YouTube Just Published it’s Second YouTube Rewind Video 2019! Check it Out

YouTube Just Published it’s Second YouTube Rewind Video 2019! Check it Out

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YouTube Rewind is a campaign initiated last year by YouTube where it puts together all the videos which they believe is everything best that ever happened on the channel. They assemble everything great in a single video giving a fast forward flashback to all its viewers highlighting some of the craziest things which happened during the entire year. 

Seeing the immense dislike YouTube received on the rewind video they published the previous year 2018, YouTube published another cringeworthy video in the wake of acknowledging all those crazy content creators who created a somewhat impact on the platform. 

Unfortunately, even this time, the ratio of dislikes is twice the original number of likes the rewind video successfully secured. What makes this video create the perfect cringe effect on individuals? 

Kevin Allocca, the head of culture and trends on YouTube said in an interview with Variety, 

“We heard a lot of feedback that the video last year didn’t reflect people’s experience on YouTube, Rewind has always been a moment to celebrate the big things that happened on YouTube and document the end of the year. People feel a real sense of ownership of what they create on the platform.”

About YouTube Rewind 2019, it highlights a number of video categories which earned the most views. Apparently, some creators like PewDiePie who earned 4 billion views were absent from the Rewind.  

Instead, there were many other interesting videos that reached the limelight. There were videos like MrBeast’s “Make This Video the Most-Liked Video on YouTube” and other interesting videos from games like “Minecraft and Fortnite,” the top breakout creators (No. 1: Brazil’s Loud has 3.8 million subscribers), so I won’t spoil any more of your surprise! It is now time to take a look at the video 🙂  

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