Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons for Inflicting Massive Damage

best mass effect andromeda weapons

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons for Inflicting Massive Damage

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If there is one game that has earned immense popularity in the world of role-playing video game genre, it is none other than Bioware. Packing a lot of awe and dread, their brainchild Mass Effect takes players on a breath-taking journey of unforgettable events. It’s an on-rail story that develops over time and takes you through a powerful experience of action-packed killing with sound character development. Mass Effect is quite the game that keeps you spiritually and mentally hooked for hours. 

But there is something different about the fourth major release in the series of Mass Effect, the ultimate Mass Effect: Andromeda. And what makes this sequel so different than its preceding sequels is the variety of ultimate damage dealing weapons available in its weapon arsenal. From massive damage dealing shotguns to high-precision sniper rifles, from crazy head bursting pistol rounds to single strike kill melee weapons, there is a weapon for just about everything that can enable you to kill. 

Have you recently joined by becoming the sci-fi protagonist at Mass Effect? Do you want to know what makes these weapons work wonders for you, on the battlefield? Are you new to the game? 

Here’s everything you need to know about some of the best mass effect andromeda weapons. 

How Mass Effect Weapons Are Categorized?

When it comes to weapons, these are the following classes of Mass Effect best weapons:

  • Assault Rifles 
  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are one of the favored gun types in every looter shooter. And just like in any other game, assault rifles have earned their keep in the all-new Mass Effect Andromeda as well. 

Here are some of the best Mass Effect Andromeda Assault Rifles available in-game. 

Valkyrie – The much-anticipated assault rifle and quite the killing spree, Valkyrie fires two round bursts quickly dropping down multiple enemies all around you. This is a Milky Way Assault Rifle and is a very powerful one indeed. The gun has a decent clip size and is very useful to pierce different armor types. If you are the kind of person who likes to spray countless bullets while taking kill shots, it is not for you. With Valkyrie, you have to be careful when taking shots; definitely a gun for strategic players. 

Soned – Soned is a very powerful assault rifle which features large clips and exploding plasma rounds. If you want a gun to mark your enemies and watch them burst into bits, Soned is an ultimate weapon to give you a remarkable kill experience. It is a Heleus Assault Rifle used by the Kett. The good thing about the rounds on this rifle is that they come with tracking ability which makes it one of the best mid-range assault rifles. Increase the accuracy and fire-rate and watch Soned create havoc. 

Revenant – The M-76 Revenant carries a lot of power on it. Though, less effective and accurate in comparison to other assault rifles, the Revenant still carries a high ammo capacity and can deal massively serious damage against different enemy types. When taking down enemies with Revenant at close quarters, make sure to start at the feet as its fully automatic bursts will carry the muzzle up inflicting damage on different parts of the enemy’s body. There couldn’t be a better rifle than this one. 

Falcon – Do you want an assault rifle that is lighter in size and highly accurate which also fire grenades? Well, look no further than the Alliance rifle Falcon. The only downside of carrying a falcon is its reload time, so if you’re not playing in a defensive stance, you can actually face certain damage. Just upgrade the falcon and watch it cause some massive damage to your enemies in a single blink. When fired, the grenades can have a small firing arc, if you have dealt with grenade launchers you’ll get the hang of it.

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Pistols

Pistols can deal quite a lot of damage when you are locked in close-ranged combats. While most of these heavy pistols don’t pack that much power but some of them can deal some massive damage. 


First featured in Mass Effect 3, the Scorpion pistol carries forward its legacy in the new Mass Effect Andromeda as well. It has some high-precision accuracy and a lot of damage. Although, Scorpion is classified as a pistol you can call it a mini grenade launcher. The explosives fired from Scorpion can easily stick to walls and enemies and automatically detonates after a short period of time. The pistol works amazing when you are matched with big enemies like Fiends and Destroyers. 


Ushior is also a good pistol and features one heck of a power punch. This pistol is an Angaran heavy pistol and discharges a powerful plasma shot with every single shot fired. It is a great heavy pistol which some remarkable unique properties and causes the greatest damage among the pistol class weapons. In fact, it deals with more massive damage as compared to strong sniper rifles like Black Widow. 

To maximize its damage impact, you can also mount the pistol with a scope when you’re in the battlefield. 


Talon is another pistol on the market which comes as a semi-automatic firing type pistol. Just like Ushior, Talon is also a high damage MWS handgun which features a semi-automatic fire type. The ammo used in Talon is shotgun shells. The gun achieves attributes of shotgun spread and multiple pellets which increases the damage inflicted on nearby enemies. The best thing about carrying a Talon is that it holds the capability of causing a great deal of trauma and high damage to unarmored enemies in sight. 


The SideWinder is a recently introduced Andromeda Mass Effect pistol weapon that looks something straight out of Destiny 2. It is a special pistol type that packs quite a powerful hit and features a rapid-firing fire type. With Sidewinder, you get some decent shooting accuracy. It is quite a reliable and highly versatile pistol and can be labeled as something which works as a powerful sidearm. It is crafted by the exiles from the Nexus. The gun has a decent ammo capacity and features a quick reload. 

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Shotguns

The Dhan Shotgun

If you are the kind of player who wants to drop down enemies from a decent range and at the same time, do not want to worry yourself with the reloading, then scattershot shotgun is your ultimate win. Similar to Hurricane SMG, the Dhan shotgun is a fantastic shotgun which eliminates all potential threats coming at you. Also, you don’t have to worry about reloading because the Scattershot automatically recharges after every few seconds of complete inactivity. 

The Crusader

It may not be the best shotgun in the Mass Effect Andromeda game series, yet it is still quite a versatile shotgun in the weapon arsenal. And it offers some good overall damage output. The N7 Crusader is a semi-automatic weapon that you can easily find in the Milky Way Research Station. The base version of this weapon costs total damage of 378 and carries a four-round magazine. The damage output for the gun also multiplies to 468 when the shotgun is fully upgraded. 

The Ruzad

The only downside of playing with Ruzad is that it has a small magazine capacity. However, the Ruzad is capable of inflicting total damage of around 373 damage points in just during the first iteration. Reaching its fifth iteration, the damage on this weapon incredibly increases to almost 478 on average. If you want to research this weapon, you will require around 100 Milky Way Research Points. If you want the highest amount of customizability, the Crusader packs a punch and can be your best bet. 

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Sniper Rifles

Naladen Sniper Rifle

Have you heard about the semi-automatic sniper rifle that fires precise explosive rounds? They really do cause some perfect burning effect to a group of enemies in a particular area. Naladen has total damage worth 288 and has a fire rate of 95 with a max clip of 4. It has an ammo carrying capacity of 28 and a shooting accuracy of 60. Also, the Naladen Sniper is kind of easy on the weight and weighs around 55. The specialty of this sniper rifle is that it creates a strong area of effect damage. 

Isharay Sniper Rifle

Here’s another Sniper rifle which is a really powerful weapon and can easily be found under the Heleus technology tab. It is not a semi-automatic weapon which means that it only fires one shot per clip. Additionally, you can’t carry enough ammo on you so if you are facing a lot of enemies, Isharay is not the best fit. Although, the sniper has a great base accuracy and precisely hit the target specifically. With a base damage of 615, a rate of fire of 75 and an ammo capacity of 14, the Isharay is seamless. 

M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle

A great addition to your Sniper Rifle arsenal is none other but the M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle. It is a great rifle that fires quick successive rounds and takes down enemies quickly. Indra can be built to produce a more powerful impact, all thanks to the augments and mods which you can add to create massive builds. All you have to do is invest in the sniper skills within the Combat tree and use powerful proper Augments, and voila! You have a remarkable firing death bringer at your station with a lot of ammo. 

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