Netflix: the best tips for mastering the SVOD service

netflix tips

Netflix: the best tips for mastering the SVOD service

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Netflix offers several tips for accessing certain options. With them, you can more easily mute the sound, delete its history or even access hidden categories.

Reading shortcuts

When reading content, Netflix offers several shortcuts that can save you time, some are known, others less, but can be very useful.

  • Enter or Space: Pause the video being played
  • Up arrow: Increase volume
  • Down arrow: Turn down the volume
  • M: Mute the video
  • Left arrow: 10 seconds back in the video
  • Right arrow: Move forward 10 seconds in the video
  • S: Skip the introduction of a video
  • F: Switch to full-screen mode and exit
  • Escape: Exit Full-Screen Mode
Choosing the Netflix bitrate

Search shortcuts

To find more easily certain types of content, it is possible to search by certain keywords or parameters. They are available on all Netflix platforms, such as Android, iOS, Web, PS4, Xbox, etc.

  • Type “Netflix” in the search bar: Find all Netflix original content
  • Type “4K” in the search bar: Find all available contents in 4K
  • Type an actor / director / studio name in the search bar : Find all content related to this actor / director / studio

Netflix also has a very precise category sorting system. Accessible by URL, type code ). From the classic category like comedy to more specific things like Marvel cartoons, over 200 codes exist. They are all listed by the What’s on Netflix website via a table for direct access.

Netflix settings

In its settings, Netflix can perform several actions that can be very useful. Everything happens from the menu My account accessible from the web version or from the various applications (which will redirect directly to the web page).

  • Delete your browsing history:
    • Go to My Account
    • Click on History
    • Click on the Delete icon () next to the watched title
  • Change the appearance of subtitles:
    • Go to My Account
    • Click on Subtitles Display
    • Change the font, size, drop shadow, color, background and subtitle window
  • Become a beta tester for Netflix:
    • Go to My Account
    • Click on Participation in tests
    • Check the option Participate in tests

Feel free to browse the My Account menu that will allow you to further personalize your experience with the SVOD service.

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