Google Stadia Gaming Platform To Release On 19th November 2019

Google Stadia Gaming Platform To Release On 19th November 2019

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Google Stadia Gaming Platform will be formally released on November 19th. Google’s cloud gaming support, Stadia, eventually has its official launch date.

It’ll be accessible on November 19th. The Produced By Google 2019 conference has begun. Earlier this year, we heard that Google was getting into the video game with its cloud gaming platform: Stadia.

During the calendar year, we found its first subscription plans, launch-ready platforms, and names that are going to be accessible – including Red Dead Redemption 2. Now we’ve got its official launch date.

The Google Stadia service will soon be accessible on November 19th. Those people who have pre-ordered the Creator’s Edition will have the ability to display their badge on the servers of Google thus far and enjoy Destiny two as the free match of the subscription.

The other people will not have access to the free version, but it should land a few months later. At this time, let’s not forget that the service is somewhat limited: the cellular version is just compatible with Pixel when you need a Chromecast Ultra to enjoy it on your TV.

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