Best Bang for the Buck! LG’s New V60 ThinQ is Huge with a Removable Screen

Best Bang for the Buck! LG’s New V60 ThinQ is Huge with a Removable Screen

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Don’t you desire a phone that offers 5G connectivity along with the 8k resolution and that too with a foldable screen? If your budget is a bit on the low side & you want something that’s highly affordable, look no further than LG’s New V60 ThinQ, a phone which packs quite the punch in just around $1,000. 

With foldable phones on the rise and Samsung launching it’s very own Galaxy fold, things in the smartphone industry have escalated. Brands are now focusing on consumer demands and are inclined at manufacturing phone models which can add all the next-generation features. But LG takes the game up a notch and brings a whole lot more just under $1,000. With LG’s V60 ThinQ, things are about to change for all the foldable fans out there.

Everything You Need to Know about the LG’s New V60 ThinQ

One of the best things about the new mobile is the camera. It features a 64 megapixel, an 8k resolution supported smartphone screen and is bundled with the Dual Screen attachment. Here’s a case that adds a secondary screen to the phone, which is pretty similar the last year’s release of G8X ThinQ. On the plus side, the phone has all the necessary features that the new Samsung Galaxy phone is offering along with a headphone jack which the Samsung isn’t offering to its customers. 

Imagine getting all that for a few hundred dollars less? As far as the price goes, LG hasn’t given any ballpark figure as of yet. But fans have already estimated the pricing by comparing it with the older models. They have deduced that the price will range somewhere approximately $700 – $800. Those who have beta tested the phone aren’t quite satisfied with the camera compared to their high-end counterparts manufactured by Google, Apple, and Samsung. The OS on the phone still looks outdated, and there’s no sign the phone will get Android updates faster compared to other phones.

And with the addition of a foldable screen, beta testers have labeled it as a bulky and a “hard to handle” phone in the foldable smartphone category. If you’re interested to make the purchase, then here are some important pre-requisites that you need to pay attention to. 

The LG New V60 ThinQ Foldable Phone is Big! 

When it comes to basic features, LG phones don’t fall short than what it promises to deliver. The V60 features a high-resolution OLED screen and packs a good 5,000mAh battery with a long-lasting life. 

The phone also contains a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor and also includes an 8 GB RAM. There’s also a MicroSD card slot to add more storage to the phone’s base storage of 128 GB. It features both fast wired and wireless charging. It also has an IP68 water-resistant screen and features the latest version of Android. The headphone jack also comes with a digital to analog converter, which makes the sound quality on the phone even better. The phone has a large 6.8 screen which is good enough to have a great viewing experience. The size indicates it’s not designed for the small hands. 

The screen refresh rate for the new LG foldable is not as good as the refresh rate for the OnePlus 7T or Google Pixel 4 or one of Samsung’s latest devices. So if you want to download and play games from the app store, the high-end graphic games might not offer you quite a smooth experience as the other foldable devices. The screen edges are chamfered whereas the blue models feature a golden accent making the new device remarkably interesting for those who want to carry something classier. 

The only sad bit is the sheer great size of the phone which kills the entire multitasking experience after attaching a second screen. Also, the case is thick which makes the already bulky phone bulkier.  

Introducing 5G Support

As more 5G models have started appearing in the market, many phones have adopted wired 5G technology. But with the new LG’s V60 ThinQ, you can experience 5G connectivity in wireless mode. For now, LG isn’t selling any unlocked version of the phone similar to Samsung. So for now, you can only buy the phone version which has your carrier support. The Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T models come with the sub-6 version of 5G whereas Verizon is the only one that comes with the mm-wave.  

It is fast but the indoor coverage is low. 

The Camera on LG’s New V60 ThinQ

The previous LG phone model featured a total of 5 cameras but with the new V60 ThinQ, you only get 3. There’s a main camera of 64 megapixels, and two other one 13 megapixels while the other 10 megapixels. 8k video recording is the hallmark and offers improved audio capture. This phone is an interesting option for all creative personalities. The LG phone uses binning technology on its screen to merge pixels together so they can absorb more light giving amazing 16-megapixel photos that are bigger, brighter and better even in the low light. If you click a few on a sunny day, they’ll be good. 

So here’s just about everything we have learned so far about the LG’s New V60 ThinQ. Do you want to add a bit more? Leave us a comment. 

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