Google Chrome: a new solution for consuming less RAM

Google Chrome: a new solution for consuming less RAM

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Google Chrome is known for consuming the RAM resources of PCs using it. A new feature available on Canary wants to stem this phenomenon.

After a very fast climb, the Google Chrome browser is now the most used in the world. However, from its very light beginnings, it is now a gas plant that takes a lot of resources from the PCs that use it.

Its developer has long sought solutions to this problem. In 2015, he introduced a new system that “pauses” certain tabs to free up RAM. It is now perfecting in Chrome 79, available on the Canary platform.

Fine management of RAM for Chrome

In this new version, the control of the pause management is now thinner and allows you to define several elements:

  • Pause after 5 minutes of inactivity (current operation).
  • Pause directly and resume just click.
  • Pause directly and unlock for 10 seconds every 15 minutes.

These controls could eventually better adapt the management of RAM RAM Chrome to the user and habits, thus unlocking a better overall performance. For the moment, all this is only available by visiting the « chrome://flags/#proactive-tab-freeze » page under Chrome 79 Canary, and is still in development.

Let’s hope that these new tests allow Google to finally find a solution to this problem.

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