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Wearable Tech Trends

Wearable Tech Trends 2019: Get a Detailed Insight on This

Wearable tech devices are getting very popular today due to the excellent features they provide to us. Whether it is the fitness smartwatch, smart ring or the wearables, all of them are in huge demand and the tech companies are improving the existing technology to make them better and feature-rich.

Today, we have brought you this post to make you aware of the Wearable Tech Trends 2019 in detail. So, let us move ahead and get a detailed overview of the trending wearable devices.


Smartwatches are getting very popular and many people are getting these days as they are finding them a good alternative to the smartphone. If you are in a meeting and want to check the notifications without actually taking out the smartphone from your pocket then you can better connect a smartwatch via Bluetooth to your device and check out the notifications. As simple as that!

There are a number of good features that a smartwatch provides to you such as fitness tracking, blood pressure monitoring, pulse count and other health-related functionalities. You can receive a call, check out the messages and do a lot more things. 

If you are an athlete and preparing for your next competition, you can set the goal to run the distance you want to cover in a day. This will help you to improve your performance gradually. Similarly, if you are a swimmer, you can set the goal for that too. Thanks to the water-proof smartwatches for this!

Fitness freaks can set the goal for burning x amount of calories in a day. This will help to reduce the fat quickly and eventually reduce weight.

Nowadays, there is an inbuilt electrocardiogram in the smartwatches just to warn you if you are developing a heart complication. There are triggers set in the device which alerts your close family members and physician.

Some of the very popular smartwatch manufacturers are Fitbit, Huawei, Garmin, and Samsung. Improved battery life and SD card support are the new trends of these watches. There are several different models available in the market with different features. Don’t forget to check out the features of the smartwatch before you buy it.

In short, a smartwatch these days is not just meant for checking out the time but has a lot more to offer you. So, don’t wait, just get a smartwatch and be a part of the wearable trends.

Smart Rings

Another wearable trend in 2019 is the smart ring. This tiny device is getting a good response and many people are pre-ordering them. It is getting popular among Businessmen who attend meetings frequently and don’t want to take out their smartphone or don’t want to have a glaze at their smartwatch just to check the notifications. They can now check the notifications through these smart rings too.

Another cool usage of these smart rings will be done at the POS system when you pay the bills after shopping is done. You won’t need to take out your cards anymore, just do the payment via these rings and it’s done. Similarly, these rings can be used to access your car and other things.

Some of the rings that have got popular in 2019 are Blinq, NFC Opn, Mc Lear, Lycos Life and Oura. Most of the health-related activities that you can do with the smartwatch are also possible with the smart ring. You can keep track of the number of steps you cover, calories burnt and much more.

There is a panic button in the ring which you can activate when you find danger or have serious health issues which will ultimately contact your family members for an emergency. GPS enabled rings will let you track it even if you lose it so chill!

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are widely used all over the world and the demand for them is increasing quickly as people are getting more and more health-conscious these days. Modern fitness trackers are improved to a great extent.

These trackers will keep track of your health even when you are sleeping. Whether it is the heart rate monitoring, pulse count monitoring, measuring the distance covered, or tracking the calories burnt, a fitness tracker is capable of doing all this stuff.

It will also send you missed call notifications and real-time texts when you are doing your exercise so that you don’t miss them. Polar OH1 and Suunto Spartan are the popular fitness trackers of 2019.

So, here was a detailed overview of the wearable tech trends 2019. We can say that this is just a beginning phase of wearable technologies and a lot more rapid transformation is yet to come. Till then, get a wearable tech device for yourself and make the most use of it.


Google Stadia aims to be “faster and more responsive” than PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

In an interview, Stadia’s vice president of engineering, Madj Bakar, stated the goal of Google Stadia: to be faster and more responsive than consoles in one to two years. For this, new anti-latency technologies will be used.

The situation is particularly complicated when Xbox Scarlett and PS5 come on the market, the latter being officially announced for the end of 2020. Interviewed by the renowned paper magazine Edge, picked up by PCGames N, Google Stadia’s vice president of technology Alex Wiltshire put forward a particular argument.

Google Stadia aims for a total absence of latency

In one or two years, the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 of this world will be available on the market. However, the engineer seems convinced that he can solve the important issue of latency, which is the most important point to convince on this type of service.

For this, Google relies on the power of its servers and its artificial intelligence, but also on the “Negative latency”. This barbarous term describes the idea that the server can act as a buffer between the player and his game, and predict its actions in order to counterbalance connection wanderings or quickly increase the refresh rate to fill the latency between the pressure and the game. display.

facebook portal

Facebook Is Releasing a TV Streaming Device

Facebook is launching a smart TV Streaming Device allowing users to stream a number of shows. It is also loaded with AR (Augmented Reality).

Here are the following things that will be included in the Facebook new streaming portal;

Android Integration

Facebook’s Oculus Go and Oculus Quest which is Android-based will be supported with this device.

Camera and Microscopes

It will include a camera for Video chat and Microscope to have big sight of the room.

Attached Speaker

Speakers will allow users to have seamless audio quality while watching videos and video chat.

A More Focused Content

You might be able to stream Netflix and Disney services on it.

Augmented Reality x Smart-TV

You can use AR while watching your TV shows, doubling up your excitement while watching a TV show.

The price, release date and support will be released soon as Facebook announces more details on it.

iPhone 11 series is officially launched with three cameras

Designedly, the iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD screen. The real difference is on the back of the phone.

The huge camera module and the logo moved to the middle became the business card that it was recognized at a glance.

In addition, iPhone 11 also offers 6 new colors of red, black, green, purple, yellow and white, of which green and purple are the new color matching this update.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max continue the dual-camera route, with screen sizes of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches, but upgraded to a Super Retina XDR (OLED) screen that saves 15% in power consumption, with a maximum display brightness of 1200 special.

According to Apple, the iPhone 11’s battery life will be one hour longer than the iPhone XR, making it the longest iPhone for Apple; the iPhone 11 Pro series is 4-5 hours longer than the iPhone XS series.

Realme Q

Oppo’s New RealMe Q will be waterproof

RealMe, a project of Oppo is working on Q series. As per the latest update, RealMe Q will be waterproof.

RealMe Q will have 48mp camera with Waterproof feature

Realme Q is loaded with a flagship Snapdragon processor.

This phone will be loaded with 20W VOOC fast charging feature. This is the limited information that was made available to Tech Wire Hub as of now. RealMe Q will release on September 5.

After months of waiting, its finally here – The Samsung Galaxy Fold is getting released!

After a long delay due to last moment discovery of embarrassing flaws, Samsung is now releasing its first fold-able phone. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally near and is just a few days away.

People began registering for the USD 2000 foldable smartphone recently in China. Samsung is to release the phone on September 6, 2019, which coincides with the opening day of the 2019 IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin.

What a day to launch the new phone!

When was the release date chosen?

Yonhap News Agency reports Samsung and other mobile operators are discussing the launch date to be September 6 in South Korea itself. Samsung will use the event to showcase the revised model at the 2019 IFA electronics fair in Berlin.

At the moment, it seems as Samsung is quite confident to bring the release period earlier than anticipated. Earlier reports indicated the phone’s launch to be later in September.

The initial shipment of the Samsung Galaxy Fold for South Korean consumers numbers between 20,000 to 30,000 units. Its price in South Korea will be 2.3 million equal per unit (equal to USD$ 1902). Samsung is expected to launch the folding smartphone in China & the United States in September 2019 but at later dates.

Any corrections made in the Galaxy Fold?

Samsung has revealed a few corrections it made to the Galaxy Fold, including:

  • tucking in the protective screen layer,
  • addition of further metal layers beneath the screen to reinforce it
  • reduction of space between the body & the hinge.

The corrections to the model were made after reviewers reported major issues with the review units of the Galaxy Fold, such as broken, bulging & flickering screens. The reviewers also peeled off the protective screen layer by mistake, assuming that it was a screen protector. But it later turned out to be a key component of the phone’s display.

This is what caused the phone’s launch to be delayed.

Brief overview of the price and features of the Galaxy Fold

The current handset of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at USD$ 2,000, an amount most consumers are not willing to pay. Currently, it is not available to a larger segment of the population.

Samsung is planning to use an affordable design to reduce its price with an internal storage of just 256 GB. That is half of what the current Galaxy Fold offers (i.e. 512 GB).

Further specifications of the phone are:

  • A 7.3-inch primary flexible AMOLED display.
  • An operating system of Android 9.0 with one UI.
  • Uses a CPU of Snapdragon 855.
  • 12 GB RAM.
  • External display (which is closed) is 4.6 inches with HD+ display.
  • Main display is of 7.3 inches (QXGA +).
  • Rear Camera of 12 megapixel wide-angle (f1.5 to f/2.4), 12-megapixel telephoto (f/2.4) and 16 megapixel ultra-wide (f/2.2).
  • Closed front camera of 12 megapixel (f/2.2).
  • Open front camera of 10-megapixel selfie (f/2.2), with 8-megapixel RGB depth (f/1.9).
  • Fingerprint sensing power button.

It is currently available in the colors: Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue.

Smartphones and other gadgets that are rivalling the Samsung Galaxy Fold

At the moment, Huawei’s Foldable smartphone Mate X was also scheduled to arrive in September. But, Huawei reported that it is unlikely to release any earlier than November. The only other competing gadget to the Samsung Galaxy fold is Apple’s foldable iPad.

Will Samsung capitalize on the smartphone market with the new & improved Galaxy Fold?

Samsung has fixed the problems in the hinge and in the screen with reinforcements & extra layers. It will hopefully survive thousands of folds it will endure without showing any signs of wear. It is confident that the Galaxy Fold will have a better life span as compared to the normal smartphone.

If the Galaxy Fold succeeds after the launch, then the phone will definitely be able to succeed and thrive in the market and win billions of hearts too.

Huawei Is Testing New Aurora OS As A Replacement for Android

Even after HarmonyOS, Huawei continues its search for alternatives to Android. As a test, the giant could sell 360,000 tablets under the Russian Aurora OS system to the Russian government.

Huawei, caught in an uncomfortable position internationally, has already developed HarmonyOS, a connected object operating system that could be used as a way out if the use of Android becomes too precarious.

“It’s a pilot project,” anonymous source told Reuters. We see it as the first step in launching the Russian OS on Huawei devices. ” The firm would like to sell tablets under Aurora OS to the Russian Ministry of Communications for the next census of 147 million Russians, as of this October. But we understand that it would be a way for Huawei to test life-size the implementation of Aurora OS on real devices.

Aurora OS was originally a Finnish operating system called Sailfish OS, based on Linux and dedicated to mobile devices. It was then dubbed by Moscow and the current owner of Aurora OS is none other than Rostelecom, the Russian public telecom operator. The latter happens to be the only entity entitled to purchase tablets for the census.

In total, the contract would provide for the purchase of 360,000 Huawei tablets under Aurora OS by August 2020. Nothing is yet final, as negotiations are currently underway.

Google Assistant remains much better than Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa

The Google system has achieved this year far better results than its competitors.

Correct answers in 93% of cases

Overall, the three assistants did well for comprehension, with 100% in terms of understanding for Google Assistant, 99.9% for Apple Siri and 99.8% for Amazon Alexa. Nevertheless, where Google Assistant does best, it is at the level of the results given. Thus, the Google system could provide a correct answer in 92.9% of cases, against 83.1% for Siri and 79.8% for Alexa.

In detail, Google is doing particularly well for navigation – with 98% of positive responses – and information – 96%. More surprisingly, Google Assistant does better than Alexa on queries related to e-commerce with 92% of completed queries against 71% on the Amazon wizard. Nevertheless, Google Assistant is overtaken by Siri in the interactions related to the orders of the smartphone, to send an SMS, to make a call or to access the calendar. Apple’s service was able to complete 93% of tasks compared to 86% for Google Assistant.

The results of this year’s study are consistent with last year’s results, where Google Assistant was already leading the way.

Sales of Xiaomi and Samsung Goes Up in Europe Beating iPhone

With nearly 45.1 million smartphones sold on the old continent in the second quarter of 2019, the sector seems to be afloat, especially with the rapid growth of Xiaomi and the dominance of Samsung. In contrast, Apple and Huawei are pale and fall sharply in Europe.

In the first place of the ranking, there is Samsung which recorded a good progression of + 20% compared to the second quarter of 2018. It will not be so much its Galaxy S10 which will seduce on the old continent but rather its mid-range, the Galaxy A. The South Korean company has distributed 3.2 million Galaxy A50 (the smartphone sold the most in Europe this quarter, all manufacturers combined), 2.2 million Galaxy A40 and 1.8 million Galaxy A20e. In all, it is nearly 18.3 million units sold, allowing Samsung to rise as the European leader with 40.4% market share.

As for Apple , which falls in third place, the firm records a heavy fall of -17% compared to last year, with a market share in Europe which sinks to 14.1% In all, the Californian manufacturer will have has sold 6.4 million iPhone, including 1.8 million iPhone XR, its best-selling model on the old continent.

Samsung Launches 108-megapixel Camera Sensor

Samsung has released a 108-megapixel sensor on its smartphone. More than ever. Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX was established in cooperation with Xiaomi.

According to Samsung, it will be the first camera sensor that can surpass the 100 million pixel milestone of smartphones. It not only produces high-resolution and high-quality images but also captures 6016 x 3388 video at 30 fps.

With an efficient picture, it produces extraordinary images in intense lighting conditions. It will take a huge 1 /1.33-inch area. Compared to common camera sensors in smartphones, HMX consumes more light in dim light. Thanks to Tetracell technology, it will produce good photos of 27 million pixels.

Samsung and Xiaomi have not announced which mobile phone will be the first mobile phone to use this sensor. It is rumored that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be the first person to use this camera sensor. It is expected to be used by the end of this year.

Stop Eaves-Dropping Alexa; How To Stop Alexa From Listening In To Your Conversations?

While we can’t imagine our lives without digital voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, recent reports have raised concern that these household staples are not just unquestioning minions, ready to serve, they are listening more often than people realize. I mean after all, how else would they respond to the “Alexa” wake word in a heartbeat? This has got people asking how to stop Alexa from listening in on their conversations.

Not only content with eavesdropping, they are also recording snippets of conversations which may be reviewed by humans in order to gauge how well the systems fulfill commands. According to Bloomberg,

“The recordings are transcribed, annotated and then fed back into the software as part of an effort to eliminate gaps in Alexa’s understanding of human speech and help it better respond to commands.”

After the startling revelation, people are frenzied over their privacy and left to wonder how much they have given away to strangers. Let’s face it, advertisers already know our weaknesses and desires; how far until what we desire walks right up to our doorstep in a jiffy?

Wondering how to stop Alexa from listening into your conversations? Here are a few ways to take back control and make sure no-one in your household really listens to you; especially not workers at Amazon! Here’s how:

How to Stop Alexa from Listening?

Use The Mute Button

For people who think that the “mute” button on the Amazon Echo devices exists to lull us into a false sense of security, it’s not all that bad. If you still have doubts, the teardowns of the Amazon Echo Dot show reveal that no voltage passes through the mic circuitry when in the mute mode. This mute mode is legit to be sure. While Mics may not need batteries to work, they can at least not record when shut out of the rest of the Echo. If you don’t know where the mute button is, look for a circle with a line through it or a micro-phone icon.

When you are not actively using your Echo device, its prudent to keep it on mute. But there’s a catch to it: what use is Alexa if it can’t take impromptu across-the-room commands. Nevertheless, it keeps those hush-hush conversations privy. When on mute, a red line appears on the Show series screens or the LED ring shines red, so that you can be sure that Alexa is behaving.

Switch The Camera Slider

If you are using Amazon Echo devices with a screen, such as the Echo Show 5 or Echo Show smart displays, why not use a camera slider to obstruct the camera view with a layer of opaque plastic. You can still utter commands to Alexa but block the camera that enables voice chat through services like Skype, since it leaves a lot of users uncomfortable knowing that the camera (and in turn, an amused Amazon employee) could be spying on them.

Switch off the Drop-in feature

One of the most controversial features of the Amazon series is that it affords your household and your contacts the ability to just “Drop In” and start a conversation via two Echo devices, much like a phone call. This makes your Amazon devices act like a video and audio intercom. Someone in front of the Echo device in the living room can get through to someone in front of the show in the upstairs bedroom. Some experts have suggested that a connection, for instant a fellow Echo owner you have in your contact list, could listen in on your home conversations.

Here’s where the problem starts. You don’t necessarily need a phone call to connect the two devices when they can communicate with each other automatically. It’s not so much as Amazon workers listening into your conversations as your 7-year-old spying on you. To disable this feature, fire up the Alexa app on your phone, go to Settings>Device Settings. Tap on any device and tap Communication. Turn the toggle to off for Drop in.

Tweak Your Privacy Settings

“We take customer privacy seriously and continuously review our practices and procedures,” the Amazon spokeswoman wrote in an email Friday. “We’ll also be updating information we provide to customers to make our practices more clear.”

In the wake of the recent backlash about Amazon employees listening in to your Amazon interactions and requests to improve Amazon’s transcription and test out new features, Amazon is changing its settings in a new policy which took effect last Friday, so people can opt out of having their voice recordings reviewed by Amazon employees.

  • Fire up the Alexa App and tap the menu button
  • Go to settings and select “Alexa Account”, scroll to the bottom and tap on “Alexa Privacy.”
  • Under the blue banner that appears, scroll down to “Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa”.
  • Notice how the first three items have been set to ‘on’ by default. Toggle these (especially the ‘Use Messages to Improve Transcriptions’ and ‘Help Develop New Features’) to the OFF position.
  • Ignore the warning that says that “new features” may not work properly if you proceed to make your recorded commands slightly less accessible to Amazon.

Prune Your Call History

As a last resort, you can log into your history and wipe out all the conversations you had with Alexa, logged on your Echo. While it definitely doesn’t stop Alexa from listening to you or recording your conversations, it removes all previous records it had of doing so. To do so, go to Settings > Alexa Privacy > Review Voice History. You will be presented with a list of your most recent Echo interactions. Scroll to the Date Range box and select ‘All History’, then tap on the Delete All Recordings for All History link. This gets rids of every Amazon record on file. However, this may wreak havoc on the performance of Echo, or so the disclaimer says.

Amazon also allows deletion by voice, which lets you delete recordings simply by saying “Alexa, delete everything I said today,” or “Alexa, delete what I just said”.

apple arcade

Apple Launches Subscription Video Game Service: Apple Arcade

Apple’s video game service will be released this fall, but the price has not been released.

Apple is launching a video game subscription service on March 25. 100 exclusive games will be available at the launch of Apple Arcade. The games will be accessible offline and the player will be able to resume his game where he left it on any device under macOS, iOS or tvOS.

Apple Arcade will be available next fall in 150 countries, including France. The price is unknown.

Could Fitness Tracking Apps and Devices Be Leading to Disordered Eating? Research Says so…

As a fitness aficionado, I set quite a score by my fitness watch. It tracked my burned calories, my steps, my heartrate, and my workouts. It permitted me to run marathons without having to lug my phone along to keep tabs on my pace and see how many miles I had run. It perked me up with motivators when I hit my move goal. It told me to get up after I had given in to lethargy and been idle for more than an hour at a time.

Similarly, I had literally been tapping in [to MyFitnessPal] every day for years. It seems innocuous when you are just starting out, but I can definitely say I got addicted. Every morsel that went into my body also had to be logged into my diary. I would fret over numbers since my Keto diet demanded macro management, I would find myself weighing something as insignificant as a lettuce leaf, I would worry if something I ate sent me over, I would feel wrecked with guilt if I fell behind my calorie goals for the day. Soon I started picking foods that I could input into MyFitnessPal, instead of eating home-cooked meals. Even when I had a binge, a total, utter of control (perhaps nothing more than a full scoop of ice cream), I logged it as best I could… it fueled my warped illusion of control – however, in reality, it was controlling me.

I felt I had to look, eat, train a certain way, since people were watching. I wanted to have a six-pack, be the strongest, leanest, the quickest. I worked hard and did get good at all of those things but as a consequence, I inadvertently fell victim to eating disorders. Within a few months, I was starting to burn more calories than I had eaten. Wrapped up in the complicated brain chemistry of motivation and reward, I would boast with pride when my calorie counter would go negative, or whenever I received a congratulatory message from some app!

In addition to counting calories, I was counting my steps as well, which further aggravated the compulsion to do a minimum number of steps and walk a certain distance each day. If I ever did more one day, it would become my new minimum the following time. Over time, I started getting so distressed because I never had time to do things as I had to get my steps in.

I tapped my progress obsessively – so obsessively, in fact, that my body was trimming off more than was needed. A couple of months down the lane, I started suffering from Panic attacks, mental and physical exhaustion, kidney problems, and migraines. After being hospitalized for days, diagnosed with “Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder”, and months of therapy, it dawned on me; What was I doing to my body?

The Link Between Disordered Eating And Fitness Tracking

Image result for my fitness pal

While apps like MyFitnessPal and fitness tracking devices can come in quite handy for some people, obsessing over calories burned and logging every morsel is nevertheless unhealthy. In fact, Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D., a professor in the department of kinesiology at Jacksonville University in Florida, highlights the importance of raising awareness about the role of fitness and calorie-counting apps in exercise addiction and eating disorders.

“For the most part, these apps do good,” says Hausenblas. “But for certain individuals, the constant checking and the obsession about it becomes really negative. With people who are on the cusp of disordered behaviors, it can push them over the edge.”

A 2017 study analyzing 493 college-age students found (via tracking devices and fitness apps) and disordered eating attitudes. Participants were entailed to note their calorie counts or fitness levels using tracking devices. “Individuals who reported using calorie trackers manifested higher levels of eating concern… Additionally, fitness tracking was uniquely associated with ED symptomatology,” researchers found, concluding that “for some individuals, these devices might do more harm than good.”

A Perverse Game Of Arithmetic

The number of connected wearable devices worldwide, of which health-focused wearables hold a significant portion, just pushed the 74 million threshold in 2019, and is projected to soar up to more than 1 billion by 2022. Even devices that are not inherently famous for their health-focus, such as the Apple or Samsung watch, have in-built exercise tracking, calories burn, and step count. This means that you don’t even have to invest in a wearable or smartwatch to track your fitness regime; data about your body comes at you unsolicited.

Dr Carolyn Plateau, a lecturer in psychology at Loughborough University, has deeply scrutinized the effect of health-focused apps and fitness trackers on regular users. Her most recent study explores the differences in mental wellbeing, disordered exercise, and disordered eating between people who record food intake and calories via these mechanisms and those who don’t. Here’s what she has to say,

“Our findings were interesting as they indicated that those who did track their activity or food intake showed higher levels of both disordered eating and exercise than those who did not. In particular, higher levels of purging behavior (e.g. excessive or driven exercise to control or modify weight or shape) was found among the tracking group.” 

Another psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders, Amanda Perl, backs up this study. According to Amanda, excessive exercising, strict dieting, and Calorie counting are synonymous with disordered eating, and fitness trackers and apps can exacerbate these symptoms in people who have had a history of eating disorders, or those too fixated on these things. Even worse, this obsession with goal setting and health-focused metrics throws balance to the winds, since trackers can aggravate feelings of self-loathing, failure, body shaming, and feeling out of control.

You may not instantly fall prey to disordered eating behaviors, but you may start setting impossibly high standards for yourself. By promoting an image of perfectionism, these apps take the reigns over your life and push you into an abysmal illusion that leaves you vulnerable to depression.

 These apps play on people’s desperation to control what goes into their body and the effect it has. At first it can be almost therapeutic to log what you’ve eaten, but it becomes a perverse game of arithmetic that drowns you in numbers. Constant monitoring of food intake and physical activity inadvertently triggers the symptoms of disordered eating and fuels our already prevalent obsessive and highly self-critical perfectionistic tendencies.

Not to mention, Competition and comparison adds to the stigma about eating disorders being attention-seeking. Many individuals with eating disorders take to constantly comparing their weight, but now with social media and technology, time is irrelevant, and the comparison group is global.

Psychologist and eating disorder specialist Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld says that,

“Sufferers can compare their food intake against someone’s from another country who posted the data three months prior. The comparisons are infinite. So, if someone is trying to restrict their intake but didn’t do as ‘good’ a job as someone that posted their intake prior, this might fuel distress, resulting in increased restriction in order to alleviate the distress around the perceived failure.”

Xiaomi Redmi Launching World's First Gaming Phone

Xiaomi Redmi Launching World’s First Gaming Phone

Mediatek yesterday launched a game chipset called the Helio G90 and Helio G90T. Later, Redmi’s brand director Lu Weibing confirmed on Weibo that it will launch a game phone equipped with Helio G90T, which will be launched globally.

No information about the device was disclosed. But we hope that it will be available soon, and we will soon get reliable information about our phones. However, by observing the recently announced chipset, we can say that the handset will have two high-performance CPU clusters of Cortex-A76 units and six Cortex-A55 cores. In addition, the two clusters will be coupled via the Mali-G76 GPU. However, the entire system is built on the 12nm FinFET process. The system’s total clock speed is up to 2.05 GHz. In addition, the G90T will support up to 10 GB of RAM.

Since it is obvious that these chips are used in gaming phones, Redmi will also launch a gaming phone. There are other sub-brand game phones including Black shark, Nubia. However, it seems that the company is working hard to beat game companies like ROG Phone II and nubia Red Magic 3.

Smart Home Gadgets for 2019

Turn your Condo into a Smart Home in 2019 with These Gadgets

We all loved to watch Tony Stark uttering commands to the winds, turning this on with a glance, that off with the swash of his hand. You could be the master of everything in your condo as well. Tech giants have bombarded us with gadgets that will supposedly make our lives better and easier, and smart condos have been increasingly emerging into the everyday. If you have been looking for a Toronto Condo for sale, here are a few gadgets you could invest in to truly enjoy “smart living”!

Nest learning thermostat

Nest learning thermostat

While we have been seeing a lot of saturation in the smart thermostat market, one that tops our list is the Nest smart thermostat. While it packs all the features of the original Nest, but with a less vivid display and cheaper parts which makes it more pocket friendly for condo owners. Not to mention, it works flawlessly with other Nest devices, such as the Nest security cameras and the Nest Protect, in addition to smart home gadgets from other brands as well. Here’s where it outshines competitors: The AI enabled thermostat learns about your activities as well as the heating schedules of your family, keeping your home at just the perfect temperature, while saving up on electricity bills. Undoubtedly one of the best smart home devices of 2019 for small condos.

Smart Air Quality Monitor

Smart Air Quality Monitor

Do you wish to have high quality air circulating throughout your condo, especially if you live in a bustling neighborhood? The Awair Glow works by tracking the key factors of your air quality, such as Chemicals, temperature, humidity, and CO2, and has a built-in night light. Based on the results, it takes smart actions to improve the air quality, such as turn on the humidifier when the humidity levels in a room fall low.

June Oven

June Oven

Want to cook like a gourmet chef? Who could have thought that one day we would have an oven that knows how to cook your food for you! Here comes the June Oven: a smart countertop oven with a built-in camera. The oven is equipped with programs for cooking a variety of specific foods, and its in-built camera identifies most of the foods you place in the oven. The oven automatically alters the time and temperature to perfectly cook whatever you place inside. The June Food Thermometer monitors and sends precise readings back to the oven to automatically change temperature, switch cook modes, and notify you when your food is ready. Its compact size makes it perfect for even a small condo kitchen.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

iRobot Braava Jet 240

Meet the Braava Jet 240; a tiny robot that mops and sweeps floors better than any sweeper, down to that last spot. It’s also the most affordable option in iRobot’s lineup. Specially meant for small spaces like micro condo kitchens and bathrooms, it works by spraying water and then switching between a plethora of different pads to clean quietly and effectively. It has an in-built navigation system and offers damp mopping as well. While it cannot scrub deep-set stains, if you are looking for a robot to keep your condo looking neat and clean round the clock, this compact little cleaner is your best bet.

LG’s Self-cleaning Closet

LG's Self-cleaning Closet

Do laundry days leave you dismal? Want a smart cabinet that can “refresh” your crumpled laundry for you? Sounds too good to be true. No, the elves don’t sneak in and do the deed! We have the LG self-cleaning closet; a freestanding wardrobe with in-built hangers and a steamer that automatically move around to de-wrinkle your clothes. The closet gizmo doesn’t exactly wash your dirty laundry, its TrueSteam technology “eliminates over 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria found in clothing to keep one’s wardrobe hygienically clean,” according to the official website. Hot air is pumped through to keep all your clothes wrinkle-free and dry, while moving hangers shake off offensive odor. This translates into much less laundry days since you can reuse worn clothes more than once.

Nest Hello

Nest Hello

While its fun and all to reminisce the good old days when our doorbells would play merry tune, 2019 gives us a doorbell packed with a160-degree-wide-angle camera and an inbuilt microphone to double as a security system. Nest Hello’s video doorbell is a Wi-Fi connected device that offers two-way speaker communication, facial recognition, and round the clock streaming of high-quality footage. Knock Knock…Who’s there? Just kidding, we already know!

Ikea Smart Blinds

Ikea Smart Blinds

Do you sometimes wish that the blinds would automatically close when the sun shines through? Or perhaps open themselves when you need some natural light to seep in. Meet Ikea’s voice-activated, smartphone-connected blinds, compatible with Google home, Alexa, and Siri, as well as Ikea’s own Tradfri smart home system. Set to be released in October, their affordable price has made them perfect to be installed in your condos.

The Pod smart bed

 The Pod smart bed

The smart sleep specialists 8 Sleep has come up with a new innovation to give you the best chance of a good night snooze! The Pod learns the temperature that makes you the most comfortable when you sleep and adjusts itself accordingly. It can also wake you up by gradually raising the temperature of the bed, bidding adieu to the shrill ringing of alarm clocks. For a $5 monthly subscription, you can get a connected app to collect data from sensors embedded in the mattress while you sleep and analyze it to better adapt to your preferences. Thankfully, Alexa compatibility makes everything controllable by voice.

iKuddle smart cat litter tray

iKuddle smart cat litter tray

Keeping pets in a compact space can get… well smelly. While its release date is not yet confirmed, this Kickstarter project has got a lot of condo owners hooked. The idea of a sensor-activated, self-cleaning litter tray could make it a whole lot easier to keep pets in your condo. The device detects when your cat enters the tray, a hand scoops up the soiled litter, seals it in an airtight bag, and sprays deodorant to get rid of lingering odors.

Eco Dish Cleaner

Eco Dish Cleaner

The Eco cleaner cleanses dishes with the help of ultrasonic waves by ionizing the food particles. For those aspiring to reduce their carbon footprint, this eco-friendly technology converts all food scraps into compost for plants. All your food waste is transformed into healthy soil for your plants. The compact and portable gadget will fit in even the smallest condo kitchen and will revolutionize the family’s dining ritual. What further makes it sustainable for urban lifestyle is that this gadget uses solar technology for charging the battery.

Orro intelligent light switch

Orro intelligent light switch

There are lot of wifi-enabled lighting systems available online these days, Orro’s is the first of its kind that leverages in-built self-learning technology to get to grips with how you like to light your home and anticipate your mood lighting needs in advance. It understands your lighting preferences and senses when someone enters or leaves a room. Not to mention, it considers the amount of natural light entering the room and the time of the day before making lighting decisions. It also connects to smart hubs and acts as an extension to their voice recognition capabilities.