PS4 Becomes Second Best Selling Console of All Time


PS4 Becomes Second Best Selling Console of All Time

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Sony has announced that PS4 becomes the second most selling console in the world.

About 102.8 million units of PS4s have been sold worldwide. Wii sold 101.6 million units and PS1 was sold 102.5 million times. PS4 is still going strong against its competitors Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

PS4 is even beating its own PS2 and PS1 which were most selling consoles in history.

Sony has now planned to release PS5 with some exclusive games such as Death Stranding and Jedi Fallen Order in front of us, not to mention Cyberpunk and The Last of Us Part II sometime next year.

PS4 will also see a lot of sales on upcoming Black Friday sales in November.

Rival console Xbox One is also doing great in the market as the statistics showed great growth for Xbox One in 2019.

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