Microsoft Just Launched Two New Microsoft Surface Devices

Microsoft Just Launched Two New Microsoft Surface Devices

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Microsoft just released two new Surface devices this Thursday for the world to feast upon. It comes forth with two new variants of the Surface devices, one is the successor of the previously trending Surface Pro X while the other is a cheaper variant for the Surface Go laptop. Both of these variants were expected to release this fall and apparently, they both are finally on the menu for tech enthusiasts around the world. 

Remember the time when there was all big talk about Microsoft coming up with a hybrid model for Surface Pro X that is going to be affordable? Guess what! Because this Thursday, Microsoft launched the two. Unlike other launch events, Microsoft this time did not host any virtual press event. However, they did publish several YouTube videos and also gave a short presentation discussing the features. 

The second-generation Surface Pro X and the new Surface Laptop Go delivers improved hardware and much better functionality to Microsoft Surface fans out there. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Surface Go Laptop

If you want a good laptop which you can easily carry around with you to your schools and workplaces, then the new Surface Laptop Go is your best bet. Not only is it very portable, but it is also a very affordable laptop as well. It is the kind of laptop which you can work on while the pandemic is on the rise. The laptop is quite satisfactory because you can run all your productivity apps and have a satisfying video watching experience all at the same time. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go starts at an affordable price of $549.99

As far as the build is concerned, the new Surface Laptop Go features a 12.4-inch PixelSense touchscreen display. It also has a full-sized keyboard and a precision trackpad. The new Microsoft Surface Go also has an embedded power button and a 720p video camera for watching your favorite video shows. There is also a Studio Mics which enables you to perform video conferences with clear audio alongside the video. 

Experience a Dolby Audio surround because the laptop packs an Omnisonic Speaker. 

Here’s a speaker which can come in real handy when you are watching your favorite movie titles. 

For the specs part, the Microsoft Surface Go Laptop comes with: 

  • Intel Generation i5 Processor 
  • 16 GB of RAM 
  • 256 GB of SSD Storage
  • 13 Hours Long Lasting Battery Life 
  • Fast Charging Support
  • Total Weight: 2.45 Pounds 

Everything You Need to Know About the (2nd Gen) Surface Pro X

When the first generation hardware of the Surface Pro X came into the market, many Microsoft fans criticized it. The team made a mental note on the reviewers’ criticism and this year, they came up with the second generation of the Microsoft Surface Pro X. Microsoft, for now, claims that it has addressed most of the reviewers’ criticism and recreated the Surface Pro X experience which can now run 64-bit apps using the x64 emulator. 

As far as the hardware of the new Surface Pro X is concerned, the company integrated a Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G processor which comes with full support for 5G. 

The new Surface Pro X has a 13-inch PixelSense display and also contains different ports. You can easily find two USB-C ports and a Surface Connect port on the device. It comes with a 16 GB RAM and a 256GB storage. As far as the price goes, you have to pay up to $1,799 for the 512 GB SSD storage. 

It also contains a Surface Pro X keyboard and a Surface Slim Pen which is sold separately. 

The device will be available in Poppy Red, Platinum and Ice Blue color. Preorders for shipment will be open from the 13th of October. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything that we have learned about the new Microsoft Surface devices arriving in the market. Stay tuned for more updates, until next time… cheers. 

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