Youtube Music Will Come Preinstalled With Android 10

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Youtube Music Will Come Preinstalled With Android 10

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Google has officially announced that its YouTube Music service will be natively installed on Android 10 smartphones.

It’s been a long time since Google launched its new music streaming service: YouTube Music. The application is expected to eventually replace Play Music, but it must still recover some features and it manages to seduce users. Which is not won in advance.

However, Google persists in its effort and announced that YouTube Music would now be one of its pre-installed applications on Android 10. As for Play Music, the service will not really disappear, but you will have to download it from the Play Store to enjoy it.

Recall that Android 10 is available in its final version recently. Thus, only a handful of smartphones benefit for the moment from the last version of the OS. In other words, we suspect that a large number of users will not immediately trigger the change from Play Music to YouTube Music.

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