nefarious files that will lead to virus attacks on your computer.

Many cracked software apps are basically viruses disguised as programs, and end up creating major issues for your computer.

Instead, opt for legitimate software copies, so that you get all the security features and updates involved as well.

In conclusion, a combination of these preventive methods can protect your computer from viruses quite effectively. Make sure you incorporate these, so that your system remains safe and unbreached.


Need a dedicated server

The Need for Dedicated Servers for Small Businesses Keeping the Price Factor in Mind

Businesses do not realize the Importance of website hosting in their early days. But that’s exactly when they have to give it its due value as it can make or break a business’s prospect in a quick time. Businesses can experience downtime, and that can be disastrous for them in the long term.

In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, there are many aspects that businesses need to think about for sustaining their ventures. Things can take an ugly turn for the worse as there are factors that are always against businesses trying to establish themselves in a saturated marketplace. One of the few critical factors is the pricing that I would like to discuss in detail with respect to website hosting. 


Why is Pricing Important? 

The affordability factor is the most critical one, so that businesses must think about it. For small businesses and startups, it can be the deciding factor as the cost of a dedicated server can be out of reach for many of them. Businesses need to think about how they can make the most of their money by selecting the best service in this concern. 

It is a simple factor that when you pay less, you won’t get excellent service in any concern. But I would like to clarify one thought that is quite common. A high price is always thought of as being the reason behind a product being of top quality, and a low price is about the product of a low quality. Some of the time, this can be correct, but most of the time, it is not the case. 

The quality factor is not always directly proportional to the price of a product. There are several examples in which companies offer products with a substandard quality despite products being expensive. In some other cases, exorbitant prices, especially in the case of Apple products, are a prime example of companies demanding prices that are not justified. Even though the quality of Apple’s products is top-notch, many people don’t buy it as they can’t afford the price. 

Pricing of a Good Hosting Server

Need to be precise when it comes to hosting servers because the word good doesn’t specify exactly what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking forward to excellent hosting service, then you need to go for a cheap dedicated server hosting. In this way, apparently, you have to pay a huge amount so that you can get the finest service. 

Most of the time, what we pay is what we get is usually right. That’s why if you are willing to get a dedicated server for your business, the price may be high. But still, you don’t need to go for a cheap hosting server because this is certainly not the choice in any case. One of the best reasons for this concern is related to quality. 

The quality of the service is one factor for which you can sell out some extra amount. Even small businesses look for dedicated service because they know that to make their website available to the customers 24/7, they need a dedicated server to help them out. Quality is also related to the customer support of that company so that they can have a sigh of relief, knowing that they have got the best support regarding a hosting service.

Getting a Dedicated Server for Best Result 

So, we’re finally come to the topic of dedicated servers as by now, I am sure that my readers are now aware of how the price factor works. If you want great service for your small business, this is one aspect you can’t show leniency. But certainly, you can’t select any hosting service that you come across. You need to check the facilities and features of that service before finalizing any service with them. 

Firstly, you have to evaluate your own requirements so that you can compare it with the hosting service. Besides, you must be aware of your current and future needs related to the hosting server and all the related facilities that a hosting service provides. 

On the other hand, the hosting service providers know their strengths and weaknesses and exactly what they can offer to their customers. Businesses need to contact hosting services with a complete set of questions that they have in mind so that there is nothing left to the imagination. This is the time you need to be perfectly sure that the hosting service you are about to get is the best in the business according to your specifications. 

If you thank you that you are unable to select a hosting service, imotion reviews are one of the best ways to get all the information and feedback from their customers. 

The Functionality of a Hosting Services 

Businesses must focus on how to sustain current and future growth. This is probably the most critical aspect of running a business. Starting a business and launching a website is not that much difficult. The real deal is how to make that website accessible to potential customers 24/7/365. In other words, the uptime must be minimum 99.9% so that you leave no stone unturned in giving your visitors the best possible.

There are many factors for which you can’t tell about the services at the level of support that you will get from the hosting service you have hired. Once a problem will arise, their reaction will tell about their competence. And if they won’t react in the way that you have anticipated, probably you have to talk to them about how they are going to offer you excellent and prompt customer support.

Customer support should cover all the aspects of how your business is going to work. As you have opted for the dedicated server and are paying a premium amount, you richly deserve the service, which is the best in the business. Never settle down for anything less than the service level that is top-notch; you will know that you are a professional company and won’t spare them in case of any mishap or glitch in the services. 

Over to you

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog, or want to ask a question, you are welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

Windows 10: File Explorer Can Crash on Latest Update

Windows 10: File Explorer Can Crash on Latest Update

The November 2019 update for Windows 10 introduced a very useful new tool: a search engine in the file explorer. However, it can completely crash, forcing a restart.

After a rate of update very sustained or overly supported, Microsoft has decided to calm the game on Windows 10. Now, major updates are a little more spread over time, which does not prevent some new features to be deployed regularly.

With the latest update of November 2019, Windows 10 has recovered a very practical aspect: the file explorer now offers a new search engine to preview files searched and files stored in the cloud OneDrive.

The bug file explorer under Windows 10 November 2019
Little problem: it does not seem completely finalized. As reported by Windows Latest and many users on Microsoft forums, using the search engine often leads to … a complete crash of the file explorer. This requires a complete restart of the application before being usable again.


LikePatrol, Instagram Spying App Removed from Google App Store

LikePatrol was developed to track all of your followers, likes, and comments to send them a notification, it is a spy application. Even if you a follower that you never interacted, this app had the privilege to talk to that subscriber without even notifying you or seeking your permission.

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A Simple GIF Is Hacking Millions of Whatsapp Accounts

If you haven’t updated your WhatsApp lately, now is the time to update it as a GIF is allowing hackers to hack your device and steal your data.

If you have been infected, you will see your app getting crashed and your stuff is being stolen.

If you get any GIF from an unknown account, it is advised not to open it as it creates a pathway for the hacker to get into your smartphone.

Luckily, iPhone users are safe from this attack but an Android user is more likely to get hacked.

Whatsapp has fixed the issue in the next update, it is advised to all the WhatsApp users to update their app. before you get a hit from a random hacker, stealing all your files away.

Nokia Ranked No.1 Worldwide In Software and Security Updates

According to Counterpoint Research, Nokia is currently number one in security updates, currently, 96% of all Nokia phones are running Android Pie.

Data was collected by Counterpoint Research and their main focus was to maintain security and Android stability.

Nokia phones software updates

While, Samsung was able to rank second, as well as Xiaomi was on the third rank. Huawei was able to secure fourth place.

Now the question arises that which smartphone brand is taking less time in launching the Android Pie

Do not sleep with your smartphone charging in bed

Shortly after falling asleep, a 19-year-old woman from Michigan (United States) woke up with burns and a severe pain in her neck. Thinking that this wound was due to her collar, she pulled it out and headed for local emergencies. The source of this evil was actually different.

After examination, this injury was actually caused by the charger of her phone whose cable was under her pillow. The power supply was plugged into the power grid, but the phone was not charging at that time. According to the doctors quickly established the link:

We think that his injury was caused by the electric current from the charger, the end of which probably touched his collar, which allowed the current to pass“.

As a result of this incident, the doctors remind that “all devices using a USB charger can cause this type of accident“.

In addition, a study revealed at the beginning of the year that many generic chargers do not pass the electrical safety tests. It is therefore advisable to avoid first-price chargers of unknown brands to favor those of manufacturers or trusted and reputable third-party brands.

Apple suspends listening to Siri requests

The Guardian recently revealed that, like Google Assistant and Alexa, Siri was collecting audio clips of conversations to make them listen and analyze by humans.

In addition to weakening the speech on the protection of privacy of Apple, it turns out that these subcontractors could also fall on recordings of unwanted requests.

Apple wants to conduct a “comprehensive review ” of its quality improvement system from Siri. The manufacturer also indicates that a setting will be set up to allow users to no longer participate in the listener. This option will appear in a future update of Apple’s operating systems.

New WhatsApp Scam Gives Free 1000GB of Data

Recently we have realized a new round of scams on WhatsApp. The report shows that a message has been circulating, claiming that it will provide 1000GB of free mobile data for the follow-up users. Fraud is done through fraudulent websites through fake websites that also provide other fraudulent means for well-known brands.

Beware of the new WhatsApp scam!

Once the user clicks on the link, they are immediately redirected to a website asking them questions to prove their eligibility for 1000GB of “free” data. Officials warned users to be wary of such fraud because their purpose was to involve users in “click fraud.” By redirecting fraudulent users to their website, fraudsters can create fake ad clicks and then generate revenue for the operators of any campaign.

It is important for users to understand any such fraud, as they can greatly harm them and even violate their privacy.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant secretly listens to our conversations

According to the latest report, they’re not only your home speakers, smartphones but they’re security cameras monitoring you, third-party apps are recording and secretly listening to your Google Assistant recordings.

Third-party app secretly listens to Google Assistant recordings

The apps hear everything, they are collecting all your personal information. They listen to your bedroom conversations, domestic violence, and virtually everything.

Well, in fact, in the age of technology, it is impossible to make your personal life so private. This situation is becoming more and more dangerous and worrying. It seems that soon our life will be controlled by all technology giants.

Thousands of Android apps can track your phone

According to the researchers, many applications can now spoof Android’s privilege system, call your device’s unique identifier and enough data to be able to reveal your location.

When an application asks for access to your personal information, simply selecting “No” may not be enough to stop it. Another application you are allowed to access can share this information with another application, or it can add your information to the shared storage system, and other applications (and possibly even malicious applications) can view it.

These applications are built using the same software development kit (SDK) and can share data even if they don’t seem to be linked to each other. There is also evidence that the SDK owner is able to view the information.

Google Maps Will Alert You If Your Taxi Goes Off-Route

Recently, we have learned that the Google Maps app now guarantees your safety by reminding you if your taxi is going off-route.

Google Maps has recently received a new update. The new update brings a feature that will alert you whenever your taxi or car transfers 500 meters. This is a very good security feature. After obtaining this update, a new and important change will occur, which will become the banner at the top, indicating:

“If your driver turns to 500 meters (0.31 miles), you will receive an alert.”

A Missed Call On Whatsapp Is Hacking Whatsapp Accounts

WhatsApp users should update their application right now after the Facebook-owned firm issued a big warning.

The popular Whatsapp service, which is used by over 1.5 billion users, has been targeted by a cyber attack which could allow them to hack smartphones.

A security flaw in WhatsApp can be and has been, suspected to inject malware into users smartphones’: a missed call to a target’s number, and they’re in. The user doesn’t need to do a thing other than leaving their phone on.

The Facebook-owned software is suffering from a classic hacking weakness. This means a successful hacker can control the WhatsApp to run malicious code that reads encrypted chats, listens to calls, turns on the microphone and camera, accesses photos, contacts, and other information on a handheld, and potentially further compromises the device. Call logs can be altered, too, to hide the method of infection.

5 most hacked passwords

UK’s National Cyber Security Center has divulged that reality that no less than 23 million individuals’ information was unlawfully gotten to because of the utilization of secret word 123456.

In spite of the way that utilizing a feeble secret key can bargain your information, individuals still keep on utilizing simple to figure passwords for their records and work accounts, revealed in the UK’s cybersecurity focus report.

Here are the worst 5 passwords which have been uncovered in the report as the powerless;

  • 123456 (23.2 million)
  • 123456789 (7.7 million)
  • qwerty (3.8 million)
  • password (3.6 million)
  • 111111 (3.1 million)

Around 1,350 UK residents were chosen as an example measure for this examination from them just 15% knew how they can ensure their records while 42% hadn’t the foggiest about security or haven’t changed their passwords in most recent 2 years.

Whatsapp Will Block Conversation Screenshots In Next Update

WhatsApp has presented another update for the beta adaptation of its Android application, giving more data on its up and coming validation feature, WABetaInfo reports.

The validation highlight is still a work in progress, however once propelled it will enable clients to bolt WhatsApp behind unique mark authentication.

However, a symptom of empowering this component is that clients will never again have the capacity to take screen captures of their conversations.

Users can set WhatsApp to naturally bolt after a timeframe, and keeping in mind that the application is bolted clients will at present have the capacity to answer to messages from warnings and answer calls.

Other new highlights being tried in the update incorporate an improved UI for WhatsApp Doodle, which is supposedly presently accessible to all beta users.

Google updates two-step verification with modern security keys

Google made it a lot easier to protect your account if you are a user of G Suite. Google is rolling out a new update series for two-step verification, initiating with the UI itself. A user will be able to see new Instructions in images and text that will help you in setting up a security key process and the flow for the process now changes depending on the browser a user is using. A user will get a great experience to Safari and Chrome.

A user will even have a choice of own Bluetooth keys.

A user also will not have to haste to grip one of Google’s own Titan keys if a user wants the extra of Bluetooth. Google is encouraging “expanded” wireless key backing, and a user can enable the feature through a flag if a person is on Linux. All briefed, Users will have a good reason to adopt two-step if you were unwilling to adopt it in the first place.