Microsoft Launched New Windows 10X

windows 10x

Microsoft Launched New Windows 10X

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At this year’s Surface conference, Microsoft created a system called “Windows 10X” for the flip-screen notebook Surface Neo. Although its core is Windows 10, Microsoft has also adjusted the interface in response to different folding screen flipping patterns.

Recently, however, official website data from Microsoft shows that the future Windows 10X system can not only be applied to folding screen devices, but also to traditional notebook computers.

This page was discovered by the breaking person WalkingCat from the Microsoft Azure website. Microsoft then removed the page, but the content has been intercepted by some media , including a brief introduction to Windows 10X.

In the previous comment on Surface Neo, we also mentioned that Microsoft canceled the “Start Menu” design in Windows 10X, replaced by a grid-like application main screen that is closer to the smartphone-style, and can also call out a row of commonly used applications. Dock bar.

However, Windows 10X still has a “start” interface, now it refers to the user login page after booting, the Windows Hello identification icon can be seen at the top, and the alternate PIN verification is in the center.

This page also reveals other details of the Windows 10X system, such as a modern file manager for touchscreen interaction, optimization of native programs and PWA applications, and new quick setup menus. Microsoft’s news.

According to Microsoft’s plan, Windows 10X will be available with the Surface Neo in the fall of 2020. At that time, we will also see dual-screen notebooks from OEMs such as ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

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