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YouTube is testing a queue feature for its videos

YouTube is testing a queue feature for its videos

Until September 10, anyone who wants it will be able to experience a queue feature on YouTube.

Until today, YouTube did not offer a video queue. To watch several videos of his choice, he had to create a playlist. Or get carried away by the suggestions of the service with its “  to follow  ” feature. This era of System D should soon be over. YouTube has announced the test of a real queue with its users.

Everyone can benefit from the test until September 10th. You need to go to youtube.com/new, which lists the experimental features offered by the platform, and press the ” try  ” button  in the “  create a queue  ”. From now on, when hovering over the thumbnail of a video, a small list icon titled “  add to queue  ” appears in the corner, just below the ” watch ” icon.  later  .

Google To Disable Youtube Messaging Feature from September 18

Google announced that it will soon turn off YouTube private messaging. This decision is for two reasons. 1) Not many people use YouTube Messaging. 2) Most children are using this feature, which brings them security issues.

This feature was launched in 2017; however, due to the availability of other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, this feature is not universal. Although Google has not yet announced the official date, it is rumored that the feature will be closed after September 18.

YouTube is a video streaming platform that no one can complete. But this feature is not just for such a platform. After reanalysis, the company decided to stop using the messaging option. In addition, YouTube plans to focus more on improving public conversations than on wasting resources on this available feature.

YouTube Moving Kids Content Out Of Its Main Site

The Kids Video and Family Video Blog channel on YouTube is one of the most popular channels on video streaming sites. However, in the past, YouTube had problems managing video for children. There are at least 6 channels for children, with 1.6 billion views per week.

Since 2015, when a series of disturbing videos and allegations of unsafe behavior have appeared on the YouTube Kids app, this issue has not been resolved.

However, this time, executives have stepped in and are looking for a solution.

Since February, YouTube and Google CEOs Susan Wojcicki and Sundar Pichai have decided to close comments on most children’s videos. This is the way to stop the spread of predatory comments. They also prohibit minors from going to work without an adult in the room.

YouTube, Gmail & other Google services are down in North America and Europe

Google services, that includes YouTube, Gmail, and Snapchat, have been down for a few hours Sunday afternoon. The US has been most affected, according to reports.

Internet users complained of unable to access services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and the Google search itself.

As per Google’s Status Dashboard, Half of the Google services were down, with only Google Cloud Search and Google+ showed as working properly.