iPhone Replacement Parts Just Might be Running Low in the Market

iPhone Replacement Parts

iPhone Replacement Parts Just Might be Running Low in the Market

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Do you already have an iPhone? Just in case, if you’re a fan of iPhone and looking to upgrade to the newest model, this year might face a bit of difficulty in upgrading your device to a new one. There is news circulating the market that this year iPhone manufacturers might be short in replacement parts supply and the reason behind is none other but the rapidly-growing dangerous COVID-19 virus. 

Even if it’s an old iPhone that you own and you might want to visit a shop to get it repaired, you’re still in high waters. Coronavirus has massively taken its foothold in more than 80 countries around the world, and it is currently affecting the places where the production of the iPhone replacement part takes place. Several reports are pouring in with the claim that even repair parts are running short. 

The virus which took birth in the Wuhan province of china has almost pushed many Chinese individuals to lock themselves up at home and not go out. As a result, the production facilities in China have come to a halt and for the last few weeks, and now they are unable to get them up and running again. As a result, the main assembly lines which are currently operating in the United States are falling short on different parts and hence, the overall manufacturing is experiencing a debacle. 

This delay in production is what is creating a major concern for the iPhone business. 

For now, technical support staff at Apple have raised a red flag with sources claiming that they have informed the retail market, they are running low on replacement supplies. For now, the supply chain may have been suffering from holding up replacement parts for the damaged iPhone devices. 

Further memo on the iPhone business claims that they have observed more shortage in replacement parts which in fact, doesn’t even require any replacement yet, fixing these phones might take delays. 

For now, Apple doesn’t consider this problem an everlasting one and instead, it’s giving the problem at least a month before things start getting to normalize. Meanwhile, the brains at Apple are working on providing a previous version of the Apple phone to the people until their replacement iPhones arrive. 

The loaner phones will be mailed to your address in a month’s time. So just in case, if you haven’t received your replacement phone yet from Apple, don’t worry, it will soon be arriving at your address. 

For now, the best resort for people is to find a quick mobile repair specialist in their locality. 

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