Google Play Store: DeepMind super AI suggests apps

DeepMind super AI

Google Play Store: DeepMind super AI suggests apps

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DeepMind’s teams work with Google’s Play Store to provide the most relevant application recommendations for each user.

When you open the Play Store on your Android smartphone or browser, it can be easy to get lost. It must be said that Google’s application store now offers more than 3 million applications.

A weight of importance for each application

Thus, in order to reduce the risk of an application being installed more simply because it has been shown more, DeepMind has decided to introduce a weight factor of importance:

“an application with an installation rate lower than The average will have a weight of less than 1. However, even niche applications that are installed less frequently can have a significant weight if their installation rate is above average.

As a reminder, DeepMind is a British company specializing in artificial intelligence and bought in 2014 by Google. Until now, Google was mainly communicating on DeepMind in the field of gaming where his artificial intelligence were illustrated including confronting professional players on the game of Go (AlphaGo), StarCraft II (AlphaStar) or Quake III Arena.

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