6 Best Work From Home Tools If You’re Just Starting Out as a Remote Employee

6 Best Work From Home Tools If You’re Just Starting Out as a Remote Employee

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Almost 40% of the American employees are now working from home and remote working has become a future of businesses. According to Mark McGraw from The Institute for Corporate Productivity, “Companies are going to see that some, maybe many, of the jobs they’ve always thought had to be done onsite could be done just about anywhere and could be done just as well” 

Today, when you ask a home working mom, she will tell you how she finds work from home a blessing. She can spend more time with her children, do her house chores and at the same time work freely at her own expense accomplishing the things that she always wanted to complete. Today, almost 43% of the entire US population is working remotely. Much of it goes to the growing pandemic and how it affected the world economy. A survey released by getAbstract confirms the statistics. A further survey carried out during April 16 – April 17 of more than 1,200 employees represented almost 20% of the employers around the world are now discussing how remote working can be a benefitting option. With such numbers growing, it indicates that work from home (WFH) has become a leading cause of organizational progression and businesses are now investing duly in this opportunity. 

For any employee to become successful in a remote job, WFH tools are what makes them stand ahead of the crowd. Today, I am going to shed light on the 5 most commonly used work from home tools which will ensure your success when you choose to work remotely on a job. So let’s read on. 


SaaS BPM is one of the best business management software for entrepreneurs, business owners, HR managers, consultants and executives. BPM software helps you manage, automate and optimize business processes, which in turn enhances workflows and boosts productivity. Even if you are working from home, SaaS BPM lets you track down activities, meetings across the organization, and even what your team members are doing. When you are working with remote employees, this software makes it a breeze to fill in timesheets, share documents, and pay invoices.


Do you want to make business conversations? Slack is a robust communication tool which makes conversation easy, simple and well-organized. With Slack, you can create multiple channels to establish proficient communication. These channels can individually work as dedicated spaces where you can carry out seamless conversations with your teammates. It is a great app for making you more productive. One of the great things about Slack is your internal communication with the company becomes strong. Slack also offers the capability to integrate with third-party apps such as Google Drive & Salesforce Chatter. It can integrate with a number of other third party apps easily. 

Google Drive

If you’re working in an office environment, then Google Drive is one of the essential tools which is widely used for storing and sharing files. With Google Drive, you can share a variety of files such as important documents, videos, presentations, audio files and images. You can easily share them with important clients and among fellow employees. One of the reasons why Google Drive is an important tool among file owners is because it is highly secure. When you are editing documents, Google Drive can offer you great authority on your work. You have absolute liberty to share with whomever you wish to share the files and documents with. It can be largely used for document editing, presentations, etc. 


If you want to organize the things that matter, Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce your workspace stress exponentially. You can upload and save different files in the Dropbox based on your requirements. It’s not only great for storing files, but you can share them and effectively collaborate on various projects. Dropbox allows you to bring the best ideas to life. Dropbox works as cloud storage which allows you to access information from just about anywhere in the world. Dropbox enables team collaboration easier. If you want to work on multiple projects at a single instance, then Dropbox is a great tool that can offer you a great deal. 


Among the things that employers cherish is when people complete their assigned tasks on time. Toggl is a powerful tool which allows easy time-tracking for remote teams. With Toggl, you can track time for every task in real-time and you can stay productive without going idle. Time-tracking becomes as easy as just a one-click. You can also get reminders which may notify you when you’re unable to start or stop the timer on the app. If you’re more of a person who likes to complete tasks on said time period, Toggl is a wonderful app which can offer you a great deal. 


Do you want to track your productivity? Are you worried about whether you will be able to complete tasks in due time? Make time tracking easy with Hubstaff and track progress on every project. Here’s a tool which is equipped with a built-in GPS time tracking feature. It allows all managers to track on-site time of employees. You can maintain an online timesheet giving you detailed information on how many hours you have spent on a particular task. It also helps you calculate billable hours. You can also track all payment transactions. The premium plan for Hubstaff starts at $10/month. 

So there you go, here are the five best work from home tools which can help you work at your fullest potential. Are there any other interesting work from home tools that you’re fond of? Feel free to share them with us and we would love to include them on our list to educate you on its value. 

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