How iPhone SE stands Different in Comparison to iPhone 11?

How iPhone SE stands Different in Comparison to iPhone 11?

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Buckle up, people! All those who always wanted an iPhone at an affordable price for themselves which can offer them all the interesting features which they observed in the new iPhone 11, there’s good news. The new iPhone SE has finally arrived in the market starting at just $399. This lower cost high-functioning iPhone SE model is quite the fan-favorite because the SE version designs have been quite stable since the iPhone 6 release. Apple has recently announced a new version of the iPhone SE with 64 GB of storage. 

As far as the details on the design are concerned, the new iPhone SE has the same shape, look & feel like the iPhone 8. The screen size of the new phone is approximately 4.7 inches with a home button with a Touch ID. It has the same chipset A13 Bionic processor which was released in the last year’s iPhone 11 which makes it quite the hallmark for iPhone lovers. Yet, it is not the same thing and there exist a few differences between both the models. 

So before you decide between the two as per which will be the most suitable option, I ‘ll recommend you to have a look at their existing differences first. 

Let’s Talk About the Camera & the Display First

It is without a doubt, the iPhone 11 has a considerably large 6.1-inch screen whereas the iPhone SE has a smaller one which is only 4.7 inches. As far as the camera is concerned, the iPhone 11 comes with a powerful dual-lens camera which is a wonderful option for those who like to have the coolest clicks. If you’re someone who has a dedicated Insta-profile with a large fan following, then if you can afford a bit extra, iPhone 11 is one of the best choices. 

As for the camera on the new iPhone SE is concerned, it features a single lens back camera that just might match the same specifications as that of the iPhone 11. However, the only difference between the former and the latter design is that of the lens. While the iPhone 11 features 2 lenses, the iPhone SE only has a single lens. If you’re looking to add some fidelity or flexibility in your pictures, then I will suggest that you go for the more expensive option. 

If you want to learn why multi-lens cameras are better, check out this awesome article. 

Also, I would like to mention another notable difference between the technologies. The screen type on the iPhone 11 features a Liquid Retina display featuring thin bezels. However, with the iPhone SE, there’s a more conventional Retina HD display. Though both the screens have 326 pixels per inch. 

How’s the Biometric Different on both the Smartphones? 

We all are quite aware of how iPhone 11 featured Apple’s Face ID tech which was a very interesting option. But sadly, we fail to see the same tech emerging or taking place in the new iPhone SE. 

There is no Face ID technology integrated within the new iPhone SE models. 

But, it does come with the previous Touch ID technology where it scans your fingerprint to unlock. 

Now, it may sound a backtracking step coming from giants like Apple for not releasing the new Face ID feature in their iPhone SE release, they still put the Touch ID to compensate which is not the safest option on the block. Also, the Touch ID doesn’t offer the ease of use perspective as that of Face ID.  

How Are Both the Phone Designs Different From Each Other?

When we talk about designs, the iPhone SE pretty much resembles to the classic iPhone look and feel. It is a great option for all those who are not interested in carrying a tablet-sized phone in their hands. It does contain pretty much all the features that you can expect in a normal iPhone so yeah it’s the one. 

Soon Apple aims to integrate other relevant features such as Apple’s iOS ecosystem, water-resistance and wireless charging with the mid-range SE versions of its phone too. 

What About the Battery Life? 

We all know that the battery on your iPhone 11 can run up for a full-day; however, with the iPhone SE version the company claims the mid-range phone can provide you up to 13 hours of video playback. 

So it’s pretty evident that the iPhone 11 will still offer you a better battery life compared to iPhone SE. This particular battery timing puts the iPhone in the same range as the 2017 versions of the iPhone. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything we know for now on how iPhone 11 differs from the iPhone SE. Are there any other important features that you consider to set both the phones apart? Feel free to share your views in the comment. 

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