PS5 vs XBOX Series X: What Key Features Give Sony’s PS5 an Edge over XBOX Series X

PS5 vs XBOX Series X: What Key Features Give Sony’s PS5 an Edge over XBOX Series X

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The Sony’s PS5 has recently revealed its first look and it has mesmerized the minds of many individuals. People who weren’t quite a fan of PlayStation are now seen pouring in their views on the next generation machine that is soon going to hit the market this Holiday Season. Fans are desperately waiting to see what the new Sony’s PS5 is bringing to the table and how exactly it is going to beat the 12.5 teraflops processing speed of the XBOX Series X which is also scheduled for release during the Holiday Season. No doubt, the XBOX Series X has some dangerously fanatic finishing touches. Yet, fans around the world are still interested in seeing how PS5 will beat the XBOX Series X. 

Today, I am going to highlight a few things which give PS5 an edge compared to the gaming beast, the XBOX Series X and provide you with all the reasons why you should consider purchasing PS5 this year

But before we begin, here’s the official PS5 reveal trailer which will leave you mesmerized. 

With PS5, You Are About to Get Instantaneous Load Time

During the Road to PS5 event that took place earlier this year, Mark Cerny the system architect at PS5 explained how there will be a very less loading time in the new titles which the PlayStation gamers will acquire. The speed time of the game will significantly cut down by 0.8 seconds for exclusives such as Spider-Man and other PlayStation games. A big shout out for this delayed load time goes to none other but the usage of SSDs in PlayStation 5. It offers a bandwidth speed of 5.5 GB/s which is quite satisfactory. It indicates that the data processing speed on PS5 will be much faster compared to PS4. 

Be Prepared to Maximize on Stunning Visuals

Another great thing about Sony’s PlayStation 5 which has made fans believe that this is one of the best PlayStation releases of all times is the stunning visuals the PS5 exclusive games are going to present. The breathtaking visuals are simply remarkable and as we saw some of the game reveals in the first look reveal event, we realized that the platform is fully capable of giving incredible details. Some of the titles that really captivated the fan’s minds were from Last of Us 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn’s next chapter. It provides breath-taking visuals for people who are searching to play games in 4k. 

In fact, the new PS5 is known to support gaming up to 8k resolution which makes it much better. 

PS5 Brings 3D Sound Technology to the Table for People

When it comes to audio output, the PS5 brings 3D audio feature right to the doorstep of its individuals. It is powered by a dedicated Tempest Engine, a powerful AMD GPU which optimizes the audio quality in games to a whole new level. Now, you can immerse yourself in the land of nanites and experience a next-level sound experience while playing your favorite titles. This feature is fine-tuned to work with TV speakers & standard home audio setups. The PS5 console is quite ideal for all such users who are seeking high-end headsets and powerful headphones that bring the best sound quality to your doors. 

And Let’s Not Forget the Game Changing Dual Sensor Controller

No console is complete until it has the best controller to play their favorite game titles. Sony’s PS5 is one of the top-of-the-line DualShock 4 controllers with the DualSense feature. The controller features a variety of interesting elements such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a USB Type C feature, and a built-in microphone with a rechargeable battery. The controller is quite interesting and has a nice new feel as well. They are definitely better in look & feel and offer a whole lot more than the usual. So be ready with the release of the new PS5 because you’re in for quite an interesting blast. 

Lastly, Get Completely Immersed in Games with the PlayStation VR

We have now entered a new age of technology where VR is the next best thing. With VR hitting the market, the PlayStation market is open to an entirely new range of experience with a world of possibilities for developers. It adds multiple new layers of interaction and brings complete control for your entire gaming experience. The world of VR is massively engaging and there’s so much that a person can adapt to. The best thing is the immersive experience and with the PS5 content, it will just take the whole thing to such an incredible level, the one which you can only imagine. 

Here’s just about everything that I believe the PS5 is bringing to the table for all those who are desperately wishing to see the new console emerge as one of the best among the rest. Are you also excited to see how PS5 is going to be better than the new XBOX Series X? Feel free to leave your comments below so we can add more interesting pointers within our respective content. 

Until next time cheers. 

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