Day: November 27, 2019

Windows 10: File Explorer Can Crash on Latest Update

Windows 10: File Explorer Can Crash on Latest Update

The November 2019 update for Windows 10 introduced a very useful new tool: a search engine in the file explorer. However, it can completely crash, forcing a restart.

After a rate of update very sustained or overly supported, Microsoft has decided to calm the game on Windows 10. Now, major updates are a little more spread over time, which does not prevent some new features to be deployed regularly.

With the latest update of November 2019, Windows 10 has recovered a very practical aspect: the file explorer now offers a new search engine to preview files searched and files stored in the cloud OneDrive.

The bug file explorer under Windows 10 November 2019
Little problem: it does not seem completely finalized. As reported by Windows Latest and many users on Microsoft forums, using the search engine often leads to … a complete crash of the file explorer. This requires a complete restart of the application before being usable again.