Best GBA Games that Every Person has Played in the 90s Era

Best GBA Games

Best GBA Games that Every Person has Played in the 90s Era

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It all dates back to where the gaming initiated. 

Gameboy Advance and Gameboy is where it all began, the story of handheld gaming experiences. Apparently, GBA became one of the high demand consoles on the planet Earth since the time of its inception. And gradually, it’s massive gaming library exceeded a total of 900+ games over time. 

Even today there are so many individuals who just simply loves to carry a gameboy advance around. It is one of the highly recommended gaming consoles & one of the best devices for retro-style gaming.

Are you eager to learn which of the gba games are one of the best games on the market? 

So if you still want to experience that retro style gaming all over again, here are some of the best. 

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Are you a fan of DOTA, and you want to experience DOTA gameplay in retro style? Then look no further than the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is one of the best RPG games on the market for GBA players. It features rigorous combat styles, insane puzzles, some magical spells & dangerous swords. 

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

How about having a chunk of military styled story based game? Well, if you’re a fan of such retros then Tactical Ogre is your thing. The idea behind the game design is what makes it one of the favored games. There are some deep concentration levels can in fact, make you a very subtle critical thinker.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Like to play farmville games? Harvest Moon is an interesting farm building game which allows you to reap and earn great rewards. You can breed your favorite animals, you water your plants and harvest them, and you can complete your timely missions. It’s a fun gameplay with a traditional storyline. 

Mario vs Donkey Kong

In this game, Mario has to face over a 100 levels which usually throws different challenges such as complex puzzles and hardwired obstacles. By completing the challenges Mario earn keys and collects all the toys which has been stolen by Donkey Kong. It has some crazy animations and a fun gameplay. 

Super Mario Advance

As reviews term it, Super Mario Advance is one of the best Super Mario games in the Super Mario series. Just like previous mario games, your task is to defeat the evil using different powers and weapons. Every version of the game has some additional missions, interesting features and weapons. 

Mario & Luigi Superstar

The brotherhood is back at it again! Because with Mario & Luigi Superstar, Mario Bros can team up to save the beautiful princess who’s gotten abducted by the evil forces. The game is interesting because it is a sequel based game with a lot of interesting dialogues & some real thrilling challenges to play. 

Mario Kart Super Circuit

So the developers thought it would be a great idea to put Mario in a Kart and let him race around circuits! Who knew it would turn out to be a total blast. Mario Kart Super Circuit has become one of the quite popular titles with some action packed kicking and thrashing. It has over 40 tracks to play. 

Kirby Nightmare & Dreamland

Ever thought of playing a game where you get trapped in your own imaginations? Well, if that’s the case with you then you and Kirby are on the same page. A very popular play-to title on the GBA block is Kirby’s nightmare which challenges your cognitive ability to find Dedede within the dreamlands. 

Car Battler Joe

Car Battler Joe is a full time action packed RPG style game with fully loaded warfare cars. Do you remember the animated movie Red Line? Well, Car Battler Joe is pretty much the same. Your protagonists is an enthusiastic shout-out loud on the battlefield kind of a driver so you can have fun. 

Astro Boy Omega Factor

Want an amazing Astro icon boy experience, where you can fly around the city and visualize your master’s stolen assets? Well look no further than the world class GBA astro boy. The game features 10 levels of action packed adventure where you are challenged with defeating classic enemies.

The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda has lived up to expectations because it is simply a fantastic game with immense power play. The sequel features two versions of the game which are quite remarkably amazing. You are tasked with the protection of the kingdom backed by Minish Cap by combatting tough opponents. 

Ninja Five O

Want to feature yourself in a game where you can be the ninja and at the same time be a cop as well? Arm your ninja cop with some power packed magical weapons designed to combat bad guys. It is a small game with hardly 6 stages and a bad-ass ninja with a great adventurous storyline to play. 

Sonic Advance

The blue hedgehog running around at an ultrasonic speed has always been fans favorite. And the experience is quite interactive and one of a kind as you can run around the map looking like a speedball and gathering electric charge overtime collecting rings and defeating dangerous foes.

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