How IoT opening the new frontiers for development of mobile app


How IoT opening the new frontiers for development of mobile app

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The enhancement in connecting devices tendency to WWW (World Wide Web), helps in maintaining them via using Smartphone. IoT or Internet of Things market has grown in the 2009 year. As per Statists, the IoT market reaches approx 1.7 trillion dollars. Along with the IoT improvement, different new concepts have been seen in the world like connected vehicles, digital toys & smart cities.

Mobile applications play a vital role in IoT. They are like an interface that permits users to interact or connect with IoT enabled devices. Hence, with enhancement in the IoT market, the development of a mobile app also get expands. In the future, users will also see the high transformation in the day to day life.

Overview of IoT (Internet of things)

IoT seems to be the concept of the connection of physical devices or tools with the internet or vice versa. The term IoT contains a huge range of devices like home appliances, buildings forming, cars that will be used to make a smart city. Along with it, IoT also contains different machines concept. The performance data of the airplane-based jet engine can send out to portable devices due to the internet connection and also to permits the engineers to configure the engine to a particular time. Gartner assumes that there are approx 26 billion devices are connected to the internet till 2020. IoT has a huge network for device connection that will help in share out the data.

A requirement of data sharing by connected devices

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It has been seen that every device can share the specific information as per the requirement and when it is connected with the Internet. The connection to the internet mainly depends on the customer’s requirement. When IoT comes to manufacturing, the efficiency can be increased & expenses get reduces in integrated sensors.

For example, Concrete sensors which are a company based in the US mainly use a device that is inserted into concrete and can be used to track the material’s condition. This innovation saves customers investments approx $30,000. Devices connection needs to be end-point that will process, retrieve & display information. In the present situation, the mobile application seems to be the most useful endpoints to entertain the users, streaming music & also help out to interact with different people or friends via social networking. Hence, mobile apps just functioning as a gateway.

IoT has a simple and easy architecture is compared to mobile devices. There is a requirement for an endpoint that will be able to send the specific information. In order to get the result, these entire endpoints track out the different values like house door status, data transmission, and many more analyses. Hence, device connection & mobile applications seem to be inspirable as it seems to be like a user interface in order to deliver the data processing to the end-users.

Use cases for IoT

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Interaction of mobile apps with the IoT is constantly increasing & having a high influence on technology. Hence, it can be believed that mobile applications are the main factor that will raise the trend of IoT technology. For IoT companies, Mobile apps are like a tool that helps to create smart devices & improve the human lives aspect.

1. Improving the management of house

Smart houses seem to be the best creation for the concept of IoT. By connecting the Smartphone with the home appliances, the user will get overall control of the home & gadgets. IoT apps can send out a push notification to a particular Smartphone because of the internet connection. This will also permit the user to turn on/off & configure the systems when the user is not at home.

Smart house system named as KNX with a tap to the mobile app through which user will get sure that all the lights of the house are off or on, the hob is switched off, heating turned down & activation of the alarm system. Using this new technology, the user can take control of the device based on electricity via a mobile app. This will also help the owners of the property to save approx 45% of energy consumption through which financial saving also gets done.

2. Making feel needed

As per the research, connected devices in the current situation entertain lots of people & also replace the real life pet. Cozmo is a small & smart robot which has a personality with artificial emotion. This seems to be an interactive toy that will help the owners as well to learn how to code.

Cozmo Animation | Shortform & Advertising | Blue Zoo

Cozmo seems to be a remarkable IoT device. This robot has its CPU or central processing unit which helps in evaluating the toy’s behaviour. Although, cozmo is connected with the particular mobile application that handles most of the activities of data processing & commands using artificial intelligence.

The cozmo’s IoT app connects the portable or smart devices to the robot via using Wi-Fi. Cozmo itself does not connect with the internet but it needs internet connectivity or Wi-Fi in order to ensure or get high bandwidth rather than Bluetooth. The robot establishes a secure network in which a user must be connected with the internet during app launching.

3. Connecting owners & their pets

PetChatz HD Greet & Treat Videophone, White/Black: Pet  Supplies

PetChatz seems to be the best example of IoT technology. This is an attractive or interactive system that permits pet owners to make video & audio communications with the pets. PretChatz also permits the pet owners to listen to music & play games with the mate & also gift prizes. This app also calls the pet whenever a user wants to make a video conference via mobile and the pet can push the button to start the communication. With connected devices to the mobile app, you can stay in touch with the pet. This PetChatz system is much similar to the PetCube device that was sponsored by a crowd funding campaign.

In the bottom line

Due to the advancement in the technology and using of Smartphone’s & their capabilities to make the connection with the internet, enhance the IoT development as per the market demand. Hence, technology companies also consider all the emerging possibilities in order to conquer the market pieces.

In IoT, the most common aspect is to form out a huge mobile network that will increase the demand for IoT based mobile apps. Mobile apps along with the IoT technology have a significant impact that provides actual, effective & comfortable ways in order to maintain the connected devices. Hence, technology companies should hurry up with time to become the best pioneer innovators in the market of IoT. We, at Mtoag, have expertise in the build-out of mobile application for Android & iOS. Contact us for any query & make your idea successful. 

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