Best Instagram Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Niche-Focused Business

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Niche-Focused Business

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms currently making to the frontline of the Internet. With more than a billion accounts, Instagram has created quite an impact especially among teens. It has become a social networking website that one just can’t ignore. It has now become an integral part of our lives and what’s more? It has also become quite the resource to promote business. 

However, not every brand on the Instagram market has earned its significant liberty to rapidly grow as some have. Doesn’t it make you wonder what some of these major brands are doing that’s working out for them? I am also eagerly interested just as you are. So, I took some time off from my busy schedule and performed the necessary research. Here are a few Instagram marketing strategies to help you promote your business effectively on Instagram. Now, you can also turn 0 to 100 real quick. 

Build a Community Around Actionable Hashtags

It is a great strategy that is most commonly observed being practiced by some of the major brands. 

Actionable Hashtags

To best explain the concept, let’s consider Nike. The business chose to run their Winter Campaigns captioned as “Choose Your Winter.” Nike used a hashtag campaigning method titled as #runfree campaign which really attracted a great number of audience and before you know it, the hashtag became quite the trend. Nike benefited from the hashtag by building its own community around it. 

You as a starter brand can do the same as well. Pick out hashtags or create the ones that are really impactful. Now custom-tailor your brand campaigns to favor these hashtags and run your campaigns. 

For example, Infatuation is a trendy restaurant review website found back in the year 2009. These guys weren’t quite the popular review sites on the Internet block, but with their hashtag #EEEEEATS, they created a significant impact and earned their popularity. The hashtag give them quite the virality. 

Be an Empath, and Relate to Your Followers

Most brands and businesses are empathic so they aim to understand their target audiences. By knowing the teeny tiniest bit of details and happenings in their life, they are able to create Instagram posts that are quite an attraction for them. As a brand, I am sure you’ve already established a few buyer personas of your own, and you already have an idea of what your average lead may look like. 

However now, it is that time when you have to seek why they are present on Instagram. Are they coming to Instagram because they want to kill boredom or are they there to check on their friends? 

A great example of empathy on Instagram is

empathy on Instagram is

So how can brands become empathic? 

Let’s assume that one of your clients love cakes and he or she gets super excited when they see one on their Instagram feeds. You are a cake selling brand and hence, you take some snazzy looking images of the cake. Now, just optimizing your Instagram campaign to show those images on client’s feed isn’t going to be enough. What you require is a bit of captioning and an Instagram harpoon. 

What are Instagram harpoons? These are humorously designed and well-written social captions. 

For instance, 

“Who would love to have this CAKE on a Sunday Breezy Morning with her beloveds? #sundaybreezymornings #fonduecakes #cakeseason 

Your Biography Plays a Significant Role

When you are creating your Instagram bio, just keep in mind that you design them a whole lot differently than your Facebook & LinkedIn profile. Your Instagram shouldn’t contain any boring details such as your long lasting Resumes and professional qualifications. What audiences nowadays are basically seeking is how human-like is the brand and can it connect with the audience requirements?  

For example, check how Mesmereyez, halloween contact lenses selling business has done it correctly.

To make your brand bio details shine out among your competitors, you can use a mix of emojis and humorous single-liners and create a more humanized connection between yourself and the audience. 

Why Not Share Videos on Your Instagram

The video feature on Instagram is not anything new but it has gained some significant popularity over-time. Many brands who are promoting their businesses on Instagram are leveraging the power of short 15-second videos to ensure that their brand message is heard loud and clear on social podiums. 

For example, here’s a video campaign that Oreo ran earlier this year. 

The campaign was pretty much designed to promote a chance to win something with Oreo. 

However, you can use video in different number of ways instead. You can use a video to promote a product launch taking place, for example, over here Oreo is marketing one of its maple creme cookies.

Or you can share some behind-the-scenes funny moments like Oreo did with Wiz Khalifa. 

You can even embed these Instagram videos on your website, if you have one. That’s the only puzzle which you are missing out on, to complete your perfect Instagram marketing circle once and for all. 

Promote Your Instagram Just About Everywhere

Creating a profile on Instagram and marketing your content consistently isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you want people to see your profile or reach out to you, then you need to make sure you promote your Instagram in other places as well. For instance, if you have a homepage or different product pages interconnecting to your social networks, put your Instagram social icon there as well.

Start internally by asking your stakeholders to share your Instagram account using relevant business hashtags. Learning the art of hashtagging is significantly important, and businesses who know how to leverage that art are the ones that expressively grow then those who don’t put their focus on it at all. 

Include your Instagram icon in your email signatures, on your social profiles, in your business cards, on websites and just about everywhere which can give your Instagram profile a good exposure. 

Instagram is the future’s way forward for businesses. It is not only growing at an immense pace but more than half the society is actively using it on a daily basis. Businesses who fails to pay attention to Instagram marketing often suffer a business backlash. It’s because they normally leave a large market untapped! If you haven’t invested your time in Instagram advertising and marketing, now is the time. 

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