Nvidia 3000 Series is About to Drop the RTX3080/RTX3080ti Next Year


Nvidia 3000 Series is About to Drop the RTX3080/RTX3080ti Next Year

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The world is massively competitive and individual gamers from all around the world are overly excited. Tech GPU giants are always grossly interlocked with each other in a constant battle of superseding one GPU tech over the other.

In the blue corner, we have AMD who is massively focused on delivering high-performance gaming experience to its individuals; whereas, in the red corner, we have Nvidia who is interested in delivering performance just as much as they are interested in offering durability.

With the recent launch of the 5700XT series in the market, AMD has successfully paralleled its GPU technology meeting the robust requirements of modern-day games running on the RTX technology. 

But can Nvidia produce something far better than its existing Geforce Experience 2000 series? Rumor has it, that Nvidia has set itself on track towards releasing the first-ever Geforce 3000 series next year. 

Dates aren’t confirmed, yet the news has already started circulating the market. 

Rumors from Wccftech reveals that Nvidia is now discussing the all-new Ampere, the next-gen GeForce RTX 3000 series cards. Although, there aren’t any complete details about the Nvidia GeForce 3000 series which I believe will only be discussed when Nvidia officially announces the release. 

What’s Going to be Special About the New GeForce Nvidia Experience 3000 Series? 

First things first, 

People are terming the new card as the new Nvidia GeForce Ampere. The card has earned its name because of the 7nm EUV process node which it is about to introduce for the first time in 3000 series. 

Similar to its prior 2000 series, the 3000 series is going to feature three versions of the card. 

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 – 12GB 
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 – 12GB 
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti – 16GB

Obviously, as the stats suggest, these cards will be functioning on a higher, more powerful VRAM. 

Rumors also claim that the overall price of the card will be significantly cheaper than its previous models. However, in my opinion, price is something where Nvidia has never compromised so I don’t believe that’s ever going to happen. Though they do offer durability and that’s what sets them apart. 

About the Performance

As far as the card’s performance is concerned, the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 series will have some amazing performance upgrades in terms of ray tracing technology. One other great news that we’ve learned about the new GPU tech is that the 3000 series card will feature the 7nm process node. 

Such nodes will make the GPU card more power-efficient compared to its previous versions. 

Just so you know, the previous versions of the GPU were powered on a larger 12nm to 14nm nodes. 

What’s Interesting About a 7nm EUV Process Node? 

The best thing about using the 7nm EUV node in Nvidia is that it provides the Ampere GPU a much more stable architecture. Some claim that it can actually run cards under a voltage supply of as low as 1V making the Nvidia 3000 series one of the most power-efficient Geforce cards on the block. 

But, (oh yes, there’s a but)… 

The downside of a good power efficient card is that you can expect a degradation in overclocking. 

If somehow Nvidia does change its pursuit from being power efficient to performance efficiency, the card can have almost a 400-500 Mhz GPU clock improvement, especially on the custom builts. 

And there is no doubt, Nvidia always plays safe when it comes to Graphic card life and durability. If Nvidia does plan on surpassing the AMD future builds, it must compromise on power-efficiency. 

So that’s all folks, everything that we have learned about the new Nvidia 3000 series. Until next time. 

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