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10 Of The Best Performance Management Solutions In 2022

The HR department of an organization handles various essential tasks and maintains the efficiency to achieve the company goals along with increasing employees’ performance growth. 

Managing the workforce’s performance is not an easy task in 2022. Evaluation, appraisals, monitoring, goal setting, reviewing, and giving feedback are significant components of the performance management system. It’s a vast subject that requires a manager’s practical evaluating skills. However, the digital practitioners came up with a practical solution that streamlines the process. We will discuss it here:

Performance Management Digital Solution

Technology has altered through each generation and impacted various businesses and their functions. Modern business practices involve implementing digital tools that deliver a great experience and improve the overall efficiency of tasks. Modern software streamlines and automates the PMS process. 

A performance management system helps HR professionals in numerous ways and saves time so they can devote their precious time to other essential tasks. Some popular features of the system are feedback & review cycle, goal-setting, reports & analytics, and performance evaluation. In addition, the system helps in automating different tasks and growing staff efficiency. 

While it’s difficult to eliminate distractions, inefficiencies, and their causes entirely, a lot can be done to improve employees’ productivity with PMS software. Below is a list of PMS tools with essential features to help an organization boost its workforce’s productivity. 

Best PMS Solutions In 2022

1. Zenefits

Zenefits is an internet-based software managing the PMS needs of organizations and boosting the productivity of staff. Its system assists managers in goal management, performance reviews, and scheduling meetings. 

Why Choose Zenefits?

  • Zenefits lets administrators create, update, and track goals so that they can monitor the progress towards them all time.
  • 360 review enables various types of templates to deliver specific reviews to employees. Additionally, one can add their own review template and save it for future use.
  • Important meetings can be scheduled and tracked through the software. And thoughts, ideas, and follow-ups can be set in private notes. 

2. Lattice

Lattice is a PMS software managing the performance data of employees and provides valuable assistance to HR. Its system includes features for performance reviews, feedback, and appraisal tasks.

Why Choose Lattice?

  • Authorized persons can set 360 reviews with the system to track every member’s accomplishments and identify improvement areas.
  • A continuous feedback cycle is established in the workplace, so the employees’ productivity growth can be redefined. 
  • Analytics lets managers get valuable insights into performance data and generate reports, so the management can make necessary decisions.

3. factoHR

factoHR is a cloud solution for organizations to manage performance management functions and enhance employees’ productivity. Its system helps HR managers evaluate employees’ performances, managing & tracking goals, and handling review cycles efficiently.

Why Choose factoHR?  

  • In-built dashboards give a complete view of performance analysis, and necessary decisions can be taken easily.
  • Employees can add OKRs assigned to them, and on achievement, managers can add reviews or ratings.
  • Employees can give their opinions regarding the goals and hurdles so it gets resolved after.
  • The system integrates PMS with payroll to generate accurate salaries for the workforce based on their work.

4. Deputy

Deputy is a SaaS-based solution handling numerous organizations’ PMS activities and enhancing productivity. The software runs the feedback process and provides necessary insights into performance data. 

Why Choose Deputy?

  • Managers can leave ratings on employees’ work, and they can track it to use in performance reviews.
  • Staff members can drop feedback at the end of the shift, so the managers can identify hurdles and resolve them.
  • Dashboards provide managers with performance ratings, comments, and trends. So they can prepare valuable reports easily.
  • With Deputy, managers can also access the performance data from anywhere as it comes with a mobile application.

5.  Personio

Personio is web-based PMS software enhancing employees’ efficiencies. Its system helps HR professionals track performances, generate reports, and run review cycles. 

Why Choose Personio?  

  • Manages can efficiently set up review cycles for the entire company or certain teams and monitor all progress.
  • The 360-feedback feature brings a holistic reflection of tasks as peers and authorized persons give feedback on employees’ work, and the workforce can provide upward reviews of their seniors. 
  • Administrators can define and track both quantitative and qualitative targets through the system. If the targets are connected to the bonus, then the results are automatically sent to payroll.

6. Paylocity

Paylocity is a PMS solution for businesses to improve the workforce’s productivity. Its software enables assistance for efficiently managing goals, performance reviews, feedback processes, and gaining data insights. 

Why Choose Paylocity?  

  • Individual goals can be added and managed with Paylocity. It helps the workforce in their personal growth. 
  • Using the system’s 9-box method of performance reviews, each employee can participate in the review process. In addition, succession planning can be done by determining success elements, remarkable scoring options, worker potential, and enthusiasm for the next role. 
  • Visual dashboards help authorized persons observe key metrics, determine trends, and make data-driven decisions.

7. 15five

15five is a robust PMS solution for HR professionals to enhance PMS functions and improve efficiency. The software handles performance review cycles, skills assessment, goal management, progress tracking, and KPIs regarding activities. 

Why Choose 15five?  

  • The system assists in building a review culture wherein the staff members get a complete review of their work/achievements, and they can know their strengths and weaknesses from supervisors and peers. 
  • The customizable 9-box grid method is pre-built in the system to make decisions regarding organizational performance. 
  • The software provides robust reports based on performance rating distribution, so that top management easily makes necessary decisions. 
  • Employees can share their personal growth wins during reviews.

8. Talentguard

Talentguard is a PMS tool that streamlines PMS activities and reduces the HR manager’s burden. The system assists superiors in skills assessment, performance appraisals, and goals development.  

Why Choose Talentguard?  

  • Dashboards allow supervisors to review and track their team’s progress.
  • 360 feedback feature allows receivers to get a complete view of their achievements by receiving feedback from their peers, manager, or customers.
  • Organizational and departmental goals can be set and directly assigned to workers via Talentguard.
  • Key metrics help managers in recognizing and rewarding staff members. 
  • Employees can easily get feedback from peers and managers. In fact, the review and feedback process can be customized as per the need.

9.  PeopleHR

PeopleHR is an online software handling the performance review cycle of various companies. The system enhances the review process by enabling 360 feedback, in-built templates, and goal-setting features.  

Why Choose PeopleHR?

  • With the help of PeopleHR’s system, managers can set goals and track them in real-time. 
  • The software sends timely reminders and notifications to the administrator to prompt action. 
  • 360 feedback feature lets workers get a complete review of their work from colleagues, supervisors, or reports. 
  • The software assures all the workers are provoked to add the review set for them by administrators. And supervisors can monitor the status of reviews.

10. SyncHR

SyncHR is an internet-based software automating various organizations’ PMS functions. The system assists HR professionals in different activities such as goals management & tracking, feedback & review process, and development plans.  

Why Choose SyncHR? 

  • Using SyncHR, management can align individual performance with company objectives and goals. And also, they can track the status of goals.
  • The performance review process can be streamlined by getting continuous feedback. Employees can get 360 feedback on the accomplishment of tasks.
  • Managers and the workforce can get real-time insights into goals alignment and skills through the dashboard. 
  • Supervisors can highlight employees’ competencies for their professional development, and they can also set company development plans.


Performance management is a mandatory process to run for any organization that aims for better productivity of employees and the company. Employee productivity influences the company’s goals and achievements; that’s why it should develop an efficient work environment that encourages the workforce to get better outputs. In the context of small startups with a smaller workforce, scheduling software is in demand as it saves time and money and streamlines the process. 

As mentioned earlier, digital solutions can help automate various tasks and remove errors. Therefore, the above-suggested tools can be considered while automating PMS tasks.

Why Custom Software Development Is Better for The beginners

Why Custom Software Development Is Better for The beginners

Businesses are going online these days. The importance of digital marketing is growing. Customized software solutions are the most excellent fit for evolving company requirements. As there is a lot of competition in the market, it is now essential to have custom software to show the uniqueness of your business. Let us move on and understand what is custom software development and why is it necessary for beginners:

What do you mean by custom software development?

Custom software development means getting an application developed according to your requirements. 

Not every application can serve the purpose for you. Same way, not every business is the same, and thus there arises a need for custom software development. Are you a beginner in the development field or have a new start-up? Let us help you know why you must opt for custom software development.

What are the benefits of custom software development for beginners?

There was a time when you might have made it through the business rush by relying on one of the many generic software solutions available. Unfortunately, the time has flown much too quickly, and the stakes are far too significant. So, if you want to improve the efficiency of your business operations, you’ll require specialized software. Of course, because your organization does not have a separate software department, you will have to rely on third-party developers. That is a difficult task, but a few ideas can help. 

Custom software portrays your business in detail.

Software firms may specialize in a particular sector or offer a wide range of products at a fundamental level. With some comprehensive study, you may locate a software development company that provides the best of both worlds. Of course, you’ll need to start by making a list of organizations that have worked in a comparable field. For example, if your company provides consulting services, you may dig out information on your competitors’ custom software developers. As previously said, your rivals are progressing in ways that have never been seen before.

Offers consistency

When your business is new, all you want is to have more audience for it. However, it can only be done when consistent with your services. A custom software development company can help you create an application that your customer will love to use. It will be easy and will explain all your services on the same side. In a layman’s language, it is an app designed only for your business so that you can connect your audience in the best manner. 

They are the right ones to get in touch if you want to give a professional look to your application. There are already so many organizations working in this field, which makes the competition stronger. If you’re going to survive, you need to be different from others. This uniqueness of your business can only be achieved when you work with the right people and avail of their services for the best results. 

Customizable as per your budget

Of course, even if bespoke software development is a worthwhile investment, you don’t want to spend a fortune on it. From that standpoint, you should understand how to select a firm that will do the project within the specified time frame while also providing competitive pricing. 

To accomplish so, you’ll need first to compile a list of the most well-known bespoke software developers in your region. Then, before deciding which firm to deal with, you may get estimates from them. It is a time-consuming procedure, but the end product would be spectacular.


A good software firm will always have a rough idea of what it can and can’t do. If you’re looking for a programming language, for example, the firm should be able to provide you with a clear notion of which platform is best for your project. Similarly, each phase of the significant process would have crystal-clear deadlines, sub-tasks, and the number of resources — not only monetary but also non-monetary — involved. It’s OK to proceed if you believe your potential developer offers a practical description of how things will come out.

It keeps you connected with trends.

Businesses nowadays are willing to adopt shifting trends in the digital market to stay relevant, and software development companies are helping them do so. A bespoke software development firm can assist organizations in realizing the full potential of custom software. 

If you hire a firm that is well experienced in the development of custom software, then it will help you with the best results. The best thing about the company is that it will study your requirements, understand your business, and then generate results. 

Highlights your strong points

Custom software will highlight what you do the best. From your services to the testimonials, a lot more is taken care of. It offers your customers to understand the concept and bring out the best from it. If you have a developed and clean business, your business will grow. 

A messy application with too many graphics is not required. Instead, a well-sorted and straightforward software will be better to understand. For example, if you offer web designing services, your website looks clean and not cluttered. Your customers will rely on your usefulness only when you show them the clear picture. 


Throughout the debate, I believe that custom software development is here to stay and will continue to expand. The story of bespoke software applications customized to corporate needs is one way to change the digital market. More organizations will embrace this culture of offshore outsourcing to nations like India in the future years and our comprehensive blog will serve as your guide. 

Custom software will become the backbone of your company’s growth, and custom software development firms will support you with their dependable, responsive, and high-performing services. So if you have a start-up, you must get in touch with the right company and start giving a new shape to your business. 

CRO tool

How to choose the best CRO tool for your business

When looking into conversion rate optimization (CRO), there seem like so many different options: heatmaps, user testing sessions with video recording capabilities… 

Sometimes deciding which is best can be tough; between understanding how they work and knowing where to invest our resources we become totally confused as well! 

There are so many different tools out there, and they all offer something different in terms of functionality and cost.

In this blog post, I’ll cover how to choose the best CRO tool for your needs as a business owner or manager, what you should look for when making that decision, and some things to watch out for as well.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, and it’s a hot topic these days.

CRO is a process that increases the likelihood of people completing whatever action you want them to take when they visit your site or app.

There are many different conversion goals (like form filling, downloading an e-book, clicking on a call-to-action button), but what matters at the end of the day is how many visitors finish those tasks with ease and without friction.

If more visitors complete the desired tasks, that means you’re doing a good job with CRO.

Why do you need it?

Well, if your site or app is not performing well on conversion rates, then that means two things: 1-) people are leaving and never coming back to visit again; and/or 2-) they are getting frustrated when trying to take action.

The best way to deal with either of those situations is by using CRO tools – which we’ll talk about in detail shortly!

But first… Let’s cover why CRO matters for business owners at all stages of their growth.

Why a CRO tool is necessary for your business?

Using an automated and specialized conversion rate optimization tool can help you achieve better results in less time.

Without one, it’s possible that you’ll have to test every single change manually or spend hours analyzing data like click-through rates by hand before discovering what works best at driving customers through the sales funnel.

It also means spending a lot more money on marketing campaigns because they’re not as effective as they could be if optimized for conversions.

Think of CRO tools like your website’s brain.

They constantly analyze user behavior so that changes are made automatically to make sure people keep coming back again and again without ever realizing how much work has gone into improving their experience.

This is what the CRO tool does for you:

– It helps you measure performance to see how well your site or app is performing on conversion rates.

– If something isn’t working, it can make changes automatically so that more people complete the desired task – like clicking a call-to-action button.

The best CRO tools are made up of all these features and more which we’ll cover shortly. But first… let’s talk about some things you should look for when shopping around for new software to help with this important process!

What should I look out for in choosing a CRO Tool? There are many different factors to consider before making any decisions regarding a new marketing campaign including budget, time, and resources.

That’s why it can be helpful to think about the following questions before making any decisions:

– What is your conversion goal?

Knowing what you want to achieve (e.g., more downloads) will help narrow down which CRO tools are best for you since they all offer different functionality to match various goals like form fillers, social media posts, etc.

– What is your budget? In order to answer this question, you’ll need to figure out how much of a return on investment (ROI) meets the needs and requirements for your business.

For example: If you are an ecommerce company that doesn’t have many employees but has high overhead costs (e.g., shipping), then it might be best to spend more money on CRO tools in order to see better results sooner rather than later so that those expenses can be covered quicker with each new customer who completes the desired action as easily as possible.

But if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have much experience in online marketing – even though there will be some upfront cost involved – investing in CRO tools can help you make better decisions about what to invest in next for the future.

– What is your website’s conversion funnel?

Different CRO tools offer different features and functionality based on how many stages are involved with a typical online purchase (e.g., there might be one or more contact forms, checkouts, etc.).

So if your site has multiple levels of engagement before reaching the checkout page then it may not be best to use software that only focuses on just one part of the process since they often don’t offer all necessary options like those mentioned above even though they’re still an excellent option when focused upon a single step such as a form fillers tool.

– What’s your company size?

CRO tools are available for both small and large businesses, but they often come with different price points depending on the number of people who use it. Some CRO software is designed to be used by just one person while others can accommodate more employees which means you’ll need to take that into consideration before making a decision.

The best part about these tools is that no matter how many people in your company have access – or what their roles may be – everyone will get insights from the same user data so there isn’t any confusion when trying to make decisions based on what might work better for specific individuals’ needs. And if budget doesn’t allow for purchase at this time, most CRO tools offer a 30-day trial so you can make sure it’s the right fit for your company before making any commitments.

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using CRO Tools?

As with any type of product or service, there are advantages and disadvantages that might be important when choosing which tool is best for your business. Here’s what you should know:

The Benefits:

Keep people on-site longer – Delays in conversion rates (e.g., leads who don’t convert) mean more lost potential customers.

Helps increase conversions by up to 26%.; Allows marketers to focus their attention on specific content sections instead of worrying about everything at once.

Can automate changes automatically if something isn’t working as needed (e.g., form fillers, A/B testing).

The Disadvantages:

Can be expensive – CRO software can range from $1000s to as much as $100,000 for enterprise solutions.

Learning curve – It may take some time to learn how the software works so it can be used effectively on your website.

Requires a long-term commitment of resources, not just money.

How do I know if my CRO tool is working?

If you’re using any type of marketing strategy (and most people are), then chances are there will be some sort of metric in place that tells you what’s been successful and what needs more work.

With CRO tools, many offer built-in analytics functionality which makes reviewing progress easy because data points like conversion rates and engagement metrics are always being updated with new information as visitors interact with your site or content.

Some CRO tools offer a wide range of metrics like those mentioned above while others may focus on just one area.

In addition to this, some CRO software offers pre-built reports and campaign dashboards which can make it easier for marketers to see what’s working or not by providing insights into specific tasks such as A/B testing results (e.g., changes made with no redirecting), targeting the right audience (because you’re using data about visitors who reach your site instead of guessing) and more.

The best CRO tools on the market today (and how to choose)

There are many CRO tools available on the market, and with so many to consider you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a CRO tool:

  • What’s your company size?
  • Do you have employees who might need access or do they only focus on one person in particular? (and how much does that cost?)
  • Which metrics will it track? Will those metrics help me measure my marketing efforts better than just looking at numbers of sales/clicks as an example?
  • Does this software offer any pre-built reports I can use for easy reference instead of having to build them myself from scratch each time after exporting data points from the platform itself?
  • Can I use this CRO software in conjunction with other tools I may already be using?
  • Is it easy to use and customize? – Can my employees easily navigate the interface themselves or do they need a lot of training before getting started on their own (and how much does that cost)?
  • How will you handle updates, upgrades, etc.?

We rounded up the top 5 CRO tools for you to check and choose the most relevant one to you!

  • Google Analytics
  • FIgPii
  • HotJar
  • VWO
  • FullStory

The benefits of using a CRO tool for your business:

A CRO tool can help you attract more visitors by targeting the right audience and testing different content to see what’s most effective.

Your company can measure conversion rates accurately.

Your marketing team will have access to accurate tracking metrics which should lead them towards more successful campaigns as time goes on.

You’ll be able to see data from every visitor across all channels so there isn’t confusion when trying to make decisions based on what might work better for specific individuals’ needs.

Companies using a CRO tool on their website are seen as innovative, leading-edge, and progressive which may give them an edge over competitors who don’t have one in place. 

Website conversion rates increase up to 26% with the use of a good CRO strategy (and this means more sales). 

The best thing about these strategies is that they aren’t difficult or expensive!

You just need a little time and patience while learning how it works.


CRO is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your digital marketing strategy with little know-how.

With the right tools and knowledge, it’s easy to get started.

We recommend FIgPii as one of the best CRO tools on the market today because they offer a suite of tools like A/B testing, heat maps, session recording and more at an affordable price point, unlimited tests per month, cross-device compatibility (meaning their platform will work seamlessly across all devices), and more!

To learn more about how we use our own CRO tools to grow our business or try them out yourself before buying, sign up here for 14 days free trial!

Best ideas to start making money from an on-demand app in 2021

The world is changing with lightning speed. With several users looking up for convenience, simplicity & speed, there is a hype of on demand mobile applications. Also, with an outbreak of Corona virus pandemic, people prefer that things can be delivered to the home. Hence, the best development is of the on-demand application.

Introduction to On-demand service app

As per the Static report, it has been noticed that mobile application has been projected in order to generate the USD of 188.00 billion in revenues through the app store in the year 2020. This shows about high opportunities plunge for start ups, entrepreneurs & investors. Mobile apps not only boost up the economy of the business but also offer goodwill.

Best ideas for on-demand app

1. Apps for Pharmacy delivery

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, every one facing one enemy that is not visible to the eyes, hence we all staying indoors as get possible. This is the main reason behind the high demand for prescription & pharmacy delivery app.  Uber is working to deliver the required medicines & drugs from the drugstore. Hence, Uber seems to be the best medicine apps & prescription delivery application.

2. Travelling apps like on-demand uber

Roadmap to Uber-Like Taxi App Development

The on-demand application era was started with Airbnb & Uber. In this competitive world, the transport industry & logistics industry get a new path with the high success of Uber apps such as Careem, Lyft. The industry of transport is fast; a developer can also plan for the taxi booking app, app of e-scooter, bicycles, app of cargo logistics, & app for bus booking. The people who like to travel also need travel means, that has been easy accessible & has to be within the budget. With on-demand apps such as Uber, a developer can create different applications with several features such as GPS navigator, rescheduling rides, traffic checking, no charges during ride cancellation

3. On- Demand Apps For Graphic Design

There are many Startup and freelance bloggers who are starting their own business with very low budget, now to save every single investment they are looking for free apps and tools for creating visual graphics like flyers, posters, logos and banners for marketing purposes. At the initial stages of tools they having very limited apps for making visual graphics, but when it comes to apps, we can find many apps like flyer maker, poster maker, banner maker on play store or app store at no cost installation.

4. On-demand apps for health

People are getting much conscious about health in day-to-day life. Because of the busy schedules, it seems to be impossible to go to the gym & attend the regular meditation classes. In this type of scenario, there is a requirement for an app that has a handy exercise. The health concept is a never-ending sector. A developer can create an application for consultation of a doctor, major diseases related informative app, apps for a fitness regime, and meditation applications.

5. On-demand apps for fashion

12 Beauty Apps that Really Work - Best Mobile Beauty Apps

The development of e-commerce app brings out huge exposure such as Amazon because the fashion trend is never going to end. As per the Statista report, approx 40% of the consumers love online shopping. It means that momentum is going on for online shopping.

6. On-demand apps for mechanics

There is a number of places where there is no mechanics & garage available in that case apps for car repairs are coming in demand, as in the present scenario, people are love to travel to the world with their modes of transport. For designing the on-demand mechanics apps, there is a requirement to add new or effective features in the application that can attract the users or can be used in remote areas.

7. On-demand apps for plumbing

The idea of on-demand plumbing is very new as earlier people called the plumber several times to repair the running tap & pipe. A developer can create plumbing apps that can calculate the water flow data & pipes data at several locations in order to generate precise results.

8. On-demand apps for beauty services

If a user has a business of soaring beauty services, the user can also add on-demand beauty services applications in order to gain huge & unbeatable profits and will get a profitable model for business. In the current scenario, most of the women are working, and they don’t have time to spend on salons. It requires an effective solution that provides beauty services with home comfort.

9. On-demand apps for plant delivery

Guide to Launch an On-demand Indoor Plant Delivery App

There is several evidence that proves that houseplants can easily remove harmful air toxins & also reduce down stress. As per the Queensland, offices with plants showed productivity enhancement by 15%. Evaluation of the perfect plant for office & house seems to be difficult. This made the high apps demand & selling plants website.

10. On-demand apps for dog walking

As per the III report, there are 63.4 million USA people who hold a dog. This number will also increase with time. Most people are not able to take care of their pets because of the work & busy schedules but pets also need special care as they are an important part of a family. This also report facebook hack opens the different entrepreneur’s opportunities that are ready to use app development of on-demand dog walking.

11. On-demand apps for house cleaning

The Rise Of On Demand Home Services Apps in India

With the rapidly changing world, the number of working professionals, households of a single parent, elder people who can afford the cleaning services will also save time. There is a growth seen in on-demand house cleaning applications or services, along with it, with enhancement in professional works, house cleaning services demand also increase.

12. On-demand apps for laundry

Statista predicts that segments of laundry cases generate $76,300 million in revenues in the year 2020. This can be grown by the annually 4%. No one can ignore the laundry services & dry cleaning services contribution. Laundry services are the most common thing in everyday life due to the reason that everyone wants to spend more time on weekends for their important work.

Also, if you are interested in other apps and websites like for making money, try Sofurry. Sofurry is an amazing website for creative and art lovers who are furry enthusiast. You can create and sell your artwork on sofurry marketplace.

In bottom line

The present world is all about quick satisfaction. In the current world, on-demand apps seem to be a gem for the development of mobile applications. To match with this rapid technology world, app development help user to reach out to masses along with the adequate the branding business exposure.  

6 Best Work From Home Tools If You’re Just Starting Out as a Remote Employee

Almost 40% of the American employees are now working from home and remote working has become a future of businesses. According to Mark McGraw from The Institute for Corporate Productivity, “Companies are going to see that some, maybe many, of the jobs they’ve always thought had to be done onsite could be done just about anywhere and could be done just as well” 

Today, when you ask a home working mom, she will tell you how she finds work from home a blessing. She can spend more time with her children, do her house chores and at the same time work freely at her own expense accomplishing the things that she always wanted to complete. Today, almost 43% of the entire US population is working remotely. Much of it goes to the growing pandemic and how it affected the world economy. A survey released by getAbstract confirms the statistics. A further survey carried out during April 16 – April 17 of more than 1,200 employees represented almost 20% of the employers around the world are now discussing how remote working can be a benefitting option. With such numbers growing, it indicates that work from home (WFH) has become a leading cause of organizational progression and businesses are now investing duly in this opportunity. 

For any employee to become successful in a remote job, WFH tools are what makes them stand ahead of the crowd. Today, I am going to shed light on the 5 most commonly used work from home tools which will ensure your success when you choose to work remotely on a job. So let’s read on. 


SaaS BPM is one of the best business management software for entrepreneurs, business owners, HR managers, consultants and executives. BPM software helps you manage, automate and optimize business processes, which in turn enhances workflows and boosts productivity. Even if you are working from home, SaaS BPM lets you track down activities, meetings across the organization, and even what your team members are doing. When you are working with remote employees, this software makes it a breeze to fill in timesheets, share documents, and pay invoices.


Do you want to make business conversations? Slack is a robust communication tool which makes conversation easy, simple and well-organized. With Slack, you can create multiple channels to establish proficient communication. These channels can individually work as dedicated spaces where you can carry out seamless conversations with your teammates. It is a great app for making you more productive. One of the great things about Slack is your internal communication with the company becomes strong. Slack also offers the capability to integrate with third-party apps such as Google Drive & Salesforce Chatter. It can integrate with a number of other third party apps easily. 

Google Drive

If you’re working in an office environment, then Google Drive is one of the essential tools which is widely used for storing and sharing files. With Google Drive, you can share a variety of files such as important documents, videos, presentations, audio files and images. You can easily share them with important clients and among fellow employees. One of the reasons why Google Drive is an important tool among file owners is because it is highly secure. When you are editing documents, Google Drive can offer you great authority on your work. You have absolute liberty to share with whomever you wish to share the files and documents with. It can be largely used for document editing, presentations, etc. 


If you want to organize the things that matter, Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce your workspace stress exponentially. You can upload and save different files in the Dropbox based on your requirements. It’s not only great for storing files, but you can share them and effectively collaborate on various projects. Dropbox allows you to bring the best ideas to life. Dropbox works as cloud storage which allows you to access information from just about anywhere in the world. Dropbox enables team collaboration easier. If you want to work on multiple projects at a single instance, then Dropbox is a great tool that can offer you a great deal. 


Among the things that employers cherish is when people complete their assigned tasks on time. Toggl is a powerful tool which allows easy time-tracking for remote teams. With Toggl, you can track time for every task in real-time and you can stay productive without going idle. Time-tracking becomes as easy as just a one-click. You can also get reminders which may notify you when you’re unable to start or stop the timer on the app. If you’re more of a person who likes to complete tasks on said time period, Toggl is a wonderful app which can offer you a great deal. 


Do you want to track your productivity? Are you worried about whether you will be able to complete tasks in due time? Make time tracking easy with Hubstaff and track progress on every project. Here’s a tool which is equipped with a built-in GPS time tracking feature. It allows all managers to track on-site time of employees. You can maintain an online timesheet giving you detailed information on how many hours you have spent on a particular task. It also helps you calculate billable hours. You can also track all payment transactions. The premium plan for Hubstaff starts at $10/month. 

So there you go, here are the five best work from home tools which can help you work at your fullest potential. Are there any other interesting work from home tools that you’re fond of? Feel free to share them with us and we would love to include them on our list to educate you on its value. 

Microsoft Will Bring xCloud to iOS Devices Using a Web Application

In recent events, the multi-billion dollar industry Microsoft has announced that it won’t be launching the xCloud game streaming service on the iOS market. Why is that? It’s because Microsoft’s xCloud is a game streaming service and it works exactly like a store and according to App Store guidelines set by Apple, you are prohibited to launch such apps on the Apple Store. But lately, Business Insider & The Verge revealed different news explaining how the company is planning to invest in a web version of the xCloud service which can easily run on the iPhone and iPad devices. 

According to Business Insider, Microsoft’s head of games Mr. Phil Spencer conducted an in-house meeting with the employees this Wednesday to discuss what possible measures the organization is planning to take in order to bring the Game Pass to Apple devices. As Spencer states, 

“Even though the policies of Apple are stringent, we are still aiming to take xCloud to the Apple Store. xCloud absolutely will end up on iOS.”

He also revealed that this is going to happen somewhere during 2021. 

It’s not like the first time Apple has blocked services such as xCloud or Stadia from running on iOS powered devices via its App Store. It does allow certain streaming apps to run on its App Store, for example, it allows olive branch to run its respective services entertaining certain levels of restrictions. 

For now, Apple thinks the best course of action for developers is to submit their games as a separate app instead of submitting them compounded in a game streaming service. On the other hand, Microsoft & Google allows a catalog style app which collects and links out to all the individual apps. 

Microsoft, later on, criticized Apple for its decision expressing that such restrictions can eventually lead to “bad customer experience.” Initially, the team at Microsoft was convinced that they no longer had any plans to bring xCloud to iOS but apparently Microsoft’s gaming team was still not convinced and they wanted to share the experience with their Apple fans. Hence, they expressed how they are working on an alternative way to deliver the experience to their iOS fans out there. 

As The Verge states, xCloud will be available for public use as a web app in the year 2021, using the web app, the users will be able to use the game streaming service easily on any device. 

Microsoft took its inspiration from Amazon’s Luna, the ever-growing cloud gaming service which will be publicly available for use via the web. How Amazon achieved it, they worked tirelessly with Safari to launch a PWA version of the game streaming service so people can run it on their respective iPhone and iPad. It allows users to access all the games through the web browser and the official Luna controller. 

As far as Google’s take is concerned, they wanted to steer clear from commenting on these changes. 

“This remains a bad experience for customers. Gamers want to jump directly into a game from their curated catalog within one app just like they do with movies or songs, and not be forced to download over 100 apps to play individual games from the cloud. We’re committed to putting gamers at the center of everything we do, and providing a great experience is core to that mission.”

As far as Apple’s prohibition measures are concerned, it states the prohibition is in place because Apple cares about the security of its customers and focuses on delivering enhanced user experience. 

As a spokesman once mentioned, 

“The App Store was created to be a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for all developers,”

Do you know more about the recent developments of xCloud and iOS? Can you add more value to this article? Feel free to reach us on Tech Wire Hub and we would love to share your learned information on our platform. 

Best Online Tools to Mentally Relax Yourself & Enhance Your Concentration

Whether you’re at work or you’re back home, there comes a time when you feel completely exhausted. You feel like every ounce of energy has left your body and the only thing you may find yourself doing is slouching into the couch and watching your favorite TV show. If that’s your condition right now, then it’s pretty evident that you have run out of energy and you’re in need of an energy boost. At moments such as these, what if somebody asks you to sharpen up your focus and complete a task on the double. Will you be able to do it? 

My guess is… you won’t. 

Thanks to technology, we now have countless interesting mobile apps that allow us to polish up our focus and motivation. Do you wish to train your mind so it can deeply focus? 

Here are some exciting brain training apps that can help you enhance your concentration game. 

Fit Brains Trainer

Here’s a remarkable app that can help you to train your brain exquisitely. The app features 10 games that trigger different areas of the brain and improve a person’s memory. When your mind is capable of absorbing more information, it becomes easier for your brain to grasp information more quickly and allows you to finish your tasks more efficiently on a daily basis. You can track your progress through a color-coded graph and see how you’re performing. 

This app is free to download. 

Cognifit Brain Fitness

If you want to increase your memory and concentration, Cognifit Brain Fitness is a great app to help you with it. The app is designed under the supervision of neuroscientists who have created a fun and engaging games to help improve a person’s cognitive ability. Whatever progress you make within the app, it becomes easily trackable. You can also play challenge rounds with your friends. Tweak around with difficulty levels and make things a bit more challenging with Cognifit. 

This app can cost around $13.

Not into games or performing a series of activities? How about you download the app. It has a list of cool soundtracks which can help your mind to relax and focus. There are different audio categories. Based on your preference, you can choose the one that fits perfectly with your needs. From chimes to rain splatters, from classic to EDM, there are plenty of interesting options. Focus is rooted in your brains and with you can trigger that concentration. 

You get five free sessions and then you’ve to pay $6.95/month. 


Another great music listening experience to help you focus your brain is none other but Focus@Will. Unlike, Focus@Will takes note on how productive you felt while listening to music through their app. Besides the tools to help you analyze your productivity the app also sends a small questionnaire your way which helps you determine whether you’re a creative thinker or a logical think tank. Optimize music the way it will compliment you. 

You may require a credit card to experience the free trial and the price is a bit on the high side. 


Are you not feeling happy? Here’s an app that will cheer you up. According to developers of the app, the app is fully loaded with polls, gratitude journals, and a great range of quizzes. By performing a series of activities, a person eventually feels happy because all the activities are working on positive psychology. Having work-related stress? Can’t come up with a way to destress yourself? Happify can help you remarkably to overcome that stress easily. 

The app is free to use. 


Do you often find yourself subconsciously opening social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook? In case you do, then Freedom is a great option for you. Here’s a complete distraction blocker that will enable you to block all unwanted platforms. It will make you feel like you are someone using the Internet back in the 90s only with more processing power. If you want to create a distraction-free environment where you can easily focus, then Freedom is the way to go. 

It starts at as low as $6.99/month. 


Do you want to block a certain app or website for a certain period of time? A great alternative to Freedom is none other but LeechBlock. Here’s a remarkable app that allows you to turn off different distraction social sites. However, leechblock does allow you to set time frames for using a particular website. You can set the time period to 15 minutes or 30 minutes as per your choice. It will give you the option of using a certain app for a period of time & then back to work. 

LeechBlock is free to use the app and a rather great one for use. 

Parental Controls on Smartphones

How to Use Parental Controls on Smartphones

For anyone with kids, it seems to be a daunting process to ensure that they maintain safe and have healthy technology usage. Kids these days may engage in inadvertently risky online behavior which may be very dangerous. Many kids unintentionally disclose their identity which results in hundreds of child abductions every year. Even today’s toddlers are so fast at playing games online that it becomes so crucial for parents to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t get into any trouble.

To make things easy for you, today’s smartphones have parental controls. In this way to can let your child roam free over the internet, safe in the knowledge so that they don’t cause any harm to themselves.

Keeping an eye on kids can be even more daunting when it comes to teenagers. Teenagers like to roam free anywhere and get so irritated when being questioned by parents. In this case, again, technology has made things very easy for you. You can simply track cell phone. In this way, you can keep an eye on them without them knowing about it. You can easily track their online comings and goings and reach that place easily if you sense any trouble.

Using parental controls

Limit screen time

The first and the foremost thing to do is to limit the time your kid is spending on their device. By putting the screen time limit on, your child is unable to use the phone after a specific period of time set by you. There are different Best Superhero wallpaper Apps for Android available for both Apple and Android users, which allow you to set a bedtime period. When this period starts, the phone becomes completely useless to your children as they can no longer use it. If they want to extend the usage period, they would have to send a request to your phone and we already know the answer to that!

Controlling access to content

It is essential to control what content your child is accessing and which apps they are using to ensure they are safe and sheltered away from any shocking stuff they might see. It’s good if you share your device with your kids instead of buying them one. You can set multiple user accounts on one device. You can later self-monitor each account. You can put different restrictions on each account depending on the ages of your all kids. Even if your child has a phone, you can make an account on their phone and manage it from your own phone.

Protecting your child’s privacy

Until your child gets to an age where they can make a decision themselves about how much of their information they might want to give out to the world, you should be the person in charge. The family link app comes in handy over here. You can prevent your child from sharing their Google photos and limit Google’s ability to save their information. If you are an Apple user, simply go the content and privacy restriction tab, and there you can find many privacy controls like location services and contacts.

Having a control over these features might prevent your kid from getting into any potential danger.

Zoom is Planning to Introduce New Privacy & Security Features

As the pandemic took its toll and forced everyone to go into a complete lockdown around the globe, Zoom became quite the popular video conferencing platform among several businesses & institutions.

However, with the platform gaining popularity, there were several concerns that also surrounded the Zoom app which was relatively difficult for the organization to cope up with, in time. There were several incidents that were recorded and even publicized on social media platforms such as the infamous incident where students cat called their teachers during a lecture. On one of the occasions, an employee believed that he has silenced his microphone or shut down his camera but it didn’t actually happen.

And let’s not forget the considerable backlash developing on “zoom bombing,” a term coined for a bunch of uninvited guests dropping into your zoom channel unannounced and leaving behind unusual remarks. 

By observing such debacles taking place, Zoom recently announced the launch of the Zoom 5.0. 

The primary focus of this new version of the Zoom software is to provide increased protection to users. To do so, Zoom has added the AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which provides resistance to tampering. This newly found level of encryption will be available for Zoom Meeting, Zoom Phone & Zoom Video Webinar to give users a maximum level of comfort & security when having meetings.  

Users can easily download page for the updated software from the official website. 

The organization concluded that the system-wide establishment of the updated software would be in effect officially after the next two months. This is to be followed once all the accounts get enabled with GCM. Also, the account administrators will be able to decide which data center region accounts are hosted on. Based on the nearest data center, it will help users to connect more easily. 

According to Zoom’s chief product officer Odel Gal, 

“We take a holistic view of our users’ privacy and our platform’s security, from our network to our feature set to our user experience, everything is being put through rigorous scrutiny.”

He further concluded that the new AES 256 – bit GCM encryption would make user data in transit more secure. He also said that it would allow users to have much better security controls in their meetings. 

Since, in one of his statements, he said:

“With millions of new users, this will make sure they have instant access to important security controls in their meetings,”

The new zoom will be both reactive and proactive.

Over time and since its usage has become very common, Zoom has encountered several comments from its users. Most of these comments are nothing more than negative criticism. And these criticisms have transformed into explicit accusations once Zoom-Bombing started taking place. When people felt that their privacies are at risk, and they can’t carry out business meetings in such environments, it encouraged Zoom to take possible actions. It took the matter seriously to identify the bug, which allows hackers to steal Windows passwords. The irony went to such an extent that the company fell under the accusation of stealing personal information. They also received a lawsuit in response. 

This raised the flag for the organization, and they realized that something had to be done. 

According to the CEO at Zoom, Eric Yuan, Zoom is going to halt all projects focused on developing new features for the product. For now, they will shift their focus on the development and installation of new features, which will help them concentrate on making security features more robust and effective.

Recently, Zoom published a blog on the 8th of April, where it talked about how it has made specific changes to make the online video conferencing platform better. They spoke about including a safety measure of encouraging others to use a strong password. They also removed the Meeting ID option from the title bar and upgraded the security for features such as file sharing. Other changes helped tweak the controls and enhanced the user experience. The waiting room is now on default giving absolute authority to the host, so he can decide who is going to stay and who leaves. 

In another occasion, the Zoom team also claimed that, 

“Zoom was also quick to take actions on changing the defaults that helped address meeting privacy concerns, as well as setting a 90-day plan for deeper actions and communicating it publicly.”

So let’s hope that these changes which Zoom has recently suggested are going to make user-experience more safe and secure. If Zoom can create the ultimate experience for its customers, then it can surely earn its spot and a long term success in the world of remote working & online video conferencing. So that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed learning about the latest developments. 

Stay tuned on Tech Wire Hub so we can educate you more on the latest technology trends! 

Importance of IoT Enabled Consumer Appliances and Technology in the Future

Cities around the world are looking at possibilities to make themselves sustainable in the future, and Dubai is no exception. If you think that this megacity, which is already a big business hub in the region, don’t have any issues with what can happen in the future, you are wrong. Climate change is all set to make temperature and living conditions for human beings unbearable by 2060, especially in the Middle East and Arabian peninsula, or even earlier than that.

A scenario like above and rising sea level in the wake of melting icebergs and glaciers in the Arctic region has forced many countries to take drastic measures. If you think that it is all about tree plantation and reducing carbon emission, it is much more than that. The use of the latest technology is one thing that governments at upper level and businesses further down need to think of.

How to Face the Big Challenges?

If you think that the Internet was the last big thing to come out and made a difference in our lives, there are lots of other aspects as well which are making a huge difference to our daily lives. When we talk of using technology in our lives in a better way, IoT is one of them that is making waves for quite some time now, so let’s discuss this in detail.

Internet of Things (IoT) is simply a system of interrelated computing devices which the ability to transfer data and connect with other devices over a network. The best and most important part is that all this is done without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction, thus making it highly reliable.

Factors that contribute to e-commerce are aplenty, and one of them is the use of IoT in ecommerce. I will try my best to enlighten my readers here concerning this aspect and what the future holds for the ecommerce and for the doomsday-kind-of-scenario I mentioned at the start of this blog.

IoT in the Future will be a Force to Reckon with

The future belongs to IoT, and there is no one stopping it. Look at the following stats, and you will know what exactly what I am trying to say here. IoT is ready to crack the 1 trillion-dollar mark by 2023 and go as far as 1.2 trillion dollars by 2025. That’s more than the GDP of dozens of countries combined. For startups and SMEs, there is huge potential for them to make a mark in the marketplace, but exactly how is the million-dollar question. 

IoT is already the next revolution in the ecommerce industry that was predicted over a decade ago and has completely changed the dynamics of some countries. With the help of IoT, ecommerce companies worldwide are making it easier for them to look for new opportunities and use their current customers’ data to increase their sales.

Let me offer you an example of how IoT has changed our lifestyle and will continue to do so.

Apt Use of Electronic Devices and Technologies

One of the best examples that I can come up with is about electronic items and consumer appliances, which now use IoT and offer much more customization for the user. The emission of greenhouse gases from consumer appliances such as refrigerators and air-conditioners are long known. So what’s the remedy here and how IoT can rescue us in this? Read on.

An IoT enabled refrigerator can do wonders for your daily life. One of the initial models introduced in the market in this concern was from LG. The company introduced an IoT based refrigerator with double doors, and the response was phenomenal. A simple example will aptly describe exactly how IoT can make things perfect in this concern.

Suppose that your weekly consumption is of 10 packs of milk, and you are about to run out of the last pack too. While you are away on a trip, your IoT enabled refrigerator can order milk for you on your behalf. And it can also come up with a list of other items Butter and Cheese, for example, and will order them from a local store, or your preferred one. In this way, you will receive your milk right when you need it.

The Real Challenge for Developers

The above example about the LG refrigerator is just one of the many examples you can come up with. Other consumer appliances like a spilled AC can also offer us pretty good features too. An IoT enabled Air Conditioner can be intelligently used for making hotter outside and will make your temperature cool enough so that you won’t feel the temperature change.

Similarly, exhaust and fans can also be used. Companies can come up with devices so that they can provide efficient use. All these consumer appliances and technology can be used remotely through an app or a website that can show the usage history for everything that falls in this category.

The task for any company offering website development in dubai or related to IoT can be challenging in the near face. The reason is simple; the scope of how technology will work in the future would be far greater than any of us can think right now. And not only companies are benefiting from this aspect, but also consumers too and good website development will be the key for the end-users.

Final Word

No one can deny that technology always helps us in making things work for us in a better way and lessen our burden. But what if technology, or more specifically, consumer products based on latest technology, make matters worse for us, just like emission of greenhouse gases, etc. What I have tried to explain in this post is that technology is always beneficial for us; it is the use that makes it good or bad.

If you think that there are still some issues that I couldn’t cover entirely or you can add something valuable here, you are more than welcome. And if there is a query in your mind concerning anything related to this blog, you can ask without any hesitation. Either way, please use the comments section below and speak your heart out.

Google is Pulling Down YouTube TV Subscription from Apple’s App Store

Do you know that if you subscribe to anything via the App Store, Apple takes a 30% cut off from every in-app purchase done by customers? It means that 30% of the app revenue straight away goes to Apple. Now it may not sound as much displeasing for an average customer who’s purchasing the app from the Apple Store, but it sure does displease the organization as it loses a substantial cut from their earnings. Recently, it has been revealed by MacRumors that Google is one of the latest firms who are kicking back against the Cupertino firm. 

In recent events, Google has announced that it will cease any YouTube TV subscriptions made on the Apple App Store dated 13th March and onwards. Are you an active subscriber of the YouTube TV via one of the Apple devices?  Your subscription is more likely going to succumb cancelation on the next billing date if you have subscribed to the YouTube TV subscription through the Apple App Store. 

The email which helped MacRumors identify that Google has decided to terminate their partnership with Apple hasn’t disclosed any reason in particular, but the affirm decision confirms that it is pretty evident that Google doesn’t want to share any more of their profits with the Cupertino company. 

YouTube TV isn’t the only one who has recently planned to terminate its partnership with the Cupertino firm. In fact, Netflix has also discontinued its payments for your subscriptions via the App Store. Just like Netflix, Spotify also has issues with Apple’s stringent profit reaping App Store policies and have equally voiced the concern engaging Apple’s own platform for Music, Apple Music. They claimed that their own service was making far off better profit than Spotify who had to share its own. 

Apple has a relatively large fan-base and being not able to subscribe to the YouTube TV service via Apple’s storefront, there’s a high concern related to how much will the business incur a loss on exposure. For now, Apple has presented a trade-off for its high fees by placing a condition for YouTube TV app, that if they want to reap all the profit, they should remove any reference of subscription from any other separate platform other than the Apple’s own App Store. 

If you are using YouTube TV through an Apple device or plan on using one, you can still get the app from Apple’s App Store, but if you want to subscribe, you might’ve to do it from someplace outside. 

Best Apps For Medical Students in 2020

Getting through medical school is the most challenging trial you’ll ever face in your lifetime. The mountain load of course work, piles of homework and research, cutthroat deadlines, deadly competition, the need to cram in a whole lot of terminologies and what not! The good news? You don’t have to do it alone.

You may think that we are referring to the lifelong friends you’ll make in your years in a medical school, but instead about the plethora of apps and tools at your disposal. Let’s talk about 8 best apps for medical students aimed at helping you make the most out of medical school.

Most Popular Apps For Medical Students

apps for medical students


Physicians, residents and medical students carry their cell phones at all times, and it is not to watch endless videos on Facebook. It is because there are tons of apps for medical students that help them in their jobs. One such amazing app that medical students swear by is MedCalX.

This medical calculator brings intricate classifications, scales, scores, and medical formulas at your fingertips. Currently available in five languages, tailor the app with your frequently used equations, so that you won’t be caught dead scrambling for information in the face of a time-sensitive situation.


This one-of-its-kind medical aid is a repository of over 600 specialist-vetted case scenarios from 30 different specialties. Prognosis may have a game like feel, but it is a great resource for medical students since it lets you analyze and polish your diagnostic abilities in a simulated real-world setting. Such apps for medical students are great for cultivating decision-making skills and learning from mistakes. It comes as no surprise that this app has scored over four million downloads since 2005, and is popular among all healthcare professionals, nurses, doctors, and medical students.


Micromedex’s user-friendly drug information app offers evidence-based information to aid pharmacists, doctors, medical students, and other members of the healthcare team make safe, informed care decisions.

The app is a treasure trove of a wide array of clinical information, owing to its vast database consisting of more than 4,500 search terms: both common and generic trade names, adverse effects, contraindications, indications, and anything else healthcare professionals may wish to know about a drug before administering it to a patient.


This highly rated app has scored over 10 million downloads. Healthcare professionals the world over set quite a score by this app. Some of the most sought-after features include treatment information, workups, clinical presentations, drug information and tools, medical news, and even continuing medical education courses. Even when you are not connected to the internet, you can still leverage such apps for medical students with offline access.


This amazing medical reference app delivers patient-focused care, saves plenty of time, and supports decisions of healthcare providers whenever needed. Epocrates offers everything from peer-reviewed disease content to in-depth, drug interaction checks, which is why it is trusted by healthcare providers the world over.

Since time is of an essence to a medical student, feedback from users says that this spectacular app can save at least 20 minutes of your time a day. What more reason can medical students need for downloading it?

Human Anatomy Atlas

Basically, this app offers a 3D atlas of both genders, which would make human anatomy a breeze for medical students. For all anatomy students, this app can become your best pal. Zoom in and out, rotate 360 from multiple viewpoints, or pan over 9,000 3D structures included in this app. The app also comprises of all definitions, in addition to their right pronunciations, detailed explanations, and those Latin terms that we detest.

The app also lets medical students test and hone their knowledge and expertise with over 1,000 challenging quiz questions. Medical students are often burdened by staggering coursework and go through a whole lot in medical school, which is why apps for medical students like this one will not only help them save time but also stay updated.


One thing we know for sure: medical students study a lot. A lot. Wouldn’t it be a tad bit simpler if they could find a way to boost their metacognition and active recall. Well there is indeed a way, and we call it “spaced repetition”. The app is somewhat of a “flashcards on steroids,” harnessing this science-backed retention method to boost the learning capacity of students. Students can test their knowledge with Brainscape’s “smart flashcards” and share their progress with others.  


Often touted as the “hidden gem of medical apps,” this app brings all the functionality of web-based solutions provider PEPID to the fingertips of users. So, what does PEPID do? It helps you unearth critical drug interactions in an instance, take notes, share material with others, navigate clinical and drug content easily and efficiently, and improve your differential diagnosis capabilities – all under one umbrella. While the app doesn’t come for cheap, its host of amazing features more than makes up for the cost.

WhatsApp will Stop Working on These Smartphones in 2020

WhatsApp will Stop Working on These Smartphones in 2020

WhatsApp has unveiled that WhatsApp will stop working on these smartphones after 31st December 2019, causing Millions of accounts to shut down.

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google sms

Google SMS To Block Spam Automatically Even Before They Arrive

Google is trying to keep your conversation spam-free. In order to protect users from spam, Google will now automatically block spammy messages by verifying each and every SMS.

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Have an Exciting Excursion this Holiday Season using the Best Travel Apps

In almost a few weeks, we will have Christmas and New Year. It’s our favorite holiday season, and it’s basically the one we’ve all been waiting restlessly to arrive. Now, the holiday season is finally here. 

It is that time of the year when you and your beloveds can pack their bags and head out on a vacation. 

In case, you haven’t planned your holiday trip yet, don’t be afraid because there’s plenty of time here. You must be quite overwhelmed at the moment as I am sure you’re preoccupied with squeezing your favorite garments in your best suitcases, but are you sure which destination shall you be heading? 

How about if I tell you that there are apps that can help you plan your travels? Sounds interesting. 

Keeping your need in mind, I have saved you the hassle of searching for the best travel apps on Android. Here are five of the best travel apps to help you plan out your trips and not get lost on Google Maps. 

Best Travel Apps to Consider on this Holiday Season

Make traveling easy by using the following travel apps.

  • Skyscanner
  • Flights by Student Universe
  • TripIt Pro
  • Priority Pass
  • Hopper
  • HotelTonight
  • XE Currency Converter


The first on our list today is Skyscanner. It is a great travel app specifically designed to help users find some of the cheapest flights. If you’re someone who’s a little tight on budget and still want to travel to your favorite places on Planet Earth, then let Skyscanner help you choose an economical option for you. With Skyscanner, you can save enough money to help you shop in your favorite countries and do much more. Not only does it help you find the best flights, but it also tells you the best destinations to stay. How about having some remorse on your bank account this holiday season and give this a try? 

Flights by Student Universe

As a student, you want the best deals in town. And how you’re going to get some? Well, you can do that using your student ID. What if I tell you there is an app which can enable you to get some sweet discounts and avail unique deals. There is an app called Flights by StudentUniverse which allows you to show your ID virtually and get great discounts. With the app, you can search and compare flights and hotels. Then you can check which of them has the best offer and book the one with discounts. The app offers special rates for students. Planning a holiday? Download the app and visit best friends. 

Tripit Pro

Searching for a personal assistant who can help you align all your travel itineraries in one place? Tripit Pro is one travel app that can help you organize your travel flights and at the same time, help you organize your trip schedule like no other. You can now import all your travel plans from your emails with just a tap of a button. It keeps all necessary details such as flight times, luggage information, personal information and a lot more. You can access all of it using just a single tap on your device. Do you know the best part of the app? Well, the best part of the app is that you can sync with a calendar. 

Priority Pass

Are you a working executive where your company often sends you to different parts of the world? If you are then you know how privileged you’re if you can have the chance to break yourself away from the noise and chaos that is supposedly taking place at the airport. Whether you’re flying business class or you’re flying like a traveler, lounge access is one such perk that everyone would cherish. Priority Pass is an app that allows you to maintain a gold status in 1300 different airport lounges. You won’t believe it but Priority Pass lounges are actually better than regular airline lounges. 


If you want to keep an eye out on fares and get price predictions on upcoming flights, then nothing gives you as accurate information as the Hopper app does. So let’s assume that you are planning a trip back home at least a couple of months before Christmas, this app will show you the best time to buy your tickets. With Hopper, you can find the best time to purchase your tickets. Same goes for the hotels, Hopper also helps you find the best hotel deals in town. It helps you predict their prices beforehand. The app is absolutely FREE so you can download it any time and make the most of it. 


Many of our excursion trips are totally unplanned, we just set ourselves on the road and don’t have even the slightest idea where we will end up. Yet, we still go on that journey and find ourselves amidst the confusion of where to stay, what to do and in worst of conditions, how to survive. Haha. If your case is pretty much the same as mine, might I recommend you to download the HotelTonight app and find the best discount offers for empty rooms? HotelTonight is a great app for travelers to book room. Most of the deal offers are just available overnight, so if you’re on the go person this app is for you. 

XE Currency Converter

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Which Apps are the Best Note Taking Apps for Android/iOS in 2020?

We live in a time where smartphones have become the most commonly used devices in the world. Whether you are starting off a business or you are a pre-established one, whether you’re interacting with customers or with your family and friends, a smartphone has become more than just a necessity for communication. It offers a variety of apps from productivity to best note taking apps, it has become your home beacon for running your business alongside your life. 

Many times, we encounter situations where we have to take down notes. For instance, if you’re in an official meeting with a bunch of clients, there’s a strong chance that at some point you will need to gather up requirements. At times as such, you are in need of a pencil & paper and as in our case, if you’re a millennial may be a good note-taking app. If that’s the case then you’re at the right place.

Do you know that a good note-taking app is interesting in so many ways?

You can type in a text and save it. You can write your personal stories in there. You can use a stylus to write your notes or just tap your heart out using your fingers. It sort of becomes your virtual assistant. 

If you are wondering which of the note-taking apps are the best solution for your Android smartphone in 2020, well don’t worry, here are the best note-taking apps for Android which you can definitely use. 

Best Note Taking Apps One Must Consider in 2020

  • One-Note
  • EverNote
  • Google Keep
  • Simplenote
  • Keep My Notes


Image result for One note app

If you’re looking for one of the best, then there is nothing that serves the purpose more accurately as One-Note does. This popular app is the brainchild of Microsoft and has dominated the app sphere. Whether you wish to put together an email list or embed Excel tables, One-Note is a remarkable app. 

It works best across a variety of operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

It is easy to use and offers a flexible canvas. It allows you to type, handwrite, draw and clip important things that you may come across on the web. You can scan notes and search them through OneNote. The app also allows you to create labels, to-do lists, tags and assemble all important items in 1-place.  

If you want a virtual app where you can collaborate and share your notes, where other individuals can leave comments, then look no further than One-Note as it offers a plethora of premium features. 


Image result for Evernote

Evernote is one of the noteworthy and powerful note-taking apps in the Android market. It favors both, handwritten as well as typed notes and allows users to create interesting to-do lists, scan important documents using a phone camera and allows effective collaboration on jot-down ideas with others. 

One of the best things about Evernote is that it utilizes a variety of media. For example, you can create text form, sketches, photos, videos, audios and PDFs with web clipping. Just like Microsoft’s OneNote, Evernote has its own cloud storage where it stores all the important information. You can even sync content with all important devices from computers to tablets to smartphones and any other devices. 

Let’s say, if you start creating content on one of the devices, you can complete it up on another. 

Evernote also allows you to create, share and discuss your content among different colleagues provided that you and your work buddies are interconnected with each other on the Evernote app. However, to access this feature, you may have to subscribe to the premium version of Evernote. 

To subscribe, you will have to pay $7.99/month or around $69.99/year. 

Google Keep

Image result for Google Keep

Google Keep is a space to store all relevant information. It has its own cloud space where it allows users to create as many notes and lists as they want. With Google Keep, you don’t have to stick to a particular text and you can add as many images and audio patches to your notes as you desire. 

The most exotic thing about Google Keep is that it comes with a feature to automatically arrange memos. It’s a great app if you have a Eureka moment and you want to jot down the idea someplace. If you are searching for a pretty decent productivity app with all the relevant team building features, then you don’t have to look any further than Google Keep. It helps you share documents and collaborate. 

Some interesting features of the app are color-coded labels, reminders, and multi-platform support.


Image result for simplenote logo

Do you easily get irritated using an app that offers you a ton of features? This irritation especially seeds in when you’re using a simple note-taking app. Ask yourself! why would you need a note-taking app anyways? If it isn’t to take down important notes, right. So what you basically need is something that’s always available to you on the go. Something that opens up in just a blink, without clouding you. 

Simplenote is a specifically designed note-taking app that allows users to easily jot down important ideas in one place. It is a quick and easy-to-use software that gives you the ability to jot down ideas. 

To access Simplenote, all you’ve to do is open up the app and you’re good to go. You will be able to create interesting notes and list them in one place. Using tags and pins, you can assemble everything. 

It has its own cloud storage space where it can store all potential information. The app is FREE to use. 

Keep My Notes

Image result for Keep My Notes logo

Keep My Notes is a remarkable note-taking app for Android users and offers a variety of neat features. To begin with, Keep My Notes offer you the opportunity to create handwritten notes using finger/stylus. Plus, it also gives you the option to create notes using the built-in text-to-speech option.  

You can even bold, underline or italicize relevant content as per your requirement. You can add audio to your posts and even better, you can add password protection to put in added security to images. 

You can even set your notes up like Sticky Notes on your mobile home screen which makes it much easier for you to track your tasks. You can also have two themes, light and dark based on the device. The display is interchangeable which means that you can set it to portrait or set it to the landscape. 

So if you’re looking for a handy package that packs quite the note-taking punch, this is a good app. 

Are there any other apps that you find interesting to take down important notes? If you do, then please let us know about them in the comments below. We would be delighted to include it in our list.

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This feature will be coming to the US than in Mexico and Brazil before it rolls to all around the world, confirmed by The Washington Post.

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DeepMind’s teams work with Google’s Play Store to provide the most relevant application recommendations for each user.

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Google Maps will help you ask people where you are

Google proves once again with “Speakeasy” the alliance of Google Maps and Google Translate.

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Still a Fan of the Vintage NES? Here are the Best NES games to Play this Season

Some things never die, and some game leaves a never forgetting legacy behind. These are the best NES games that have earned a spot!

Such is the case with the amazing console which was released nearly 3 decades ago. And right after its release, the NES has been considered one of the remarkably gaming console featuring all the modern bells and whistles that simply surpasses the online gameplay on 60Hz and 4k resolution. 

And we must say that the love for the NES games isn’t backed up without logic or no good reason. Some iconic titles such as the Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid are a few names that just about every other individual is quite profoundly familiar with. Is it that time of the year again, when you put aside your favorite PS4 and XBOX 1 and pull out your NES console to revisit the past? 

If it is, then don’t forget to play the following titles. 

Batman: The Video Game

Do you remember the batman movie released in 1989? In case, you don’t remember how the incarnation took place, here’s the Batman video game which can enable you to take a trip in the past. 

Gotham is a country that is overruled by thugs and trash, where you are the Dark knight charged with the responsibility to take the trash out. Roam around the night cleaning the streets from the menace. 

You cope with different thugs by getting in close combat and you have special weapons with limited supply. There are gun discs and boomerangs to take down enemies and you can climb walls, cling to them and take out thugs like a prolific Ninja Gaiden hero. The game is complex, but it is fun to play. 

Captain America & the Avengers

Past is full of mistakes, as many developers were in the phase of testing and developing gaming experiences for the world, the first time. Hence, anything which contained superheroes like Spider-Man or X-Men was more or less considered as a game that should be avoided. 

However, Captain America and The Avengers is one title from that era that surpassed the critics. The developers really put quite an effort into designing the game and they even invested time in creating a shield for the Cap that could deflect bullets and defend Cap from unnecessary hazards. 

Surely, there were other characters like Hawkeye to play with, but they weren’t as fun as Cap himself. 

Marble Madness

If you’ve played Super Monkey ball, then I am sure you can understand that Marble Madness is an 8-bit rip off which has created quite a significant impact in the NES gaming world. The content is light but the game showcase a strong recognizable game promising a lot of fun for its individual players. 

Marble Madness is a six-level game and when done right, the game can easily be beaten in five mins. But, to do so, you will have to be a complete expert player to actually get there and score a win. 

The game has certain elements that make it quite magical and challenges come your way as a test of skill. The game is an amazing play and is designed using an isometric perspective making it look cool.  

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This title came out as inspiration from Ridley Scott’s legendary sci-fi horror movie, Alien. The game was launched during the mid-80s which created Metroid as a revolutionary game in the gaming arena. 

Prior to Metroid, games on home consoles only had a few screens and most of the games were merely focused on making a good high score. Little did they contain any worthwhile narrative. 

However, with Metroid, things drastically changed. The game was pretty expansive and interesting. Not only that, but it had all the important features which any complicated game was expected with. 

It may sound a little off the hook but the original Metroid is one of the premiere titles among NES. 


Back in the 80s, developers had to downgrade games to a considerable extent in order to fit it on a standard NES cartridge. As a result, the downgrading would have a detrimental effect on the visual appeals of the game, the playability, and the overall game quality. But, one game that stood out among the rest was none other than the 1987’s Contra release. This title became unarguably one of the best. 

Image result for Contra nes game

The title became relatively quite famous on the Nintendo’s game system, a side-scroll shooter which became quite the dominant title with a remarkable co-op experience of the retro-styled 8-bit era. 

It was the first title that was introduced with a Konami code enabling players to activate 30 lives. 

Super Mario Bros 3

It has been around in the NES gaming world since the early 80s and was released side by side with Donkey Kong. One of the arcade classics, which later expanded into the Nintendo world and became the highly favored adventure game. It earns itself a position as one of the best side-scrolling Super Mario titles for the consoles. In fact, it became quite popularly known for its distinct themed stages. 

Image result for Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario 3 became the cornerstone on which an entire series of Mario was later released. 

It’s obviously very difficult to create a list of the best NES games and not include Super Mario innit. 

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

Considered one of the best titles in the NES original console games, Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse is one of the best Castlevania games of its time. This game is seriously tough to beat and is incredibly nostalgic. It may not ring all the bells and whistles compared to its two successors, but it was introduced an amazing gameplay style that kept the audiences motivated for over a decade to come. 

The least I can say is that it has a nostalgic experience that one can only experience once they play. 

So are you planning to take out your NES console this Christmas and New Year? Why not give a try to the above-discussed games. In fact, drop some of your own personal favorites in the comments. 


WeChat Now Accepts International Credit/Debit Cards

Tencent has announced that it is enabling Credit and Debit cards to WeChat Pay, making it easier for people to pay to people in China from all around the world.

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Whatsapp Voice Calls

UAE To Lift Ban From Whatsapp Voice Calls

The United Arab Emirates has decided to lift a ban from Whatsapp calls. If UAE lifts the ban from Whatsapp, it will be the first free voice calling application in the country.

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Tumblr launching a new group messaging feature

Tumblr is launching a group chat so people can chat and apply for blogging on famous blogs by the use of it.

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How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock for Android

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock for Android

WhatsApp has gone more secure with their new fingerprint lock feature. Now you can enable the biometric features to your account.

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Chrome For iOS

Chrome For iOS Gets Dark Mode Feature

Chrome for iOS has also acquired dark mode. The motive for writing this ode is that now and then, in fact, daily we come to know about a fresh App that has combined dark mode. Well, in the technology biosphere, fashion is accepted like intensity, and it is one of those trends which is accepted for worthy.

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Gboard: Google tests the Smart Compose and looking for Gifs on its keyboard

Regularly, Google is working to develop the features of its virtual keyboard on Android, Gboard. The developer Jane Manchun Wong has identified two new options currently tested by the developer, namely the suggestion of GIF and auto-completion.

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Google Added New Feature For Blind People in Maps

Google Maps is a superb assistance for all of us and now we don’t have to ask anybody seeing any way once we have this very best advice. But, Google Maps is much more beneficial for Visually impaired men and women. It’s a fantastic initiative that Google is hoping to establish something which will alleviate such specially-abled men and women.

Some months back, Google Maps had comprised voice guidance for people who cant see. New Features to Help Visually Impaired are further improved and it gives more details voice guidance. This improved voice advice will be rolling out to everyone today.

New Features to Help Visually Impaired

There’ll be different kinds of verbal statements that are going to be beneficial for people that are walking. These features are specially made for individuals with vision impairments as they can’t utilize the already available attribute in Google Maps.

This new feature for walking navigation is coming for the two Android and iOS. Right now it will support only English and Japanese but shortly it will launch other languages for different businesses. So you are able to delight in this feature by upgrading your Google Maps, also enabling this feature from the settings menu. All you need to do is to check the navigation option to enable”Detailed voice advice” beneath the”Walking options.”

Google would like to buy a competitor from TikTok

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google would be interested in buying Firework, a competing application of TikTok valued at $ 100 million.

In one year, TikTok has become one of the most popular applications among younger generations.

Google would be particularly interested in the concept of the application, namely the publication of short videos on a musical background. This is in any case what the Wall Street Journal reports that the firm of Mountain View would now seek to buy Firework, a competing application of TikTok valued at $ 100 million.

The principle of Firework clearly reminds that of TikTok, with videos of 30 seconds maximum with editing. These videos are then publicly visible by everyone. Nevertheless, the Wall Street Journal states that Firework’s audience is older than TikTok’s.

WhatsApp is releasing a ‘self-destructing’ feature

Several popular messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Signal, offer “self-destructing messages.” You can set a timer for messages in conversations with others that will disappear after the specified time.

This feature may appear in WhatsApp soon. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the company is testing the disappearing message in the test version 2.19.275 of its Android app.

The site found the disappearing messaging feature in WhatsApp’s group chat settings. It allows you to set the destruction timer to five seconds or one hour.

Disappearing messages are a nice feature when you want to send sensitive information to someone and don’t want to leave any correspondence.

EMUI 10: 31 smartphones will get a beta by the end of the year

Huawei has released a list of 33 smartphones and tablets that will receive a beta update EMUI 10 by the end of the year. Honor is also concerned.

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yOUTUBE music

Youtube Music Will Come Preinstalled With Android 10

Google has officially announced that its YouTube Music service will be natively installed on Android 10 smartphones.

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Google released a new dark theme feature for Gmail

Gmail has announced Dark Theme for Gmail for both iOS and Android.

If you own an older version of the app, you might need to change the settings manually.

Turn on Dark Theme in Gmail

  • Open Gmail.
  • Click the Hamburger icon on the top left.
  • Scroll down till you find Settings.
  • Click on settings and then general settings.
  • Select the theme and choose the dark mode.

This mentioned step is for older versions.

If you’re a google pixel user, you will have this feature as it will automatically turn it on when your phone goes on battery saving. While iOS and Android users have to wait 15 days to get it.

Yahoo Launches Mail App for Android & iOS

Yahoo was one of the most widely used platforms. However, with the launch of Gmail, its subscriber base has drained a lot. It seems like, the app s trying to regain its premium position it had a few years back, by launching new features and Outlook. This time Yahoo has come up with a new Mail app for both Android and iOS operating systems. Besides, the company has also released its brand new logo along with the new Yahoo Mail App.

New Yahoo Mail App Features

The latest user-friendly view lets users access their attachments such as tickets, photos, documents and important files. This further gives the facility of accessing shopping emails to unsubscribe them. The view tab has three modules:

  1. Deals View
  2. Location View (iOS only)
  3. Grocery View.

If you are using Yahoo email, try out the new app. Users can download Yahoo Mail App for iPhone and Android via App Store and Google Play.

Facebook Ends Group Stories Feature

Facebook is finally getting rid of facebook group stories, which allowed users to add stories in the groups they have joined.

This was launched back in December 2018, but People on facebook didn’t like the feature.

Waving Goodbye to Facebook Group Stories

As Facebook has put an end to it. But the main Facebook Stories will remain there with no change.

Facebook is currently working on different secret projects such as Dating service like tinder and a job searching platform like LinkedIn.

Apple Arcade Is Open For Beta Users

If you’re an iOS 13 beta user who is looking forward to Arcade, it looks like you might be taking advantage of Apple’s subscription gaming service within three days of the official launch date.

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Not Another One! Facebook And Instagram Developing a New App Called ‘Threads’

Who would have thought that Facebook would be developing another new messaging app? And this time, it is doing so to rival Snapchat. This app will be named ‘Threads’.

Facebook is reported to be developing Threads as a new messaging app. It is aimed at helping users share more information more often with their close friends. Those close friends will be picked up from the close friends’ list users have on Instagram and Facebook.

What is the functionality of Threads?

Threads is created to automatically share close details, such as location, internet speed, battery life and the like. The app also shares typical social media posts such as text and pictures. Threads is intended to work with the ‘close friends list’ of users listed on Instagram.

Threads will act as a companion to Instagram. Currently it is in testing at Facebook

Threads is engineered as Instagram’s ‘sister’ app and invites users to share close details with their close friends using Instagram’s creative tools. The app includes an opt-in ‘automatic sharing’ feature allowing people on the app user’s close friends list receiving regular updates, about where the person is, and vice versa.

Threads also allows users to update their respective statuses manually, with those statuses being shown in the main feed along with the messages. The app will show online users with a green dot, allows users to quickly read stories shared by friends and also includes its own camera function.

It is the latest in apps automating status sharing through mobile phone sensors & one-tap status sharing. In 2014, a similar app called ‘Status’ tried doing the same thing as Threads, and in 2015, Danny Trinh’s free app took another yet similar approach.

Why are Facebook & Instagram developing Threads?

After facing years of sustained & rising criticism in its negative role in the promotion of political propaganda, false news, false information, spam content, failure to stop large-scale data breaches & verbatim genocide, Facebook signaled major changes which are currently in progress.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this year that his company would be improving Facebook’s privacy.

Facebook has also started a project aimed at merging the services of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Such will allow users to send messages instantly across these apps without the need for switching between the apps. The apps will remain separate, but their messaging functionalities will now be under one umbrella.

Could this be an attempt by Facebook to mask its numerous failures? It is becoming highly probable that Facebook is doing so by making an impression in the general public that it is moving on from being an open public forum to a close one shielding users’ information.

The concluding point – Will Thread survive or face another rollback?

There are doubts among the general populace about the survival of threads after its inception. Such became evident when the social media giant ended its support for Direct, which was a camera-first app that not only resembled but mimicked Snapchat.

Direct was unveiled in 2017 and was tested in Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey & Uruguay. However, the launch of direct was canceled before a global release was to occur. There is ambiguity in whether Threads will be launched or not.

There is a likelihood that Facebook might end the development of the app before giving it to the general public (as it did with Direct). However, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg asserted back in March that he sees private messaging as the company’s future.

Threads appears to be part of the efforts of Facebook’s latest vision of making private messaging become a reality.

Will Facebook succeed this time? Or will it falter with just another failed launch?

Instagram is working on a Snapchat-like app

Facebook is testing another Snapchat clone.

The app “is designed to facilitate continuous, automatic sharing between users,” The Verge said, and the company has released a model of the app based on screenshots of unpublished apps. The image shows a single feed where you can see a friend’s story or a brief “status”.

Facebook and Instagram have been trying to copy Snapchat at least six times over the years. However, these attempts were unsuccessful until Instagram launched Stories in its own application.

Of course, Facebook’s previous attempts to create a separate Snapchat clone were unsuccessful, and Threads could be as easy as other Snapchats that the company has been dying over the years. However, by integrating Instagram stories with the user’s “close friends,” the company at least indicates that it is willing to put all the features of Instagram into practice.