Why Choose Dedicated Server China for Business Website Hosting?

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Why Choose Dedicated Server China for Business Website Hosting?

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In the ever rising world, users mostly have three primary choices of web hosting to access the complete server, including Virtual Private Server, Shared Server, and cheap Dedicated Server hosting. Each server comes with intense benefits with potential drawbacks. Therefore being a business owner, you need to go through the marketing hype to know more about the hosting capabilities of each server. After choosing a cloud provider, security becomes important more than ever. If you’re using google cloud then you might want to look at google cloud penetration testing guide for offensive security. After choosing a cloud provider, security becomes important more than ever. If you’re using google cloud then you might want to look at google cloud penetration testing guide for offensive security. After choosing a cloud provider, security becomes important more than ever. If you’re using google cloud then you might want to look at google cloud penetration testing guide for offensive security. Check out Cpanel alternative.

It is observed that shared servers are the default choice for most businesses because of the cheap cost. But unable to meet your business website requirements, i.e., less secure, risk of data confidentiality, poor connections, etc. Similarly, VPS is not appropriate because of sharing its CPU usages. Therefore, Dedicated Server China comes into the spotlight, giving you a user-friendly platform with a vast range of reliable services and exclusive features. More you will get to know later in this post.

If you are willing to know Why Dedicated Server China by Serverwala is considered the best and most appropriate for your business website hosting, this guide is for you. So, let’s get started without delay and know the major differences between Shared and Dedicated Hosting.

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Which One is Best for Business Website: Shared vs. Dedicated Server

Whether you are a tyro or commencing your business, you need a platform to host your website. That platform depends on your business website requirements and needs. Some choose shared hosting, while others go with Dedicated Hosting. Let’s know which one is the best fit for your business website.

Shared Server: Cheapest web hosting that comes with limited services and resources. It is best for small or startup businesses who require only primary resources to start their business. Shared Hosting is less expensive, less secure, unable to handle high traffic.

Dedicated Server: It is powerful and robust web hosting that gives you bundles of reliable resources and effective services with consistent support. You can host your business website has thousands of web pages while ensuring more excellent uptime, customization, high speed, root access, easy upgrades, and much more than Shared hosting. Furthermore, Dedicated Server Hosting China it gives you a high-performing platform that boosts your site performance and handles high traffic during busy hours without letting your site down. This feature is missing in shared hosting.

To better understand the difference between both, look at the below-mentioned table, which gives you a clear difference.

FeaturesShared HostingDedicated Hosting
Server Hosted SitesHost various Websites on  a Single physical ServerDedicated for one website
SecurityNot secure because of resource SharingHighly Secure because of Dedicated Resources
BandwidthLimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
AdministrationRestricted Access optionsPermissions with smooth access
Root Level ControlRestrictedAllowed
RAMLimitedHigher RAM(upgradable)
Disk StorageLimited StorageHuge SSD Storage
Performance and SpeedLow performance and slow speedOptimized performance with Unmatched Speed

By overviewing the differences between a China Dedicated Server Hosting and Shared Server, you will get your answer which web hosting is best for your business website. So, hope you have decided to choose the dedicated server. If this is not sufficient for you. Then we will let you know the premium benefits of having a China Dedicated Server Hosting. Let’s see.

Benefits of Serverwala Dedicated Server Hosting in China

Dedicated Server China is one of the highly demanding web hosting for large scale businesses such as E-commerce and Shopping websites. Moreover, it gives you premium features and an array of reliable benefits that you can employ to grow your business. So, let’s dive into the principle benefits and cross check if a Dedicated Server in China is the one you are looking for for your business website.

#1. Better Performance

Performance is the key factor that helps to engage your visitors on your site. This is because users mostly want to stay on a high performing website rather than sluggish websites. Therefore, Dedicated Server Hosting China gives you the best and robust hardware specifications that serve the optimized performance of your website.

#2. Excellent Uptime

Uptime assurity is important to ensure reliable network connectivity. Therefore, China Dedicated Server gives you 99.99% uptime to ensure your site will stay up and never face any downtime even if any activity and mishappens occur on other websites.

#3.Control Over Server

Shared Hosting being monitored and managed by your web host never let you access the server. Whereas in a China Dedicated Server Hosting, you will get the complete root level control to your server. So, you can easily make changes and modifications on your server by ensuring to take care of server configurations.

#4. Standard Security

Security, as usual, plays the most vital role for every business that wants to do their business live. You can’t expect the standard level of security with a shared server because it shares its physical resources with other websites. In contrast, a dedicated server in china gives you committed resources hence offering an elevated level of security. It includes DDOS Protection, Server Secure Security, Anti-viruses, Malware Scans & removals, and much more cyber security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and attacks.

#5. Easy Customization

Similar to the previous one, Customization is not available with the shared hosting. Whereas it’s the most important factor that saves you from upfront charges. You can get these benefits with the China Dedicated Server that allows you to customize your resources such as bandwidth, storage space, memory, etc., as per your business website requirements and needs.

#6. Robust Hardware Specifications

Hardware is the most important, or we can say a building block of any website that helps in employing the highest performance, fast speed, quick web page loading speed, and much more. Therefore, it’s one of the most beneficial perks of having a dedicated server china hosting for your business website. This is because it gives you all the compelling factors needed to run your site, engage more visitors, and accelerate your business growth.

#7. Better Customer Services

Customer support is the most important benefit that most businesses promise to give you but cannot fulfill. But Serverwala’s Dedicated hosting values your time and money. Hence provide reals time server monitoring and maintenance services with 24*7 consistent support. Also, their support team is always active in resolving your technical issues and gives you a better customer experience.

I am damn sure that you have chosen Dedicated Server Hosting China for your business website at this point of discussion. But do you think from where you buy this hosting? Not yet! No issue. We will recommend you the best and reliable web host. So, let’s check whether Serverwala meets your business requirements or not.

Choose The Best China Based Dedicated Server From Serverwala

For starting or growing your business, you need two things prior. One is the web hosting you have decided on, and another is the web host that gives you affordable hosting with exclusive benefits. For that, I would like to recommend Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the best option. The company provides you with Cheap Dedicated Server hosting China plans with bundles of benefits and exclusive features. These benefits include the highest uptime, high-performing platform, unlimited bandwidth, network efficiencies, robust hardware specifications, and much more. Moreover, the serverwala ensures 24*7 constant customer and technical support through real-time server monitoring services. So, you can connect via Live chat, Email, WhatsApp, and ticket support for instant support and enjoy your business website hosting.

In a Nutshell

Shared platforms are beneficial for some startup businesses. If you want to start and host your business site, then choose the shared server. If you are running a large-scale website like an E-commerce site that requires high-performing, reliable, responsive, fast speed, and fast web page load servers. At that moment, you should choose the Dedicated Server in China that gives you industry leading services and premium benefits at an affordable cost. Therefore, it is a perfect and ideal choice for your business website.

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