Best Nintendo 64 Games to Play this Christmas and New Year

Best Nintendo 64 Games to Play this Christmas and New Year

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Christmas is just around the corner. 

It is that time of the year again when you lot are going to take your days off and head back home to spend time with your family. And in case, if you don’t live with your family and you live all by yourself, then there is no other holiday better than the one spent playing video games.

Sounds just about right, doesn’t it? Well, I can relate to that.

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So let me ask you this simple question…

Are you a retro-style gaming fanatic? Do you own a Nintendo 64 console? 

If you’re then here is a list of all the best Nintendo 64 games you should play this holiday season. 

Wrestle Mania 2000

Playing a wrestling game on the Nintendo 64 was never a satisfying experience until “Wrestlemania 2000.” And here marks the date when some of the blockbuster superstars such as Stone Cold, The Rock, and Triple H appear in the game. Also, the game had some fluid fighting mechanics and featured an attitude meter which when filled up, allowed characters to pull off special moves which were really worth the watch. But one thing that really blew the player’s minds away was the entrance sequence. 

Resident Evil 2

Who wouldn’t recognize the classic horror, Resident Evil 2 from back in the days. The ultimate zombie killer is definitely a part of our list. Just as exciting as its remake looks in the present, the older version packs equal excitement and thrill. It is definitely one of the spookiest titles in the classic horrors. Obviously, when you’re playing the title on a cartridge rather than a disc-based format, it takes a certain level of dip in the audio and video sequences. But, RE 2 is definitely a game for the N64 fans. 

Duke Nukem 3D

It wasn’t the graphics that took the crowd’s attention but something else. Although, the 3D engine behind the game was satisfying compared to the previous versions of the game, the wildly humorous and sleazy game mechanics is what made Duke Nukem 3D earned its popularity among the players. It took them to a place where they have never visited before. Adult bookstores, space station, a strip bar! With a protagonist holding up an irresistible attitude, the game earned its top spot among N64 titles. 

Rocket: Robot on Wheels

This game is quite underrated in the Nintendo 64 environment, yet it is a game that has earned a significant position. It is really a shame that a well-designed game with interesting 3D worlds and fun puzzles isn’t given the due credit, the one it actually deserves. What is worth the attention is the interesting gaming physics and the level of interactivity the game offers. Every object has its own attributes which is essential to address and consider when solving complex puzzles and mazes. 

Mario Golf

There is no denying the fact that the N64 is filled with some remarkable golf titles; but some titles are beyond exception. Take for instance, Mario Golf which has earned itself a high place on our N64 list. The game gets major recognition because of its pick up and playability even though it mimics several features from the Hot Shots Golf. In fact, some lessons from the game has also helped people in playing real-life golf as well. So if you’re interested in doing a lot of learning in the golf genre, play it. 

1080 Snowboarding

One of the best snowboarding titles of its time, 1080 Snowboarding offers a classy mountain experience with mesmerizing graphics. It has some enigmatically realistic characters and has a remarkable environment with some ultra-awesome gaming physics. The atmosphere has some crazy sound effects and the gameplay is quite addictive. If you’re a fan of unique tracked snowboarding, then look no further than the amazing 1080 Snowboarding where you can compete on unique tracks.

Jet Force Gemini

Looking for the best titles to play this season on N64 in the action games sequence? Well look no further than the Jet Force Gemini, a game specifically designed for action lovers. It has some cartoon crazy cartoon characters who are not only ultra-fast but are also packs some real in-game violence. The game features some big headed gun-wielding insects bobbing around, and it wouldn’t have been anymore interesting if their heads didn’t explode oozing and spilling green slime all over the place. 


Who loves ice-hockey, I am sure everyone does. And what’s a better way to play it if not from the top down view of the magnanimous arena. The game becomes a real eye-candy for all the ice hockey enthusiastic players because it features a nice responsive turbo button and some bone jarring checks. It is indeed, a remarkably enjoyable and amazingly designed ice-hockey sports game which is never too difficult to play. The NHL’99 is a real game changer for those who likes to pack a punch in game.

Mario Kart 64

Have you always been a fan of the interesting Mario characters which are featured in the game? If you’ve been quite a fan of Mario games, then Mario Kart 64 is one such game that you never want to miss. This particular game has everything, and I mean everything what a person seeks in a kart racer. In fact, some claim that Mario Kart 64 is what sets the very foundation for future kart racing games. The game is very much polished with interesting mechanics, balanced controls and power-ups. 

So there you are, here’s a list of all the top games which I believe has earned the top spot in the Nintendo 64 gaming arena. Yes, they are not much, but I can assure you that these titles are nostalgic. 

Do you have any personal favorites? How about sharing some with us. We would love to hear back. 

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