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The Becoming Your Best Planner: Have your best year ever!

The becoming your best is a paper planner designed to bring you balance, health, happiness, and high performance results. Printed on thicker, high-quality  paper to resist ink bleeding, the planner features a spiral-bound, extremely durable hard cover with an elastic enclosure strap and pen holder.

It has two convertible sizes. A full 8.5” by 11” size for those that require a lot of room to effectively lead and manage their lives. A medium version of 5.75” by 8” size for those on the move who want something more compact while maintaining all the features of the large version.

The BYB Planner incorporates your dreams and goals into your daily routine

The planner was built to answer the question, “how can I live a better and more fulfilling life?”. There are many section in the planner. Inside the planner, you will find:

  • Vision section  to capture your personal vision and dreams.
  • Goal section with examples to create your own SMART goals for the year.
  • Full-sized monthly calendars for the year 2020 and for 2021.
  • 52 full size-weekly calendars that run from Jan 2020- Dec 2020 for focused exexecution
  • Two column of space in each weekly calendar for focused and promoted to-dos and note ideas
  • Monthly journal page to capture your “happy thought, good things and highlights”
  • Weekly motivational quotes and thoughts to help you stay in the right frame of mind.
  • A note section at the end of the planner to capture ideas, thoughts and journal entries.
  • A full color world map
  • Supper smooth high quality 100 GSM thick paper, about 1.75 times thicker than a standard sheet of printer paper to resist ink bleeding from fountain pens.
  • 170 pages of high grade organic and natural materials

Among who can benefit from this planner include

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Executives and team leader
  • Busy parent
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Pastors
  • Coaches
  • Anyone seeking work-life balance

Becoming your best is a gorgeou, flexible daily planner that helps you take control of your time and accomplish what matters most in your life

8 Things You Will Love About Android 10

Google has finally rolled out Android 10 with latest features. It is initially rolled out for Pixel phones.

These 10 things you will love about the new operating system.

These 8 things make Android 10 better than other Android versions.

  1. Smart Reply: You can reply to your texts just by swiping gestures.
  2. Live Caption: This feature allows to add captions to your audios and videos.
  3. Sound Amplifier App: It will boost the sound of your music.
  4. HEIF Format: It will save files in HEIF format instead of JPEG, saving a lot of space in the device.
  5. Focus Mode: It pauses social media apps for you to focus on working.
  6. Dark Mode: Will make your screen comfortable and easier to use and will save a lot of battery.
  7. Silent: It will block useless notifications.
  8. Family Link: It will help family members to limit the screen time of kids’ working.