How to Resolve Laptop Heating Problem After Extended Use

How to Resolve Laptop Heating Problem After Extended Use

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The problem of overheating machines has been around for decades. Whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, prolonged use of your device can often make them overheated. Especially if you’re a laptop user, you can experience a system slowdown just because of this overheating problem. Many laptop manufacturers have introduced countless interesting accessories to make the laptop heating problem go away. However, the goal of achieving that has only become more difficult with the passage of time. 

We live in a world where everything electronic is getting smaller and smaller. What used to occupy the space of a room can now easily fit on the tip of your finger. And as components are getting smaller so is the fact that all of it must fit into a single space. Today, a single laptop contains all the powerful components bunched up together into a single device and it’s one of the reasons that when these individual components heat up, they heat the entire device including the hard drive, microprocessors, etc. 

Although laptops do come with built-in fans, these fans can only cool the gadgets to a limited extent. And because everything is tightly packed into a single location, overheating has become a common problem. 

Do you own a laptop and do you often encounter that your laptop is becoming overheated? 

Here’s what you can do to make your laptop heat less when it is used for an extended period. 

1) Don’t Place Your Laptop Device on a Cushion

Do you have a habit of working on your laptop by keeping it on a cushion? Well here’s what you need to do. You need to quit using a cushion as a table stands for your laptop. You can easily purchase a wooden platform from the market to keep your laptop on, but if you don’t want your laptops to heat up, then don’t use a cushion or any other soft fabric material. Fabric materials such as cushions are filled with cotton and fiber and when your laptop device gets heated, all the heat dissipated gets absorbed inside. 

As a result, the cushion gets heated and so does the laptop amplifying the heat. 

2) Don’t Put Anything on the Laptop Keyboard in Close-Lid Mode

We often care about the screens on our laptops and in order to ensure that the screen stays safe, we often place a piece of fabric to separate the screen from the keypads in the close-lid mode. This is not a good idea because by placing a piece of fabric in between the keypads and the screen, we increase the chance of heat being absorbed into the fabric and amplifying the overall heat of the laptop. Now we certainly don’t want to experience that, do we? So it’s best not to make that mistake. 

3) Don’t Put it on Stand-By Overnight, Shut Down Your Laptop

Many of us have a bad habit of putting our laptops in either sleep mode or stand-by when we are done with our daily tasks. This is not a good idea because even when we close the laptop, some processes are still running in the background which consumes resources. As a result, the components in the laptop keep working even when the laptop goes in idle mode. Now, the heat dissipation in this mode is fairly low but as I said, if you are someone who keeps the laptop on a piece of cushion or some another type of fabric then there’s a high chance that this heat dissipation gets absorbed by the other material. 

It’s best that you shut down your laptop overnight rather than putting the laptop in the sleep mode. 

4) Shut the Laptop Down Before You Place it in Your Bag

While traveling, we often don’t want to shut down our laptops because we think that we are commuting for a short period. But even if our commute is just an hour-long, we can shut down our laptops and place them in a bag rather than just stuffing the laptop into our backpack without shutting it down. As a result, it generates heat and this heat can often make the laptop malfunction even when it is safely tucked away. 

And lastly, make sure to clean the vents on your laptop. Mostly, the heat accumulates because of the dust build-up around the vent which makes it fairly difficult for the laptop to function at optimal efficiency. 

Because of this dust, the laptop easily gets heated. 

So there you go, here are all the things that I think are worth discussing related to why your laptops can easily get heated. Do you have a laptop that also heats up easily? It’s best that you keep it away from the fabric and properly shut it down when you’re not using it. Until next time, cheers. 

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