7 Game Titles You Will Desperately Wish to Play on PlayStation 5

7 Game Titles You Will Desperately Wish to Play on PlayStation 5

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It’s finally coming! 

PlayStation 5 is going to hit the market somewhere in 2020.  

And the console in itself is going to be a beast! 

Recently, we heard that it was revealed, the new console is going to bring forth some noteworthy technical specifications. It will feature an AMD Ryzen processor, an SSD storage for quick processing, a 3D sound system for high-end quality voice and good video support up to 8k resolution. 

Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? 

However, what the fans are really desperate to learn about is what games will they be able to play on this new machine soon to be released? 

With all the rumors and expectations circulating the market, here’s our take on the possibilities. 

Grand Theft Auto 6

With the rise of the action-packed GTA V back in the year 2013, Rockstar hit the road on creating a more marvelous experience for its fans called the Red Dead Redemption 2, a setup much similar to the GTA V open-world experience but only set in the wild wild west. And soon GTA V became one of the highly profitable online gaming franchises around the world. However, fans are now desperately waiting to see some more action. Just imagine, living again the crime life city experience on a much better gaming machine/console. It will render results that will be far better than the 2014 release. 

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

One of the reasons why Playstation 4 outran the XBOX 1 platform this year was because of the marvelous exclusives the game released in just over a couple of years. Titles like Spiderman, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn really turned the heads around for fans to consider staying on PS 4. Horizon Zero Dawn was indeed a title one can’t easily forget. The game delivered an amazing future game experience giving you a chance to explore a world filled with gigantic robot machines roaming around planet Earth in a post-apocalyptic age. You are tasked with resolving the mystery of debacle. And let’s face it, we all want the mystery to continue… So hopefully we will be seeing some more giant machines brought down using bows and arrows and an amazing storyline in Horizon Zero Dawn 2. 

Ghosts of Tsushima

Even though there’s a widespread interest of the people in this new samurai-inspired open-world adventure, there’s a lot of information gap which still exists among players and developers. However, a PS 4 appearance of the game has been confirmed and the game release has simply been delayed until the end of the year 2020. However, with this late release, the true impact of the game and playability can be best tested on the new-gen hardware. Fans believe that the game will make a classic appearance with amazing visual effects; something that will look worth on the PS5 system. 

Bully 2

Back in 2006, Rockstar introduced a one of a kind action-adventure based video game where you are a student enrolled in a boarding school completing your education. It happens to be that you found yourself surrounded by bullies, and the only way to answer to their bullying was by bullying them. It was an interesting game of its time and no doubt one of the most underrated action-adventure. But, recently, as reported by video game news site VGC, another version of the Bully game is about to be released. Will Rockstar be able to give a new life to this amazing game before the release of PS5? We hope it sees the light of the day soon and become one of the marvelous games for the next-gen.

Elder Scroll 6

There isn’t complete news that has been revealed on what a person can expect from the Elder Scroll 6 title but it is surely coming out on a later date. It is expected to be released by the year 2021. If you’ve played Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim, then I am pretty sure you do know what the game is about what you can experience in the following title. But, one thing is for sure, it is going to be quite an interactive experience. In short, we all just can’t wait to revisit the land of Tamriel once again and do the quests. 

Grand Turismo 

If you own a PlayStation console, and you haven’t played the landmark racing game series yet, then just hold up till the release of the PS5. Because Grand Turismo is expected to release a title that will really create wonders for the gaming world. It is going to be a title that will hold potential beyond your wildest imaginations. With screeching tires and drifting cars, you can have an all-ultimate 8k experience like no other. Plus, the consoles custom 3D audio unit will be more than enough to deliver a sound experience that will be like honey to the ears and will also offer noise cancellation too. 

Batman Arkham 

Who doesn’t love the cape-wearing crime-fighting protagonist hunting thugs in the dead of the night? Since the time Rocksteady finalized its Arkham franchise with the Arkham Knight series back in 2015, fans are desperate to know when is the new Batman title going to appear in the market. Fans are looking towards WB Montreal to see a new title appear from the Arkhamverse. WB Montreal is the guys behind the great spin-off Arkham Origins but recently hinted in a tweet from the studio, that there must be a title coming in the near future with the release of PS 5, specifically for the PS 5 fans. 

Are there any interesting games you believe can emerge on the all-new PlayStation 5? Do feel free to discuss the titles with us. Let us know what you feel about the titles and what are your suggestions. 

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