Modern Warfare Becomes the Most Played Multiplayer Game in the First 50 Days

Modern Warfare Becomes the Most Played Multiplayer Game in the First 50 Days

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The first-person shooter genre has long been the staple of online gaming. 

Just when you think that you’ve seen enough and you nearly get attached to a particular FPS title, the world releases another revitalizing FPS game that resets your entire shooter game experience. 

Among many titles that were released this year, one that tops the chart is none other but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remake and the fans just simply loved it. In recent events, Activision disclosed that the franchise observed modern warfare as one of the most played multiplayer console game ever. 

The analysis performed by the franchise was done over a course first fifty days of gameplay. Based on the results from the analytics, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare exceeds all the other Call of Duty games when measured in total hours played, total hours per player and average daily player count. 

According to Activision, the game experienced a total of 500 million multiplayer hours of game time in a total of 300 million different multiplayer matches. In fact, the latest call of duty multiplayer title has summed up a total of $1 billion from around the world in sales by the end of November on consoles. 

The First Look at the New Modern Warfare

The game’s opening movie sequence is no less than binge-worthy movies like Sicario. It all starts with a terrorist attack and takes you on a breathtaking journey of a thrilling and mind captivating storyline. 

Most of the game-story revolves around recovering chemical weapons from a fictional country called the Urzikistan. But, early in the game, you do get the chance to play some brutal mission in London. 

The outfits of the players have changed. However, the shooting style still remains the same. The overall tone of the game is dark and most of the story elements are extracted from real scenarios. 

One great thing about the new Modern Warfare multiplayer is the crossplay. It is for the first time the franchise fully supports the crossplay element allowing players to interconnect through consoles and PC at the same time. Fans playing games through PS4, Xbox One and PC can now play altogether. 

Infinity ward has explained clearly how the crossplay feature will work on the new Modern Warfare. It does support keyboard, mouse, and controllers on all platforms; however, people will be able to choose controller-only lobbies or mouse & keyboard-only lobbies irrespective of playing on a console or on PC. If you do want to learn more about the cross-play feature in-depth, then read it on The Verge

How Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Breaking Records?

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the first game in the franchise to offer the crossplay experience, it has significantly boosted the sales for the title. Infinity Wards has also credited it for engagement. 

On one of the occasions, the co-studio head, and creative director at Infinity Ward, Patrick Kelly stated: 

“We’re bringing our players together to play across all platforms and that continues today with a new wave of content coming to everyone for free,”

As the hype just keeps increasing, it is expected to break new records moving into New Orleans. 

“The momentum for Modern Warfare from day one has been incredible. Players are having a great time and are continuing to engage across the multiplayer experience at the highest level in years. We’re also seeing new franchise highs for this console generation in hours played, hours per player and average daily players,” 

Says executive vice president and general manager for Call of Duty, Activision, Byron Beede. 

He further states, 

“It’s great to see the fan response to the hard work from our development teams led by Infinity Ward. Players are having a great time, and there’s much more to come as we continue to deliver new content.”

We can see the game introducing more content for the game in the season one battle pass and we hope to see more success come out of the Modern Warfare as we move close to the New Year. 

Are you flabbergasted with the immense success Modern Warfare has earned in a small period of time? As an avid gamer, are you also interested to become one among the contributors? 

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