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iOS 14: Apple Announces Public Beta for Every Apple Fan Out There

Recently, Apple has launched its new iOS 14 software which the fans have been desperately waiting for to hit the market. It has now finally arrived and is now taking the Apple fans by storm. 

For now, the iOS 14 has been launched in its beta phase for testers to experience it. 

While there are plenty of new features that the iOS 14 brings to the table for Apple fans, it also provides complete liberty to just about everyone. As long as you own an Apple device and you want to get experience with the new iOS 14, the software is currently compatible just about everywhere to use. 

It also brings a completely new redesigned home screen and you can find few functionalities changed in the core apps. For now, the beta phase is out and the full application of the software is expected to arrive in the market until the autumn when the new iPhone 12 is expected to be released in market. 

For now, the public beta programme provides people plenty of chances to use the software early on. The beta phase of the software is basically launched to gain the feedback of the people on what they believe is not working too well with the new iOS 14. Based on their feedback, the company expects to change these flawed features into the ones that just might work well for the Apple fan club out there. 

Apart from identifying bugs, Apple also desires that their fan club gets acquainted with the new iOS 14. For now, the company sends out a warning explaining how there can be certain unexpected issues that can arise on the device. They claim that the software might have some compatibility issues now. But in the near future, the company aims to fix these issues and release a much better release. 

One of the sites covering the news on beta release expressed, 

“Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software. Be sure to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and your Mac using Time Machine before installing beta software. Since Apple TV purchases and data are stored in the cloud, there’s no need to backup your Apple TV.”

It is highly advised for now that people should focus on installing the beta software only on non-production devices. If you are a fan of Apple and use your Apple product for running businesses, then it’s best that you don’t download the beta version of the iOS 14 for now until its official release. 

For now, fans who have tested the new iOS 14 claims that the new iOS update is very stable. There are a few major bugs that have been reported at the Cupertino company but nothing that cannot be fixed by the developers working at the backend. Besides, the nature of the iOS released in beta phase is for now focused on testing the device so there will be problems that will occur until the new iOS is tweaked to perfection. The real final release will officially hit the market in about the month of August. 

How can users experience the new iOS? 

All they have to do is visit the dedicated page that is specifically created by Apple’s beta programme and sign up with their login ID/Password. Once, you sign-up for the program, you will automatically be able to download the iOS 14 experience to just about any compatible Apple device you want. You can download a profile which will allow you to download the update just as if it was some other software. 

Besides, if it is iPhones, you will automatically be able to install the new iOS on your own. 

Are you an Apple fangirl or fanboy? How about you provide your feedback on the new iOS. At TechWireHub, we genuinely care about our readers so feel free to share whatever you’ve in mind with us. Our comment section is always open to hear back from you. Stay tuned for more, until next time. 

Parental Controls on Smartphones

How to Use Parental Controls on Smartphones

For anyone with kids, it seems to be a daunting process to ensure that they maintain safe and have healthy technology usage. Kids these days may engage in inadvertently risky online behavior which may be very dangerous. Many kids unintentionally disclose their identity which results in hundreds of child abductions every year. Even today’s toddlers are so fast at playing games online that it becomes so crucial for parents to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t get into any trouble.

To make things easy for you, today’s smartphones have parental controls. In this way to can let your child roam free over the internet, safe in the knowledge so that they don’t cause any harm to themselves.

Keeping an eye on kids can be even more daunting when it comes to teenagers. Teenagers like to roam free anywhere and get so irritated when being questioned by parents. In this case, again, technology has made things very easy for you. You can simply track cell phone. In this way, you can keep an eye on them without them knowing about it. You can easily track their online comings and goings and reach that place easily if you sense any trouble.

Using parental controls

Limit screen time

The first and the foremost thing to do is to limit the time your kid is spending on their device. By putting the screen time limit on, your child is unable to use the phone after a specific period of time set by you. There are different apps available for both Apple and Android users, which allow you to set a bedtime period. When this period starts, the phone becomes completely useless to your children as they can no longer use it. If they want to extend the usage period, they would have to send a request to your phone and we already know the answer to that!

Controlling access to content

It is essential to control what content your child is accessing and which apps they are using to ensure they are safe and sheltered away from any shocking stuff they might see. It’s good if you share your device with your kids instead of buying them one. You can set multiple user accounts on one device. You can later self-monitor each account. You can put different restrictions on each account depending on the ages of your all kids. Even if your child has a phone, you can make an account on their phone and manage it from your own phone.

Protecting your child’s privacy

Until your child gets to an age where they can make a decision themselves about how much of their information they might want to give out to the world, you should be the person in charge. The family link app comes in handy over here. You can prevent your child from sharing their Google photos and limit Google’s ability to save their information. If you are an Apple user, simply go the content and privacy restriction tab, and there you can find many privacy controls like location services and contacts.

Having a control over these features might prevent your kid from getting into any potential danger.

4 Ways to Excel Yourself in the Wearable Market in the Year 2020

The wearable market is ever-evolving. Since the time the first Apple Watch made its debut, the sales of wearable technology incredibly skyrocketed and went through the path of continued growth. 

Alone in 2018, more than 172 million devices were shipped. And these numbers just kept on increasing as we moved into the future. It recommended that Wearable technology has quite an impact on the digital stratosphere and is widely getting adopted by some of the major players around the world. With the tech behind these wearables becoming quite common, we are seeing a surge in its use-cases and what not. As the traction grows, we all wonder how one can benefit from this boom? 

Today I am going to discuss 5 ways how entrepreneurs and businesses can leverage the growing market of wearables and extract the best results without experiencing any hassles. 

So without further adieu, let’s check them out. 

Time to Give up on the Smart Watches

One in every 3rd wearable sold in the market is a smartwatch. Why are smartwatches the real deal? That’s because big technology giants like Apple & Google have invested a lot of budget in bringing these smartwatches to the table for businesses around the world. They have invested a great deal of time in optimizing various features of the smartwatch and optimized them to deliver the best user experience to their fan club. Because of their loyalty, the fans have entrusted them with the purchase. 

If you’re planning to invest in wearables, don’t go for the same tactic because the competition is tough. Instead, choose a different approach by going granular. For example, Myia, a health technology company has designed wearables that when worn by the patient can help them monitor heart rate. 

The more specific you get with your invention the better is your chance to score big in the market. 

See What Customers Are Seeking

Right now, we have the pandemic of COVID-19 impacting our lives and the lives of others who surround us. Now, here’s a solid need which can help people gain an extra edge. People are in dire need of solutions that can help them stay safe from the pandemic. Imagine getting a wearable device that helps you identify that a particular area is quarantined. For example, the smartwatch turns red and starts sending alarm beeps when you walk into a particularly sealed area because of the COVID19

Such applications can help people stay safe from getting infected and help customers get through. 

You can think of thousands of other ways to see what customers are seeking & how you can help. 

Create a Wearable that Creates a Sense of Community

Every wearable product right now that’s aggressively being marketed as a perfect community built around its respective gadget. Take almost any kind of smartwatch that you believe holds the potential. 

For example, Fitbit’s has a separate fan following of its own which largely surrounds people from all walks of life. People who are conscious about their health & weight are the most common users of this particular type of wearable and are found aggressively purchasing this product massively. 

Hence, it has the perfect community built around it. 

When you are planning to invest so you can step down in the wearable market, don’t forget to make due investments in cultivating a community around your wearable product. It’s the only way your wearable is going to survive and see the light of success once it is deployed in the market. 

When Crafting Wearables Consider the Children

It’s because wearables become quite the trend among your wearers, which makes it a solid pick for parents and children alike. For example, take the Owlet Smart Sock, here’s a baby monitoring device that can easily wrap around a child’s foot, and whenever the wearer’s heart rhythm changes or oxygen level drops, the Smart Sock beeps an alarm. Now imagine creating a wearable that will allow parents to track feeding patterns, how frequently the child needs to visit the loo or wearable that notifies parents or teachers when a child leaves a specifically defined boundary? 

Imagine the possibilities that you can create with a single wearable. 

Now apply them far and wide across many other platforms to see which can work in your favor.

So there you go, here are some of the best ways I believe wearables can assist you in the market. 

Are you still eager to find out ways in which wearables can benefit you? 

Do share your findings with us because we are equally interested and eager to learn.

Apple Improves Gaming Support with the Launch of the New iOS 14

We recently learned that Apple is working immensely to optimize gaming support for the all-new iOS 14 and compatible devices which will run the new OS on their platform. Apple has revealed a few highlights where it has provided information on full support for controller button remapping, haptics, rumble, motion, and also the ability of the Apple phones to utilize keyboard/mouse for gaming.

Gamers who actively use Apple products have long been asking the Cupertino smartphone giant when they are going to get the rumble and haptic support for Apple gaming experience, and apparently Apple has revealed that it’s finally hitting the market this year. Now, developers will be able to program feedback into Apple games optimized for the new iOS 14 so people can have a better gaming experience, such as getting a recoil after a shot is fired from a gun or vibrant explosions in gameplay. 

At the same time, Apple is also planning to add motion inputs, which will allow users to connect Sony’s DualShock 4 controller to the new iOS 14. With this feature, Apple developers will be able to add a feature for the colour scheme to change when the DualShock controller starts running low on battery. It will also feature a two-finger tracking as well as a full-support for the touchpad’s buttons. 

At the same time, we have also learned that Apple is actively working on adding the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 as well in its upcoming iOS 14, iPad 14, and tvOS updates. With this feature, users will be able to include full support for the four paddle buttons and even offer the button remapping feature. This particular new button remapping feature is globally accepted for all controllers which can be easily optimized and accessed by various apps & games that are hitting the iOS market. These additions are just the highlight as we are also going to see some more solid improvements in the coming time. 

Moreover, we have also learned that Apple is going to allow keyboard and mouse connectivity for iPad. So now, users seeking to have a PC gaming experience on iPad will not have to settle for gamepads & controllers. Although, right now, Apple users can connect a keyboard and mouse to their iPad and have the experience but they won’t be able to strike multiple keys at an instance and this particular support is quite the lackluster. The iPad also comes with a mouse support for current iPad games and provides a wonderful click & feel experience. 

Here’s actually great news for all the fans of first-person shooters because those who play FPS titles greatly rely on precision input. With the full compatibility for keyboard and mouse, fans can now have an ultimate shooting experience on their iPads. 

Also, players can have a full-advantage of full-screen gaming with the new Apple iOS devices.

By the way, luck you because we also have a last minute chunk bar for you. Apple is also working on overhauling the entire Game Center experience by changing the user interface for clients & customers. 

The new UI design of the game space will have a transparent layer on top of games. 

Alongside the game space area, Apple has also worked up on its achievement section of the Game Center. This has transformed the entire look and feel of the app. It is now allowing a more consistent gaming experience for all the iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS fans who are enthusiastic gamers too. 

All of these upgrades indicate that Apple has worked tirelessly to create a really fun and engaging gaming experience for its future users. So whether you’re a fan of iPad, iPhone or some other device, buckle up! Because Apple is about to give a full-length amazing gaming experience to the table for fans around the world. Do you want to learn more about what Apple is doing to transform the gaming experience for all its users, well stay tuned on TechWireHub as we will be bringing more exciting info. 

PS5 vs XBOX Series X: What Key Features Give Sony’s PS5 an Edge over XBOX Series X

The Sony’s PS5 has recently revealed its first look and it has mesmerized the minds of many individuals. People who weren’t quite a fan of PlayStation are now seen pouring in their views on the next generation machine that is soon going to hit the market this Holiday Season. Fans are desperately waiting to see what the new Sony’s PS5 is bringing to the table and how exactly it is going to beat the 12.5 teraflops processing speed of the XBOX Series X which is also scheduled for release during the Holiday Season. No doubt, the XBOX Series X has some dangerously fanatic finishing touches. Yet, fans around the world are still interested in seeing how PS5 will beat the XBOX Series X. 

Today, I am going to highlight a few things which give PS5 an edge compared to the gaming beast, the XBOX Series X and provide you with all the reasons why you should consider purchasing PS5 this year

But before we begin, here’s the official PS5 reveal trailer which will leave you mesmerized. 

With PS5, You Are About to Get Instantaneous Load Time

During the Road to PS5 event that took place earlier this year, Mark Cerny the system architect at PS5 explained how there will be a very less loading time in the new titles which the PlayStation gamers will acquire. The speed time of the game will significantly cut down by 0.8 seconds for exclusives such as Spider-Man and other PlayStation games. A big shout out for this delayed load time goes to none other but the usage of SSDs in PlayStation 5. It offers a bandwidth speed of 5.5 GB/s which is quite satisfactory. It indicates that the data processing speed on PS5 will be much faster compared to PS4. 

Be Prepared to Maximize on Stunning Visuals

Another great thing about Sony’s PlayStation 5 which has made fans believe that this is one of the best PlayStation releases of all times is the stunning visuals the PS5 exclusive games are going to present. The breathtaking visuals are simply remarkable and as we saw some of the game reveals in the first look reveal event, we realized that the platform is fully capable of giving incredible details. Some of the titles that really captivated the fan’s minds were from Last of Us 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn’s next chapter. It provides breath-taking visuals for people who are searching to play games in 4k. 

In fact, the new PS5 is known to support gaming up to 8k resolution which makes it much better. 

PS5 Brings 3D Sound Technology to the Table for People

When it comes to audio output, the PS5 brings 3D audio feature right to the doorstep of its individuals. It is powered by a dedicated Tempest Engine, a powerful AMD GPU which optimizes the audio quality in games to a whole new level. Now, you can immerse yourself in the land of nanites and experience a next-level sound experience while playing your favorite titles. This feature is fine-tuned to work with TV speakers & standard home audio setups. The PS5 console is quite ideal for all such users who are seeking high-end headsets and powerful headphones that bring the best sound quality to your doors. 

And Let’s Not Forget the Game Changing Dual Sensor Controller

No console is complete until it has the best controller to play their favorite game titles. Sony’s PS5 is one of the top-of-the-line DualShock 4 controllers with the DualSense feature. The controller features a variety of interesting elements such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a USB Type C feature, and a built-in microphone with a rechargeable battery. The controller is quite interesting and has a nice new feel as well. They are definitely better in look & feel and offer a whole lot more than the usual. So be ready with the release of the new PS5 because you’re in for quite an interesting blast. 

Lastly, Get Completely Immersed in Games with the PlayStation VR

We have now entered a new age of technology where VR is the next best thing. With VR hitting the market, the PlayStation market is open to an entirely new range of experience with a world of possibilities for developers. It adds multiple new layers of interaction and brings complete control for your entire gaming experience. The world of VR is massively engaging and there’s so much that a person can adapt to. The best thing is the immersive experience and with the PS5 content, it will just take the whole thing to such an incredible level, the one which you can only imagine. 

Here’s just about everything that I believe the PS5 is bringing to the table for all those who are desperately wishing to see the new console emerge as one of the best among the rest. Are you also excited to see how PS5 is going to be better than the new XBOX Series X? Feel free to leave your comments below so we can add more interesting pointers within our respective content. 

Until next time cheers. 

5 Powerful CRM Hacks that Ensures Why CRM is a Benefiting Technology

What is customer relationship management? It is the process of entertaining customers by going through a set of standardized protocols and ensuring that you are able to serve your customers better. 

It is the method of collecting data in the form of feedback from the customer and then utilizing that information to make the experience much better for future customers with whom you can interact. 

The concept of CRM first initiated back in the 90s when the first CRM software was launched. It took the corporate world by storm because it created a method of improving customer relationships. With the passage of time, many corporate organizations adopted the CRM technology and brought them in their daily usage. Today, it has become an essential marketing tool for just about every business. CRM has transformed the ways of marketers to communicate. It has become one of the smartest tools which allow users to stay ahead of the curve. Wondering what hacks can benefit CRM users the most? 

Here are 5 Powerful CRM hacks that CRM tools can offer marketing departments. 

CRM Aids in Retaining Customers

VStacks Infotech explains how CRM empowers customer retention and increases the chance up by 27%. Yet, many marketers are still struggling with identifying the true potential of the CRM software. To give them the gist of it, by tracking customer data and keeping it online, it can help them keep a track record of what customers want. Based on their specific requirements and past customer dealings, they can have a much broader perspective on how to provide their respective customers with a better service. It helps businesses to engage customers with a greater attention span and form better personal relationships. It helps them understand customer behaviors and act accordingly. 

CRM Maintains Data in Backup

One more astounding benefit of working with a CRM tool is that everything that you process on the platform gets stored in a cloud environment. Almost, everything that we are performing these days is definitely stored in the cloud. Now, imagine, how easy it becomes for you to share customer data with your team members operating off-shore in Malaysia while you reside in the United States of America. All you and your teammates have to do is become a part of a multi-purpose cloud-based CRM application and voila, you’re good on your way to maintaining data backups and doing much more. With cloud computing, marketers can better leverage data and make the best use of it in CRM tools. 

CRM Give Path to Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a method where data from present and past customer dealings are assembled along with their respective statistics, and with the help of machine learning algorithms, future trends in customers are predicted. Marketers can make the best use of predictive analytics to shape up their future marketing effort by introducing much powerful branding/marketing concepts. It assists them to act upon what the customer expects from them and based on these actions, they can eventually reach better conclusions. They can convert them into potential leads who might want to come over again. The power of machine learning and AI algorithms takes the entire experience a notch-up. 

CRM Tools Also Allows you to be Social

Another great benefit of using a CRM tool is that it allows you to be social with the customers. With the right CRM tool, you can now track customer interactions across a range of social media platforms through social media platforms. Facebook has already given us insight into how people-based marketing works and what are its increasing benefits. With integrated CRM software, this strategy can even work wonders. With CRM integration of Social Media, marketers can now get more social & understand the customers in a more in-depth way. They can study their behaviors and identify what ways they can optimize the marketing processes and create a remarkable experience for users. 

CRM is the Right Way Forward

And last but not the least, knowing what customer expects from you is what’s going to help you land the sale that you always desired. The only way of doing it is by integrating the right CRM tool. 

It helps you not only in maintaining the best customer relationships, but it also enables you to pitch them better. CRM is quite reliable when it comes to reaching out to customers and if your marketing teams aren’t using them to benefit, they are leaving behind a good opportunity to create better sales. 

Are you also using a certain CRM software at your corporation? It’s best that you consider the service. 

Sundar Pichai Announces a Companywide Solidarity Silence for George Floyd

Yesterday Google shared a solidarity silence in all of its branches across the world. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai asked the entire company that they should honor the life of George Floyd which was lost to police brutality in the United States. The act performed by Sundar Pichai sends a message loud and clear that the Indian mastermind believes all Black lives matter. 

An email was sent to all the employees working for Google and the message was shared across the company’s blog page requesting all employees to maintain a solidarity silence at sharp 1 PM PDT. It was a combined decision made by both, the CEO of Google & Alphabet where they decided that they will maintain a complete silence which will last for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. 

This was the total time during which George Floyd was held under the knee of the white police officer before he took his last breath. Sundar Pichai, who recently met a group of black leaders who were voicing the cause, wrote in one of his statements, 

“Our Black community is hurting, and many of us are searching for ways to stand up for what we believe, and reach out to people we love to show solidarity,”. 

In further support, Sundar Pichai also concluded that he will give around $12 million dollars to organizations that are working in order to stop racial profiling, racism, and brutality against black people in the United States. It’s not just the CEO at Google who is willing to contribute, but the company internally also organized a fund-raising campaign that has successfully gathered about $2.5 million in total. Sundar Pichai has again claimed, he will do what he can to match the numbers.

Every year, the company holds a stockholder call where all the company’s shareholders participate. At the call, he also raised the concern against racial profiling and presented his views supporting blacks. 

During the call, he said: 

“The senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others have compounded the grief people are already feeling,”

Similarly, observing how Google is currently taking a stand against racial profiling against black people, YouTube has also taken a step towards voicing the concern in the favor of black people. Employees at YouTube and YouTube Music were asked to take an entire day where they can reflect on what’s happening with the black people all across the United States right now. They were also asked by the management to make donations, and do what they can to propel internal activism programs. 

Right now, the world is in support of the black community. 

Black lives matter just as much as any living matter on the planet Earth right now. They are just as humans like anybody else and have every right to live their lives the way they want to. But what’s not right is the way they are protesting. Looting stores, burning vehicles, trashing buildings is not justified. 

We believe that the unrest taking place in the United States right now will soon subside and hopefully, the oppressions happening in the light of law will seemingly subside and blacks will get their rights. 

Was the article informative? Do you wish to learn more about what’s happening in the technology world? Stay connected to Tech Wire Hub and learn everything about technology with us. 

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Effective Methods You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Approximately 78% of the American population uses the Internet on a regular basis. For most business owners, finding a way to get as many online consumers on their website is a priority. Driving traffic to your website will require lots of hard work and persistence.

There are tons of things you can do to make your website both easier to find and user-friendly. Allowing professionals to assist you in the website optimization process is a must. Below are some effective methods you can use to drive more traffic to your website.

Guest Posting is a Great Tool

If you are trying to get more backlinks to your website, the best way to achieve this goal is with the help of guest posting. There are a number of websites that accept guest posts from business owners and online entrepreneurs. When creating this content, you will need to put relevant links back to your website. Not only will this allow the reader of this content to find out about your website, it will also allow you to show up on Google’s radar.

Getting help with your guest posting efforts is a good idea. Professionals, like the ones at, have a number of popular websites they are allowed to guest post on. With their help, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website in no time.

A Comprehensive Linking Strategy

Most business owners are well aware of the power of well-placed links. Not only will your content need to feature links to popular and well-respected websites, but you will also need to link to the pages and blogs on your own website. When trying to create a comprehensive linking strategy, you need to focus on the keywords you embed these links in.Using a tool like Linkio will allow you to find the right anchor text for your links with ease. Linkio also has a backlink monitoring and keyword rank tracker tool that can come in handy. If you want to find out more about the tools this company offers, visit website for more details.

Social Media Icons

Don’t Overlook the Power of Social Media

Some business owners think that the only thing they have to do to drive traffic to their website is to publish blogs on a regular basis. While this is helpful, you have to do more if you want to edge out the competition. Once you have published new blogs on your website, you need to find a way to inform the general public. This is why using the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is imperative.

By advertising links to your blogs on your social media account, you will be able to generate some buzz around the content. When posting these links, you need to give a brief breakdown of what the content is and how it can help the reader. Encouraging your followers to share your post can help you spread the word about this new content. The key to having success with this type of social media marketing is being consistent. Failing to post new blogs on a weekly basis can lead to consumers forgetting about you. If you can’t develop and post content on your own, hiring professionals to do it is your best course of action.

It’s Time to Take Action

Driving more traffic to your website will not be easy. Allowing professionals to help you develop and carry out a marketing strategy can help you avoid mistakes. The money paid for this professional help will be worth it considering the results they can produce.

5 Gadgets Making Life Worth Living During the Quarantine Period

There’s not much to do when you’re locked inside the house and you run out of ideas in just over a week. At times like these, you wonder if you only had something to pass your time, something that keeps the ball rolling for you and when you look around, sadly you only find your smartphone! 

If that’s the case with you, then might I suggest that there are other interesting gadgets as well in the technology arsenal that can surely make your life worth living during the quarantine phase. You can order them online or you can go outside during the purchasing hours and visit a tech store to buy them. One way or the other, these gadgets can surely add a bit to your life and make it worth living. 

So without further ado, let’s check out 5 awesome gadgets that can help you pass your time during the quarantine. 

Get a Vizio 36” Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound System

So what if you can’t go to the cinemas and have a thrilling experience watching your favorite movie titles? It’s time you bring the cinema home and watch some of the best movies with awesome sound effects. Get a Vizio 36” Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound System with wireless subwoofers to give you remarkable viewing experience. Whether you want to watch Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter all over again on the big screen or tune into the latest Deadmau5 live music session, the Dolby Atmos does some real justice to your listening experience. Get a room-shaking, breathtaking, and porch rumbling base on the new home theater sound system. It also includes Chromecast support & has Bluetooth streaming enabled. So you can now easily connect any device of your choice and play it. 

Get an Echo Show to Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Missing your mom and dad, missing your better half or missing your children, it’s best that you get yourself an Echo Show which allows you to connect with your loved ones and have a chat with them. At times like this, staying connected with your beloveds can be quite the challenge. And with our hectic work-life schedules and current circumstances, the whole thing just doubles up and becomes more nerve-wracking. But not when you have the new Echo Show with you. With the new Echo Show, establishing face-to-face contact with your loved ones become quite the breeze. All you have to do is ask Alexa to drop a call to others who own the Echo Show using the Alexa app or Skype. To make a call to your beloved ones, all you have to do is just say, “Hey Alexa, call [Person’s Name]” Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Having a chat on the Echo Show is also a very interesting and fun-filled experience. 

Get a Fire TV Stick 4k to Watch Favorite Movies Anywhere

Those who didn’t get the chance to spend their lives watching their favorite movies cuddled up with their loved ones and families, get a fire stick 4k to watch your favorite movie titles now. There’s no better time than now to watch your favorite movies with your beloveds. You are indoors and got plenty of time on your clock. Besides, you will also find some interesting TV games on the Firestick to have an interesting playful experience. Games such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Heads Up are a few. Just prepare a bowl of popcorns, fix yourself some hot chocolate, get a pair of blankets and snuggle in by the fireplace to watch those amazing movie titles you always wished for. It allows you to stream a variety of platforms such as Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+ HBO, Netflix, and more.  

Get a Bluetooth Sennheiser Headphones to Listen to Music

When boredom peaks, it’s best to turn on your favorite tracks and listen to your SoundCloud list but for that, you need a pair of headphones. While there are plenty of headphone options in the market, Sennheiser’s headphones are one of the best. Purchase a pair that fits your requirements, check which of these headphones offer what features as some of them have NFC and smart features. Whether you like bass or treble, based on your requirements there is always a variant available to purchase. Pick the one that fits best to your needs and listen to your favorite tracks all day/all night long. It’s the best time-kill option right now for all those who are pretty bored locked in the quarantine. 

Get a 4K HDR TV to Watch Your Favorite Movies in Full Swing

Lastly, don’t forget to get a 4K HDR television to complement your home theater system and Amazon Fire Stick 4k. After all, where will you watch your shows in 4K ULTRA HD, if you don’t have a 4K television set? There are many available at an affordable price in the market belonging to different brands. Buy the one with HDR support to give you better contrast, better brightness, and more life-like experience. If you have the budget to spend a bit more, then go for a QLED or OLED display unit. Though they are expensive they can surely give you a lifetime experience, the one you won’t forget. 

So here’s the list of every gadget that you can best add to your list during the quarantine period. Make quarantine fun and exciting with these gadgets and have a fun-filled experience. 

Do you have any other suggestions, then feel free to leave us a message. 

Did I Just Hear Clearview Will Stop Selling It’s Facial Technology Service to Private Firms?

The notoriously controversial firm Clearview has finally decided to stop all its sales for private companies.

It was found out that the company has decided to cancel all such accounts which weren’t backed or associated with a law enforcement agency or recognized by the federal state or the local government.

As per why Clearview made this sudden decision, it’s because controversies against the firm have been circulating the market for quite some time putting the firm’s name in the hot waters. It was under the radar of the local government authorities for a while and when the authorities realized that it’s high-time, they issued different lawsuits against the firm proclaiming the unlawful conduct. The company was found gathering personal information on people in real-time from different social media platforms in order to make its Face Recognition technology work for the firms it was employed by. 

More than billions of image data was being harvested by the firm from various media platforms. 

Back in February, the organization found itself already in the limelight when some notorious hackers hacked into the consumer database of Clearview. After the debacle, many privacy experts raised a flag of concern against this organization and said that it is now unsafe to fully entrust in Clearview.  

Once the breach took place, the authorities did a background check and realized that the organization was involved in commercial dealings of the product. In order to make a few extra bucks on the side, the company failed to realize the threat its technology posed to the people around the world. How this face recognition technology can result in losing data worth millions. If fallen in the wrong hands, how this data could be manipulated and used to perform unlawful or unethical activities. 

Based on the following dangers, the organization received a lawsuit from the state of Illinois against the firm. The lawsuit clearly stated that this is nothing more than a breach against the state’s privacy laws. In response to the lawsuit, Clearview has come out presenting its clarity by saying that they will not be selling their technology on to private firms commercially or anyone within Illinois may it be a private firm or a law enforcement agency. They have also further concluded that they will halt their sales to private firms outside the states as well. 

As per how many private customers was Clearview entertaining? 

Reportedly, there were almost 105 private customers who were residing in the state of Illinois that were benefiting from the Clearview technology. It also included people from the Chicago Police Department, the office of Illinois Secretary of State, and a majority of government-backed institutions.  

It has also observed criticism from software giants like Google LLC and Twitter Inc. Both have demanded Clearview to stop collecting information on images as a means to identify the public. 

As the events unfold, it was revealed that the organization was distributing its technology around the world. It was delivering the news technology to more than 27 different countries. It was entertaining with the service to more than 2,000 different police departments and it was also serving many law enforcement agencies by facilitating them with the face recognition technology. 

In fact, just a few days ago, there was also news circulating on The Verge magazine regarding the facial recognition startup. The Clearview AI lost its respective source, some secret keys and cloud storage credential, and even app copies in a security hacking incident. A server was found exposed to the public which was discovered by Mossab Hussien, who is currently working as the Chief Security Officer at a firm called SipderSilk. Anyone can easily log into the server and collect relevant info,

Everything Interesting You Need to Know About the Google Pixel 4a!

We all know how Apple recently came out with the new iPhone SE version and the new release has simply taken the world by storm. And since the time, Apple has hit the market with its new release, fans of Google around the world are leaking information about the new Google Pixel 4a.

The new Google phone is all set to arrive in the market latest by the 22nd of May.  

The rumor first emerged in Germany’s smartphone market and was first brought to the limelight by none other but the renowned multinational telecommunication company, Vodafone. And as the rumor continues, it is also known that the price for the new Google Pixel 4a will easily reach around €399 in the Eurozone that will be approximately closing up to that of the new iPhone SE variant just launched. 

Within the US, the price is approximated to be around $399. 

No wonder, the new Google Pixel 4a hits the market with a lesser price tag compared to its previous flagship versions, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3A. It has also taken out some important features such as the water-resistance and wireless charging from the new Google Pixel 4a. Yet, it packs just about everything else which that too at an affordable price which you can find in the flagship Pixel 3 version. 

With the release of the Moto G Power and G Stylus, and the Samsungs new Galaxy A phones, we can see a new market developing around the budget phone market as more midrange phones are arriving. 

For now, here’s just about everything that we have come to learn about the new Google Pixel phones. 

The Specifications

Rumors are out that people are well aware of the hardware that the new Google Pixel 4a brings to the smartphone table. This information was seamlessly pulled from some of the internal documentation. 

Some of the information was also collected from several video leaks about the new phone. 

It is known now that the new Google Pixel 4a will power up on a Snapdragon 730 CPU and will contain 6 GB of RAM for fast processing. It will not be supporting the new 5G technology so that’s that. The smart device will also feature a 5.81 inch OLED screen with a 1080 x 2340 resolution. As far as the battery life is concerned, it is a bit on the low side capping a total consumption power of around 3,080 mAh. It will come with an 18W wired charger so you can plug and charge your device when it runs out of juice. Also, the new smartphone will contain a 12 MP rear cam with the OIS technology and an 8 MP front selfie snapper which will feature a complete 84-degree field of view. 

The chipset is limited to the UFS 2.1 storage support so if you are wondering what the storage speed will be like, you can compare it to other 730 chipset phones which are already hitting the market. 

There’s also a headphone jack so you can listen to your favorite songs on your preferred headsets. 

And that’s just about every detail on the specs that we have come to learn about the Google Pixel 4a. 

The Release Date

We all know that the Google I/O is soon to appear on the market on either the 12th, the 13th, or the 14th of May so we can expect the Google Pixel 4a to appear somewhere after the release of I/O. 

We are still not quite aware of the launch date but you can expect the phone to appear on the 22nd. 

The pre-launch will be available latest by May 15th and the full launch will then extend to the 22nd. 

This phone is pretty awesome for all those who are on a tight budget yet they need a smart device that can meet the present standards of the iPhone SE, the Moto G Stylus, and the G Power. 

Are you planning to purchase the new Google Pixel 4a? Let us know if you’re in the comment. 

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Zoom is Planning to Introduce New Privacy & Security Features

As the pandemic took its toll and forced everyone to go into a complete lockdown around the globe, Zoom became quite the popular video conferencing platform among several businesses & institutions.

However, with the platform gaining popularity, there were several concerns that also surrounded the Zoom app which was relatively difficult for the organization to cope up with, in time. There were several incidents that were recorded and even publicized on social media platforms such as the infamous incident where students cat called their teachers during a lecture. On one of the occasions, an employee believed that he has silenced his microphone or shut down his camera but it didn’t actually happen.

And let’s not forget the considerable backlash developing on “zoom bombing,” a term coined for a bunch of uninvited guests dropping into your zoom channel unannounced and leaving behind unusual remarks. 

By observing such debacles taking place, Zoom recently announced the launch of the Zoom 5.0. 

The primary focus of this new version of the Zoom software is to provide increased protection to users. To do so, Zoom has added the AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which provides resistance to tampering. This newly found level of encryption will be available for Zoom Meeting, Zoom Phone & Zoom Video Webinar to give users a maximum level of comfort & security when having meetings.  

Users can easily download page for the updated software from the official website. 

The organization concluded that the system-wide establishment of the updated software would be in effect officially after the next two months. This is to be followed once all the accounts get enabled with GCM. Also, the account administrators will be able to decide which data center region accounts are hosted on. Based on the nearest data center, it will help users to connect more easily. 

According to Zoom’s chief product officer Odel Gal, 

“We take a holistic view of our users’ privacy and our platform’s security, from our network to our feature set to our user experience, everything is being put through rigorous scrutiny.”

He further concluded that the new AES 256 – bit GCM encryption would make user data in transit more secure. He also said that it would allow users to have much better security controls in their meetings. 

Since, in one of his statements, he said:

“With millions of new users, this will make sure they have instant access to important security controls in their meetings,”

The new zoom will be both reactive and proactive.

Over time and since its usage has become very common, Zoom has encountered several comments from its users. Most of these comments are nothing more than negative criticism. And these criticisms have transformed into explicit accusations once Zoom-Bombing started taking place. When people felt that their privacies are at risk, and they can’t carry out business meetings in such environments, it encouraged Zoom to take possible actions. It took the matter seriously to identify the bug, which allows hackers to steal Windows passwords. The irony went to such an extent that the company fell under the accusation of stealing personal information. They also received a lawsuit in response. 

This raised the flag for the organization, and they realized that something had to be done. 

According to the CEO at Zoom, Eric Yuan, Zoom is going to halt all projects focused on developing new features for the product. For now, they will shift their focus on the development and installation of new features, which will help them concentrate on making security features more robust and effective.

Recently, Zoom published a blog on the 8th of April, where it talked about how it has made specific changes to make the online video conferencing platform better. They spoke about including a safety measure of encouraging others to use a strong password. They also removed the Meeting ID option from the title bar and upgraded the security for features such as file sharing. Other changes helped tweak the controls and enhanced the user experience. The waiting room is now on default giving absolute authority to the host, so he can decide who is going to stay and who leaves. 

In another occasion, the Zoom team also claimed that, 

“Zoom was also quick to take actions on changing the defaults that helped address meeting privacy concerns, as well as setting a 90-day plan for deeper actions and communicating it publicly.”

So let’s hope that these changes which Zoom has recently suggested are going to make user-experience more safe and secure. If Zoom can create the ultimate experience for its customers, then it can surely earn its spot and a long term success in the world of remote working & online video conferencing. So that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed learning about the latest developments. 

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How iPhone SE stands Different in Comparison to iPhone 11?

Buckle up, people! All those who always wanted an iPhone at an affordable price for themselves which can offer them all the interesting features which they observed in the new iPhone 11, there’s good news. The new iPhone SE has finally arrived in the market starting at just $399. This lower cost high-functioning iPhone SE model is quite the fan-favorite because the SE version designs have been quite stable since the iPhone 6 release. Apple has recently announced a new version of the iPhone SE with 64 GB of storage. 

As far as the details on the design are concerned, the new iPhone SE has the same shape, look & feel like the iPhone 8. The screen size of the new phone is approximately 4.7 inches with a home button with a Touch ID. It has the same chipset A13 Bionic processor which was released in the last year’s iPhone 11 which makes it quite the hallmark for iPhone lovers. Yet, it is not the same thing and there exist a few differences between both the models. 

So before you decide between the two as per which will be the most suitable option, I ‘ll recommend you to have a look at their existing differences first. 

Let’s Talk About the Camera & the Display First

It is without a doubt, the iPhone 11 has a considerably large 6.1-inch screen whereas the iPhone SE has a smaller one which is only 4.7 inches. As far as the camera is concerned, the iPhone 11 comes with a powerful dual-lens camera which is a wonderful option for those who like to have the coolest clicks. If you’re someone who has a dedicated Insta-profile with a large fan following, then if you can afford a bit extra, iPhone 11 is one of the best choices. 

As for the camera on the new iPhone SE is concerned, it features a single lens back camera that just might match the same specifications as that of the iPhone 11. However, the only difference between the former and the latter design is that of the lens. While the iPhone 11 features 2 lenses, the iPhone SE only has a single lens. If you’re looking to add some fidelity or flexibility in your pictures, then I will suggest that you go for the more expensive option. 

If you want to learn why multi-lens cameras are better, check out this awesome article. 

Also, I would like to mention another notable difference between the technologies. The screen type on the iPhone 11 features a Liquid Retina display featuring thin bezels. However, with the iPhone SE, there’s a more conventional Retina HD display. Though both the screens have 326 pixels per inch. 

How’s the Biometric Different on both the Smartphones? 

We all are quite aware of how iPhone 11 featured Apple’s Face ID tech which was a very interesting option. But sadly, we fail to see the same tech emerging or taking place in the new iPhone SE. 

There is no Face ID technology integrated within the new iPhone SE models. 

But, it does come with the previous Touch ID technology where it scans your fingerprint to unlock. 

Now, it may sound a backtracking step coming from giants like Apple for not releasing the new Face ID feature in their iPhone SE release, they still put the Touch ID to compensate which is not the safest option on the block. Also, the Touch ID doesn’t offer the ease of use perspective as that of Face ID.  

How Are Both the Phone Designs Different From Each Other?

When we talk about designs, the iPhone SE pretty much resembles to the classic iPhone look and feel. It is a great option for all those who are not interested in carrying a tablet-sized phone in their hands. It does contain pretty much all the features that you can expect in a normal iPhone so yeah it’s the one. 

Soon Apple aims to integrate other relevant features such as Apple’s iOS ecosystem, water-resistance and wireless charging with the mid-range SE versions of its phone too. 

What About the Battery Life? 

We all know that the battery on your iPhone 11 can run up for a full-day; however, with the iPhone SE version the company claims the mid-range phone can provide you up to 13 hours of video playback. 

So it’s pretty evident that the iPhone 11 will still offer you a better battery life compared to iPhone SE. This particular battery timing puts the iPhone in the same range as the 2017 versions of the iPhone. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything we know for now on how iPhone 11 differs from the iPhone SE. Are there any other important features that you consider to set both the phones apart? Feel free to share your views in the comment. 

Google Explains How COVID 19 Has Become the Most Famous Search Topic in 2020

In recent events, Google reveals that COVID 19 has become one of the most searched topics on Google Search based on a country by mile data which Google collects to record information. By observing this sudden influx and growth in the search term, Google has dedicated a separate information portal on its search platform to provide a more improved search experience to visitors. 

The portal is optimized for both, web and mobile users accordingly. 

The COVID 19 Search Portal has plenty of options for users to gather insights on variable details. It provides every bit of basic as well as useful information (such as what symptoms does the COVID 19 creates, what treatments does the COVID 19 follows, what prevention measures must be taken and so on). Also, one can easily find a number of links and other multiple on-site options to explore further.  

Even though the information portal is very self-explanatory, there are certain features which the portal still lacks. I believe the portal has failed to offer any particular format of creating interactions between the normal users. There exists no form of integration with any renowned social media platforms or communication apps which makes it just another tracking feature on Google. In my opinion, the portal could have a better impact if only it was able to add more tools for offering direct communication. 

Details on the New Portal

One of the many interesting things about the new search portal is that it not only includes search results but also adds many additional links which lead the user to “authoritative information.” Some of the information which the new portal includes are from leading health authorities and updated data.  

In one of her statements written in a blog post, Emily Moxley Google’s Product Manager explains, 

“This new format organizes the search results page to help people easily navigate information and resources, and it will also make it possible to add more information over time as it becomes available,” 

As far as how the search engine is covering the social aspect, it includes links which lead the user to a Twitter carousel belonging to civic organizations present within your vicinity. It also contains a “most commonly asked questions” section which covers enough necessary details related to the COVID 19 pandemic. The information is collectively gathered by the World Health Organization and CDC.

For now, the feature is working in English US but Google will release more language updates soon. 

Other relevant features that the portal contains tips for the US to stay healthy. It also contains official resources, localised resources, information on fundraising efforts, latest statistics, and so on. 

We believe that it is a positive step taken by Google as of now to promote the basic information on the new COVID 19 pandemic. While there is plenty of false news circulating the Internet on various social media platforms, the concerns on whether the info is authentic or not became a major issue. However, with the influx in demand of the right knowledge and correct data, Google took the bold step of putting together an entirely separate information portal to create the necessary awareness. 

This portal has considerably helped to minimize the panic among people. It has managed the load of receiving multiple unwanted calls on different medical health lines. What’s even more worrying was the fact that most people infected with the common flu or pneumonia would often rush to the hospital believing that they too are infected with the novel coronavirus COVID 19. This sudden influx of people reaching out to medical healthcare without identifying the symptoms or taking any precautionary measures was becoming a diabolical threat for the healthcare officials around the world. However, with Google’s new information portal, they have somehow been managed to a considerable extent. 

When it comes to a global pandemic, the Internet is the first place where people turn to. And it’s not just the pandemic but everything else where people usually make the Internet as their last resort for information. When they will be in self-isolation (which they are right now) they are more connected to the Internet than ever. At times as such, they would require a platform that can provide them with the correct information and Google is one such platform which offers it all. 

For now, Google is bringing together as much important information as it can. 

Do you have any updates on how things are changing in the digital stratosphere amid the pandemic? Are there any new developments taking place in the technological world? Feel free to comment. 

Microsoft Cancels In-Person Build

Microsoft Cancels In-Person Build 2020 Conference Because of COVID-19

As the widespread threat of Coronavirus is on the rise, Microsoft has decided to cancel its in-person Build 2020 event. The COVID-19 virus which has claimed tens and thousands of lives around the planet has now raised a major concern among the tech-enthusiastic individuals working in Microsoft. 

For now, the hosts have decided that the show will continue in a virtual environment on the same day, mid-May time slot instead of the regular conference which was previously planned to take place. 

Also, Microsoft has concluded that they are about to cancel many other small in-person events too. 

According to Microsoft’s spokesperson, a statement was issued on the evening of March 12 stating:

“The safety of our community is a top priority. In light of the health safety recommendations for Washington State, we will deliver our annual Microsoft Build event for developers as a digital event, in lieu of an in-person event. We look forward to bringing together our ecosystem of developers in this new virtual format to learn, connect and code together. Stay tuned for more details to come.”

The news of the event getting cancelled comes as a no surprise as Microsoft encouraged most of their employees who are located in Seattle and Bay Area to stop all tasks and work from home from March 25th onwards. It all started when Microsoft found out that two of its employees are diagnosed with COVID-19. On March 2nd they updated their website with the following news on the Build site: 

“In light of the global health concerns due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Microsoft is monitoring public health guidance in relation to in-person events. We are looking carefully at our event calendar as well as our presence at industry events in the coming months. We are not taking decisions lightly, but the health and well-being of our customers, partners, guests, suppliers, and employees remain our ultimate priority. We will continue to monitor and make any necessary changes as the situation evolves.”

As far as for those who have already purchased the tickets, Microsoft has already updated their website with the information on refunds for Build. Microsoft employees who are living in the countries on the CDC COVID-19 afflictions are put on a permanent travel ban because of the rise of the virus.

On March 11, the state governor at Washington made an announcement claiming that public events with more than 250 people or attracting more are meant to be restricted. Such events can become a leading cause of the COVID-19 widespread across the nation. These restrictions are readily in effect in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. Seattle where the event was about to take place fall under King’s County. 

Why is Build Event 2020 Important? 

One of the key conferences held by Microsoft is none other but the Build Event where it unites more than thousands of developers from around the world to effectively socialize. The event is massive because it provides good exposure for the software world on what Microsoft is planning to launch in the future as well. On this event, the estimated attendees were approximately around 5,000. Microsoft planned to provide a sneak-peek into its dual-screen Surface Neo/Duo strategy and talk about its WinUI framework. Microsoft has planned to focus at Build more on its Azure & IoT messages at Build. 

Microsoft has decided to launch three major events every year among which the Build 2020 is one. The other two are called Inspire (for reseller/integrator partners) and Ignite (for IT professionals). A rumor was circulating the market almost a year ago, stating that the company is planning to drop its Build event. The idea was to introduce more of its developer content in its Ignite session list. However, that didn’t happen and the plan went on forth to hosting the event at Build 2020 in Seattle. 

However, the future had something else in store. As Coronavirus threat became imminent within the state, the colleagues and contacts at Microsoft took precautionary measures by discontinuing the in-person session. Instead, they took the step of virtualizing the whole process and still do it anyway. 

Let’s see what the new Build 2020 conference, despite of COVID-19, has in store for the world.

iPhone Replacement Parts

iPhone Replacement Parts Just Might be Running Low in the Market

Do you already have an iPhone? Just in case, if you’re a fan of iPhone and looking to upgrade to the newest model, this year might face a bit of difficulty in upgrading your device to a new one. There is news circulating the market that this year iPhone manufacturers might be short in replacement parts supply and the reason behind is none other but the rapidly-growing dangerous COVID-19 virus. 

Even if it’s an old iPhone that you own and you might want to visit a shop to get it repaired, you’re still in high waters. Coronavirus has massively taken its foothold in more than 80 countries around the world, and it is currently affecting the places where the production of the iPhone replacement part takes place. Several reports are pouring in with the claim that even repair parts are running short. 

The virus which took birth in the Wuhan province of china has almost pushed many Chinese individuals to lock themselves up at home and not go out. As a result, the production facilities in China have come to a halt and for the last few weeks, and now they are unable to get them up and running again. As a result, the main assembly lines which are currently operating in the United States are falling short on different parts and hence, the overall manufacturing is experiencing a debacle. 

This delay in production is what is creating a major concern for the iPhone business. 

For now, technical support staff at Apple have raised a red flag with sources claiming that they have informed the retail market, they are running low on replacement supplies. For now, the supply chain may have been suffering from holding up replacement parts for the damaged iPhone devices. 

Further memo on the iPhone business claims that they have observed more shortage in replacement parts which in fact, doesn’t even require any replacement yet, fixing these phones might take delays. 

For now, Apple doesn’t consider this problem an everlasting one and instead, it’s giving the problem at least a month before things start getting to normalize. Meanwhile, the brains at Apple are working on providing a previous version of the Apple phone to the people until their replacement iPhones arrive. 

The loaner phones will be mailed to your address in a month’s time. So just in case, if you haven’t received your replacement phone yet from Apple, don’t worry, it will soon be arriving at your address. 

For now, the best resort for people is to find a quick mobile repair specialist in their locality. 

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One Plus 8 Specs Revealed

One Plus 8 Specs Revealed! Everything You Need to Know From Lite to Pro

We still have at least a month until OnePlus is about to make its massive reveal on one of the biggest smartphones the company is making this year. Expectations are high as One Plus fans have desperately been waiting not for one or two, but three new phones hitting the smartphone market. 

While there isn’t quite much of a difference between all the three models, other than the size and the name, there are certain leaks, however, indicating what the new phone is going to bring to the table.

Many rumors are already hitting the market about what features will the OnePlus 8 have, but thanks to 91mobile who did a massive reveal and shared detailed information on some of the OnePlus 8 specs. 

What Features Does the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro Hold?  

The Pro and the normal version is going to include a Snapdragon 865 chipset with 5G enabled. Both the phones will have the 120 Hz screens and as the company revealed a triple camera deck, it featured a 48MP, 16MP, and 2MP camera sensors. 

As far as the Pro version of the phone is concerned, OnePlus 8 Pro not only focuses on the screen size but it has a few more added features. The screen size for OnePlus 8 is around 6.5 inches whereas the screen size for the OnePlus 8 Pro is approximated around 6.65 inches. One of the best things about the OnePlus 8 phone models is that it introduces wireless charging support for the larger 4,500 mAh battery. As far as IP rating is concerned, there is no news out about it as of yet. 

For the Lite version, the OnePlus 8 Lite features 5G but only on the sub 6 GHz band. 

The lite version of the phone has a smaller screen size of 6.4 inches which does not support a 120Hz screen refresh rate. However, the Lite version of the phone still takes the refresh rate up to 90Hz. 

One Plus 8 and One Plus Design

As we all know that the One Plus 7 included a pop-up camera for taking selfies, the One Plus 8 will only feature a simple punch-hole which will be present on the top left corner of the smart screen. As far as the screen size is concerned, it is expected to shrink from 6.67 inches down to at least 6.5 inches and can in fact go up to 6.44 inches. The rumors, for now, suggest it will be smaller than its predecessors. 

The same is expected for the PRO too. Other then that, the pop camera is to be removed in order to include the wireless charging feature but that isn’t the only reason. Sources indicate that fans were complaining about reliability issues they had to deal with the pop-up mechanism. The concern usually surrounded water and dust particles getting into the machine and making its performance relatively slow. 

A spec breakdown leak suggested that the new phone is going to contain an alloy frame and will feature a glass back. It will also have a Gorilla Glass 6 on the front screen. Also, the OnePlus 8 is expected to have an IP53 rating whereas the OnePlus 8 Pro will have the IP68 rating. It indicates that the new OnePlus devices will be more waterproof compared to the previous OnePlus devices. 

Device waterproofing is one area where the OnePlus area shows an inclination to explore. 

About the Hardware

As for the hardware, the leaked spec sheet reveals that both the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro will have have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor which will include the latest 5G capabilities. Both of them will supersede preceding devices in the networking technology as well by replacing 4G with 5G. However, there is no confirmation that all the devices will have the 5G technology. Some of the phones are expected to feature 4G networking technology as well. 

The OnePlus 8 will have the standard storage from 128 to 256 GB and will feature an 8 GB RAM. Whereas, the OnePlus 8 Pro is expected to have a 12 GB RAM with almost the same storage. 

As far as the battery life is concerned, the OnePlus 8 will feature a 4000mAh battery which will come with the full support of 30W Warp Charge. Whereas the OnePlus 8 Pro will have a 4500mAh battery with a 50W Super Warp charge. The phone will feature wireless charging which hasn’t ever been introduced before in any of the OnePlus phone series. 

When is the One Plus 8 Series About to Get Released? 

As per when One Plus 8 series is going to be released, the phone is going to get a debut somewhere around mid-April. For now, we don’t have an exact date of its launch but for now, sources indicate it will in the middle of the month. 

The OnePlus 7T series featured the new Android 10 version right from the start. However, we can expect the same treatment with the OnePlus 8 models. Also, with the new update on Android 11, we can also expect that the OnePlus 8 will readily update to the new version of Android when it arrives in the year 2020. So here’s just about everything that we have learned so far about the new One Plus 8 phones. Do you know anything else? Feel free to share your insight with us only on TechWireHub. 

Importance of IoT Enabled Consumer Appliances and Technology in the Future

Cities around the world are looking at possibilities to make themselves sustainable in the future, and Dubai is no exception. If you think that this megacity, which is already a big business hub in the region, don’t have any issues with what can happen in the future, you are wrong. Climate change is all set to make temperature and living conditions for human beings unbearable by 2060, especially in the Middle East and Arabian peninsula, or even earlier than that.

A scenario like above and rising sea level in the wake of melting icebergs and glaciers in the Arctic region has forced many countries to take drastic measures. If you think that it is all about tree plantation and reducing carbon emission, it is much more than that. The use of the latest technology is one thing that governments at upper level and businesses further down need to think of.

How to Face the Big Challenges?

If you think that the Internet was the last big thing to come out and made a difference in our lives, there are lots of other aspects as well which are making a huge difference to our daily lives. When we talk of using technology in our lives in a better way, IoT is one of them that is making waves for quite some time now, so let’s discuss this in detail.

Internet of Things (IoT) is simply a system of interrelated computing devices which the ability to transfer data and connect with other devices over a network. The best and most important part is that all this is done without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction, thus making it highly reliable.

Factors that contribute to e-commerce are aplenty, and one of them is the use of IoT in ecommerce. I will try my best to enlighten my readers here concerning this aspect and what the future holds for the ecommerce and for the doomsday-kind-of-scenario I mentioned at the start of this blog.

IoT in the Future will be a Force to Reckon with

The future belongs to IoT, and there is no one stopping it. Look at the following stats, and you will know what exactly what I am trying to say here. IoT is ready to crack the 1 trillion-dollar mark by 2023 and go as far as 1.2 trillion dollars by 2025. That’s more than the GDP of dozens of countries combined. For startups and SMEs, there is huge potential for them to make a mark in the marketplace, but exactly how is the million-dollar question. 

IoT is already the next revolution in the ecommerce industry that was predicted over a decade ago and has completely changed the dynamics of some countries. With the help of IoT, ecommerce companies worldwide are making it easier for them to look for new opportunities and use their current customers’ data to increase their sales.

Let me offer you an example of how IoT has changed our lifestyle and will continue to do so.

Apt Use of Electronic Devices and Technologies

One of the best examples that I can come up with is about electronic items and consumer appliances, which now use IoT and offer much more customization for the user. The emission of greenhouse gases from consumer appliances such as refrigerators and air-conditioners are long known. So what’s the remedy here and how IoT can rescue us in this? Read on.

An IoT enabled refrigerator can do wonders for your daily life. One of the initial models introduced in the market in this concern was from LG. The company introduced an IoT based refrigerator with double doors, and the response was phenomenal. A simple example will aptly describe exactly how IoT can make things perfect in this concern.

Suppose that your weekly consumption is of 10 packs of milk, and you are about to run out of the last pack too. While you are away on a trip, your IoT enabled refrigerator can order milk for you on your behalf. And it can also come up with a list of other items Butter and Cheese, for example, and will order them from a local store, or your preferred one. In this way, you will receive your milk right when you need it.

The Real Challenge for Developers

The above example about the LG refrigerator is just one of the many examples you can come up with. Other consumer appliances like a spilled AC can also offer us pretty good features too. An IoT enabled Air Conditioner can be intelligently used for making hotter outside and will make your temperature cool enough so that you won’t feel the temperature change.

Similarly, exhaust and fans can also be used. Companies can come up with devices so that they can provide efficient use. All these consumer appliances and technology can be used remotely through an app or a website that can show the usage history for everything that falls in this category.

The task for any company offering website development in dubai or related to IoT can be challenging in the near face. The reason is simple; the scope of how technology will work in the future would be far greater than any of us can think right now. And not only companies are benefiting from this aspect, but also consumers too and good website development will be the key for the end-users.

Final Word

No one can deny that technology always helps us in making things work for us in a better way and lessen our burden. But what if technology, or more specifically, consumer products based on latest technology, make matters worse for us, just like emission of greenhouse gases, etc. What I have tried to explain in this post is that technology is always beneficial for us; it is the use that makes it good or bad.

If you think that there are still some issues that I couldn’t cover entirely or you can add something valuable here, you are more than welcome. And if there is a query in your mind concerning anything related to this blog, you can ask without any hesitation. Either way, please use the comments section below and speak your heart out.

The Art of SEO – How to Drive sales by working less in 2020?

Your website is up & running. A great product with a mind blowing idea but the sadly no one knows that you exists. In an era where it is difficult and, in some cases, impossible to rank your website on Google, SEO is hard to ignore.  

Whether you are a struggling startup or a well-established business, the end-goal is to drive traffic on the website and drive massive sales. Search Engine Optimization is the only thing that can help you to achieve your grand goal.

SEO is an art that needs a good artist

A lousy artist will destroy a good painting, but a good artist will take the bad one and make it look like something extra-ordinary. For SEO you need a great artist.  

Someone who understands SEO like no one else.

There is just one thing that you need to know before hiring an agency.

SEO is a long-term thing. Patience is compulsory for growth. It will take around 2-4 months for the first set of results to show-up. That’s why it is suggested that you take some time to hire the right person or an agency.

No one understands your product better than you

Being a founder or a high-management guy, you understand your product/service best. When you hire an SEO person, it is essential that you sit with him for some time. Educate them about your business.

The company mission, goals, sales funnel, and everything related to the product. When the SEO person or an agency understands the true essence of your brand, it will be able to give better results.

The latest algorithm by Google is all about relevance. How relevant your brand is to your consumer? Can you find the sweet spot where the need of the customer intercepts with your business offering?

This might sound frustrating at the beginning. To sit with the person and inform them about your company. But this one time sitting can save tons of useless back-and-forth exercise.

The SEO person will exactly know how to pitch your product in such a way that the customer buys it without thinking twice about it.

Every team member must understand the SEO strategy and a little bit of how it will be executed? This is the necessity of time. You cannot live without informing people about the real value of your business. If you offer something unique, SEO is your opportunity to make it discoverable.

When the team members know exactly what the product is all about, they can create that relevance that we talked about earlier. There is a fearsome competition, and you need to show with all your weapons.  

Some people are looking for your business. If you want them to find you, a good start might be to find the problem they are facing and devise your SEO strategy around it. When you know and understand the issue of the customer, it will be easier to engage those customers.

Link Building is still Alive

Yeah, you read it right. Whether you are a budding startup or a well-established search engine optimization agency, link building is necessary for you in every case.

It doesn’t matter if you start small in the beginning. What matters is that you do it with consistency. In building links, persistence will help you to get past your competitors.

Think of it as a long-term strategy. When everything dies, links and posts remain on the internet. Guest posting on high domain authority, DA, websites will tell the world that you are a worthy website.

Customer Experience is the King

Regardless of how much SEO you do, if the SEO is not helping the customer solve their problem; everything will go in vain.

A customer is always looking for brands that can make them feel good. The whole website experience or the app experience is something Google considers a lot when ranking your website.

Whether you believe it or not, if you fail to create the desired user experience, it will be impossible for your brand to rank in the first few pages of Google.

Ask for the SEO person to keep a user-centric approach while making the SEO strategy.  

In times where tools can handle everything, customer experience is something that needs to be done manually.

Make superior customer experience as part of your SEO strategy. No matter what strategy or tactic you use, ensure that it doesn’t affect the experience for the user.  


When I started doing SEO, it was difficult for me to grasp everything at first. But when you start understanding the core concepts, SEO becomes pretty easy.

You don’t need to have expert level skills to jump-start your startup. It will help if you begin in the right direction.

And keep in mind that there is no end to learning. Be it a novice or experienced SEO person, if they don’t have the fire to learn, there is no point in hiring them in the first place.

This is what you need to look for when hiring an agency or a freelance SEO person.

Your brand is exclusive. You know it. Your friends know about it. But now you need the world to know it too. And SEO is something that will tell the world what your product is all about.

Best Bang for the Buck! LG’s New V60 ThinQ is Huge with a Removable Screen

Don’t you desire a phone that offers 5G connectivity along with the 8k resolution and that too with a foldable screen? If your budget is a bit on the low side & you want something that’s highly affordable, look no further than LG’s New V60 ThinQ, a phone which packs quite the punch in just around $1,000. 

With foldable phones on the rise and Samsung launching it’s very own Galaxy fold, things in the smartphone industry have escalated. Brands are now focusing on consumer demands and are inclined at manufacturing phone models which can add all the next-generation features. But LG takes the game up a notch and brings a whole lot more just under $1,000. With LG’s V60 ThinQ, things are about to change for all the foldable fans out there.

Everything You Need to Know about the LG’s New V60 ThinQ

One of the best things about the new mobile is the camera. It features a 64 megapixel, an 8k resolution supported smartphone screen and is bundled with the Dual Screen attachment. Here’s a case that adds a secondary screen to the phone, which is pretty similar the last year’s release of G8X ThinQ. On the plus side, the phone has all the necessary features that the new Samsung Galaxy phone is offering along with a headphone jack which the Samsung isn’t offering to its customers. 

Imagine getting all that for a few hundred dollars less? As far as the price goes, LG hasn’t given any ballpark figure as of yet. But fans have already estimated the pricing by comparing it with the older models. They have deduced that the price will range somewhere approximately $700 – $800. Those who have beta tested the phone aren’t quite satisfied with the camera compared to their high-end counterparts manufactured by Google, Apple, and Samsung. The OS on the phone still looks outdated, and there’s no sign the phone will get Android updates faster compared to other phones.

And with the addition of a foldable screen, beta testers have labeled it as a bulky and a “hard to handle” phone in the foldable smartphone category. If you’re interested to make the purchase, then here are some important pre-requisites that you need to pay attention to. 

The LG New V60 ThinQ Foldable Phone is Big! 

When it comes to basic features, LG phones don’t fall short than what it promises to deliver. The V60 features a high-resolution OLED screen and packs a good 5,000mAh battery with a long-lasting life. 

The phone also contains a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor and also includes an 8 GB RAM. There’s also a MicroSD card slot to add more storage to the phone’s base storage of 128 GB. It features both fast wired and wireless charging. It also has an IP68 water-resistant screen and features the latest version of Android. The headphone jack also comes with a digital to analog converter, which makes the sound quality on the phone even better. The phone has a large 6.8 screen which is good enough to have a great viewing experience. The size indicates it’s not designed for the small hands. 

The screen refresh rate for the new LG foldable is not as good as the refresh rate for the OnePlus 7T or Google Pixel 4 or one of Samsung’s latest devices. So if you want to download and play games from the app store, the high-end graphic games might not offer you quite a smooth experience as the other foldable devices. The screen edges are chamfered whereas the blue models feature a golden accent making the new device remarkably interesting for those who want to carry something classier. 

The only sad bit is the sheer great size of the phone which kills the entire multitasking experience after attaching a second screen. Also, the case is thick which makes the already bulky phone bulkier.  

Introducing 5G Support

As more 5G models have started appearing in the market, many phones have adopted wired 5G technology. But with the new LG’s V60 ThinQ, you can experience 5G connectivity in wireless mode. For now, LG isn’t selling any unlocked version of the phone similar to Samsung. So for now, you can only buy the phone version which has your carrier support. The Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T models come with the sub-6 version of 5G whereas Verizon is the only one that comes with the mm-wave.  

It is fast but the indoor coverage is low. 

The Camera on LG’s New V60 ThinQ

The previous LG phone model featured a total of 5 cameras but with the new V60 ThinQ, you only get 3. There’s a main camera of 64 megapixels, and two other one 13 megapixels while the other 10 megapixels. 8k video recording is the hallmark and offers improved audio capture. This phone is an interesting option for all creative personalities. The LG phone uses binning technology on its screen to merge pixels together so they can absorb more light giving amazing 16-megapixel photos that are bigger, brighter and better even in the low light. If you click a few on a sunny day, they’ll be good. 

So here’s just about everything we have learned so far about the LG’s New V60 ThinQ. Do you want to add a bit more? Leave us a comment. 

Did You Also Get a Mysterious Notification from Samsung?

Do you own a Samsung phone? If you happen to own a Samsung smartphone and you have recently received a mysterious notification then don’t freak out, every Galaxy phone around the world mistakenly received the same notification from the Find My Phone app. 

As far as the mysterious notification was concerned, it wasn’t anything serious but just a simple digit 1 placed above another similar digit 1. And whenever you pressed the notification, it didn’t lead the user to any particular screen but instead, the notification just vanished. 

However, according to a survey performed indicates that the Reddit and Twitter got immensely flooded with a large variety of messages from different users owning the Samsung Galaxy devices. 

Here’s a snapshot showing what the mysterious notification actually looked like: 

As far as Samsung itself is concerned, it sent out the following tweet on Twitter by saying, 

“The problem occurred on a limited number of Galaxy devices.”

They further said, 

“This notification was confirmed as a message sent unintentionally during an internal test and there is no effect on your device. Samsung apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers and will work to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future.”

Hence, there isn’t anything that you should be basically be concerned about on the arrival of such mysterious notification. According to Samsung, it was just an internal glitch which has been pretty much sorted.

They claim that they are working together to ensure that such a problem doesn’t re-occur again.

As per why owners of Samsung got concerned, it was because of a previous event that took place with the OnePlus owners. They received a similar notification on their phones with Chinese characters which didn’t make any sense. Same as Samsung, they also confirmed that it was only a mistake that took place during an internal test. Henceforth, there’s a chance that the issue is of a similar nature. 

Whether humor or an honest error, mistakes as such still raise the flag for smartphone owners and send them in an array of worries. We hope that it isn’t anything serious, and believe it won’t happen again. 

Was this article informative? Did you enjoy reading it? We are eager to know how you felt. Leave us a message. 

Google Presents the First Glimpse of the New Android 11

Do you own a Pixel phone powered by Google? 

In case you do, and you are a bit of a nerd who likes to explore the new software… then don’t hold up download the new Android 11 mobile operating system which the company is currently working on. 

If you want to download the new Android 11, click here

The fact isn’t hidden that Google isn’t interested in launching the new Android 11 for its customers, but with Google, developers sending out the preview version for other developers seem pretty convincing that Google is downright working hard to launch the new Android 11 for its Pixel phones. 

For now, here’s everything that we know about the new Android OS so far. 

When is the Android 11 Set to Release?

Google has planned to reveal some of the features for the new Android 11 operating system during the Google IO event which is going to be held in the month of May. For now, we are confirmed that Google IO will be hosted from May 12 – May 14 and will keep extending from this year to eventually the next one. Here Google’s keynote tends to happen on day 1 of the three-day developer’s conference. So not sure as of yet, but we are more likely to see the Android 11 unveiling on the 12th of May, 2020.  

Once the unveiling for the Pixel phone is done, other smartphone brands & carriers will slowly be updated to shift to the all-new Android 11. We can’t say for sure whether all smartphones are going to be updated to the new Android 11 in 2020; but by the year 2021, it is expected that all of them would. 

What are the New Features in Android 11? 

Google has been pretty secretive about its new Android 11 mobile operating system. For now, we only know about a single feature that has been confirmed by Google. This new feature is what they call, “Scoped Storage” and it is a relatively new way introduced by Google to organize information and files. 

In short, it makes memory read speeds much faster and offers improved security. It also removes the element of improving your security and stopping your need to deliver apps additional permissions. 

For now, it is the only Android 11 feature that we are aware of. For the rest of the features, I believe we simply will have to wait as it will be a while until May 2020 until we hear about the rest of the features. 

What Improvements Can We Expect in the new Android 11? 

Here are some noteworthy improvements that we expect to see in the new Android 11 which we don’t happen to observe in the current build of Google’s operating system. 

NFC File Sharing Alternative

With the launch of the new Android 10, we observed removal of the Android Beam feature which allowed our phones to share files over the NFC. File sharing became as easy as simply tapping devices on one another, but now the feature is gone. While Google thought the feature is troublesome, fans equally loved it and would like to see a more easy-to-use alternative to NFC in the coming Android operating system. With the NFC feature, Android users can share photos, videos, music, documents and just about any other file which they want to by placing two Android devices together. 

A More Interactive Dark Mode

The dark mode isn’t for everyone but if you got the hang of it, the Android 10 version of the dark mode has a few bugs up its sleeve. Apparently, many of the Google apps do not support dark mode, which ultimately kills the buzz for dark mode users as they keep switching from light user-interface to dark user-interface and vice versa over and over again. It certainly becomes quite eye-straining for users. Apps that do not support dark mode often miss out the tex color swap making the normal text invisible so even when you want to see suggested results, you do not actually get the chance to do so. 

In the new Android 11 version, fans would love to see these bug fixes resolved. In that way, they can be able to use the new Android 11 in the dark mode version without any hassles or concerns so on. 

Fans are now desperately waiting for the new Android 11 release. They have their fingers crossed, and their hopes are high regarding the new features which they are planning to observe in the New device. 

Google is Pulling Down YouTube TV Subscription from Apple’s App Store

Do you know that if you subscribe to anything via the App Store, Apple takes a 30% cut off from every in-app purchase done by customers? It means that 30% of the app revenue straight away goes to Apple. Now it may not sound as much displeasing for an average customer who’s purchasing the app from the Apple Store, but it sure does displease the organization as it loses a substantial cut from their earnings. Recently, it has been revealed by MacRumors that Google is one of the latest firms who are kicking back against the Cupertino firm. 

In recent events, Google has announced that it will cease any YouTube TV subscriptions made on the Apple App Store dated 13th March and onwards. Are you an active subscriber of the YouTube TV via one of the Apple devices?  Your subscription is more likely going to succumb cancelation on the next billing date if you have subscribed to the YouTube TV subscription through the Apple App Store. 

The email which helped MacRumors identify that Google has decided to terminate their partnership with Apple hasn’t disclosed any reason in particular, but the affirm decision confirms that it is pretty evident that Google doesn’t want to share any more of their profits with the Cupertino company. 

YouTube TV isn’t the only one who has recently planned to terminate its partnership with the Cupertino firm. In fact, Netflix has also discontinued its payments for your subscriptions via the App Store. Just like Netflix, Spotify also has issues with Apple’s stringent profit reaping App Store policies and have equally voiced the concern engaging Apple’s own platform for Music, Apple Music. They claimed that their own service was making far off better profit than Spotify who had to share its own. 

Apple has a relatively large fan-base and being not able to subscribe to the YouTube TV service via Apple’s storefront, there’s a high concern related to how much will the business incur a loss on exposure. For now, Apple has presented a trade-off for its high fees by placing a condition for YouTube TV app, that if they want to reap all the profit, they should remove any reference of subscription from any other separate platform other than the Apple’s own App Store. 

If you are using YouTube TV through an Apple device or plan on using one, you can still get the app from Apple’s App Store, but if you want to subscribe, you might’ve to do it from someplace outside. 

The Best Action-Packed Pixel Art Games to Play in 2020

The world of gaming has come a long way. From 2D to 3D and now, we have some crazy AAA titles which not only creates an immersive experience for the individual gamer but significantly keeps them hooked by offering them state-of-the-art graphics and some really amazing gaming mechanics. 

But even in an era where ultimate graphics rule the market, there is something quite different and charming about the pixels form together into a creative and interactive element. We, the millennials especially come from a time when we used to stay hooked playing games on our favorite consoles like Atari and Sega. And back then, games were all designed on pixelated motion pictures. To be honest, those games had some of the best storylines and the most interesting characters, all in all. 

There is just something about these pixel art games which makes the whole experience a lot better. 

Are you an active gamer who still craves playing these pixel art games even in 2020? Then worry not, as we bring some of the highly interactive and action-packed pixel art games, the best of the best. 

Dead Cells

You are running out of time, and your score keeps getting smaller and smaller as you progress through the game. Each second that passes simply decreases your chance to score better against your opponent. You have to make decisions, and you have to make them quick. The task is simple! Kill plenty of monsters, gather loot and somehow reach the exit of every stage. It sounds like a typical pixel-art old school game, but it is not. Here, you are challenged to fight against time and death also. 

The game is pretty challenging because it is fast-paced and time-bound. You are tasked with taking out brutal enemies on a gloomy island. The only thing which you can use to your expense is your wit. Different game areas have different special doors that are scattered across various levels. They are only accessible if you can reach them on a set time and apparently each of these doors is filled with plentiful loot. Being frantically quick and achieving big is what makes the game quite exhilarating. 

Dead Cell is an interesting game for players who want to exercise their brain’s analytical abilities. 

Faster Than Light

Have a knack for exploration and that too in space? Well, look no further than Faster Than Light where half the ship you are on is technically under siege and fire. Apparently, the rebel scums never get tired of sending waves of lasers one after the other to damage your spacecraft’s entire hull. Survival sounds like a challenge doesn’t it? Well, guess what it is brutal and harsh, and very unforgiving. But the game is so cool that you just can’t have enough as you keep coming back to play it over and over. 

Faster Than Light features 10 different types of ships with multiple layouts. Each ship can help you progress through the game and earn interesting achievements throughout the game. You find powerful weapons that you can equip to your ship and use it against more difficult enemies within the game. The game has a ton of content that keeps you hooked and is fairly unjustified based on price. The entire experience is tenfolds better because it brings different playstyles and random characters. 

FTL is a game that you don’t easily get bored of, and apparently, it stays fresh every time you play it. 

Stardew Valley

Not much of a fan of hardcore killing, blood, and gore? Want a peaceful game where you can just earn profits without investing much. Apparently, Stardew is one title where you can kick-back, relax and work on your profit generation strategy. Stardew Valley is a farm building game that promises a lot of content and a whole lot of fun. Imagine a game where you simply inherit farmland and start with a basic plot which you slowly transform in a money-making machine and look aesthetically amazing. 

Just when you think the game has finally come to an end, the game comes out as an entirely new branch giving you a real blast of some extra fun. Stardew Valley is an interesting game where you start off as a basic farmer working on the plot of land but just as you move forth, you can observe that the farm ultimately becomes an optimized money-making machine that looks incredibly pretty. The game options are limitless and in fact, give you enough room of freedom with a calming soundtrack. 

So if you’re looking for a casually styled gaming experience, look no further than the Stardew Valley. 

Hotline Miami

Not only the game is fast-paced but it packs quite a punch for all those seeking blood, gore, and some mind-blasting beats. With Hotline Miami, you take the traditional arcade action to the next level. Created by Dennaton Games, this instant classic is a great one that offers pixelated gore and a traditional top-down view. You are tasked with shooting evil people and as you progress through the game every level just brings a new challenge your way. Each level is unique with creative bosses. 

If you want to go on a killing spree, you can do it on the Hotline Miami. The game includes somewhat scores of weapons and each of these weapons has their own playstyle which keeps the player going. Even though the main storyline of the game is just a few couples of hours but the game is so creatively designed that it can a whole lot more than just those hours, or probably a whole lot longer. In the end, the temptation to score high and make ultimate combos is what keeps the gamer hooked. 

So there you are, some of the most exciting, action-packed, fun and thrilling pixel art games which one must play? If you haven’t decided what you should be playing this season, these titles may interest you. Have you played something similar lately, or are you a fan of the pixel games? Leave a comment. 

Best Technology Jobs for Tech-Savvy Business Individuals

We live in a day and age where technology has become quite an imminent resource. Without technology, we can’t pass our days in bliss and staying unconnected from the Internet only makes us feel more depleted and uninformed. Today, the career path of a professional is incomplete if they are not well acquainted with the technologies and no matter how intuitive they are, they won’t be able to progress. 

The landscape for jobs is ever-growing and so is the tech community thriving simultaneously.

Does it make you wonder which of the professions are the best for the modern-day business professionals to seek a career or future in? How about we shed light on the details and discuss them. 

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The process of optimizing websites with relevant keywords so that it can rank on Google Search is the art we call Search Engine Optimization. Why is it important for modern-day businesses? It’s because almost 90% of the world interconnected through the Internet use Google as their first priority to search up their queries. And most of these queries which they search are based on a number of keywords. An SEO specialist is skilled in mapping their website content with keywords that are commonly searched by individuals on the Internet. In this way, their client’s website or their own starts appearing on the Internet. 

SEO Specialist Gregory Golinski working at YourParkingSpace says, 

“As an SEO specialist, you must often think like a salesperson, you must present your product or service to potential customers in the most efficient way, whether it is on your website (known as “on-page” SEO) or by reaching out to influencers. That’s where having good sales skills can be very interesting”

If you’re interested in seeking your career as an SEO specialist, you can start reading up different sources on the Internet to learn about the art of Search Engine Optimization. Several resources such as Moz, Neil 

Patel and Backlinko will teach you the basics of SEO so you can start a job as a specialist in the market. 

Software Quality Assurance Specialist

Even when a software specialist creates the perfect digital product, they can’t be completely sure if it’s error-free. Here’s where a software quality assurance specialist comes into effect. Using some of the latest tools and technologies, a software quality assurance specialist can take a deeper look at the software model and identify where the imperfections exist within the software product. 

It is a quality assurance individual’s job to identify the potential loophole within the product and ensures that it meets all the necessary standards for the business. If it meets all the expectations at the manufacturer’s end, then there is a small chance that the client who employed your firm to create the software product for them may find any problem in it. This is a technical skill that only a few handfuls of individuals possess and can finally master it to perfection. If you’re interested, then its time to work on it. 

User Experience UX Specialist

Even when you have the best product and your powerful & innovative technology can resolve some of the most complex problems, yet it significantly fails to provide you the ultimate user-experience, your product is nothing more than a failure. It’s why UX User experience specialists are hired by every firm these days to give your digital experience a remarkable effect. They design the front-face of your website keeping the user-experience in mind and make the entire UX as seamless for the visitor so it becomes frustration-free.

According to Mark Rapley, the director of operations at KWIC Internet says, 

“I would love to see business candidates apply for jobs in the user experience area.” 

This particular job can be really hectic and very technical if you’re not appropriately trained for the job. It’s all about getting inside the mind of your customers and analyze the problems your website can have from their perspective. When you are able to meet their expectations, it’s when you become a successful UX. 

“I think business candidates usually understand how to reach out to consumers better than technology candidates.” further adds Mark Rapley during his conversation on the UX and its scope in the future. 

Data Analyst

Data is the mother of everything. It is what fuels modern-day technologies and makes machines more adaptive to modern processes. People who are skilled in searching up valuable data from the Internet and make the most out of it are called Data Analysts. Their job is to assimilate important information off the Internet using some of the technologically advanced tools. It’s their data that decides how things will unfold for businesses in the near future. 

According to James Mills, senior data analysts at Amherst InsightLabs, 

“Data-related careers are by far the best suited for those with a business background, the ability to comb through billions of rows of raw data, envision the questions that business decision-makers need answered, then format and transfer that data to provide desired answers in business—not technical—language is a skill that I have found to be invaluable, ”

So even if you’ve no technical knowledge or training, but you come from a business background, data mining and statistical analysis can really turn the tides in your favor and you can radically achieve big. 

So there you go, here are some of the best technology jobs which I believe are more than necessary for businesses to outgrow themselves from the rest. If you believe you have the right expertise and talent to pursue any of the following careers then feel free to select one and start excelling in it. It’s never too late to begin with a new professional line, and before you know it… you will reach the top of the staircase. 

YouTube Has Decided to Share Billions in Ad Money with Creators

In recent times, Google after the acquisition of YouTube revealed the ad revenue of YouTube ads for the first time. And believe it or not, but the numbers are quite bewildering. Just last year, YouTube accumulated a total revenue of $15 billion and you won’t imagine how much of the profit goes back to its creators. Well, it might not be enough at a glance, but it sure is a lot once you compare it with rivals such as Instagram. Eager to take a look at how YouTube’s financial results are broken down by Google? 

Google’s Financial Report for the Q4 2019.

As per the report published, apart from just the $15 billion which YouTube earned from the ad revenue, it made a staggering $3 billion from paid subscription through YouTube Premium and YouTube TV. 

Ruth Porat, the current CFO of the parent company Alphabet revealed at one of the occasions, 

“We pay out a majority of our revenue to our creators.” 

And just in case, if we take her word for it than at the lowest, the marginal profit shared by YouTube with the consumers account for a total of $8 billion on individuals who are capable of hosting its lucrative ads.

The Clash Between the Titans

Though YouTube’s ad revenue spent exceeds $15 billion, it was still unable to parallel the numbers churned up by Instagram’s ad spent. A recent report published by Bloomberg confirms that the total ad spent on the Facebook-owned platform, Instagram was approximately $20 billion. Normally, I don’t delve in approximating who is better than who? But here’s how the two of the biggest companies marginalize their profits on ad spends. YouTube keeps 45 percent of the revenue from all the creators’ ad spends and gives a majority of its earnings back to the creators. 

However, the case with Instagram is entirely different. Instagram doesn’t directly payback to its creators. So here’s the thing, while Instagram is making a great fortune out of the ad revenue, it is not really returning enough back to its creators as expected. The only way Instagrammers have a chance to make a good amount on ad spends is by directly approaching the partnered companies. In fact, not until recently, Instagram didn’t even provide any sort of mechanism by which sponsors could track or analyze performance on sponsored posts. Creators were left with putting their faith in unsure third-party software.  

Albeit now, Instagram has launched a tool called the brand collab manager. The tool still does not provide any direct method of paying anything to the content creators directly. Taking a single perspective is still not the right way, because our research indicates that when it comes to profit reaping margins, even YouTube isn’t as perfect as it discloses itself to be. No wonder, the high-end YouTube content creators keep the lion’s share of the profits and make a good earning, but the mid and lower tier YouTubers are the ones swimming in shallow waters. They experience what you can term as the “adpocalypses” and that too happens once every year. During the “adpocalypses” major YouTube advertisers pull themselves out of the platform and it greatly affects the overall YouTube revenue. Since YouTube fails to earn from ad revenue, it doesn’t have much to pay to the mid-tier or low tiered content creators publishing their content. 

Adpocalypse is the time when independent content creators are denied paid ads in their videos. 

Our Take on the Matter

Either way, if you’re an average person seeking to start a business clearly dependent on reaping profits through ad spends on YouTube or Instagram, then it’s not a profitable strategy. One way or the other, both the companies still make a great profit on your published content irrespective of you knowing about it. 

My advice to YouTubers and Instagrammers is to work on a particular skill or innovate a product. By depending on ad spent, they might not be able to earn enough but marketing their own product/skill sandwiched in between binge-worthy published content will surely upscale their profit margin immensely. 

Do you have a product or service idea in mind that you always wished to work on? Share with us. 

Loop Technology Makes Ear Plugs to Keep All External Sounds at Bay

If there is one thing to keep your mind peaceful, it’s good music. 

And we often tend to listen to music at high volume but we don’t see the problem. Prolonged music listening or loud sounds can impair our hearing and we can have a serious problem in the future. 

According to a report published by the World Health Organization, almost 1.1 billion people in the world at risk of hearing loss. And a major reason for hear-loss is none other but listening to loud music such as rock and roll, heavy metal, and EDM. Well, you can’t stop listening to music now, can you? But, here’s what you can do! You can take some precautionary measures to keep ears safe. 

Loop has come up with a marvellous idea to block the loud noises out and yet, give you a thrilling experience of listening to music. Usually, when you ask a person why they don’t choose to wear earplugs, you will often find answers like it feels uncomfortable or it may look very awkward. But with Loop, you don’t have to worry about any such thing. Loop offers comfort and style in just under $30. 

How Does the Loop Technology Ear Plug Works? 

Loop came into existence to deliver improved sound quality to its consumers. When you try to listen to others wearing an ear plug, the end result is often very muffled and usually, you can’t make any sense. 

However, with Loop sound waves enter into your ears through a small opening. It passes through a hollow acoustic channel so you can comfortably hear whatever the sound you wish to hear without damaging your eardrum or suffering with hearing loss whatsoever. The unique shape of this ear plug is what ensures that you can peacefully listen to your favorite music and listen clearly wearing them. 

The design simply relaxes the sound wave and transfer it in a more monotonous pattern. 

How does it Work? 

These ear plugs work in three different phases. 

Phase # 1: Acoustic Resonance

So here’s how it all works! The sound wave normally enters into the Loop via a small opening. Then there’s a hollow channel inside the ear plug which guides the sound to the acoustic resonator. The resonator is pretty much the same length as the ear canal and takes almost a quarter of the incoming sound’s wavelength. How does it happen, thanks to the latest most accurate 3D printing technology which is used to design the acoustic resonator. 

Phase # 2: Advanced Filters

The acoustic resonator is itself the advanced filter which makes sure that it filters all types of frequencies. It is created and installed by a company named the Dynamic Ear Company who specializes in creating technologies for hearing aids. To check if there are any leaks in the sound filter, they pass the acoustic resonator through a UV light. Upon confirmation, that there are no leak holes, they ship the product to the parent company, Loop. 

Phase # 3: Ear Canal Protection

To ensure that your ear remains safe, Loop has created the device in such a way that it keeps all sound waves at bay. The ear plug filters the sound evenly by 20 decibels so a person can listen accurately. For Ear canal protection, the company uses ear tips which ensures that the earplugs perform to their best. Both the earbuds come with memory foam which are adjustable. They have soft silicone ear tips which are available in all three sizes. 

What Happens When All Three Phases are Combined? 

When all three phases are combined, Loop results in providing an accurate 20dB sound reduction across all frequency types. As a result, music and speech comes out in complete clarity.

In short, Loop makes you party harder and longer. 

Did you enjoy reading this article? Well, stay tuned for more interesting technologies as we will share. 

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops to Purchase in 2020

Gaming laptops are the heart of gaming these days and portability is something that each and every one of us desires, especially when we want to play online bunched up with our favourite pals. 

However, if you ever planned to purchase one, the prices for these laptops just blows your mind away. 

I mean seriously who will afford a laptop which easily exceeds a $1500!  Right. 

But who so ever told you that you need to play games on an ultra-fast high-spec machine. There are several other options that are available for you in the best cheap gaming laptop category! 

Today, I am going to discuss some of the best cheap gaming laptops. If you have a knack for gaming and you don’t want to feel like you’re left out from the portable gaming club, check em out. 

1) Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Looking for a laptop machine which doesn’t easily get overheated after prolonged use? Well, look no further than the Acer Predator Helios 300, a gaming laptop specifically designed to keep your fingers safe from getting burned. The laptop comes with an extra 16 GB of RAM and offers a high refresh rate on the screen. One great fact about the laptop is that it comes with a fully functional keyboard and trackpad. Both are highly responsive and very comfortable in use. It comes with good enough storage size. The only downside of using the Acer Predator is the fans which are sort of annoying. 

If you are planning to purchase the Acer Predator series, then my recommendation is that you should get the PH315-52-78VL model which comes with the GeForce GTX 1660Ti/6GB dedicated memory. It comes with an Intel Core i7-9750H process, 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB Solid State drive and a 15-inch 1920 x 1080 144 Hz screen. Sounds like a pretty heavenly option for online gaming now, doesn’t it? It’s one of the high-end gaming laptops in the cheap category and is definitely worth every single penny.  

You can get this laptop for $1075* from Amazon’s Official website. 

2) Acer Nitro 5 AN 515-54-51M 

Searching for a gaming laptop which falls under the price tag of a $1000? The all-new Acer Nitro 5 AN is a great laptop which packs enough punch to give you remarkable gaming experience. Although the GPU unit on this baby isn’t going to allow you to play some of your favourite titles, it sure runs some of the highly sought out games in the online universe. It comes with incredible support for VR and stays cool on prolonged usage. The fans on this laptop are considerably less annoying than Predator. 

The laptop construction is pretty sturdy and it comes with a rigid keyboard/trackpad. While the fans on the Nitro are less noisy, the screen on the laptop doesn’t meet an average gamer’s expectation. Basically, the red and blues on the screen are pretty dull and as far as the fan is concerned, if you run the laptop on max speed, you will eventually see that the fans are every bit annoying as the Predator. The screen also has a 60Hz refresh rate which is considerably less than the 144Hz on the Helios. 

This particular model comes with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with 4 GB Dedicated Memory, an Intel Core i5-9300H graphic processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of a solid-state drive, 1 TB hard-drive and a 15-inch 1920 x 1080 60 Hz display screen. The price of this laptop is $830 on the official Amazon. 

What Should One Consider Before Purchasing a Laptop?

So before you go ahead making up your mind that you want to purchase a budget laptop, ask yourself the following question. What are some of the important things which you address commonly? 

If it isn’t the Price? That’s the first. 

PRICE – If you are looking for the best budget gaming laptop, then you can find one easily between the $800 – $1300 range. As of 2019, if we talk about graphics performance then Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics performance is exceptionally upbeat compared to other graphical units in the market. Though you will find different brands where some support the GTX 1650 GPU as well they will still not give good enough performance as much as the new GTX 1660 Ti will. Hence, if you are under the impression of saving a few $100, you might deprive yourself of the opportunity of getting a great laptop. The GTX 1650 is 60 percent slower than the GTX 1660 Ti model so investing money in a laptop running with the GTX 1650 will be considered a bad option for business, so and so. 

RAM/VRAM – If it just looks and feels like a gaming laptop, it isn’t necessarily a power-packed machine where a GPU and CPU have enough power consumption and good capability. So when you are choosing a gaming laptop, make sure that you pick one which offers good RAM and VRAM. It is very obvious that if a laptop has a good memory, the laptop is bound to offer a powerful gaming experience to its consumers. Normally, people will recommend you to get a laptop with 8 GB RAM minimum, but for gaming, you definitely need a more performance-oriented system. So my suggestion is that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than 16 GB. It will do the trick and meet your requirement.

Display Unit – When it comes to screen resolution, make sure not to settle for anything less than 1920 * 1080. You may find other laptops in the high-end range supporting QHD and 4k resolution but if you want excellent performance, you will have to purchase them in a very costly machine. Have you heard about the MSI Titan? It has a 4k resolution an equally compatible machine to support it. What matters is not the resolution as much as the refresh rate. So if you’re a gamer, anything that falls in the 1920 * 1080 category is good enough as long as it offers 144 Hz screen refresh rate. That’s all you will ever need to have a world-class gaming experience which is even better than the beast machines. 

Did you find this article interesting? Do you have any other suggestions in mind? Let us know by sharing your comments below.

The UK Has Decided to Side with Huawei and Here’s How it Affects the World

The world has taken a step back when it observes that the UK has decided to support Huawei to continue its ever-growing mobile market for 5G networks. But there are certain restrictions. 

The decision has been made by the tech authorities residing in the United Kingdom. The country has heeded no attention to all the pressure statements issued by the US to bar Huawei’s products. 

However, the UK industry-watchers have revealed that they believe there’s considerable potential in the Huawei products and can greatly benefit the people with their next-generation mobile data service. 

As Stephane Teral from the IHS Markit states, 

“I think it’s a pragmatic decision that brings stability and continuity in the 5G ecosystem. Huawei has been investing in the UK and in other countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, and Poland since the beginning of this century. A ban would have been disastrous.”

Will We See Tensions Rise Between the US-UK Relationship? 

There’s a high chance that we will, specifically in the technology market. 

The decision taken by Huawei can have some real detrimental effect on the relationship between both the countries. While Washington and Westminster have been lobbying together against Huawei, but in recent events, the decision taken by Westminster can create disharmony among the closest of allies.

Sadly, Trump’s administration feels that the US “is very disappointed” in the current decision. 

And the sentiments are not only hurt among Republicans but they are also pouring in from Democrats.

The Americans are concerned that such a decision made by the Kingdom is a forward step towards appeasing Beijing. Whereas, the UK claims that Huawei’s product endorsement in the United Kingdom is solely based on the forward progression towards making the best use of the latest 5G technology. 

Will Other Countries Support the UK’s Decision? 

Different sources close to “Huawei” has foretold that the UK’s decision to include Huawei is going to have a great impact on other markets. While countries like the United States, Australia, and Japan decided to ban Huawei kit for using the 5G telecommunication networks, many are still confused whether they should allow Huawei to become a part of their country’s technological advancement. 

For now, all that we know is that New Zealand and Canada are planning to follow the UK’s lead. 

Currently, the EU is fueled with conversations and debate is going on where the major telecommunication networks in the United Kingdom have stood together against the Huawei ban. 

Also, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany stands against the ban and claims that it is the wrong decision for removing Hauwei from the existing German networks. With the current decision made by Great Britain, it can easily bolster her case and can have a significantly positive impact on growth. 

She sarcastically commented in one of the debates that removing Huawei from the telecommunication service providers will not going to have any progressive effect on cybersecurity. 

It’s not just the EU, but Huawei also has a strong footprint in different African countries for years. In fact, South Africa has commercially gone mainstream with the 5G technology supported service. The company who made it possible, deals with Chinese products. The name of the company is Rain. 

India is still following the events unfolding around the new Huawei products. But they still haven’t decided which side they are going to take when it comes to deciding whether Huawei should stay or go. For now, critics are saying that they will look forward to UKs analysis and then make a decision. 

As far as South America is concerned, Huawei is getting massive exposure. 

It is widely being sold in the Brazilian market.

We can’t say for sure whether the United States will show any inclination towards declining their ban on the Huawei phones. But one thing’s for sure, other countries do not show much of an inclination at following through and through with this obstructive brand ban. Huawei’s personal phones are equipped with the latest 5G technology which makes them one of the fastest Internet mobiles in the market. And here’s definitely something which the world is not looking forward to miss.  

Sony PlayStation Just Revealed the Release Date on PS5 Console!

The hype is real… and it just got better. 

PlayStation has given more to the gaming industry than one can imagine. 

From DVDs to Blu-Ray and now 4K and HDR gaming experiences. There’s just so much that the console has offered over the span of years that the fanbase can’t wait to see what’s new and more.

Questions such as, 

  • What will the PlayStation 5 offer? 
  • Will PS5 support 8k resolution? 
  • Will PS5 support optical media? 
  • When will PS5 be released? 
  • How much will PS5 cost? 

Are some of the common concerns that the fanbase is frantic about. 

To be honest, we wouldn’t have known the answer to what’s about to make the frontline in the PlayStation world still if it wasn’t for the Sony PlayStation’s lead architect and console producer, Mike Cerny. During an interview conducted in April of 2019, Mike Cerny did bring a lot of information to the table along with Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan. Things escalated until October of 2019, and more news related to the new PS5 saw the horizon. Here’s just about everything that we have learned so far. 

Sony has confirmed the official name and the release date of the all-new PS5 console. It has also shed light on some of the PS5 accessories as well. During the CES 2020, Sony also confirmed the official PS5 logo and since then Sony has been on the track of leaking information on the PS5 DualShock 5 controller. In fact, there is also interactive news about the first PS5 exclusive game, GodFall

With 12 months to go, here’s just about everything we have learned so far about the new PS5 console. 

PlayStation 5 Release Date

It comes as no surprise but Sony has finally revealed the release date for the new PS5 console. Previously, it was rumored that the PS5 console is going to be released in the month of April of 2020. However, now Sony has confirmed that the new PS5 console is about to drop in during the holiday season. We can expect it to come out somewhere in between Christmas and the New Year alongside the new Xbox Series X which is also rumored to be revealed during the Holiday Season of 2020. 

In August of 2019, an anonymous bulletin site 4Chan published a rumor that the new PS5 is going to be released during the 12th of February 2020. This news was soon picked by NeoGaf who publicized it worldwide. With things escalating fast, Sony didn’t want false rumors to circulate the market and so after the CES 2020, PlayStation itself came forward revealing the actual release date during its own event “PlayStation 2020.”

About the Official PS5 Logo

During the CES 2020 event, Sony started its press conference stating important news about the forthcoming PS5. Alongside revealing the official date, they also shed light on the new PS5 logo. 

Although, there’s not anything new about the PlayStation logo it does represent a logo designed with white lines on a black background.  

Will PlayStation 5 going to have a Blu-Ray 4k Drive? 

It is true that the new PS5 is going to feature a completely new 4k Blu-Ray drive. Previously, it was revealed that the new PS5 is going to have an optical drive which was later confirmed by Wired that the optical drive on the new PS5 will be a  4k Blu-Ray player. Since it has been a great disappointment for the PS fans not to actually see a 4k optical drive on the PRO version but with the announcement of the drive appearing on the new PlayStation 5 is something that has created an extra appeal for fans.

Will the All-New PlayStation 5 Support 8k videos? 

Yes, the new PlayStation 5 is going to support 8k videos. The console will contain an AMD Ryzen chip and a GPU from the Radeon Navi family. It will also include an SSD storage for ultra-fast processing. This combination will ensure that the users can experience a faster load time with large bandwidth.

Since both PS4 and the PRO version comes with HDR support so there’s no point concerning that the PS5 will not include the HDR. However, the question that should concern us is whether we should expect a more advanced version of the HDR such as an HDR10+ coupled with the Dolby Vision for high-end sound quality? We can’t rule this out because the new Xbox already contains both the features and if PlayStation has to beat that market, it will require to introduce both of these elements. 

However, nothing so far has been announced yet by the Sony PlayStation. 

One particular thought which is cooked up by fans recently is that during the announcement, there is a significant chance that Sony will announce both the PS5 and the PS5 Pro version during the launch. The rumor was initially started by a gaming enthusiastic YouTuber Zenj Nishikawa. And just like PRO version of the PS4 is better than the preceding one, pretty much the same can be said about PS5 PRO. 

Will the New PS5 Support Dolby Vision Sound? 

Once again, the Xbox leads with offering a better sound quality to users in comparison to the PS4 whereas Sony’s consoles are only limited to the 7.1 audio system. So it is rumored and believed that the new console is going to have a better audio system powered by Dolby Vision Studios. 

The current Xbox machines include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio which equally contributes the 4k Blu-Ray gaming. FOr now, we only know the Cerny has confirmed gold standard audio for its PS5. 

So here’s everything that we could gather about the all-new PS5 console. Do you know something that we have missed out in our present article? Please feel free to share it by adding a few comments. 

Best Gaming Headset for 2020 You Should Consider Purchasing

No computer gaming setup is complete unless you don’t add the right peripherals to it. Just as much as a gaming mouse or a mechanical keyboard plays an important role, so does the best gaming headset. Ask me how I know and I would tell you because I have fanatically played counter strike for years. Believe me, a good gaming headset can make all the difference to your gaming experience. 

When it comes to headphones, choosing the right one can be pretty overwhelming. You can’t really be sure which one is the best option. You want something which offers accuracy in listening, the best sound experience, an amazing surround, and adjustable volume controls. Along with all that, you want something that is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically satisfying and can fit on your head right. 

Now when it comes to gaming, the market has a ton of options. 

As an enthusiastic first-person or third-person shooter, you want a headset that helps you get deeply immersed. It’s okay, we can all feel overwhelmed at some point and in fact, can’t come to a conclusion when it comes to buying the right one. So I have done my research and saved you all the hassles. Here are the best gaming handsets which I recommend that you should consider before purchasing one. 

Hyper X Cloud Alpha

If you are searching for a headset that you can wear for long hours and do not have to worry about head or ear strains, look no further than the amazing Hyper X Cloud Alpha. Here’s a headphone that is tried and tested by multiple quality assurance specialists for extended wear before it is dispatched in the market. The headphones come with a removable microphone so you can have the ultimate ease of speaking with other players during gameplay. The Hyper X Cloud is made up of the best aluminum construction material. The aluminum makes the headphone extremely lightweight. Also, the construction of the headphone is done very precisely giving it the best durability. If you use software to regulate the sound quality so it becomes good, you won’t have to do that with the Hyper X Cloud. 

Steel Series Actis 7 

Steel Series has come a long way and has lived up to its name. It has released multiple computer peripherals over the years which have become an astounding success. In just $149, the Steel Series Actis 7 is one classy gaming headset that offers amazing consistency in sound, remarkable performance, and a very comfortable/aesthetically pleasing design. The headset is wireless and comes with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. This connectivity range ensures that you don’t have any lag or any sound interference issues. Additionally, the Steel Series Actis 7 includes the S1 speakers through which you receive unidirectional sound which is quite helpful in competitive gaming. Another great thing about Actis 7 is that it is very comfortable to wear and comes with an elastic bad. If you haven’t made up your mind which one you’re supposed to purchase, then Actis 7 is the best bet. 

Astro A40 + MixAmp Pro

Are you a serious pro-gamer? In case, you are and you’re very serious about sound then get yourself the Astro A40 + MixAmp Pro. Ranked as one of the best gaming headsets, this headphone offers a very durable design and sophisticated construction. The body of the headphone is lightweight so whether you wear for extended hours or just hang it around your neck, it will not cause you any strain. What really does make the headphone supremely unique is the MixAmp Pro which takes the listening experience to a whole new level. With the MixAmp Pro, you can control the game sounds and voice chats, plus at the same time, you can switch between different audio presets. Additionally, the headset comes with enough ports that you can attach to your desired devices and easily stream too. So if you want to professionally game or stream one on Twitch, Astro A40 is actually not a bad bet. 

Logitech G Pro X

Logitech G Pro X is known as the tournament Titan. This versatile headset is not just comfortable to wear but offers the best sound quality as well at a fair price of $130. The headset is available in the market in its black color theme and that’s all that takes to make this Titan stand apart from the rest. The headphone comes with a flexible headband which makes it very easy and comforting to wear. The earcups on the headphones contain premium quality foam covered with leatherette. As far as the sound is concerned, whether you’re playing on a PC or a console, it offers a direct and accurate sound. Plus, it also features an in-built blue headphone which equally offers crisp voice chat. So whether you’re playing Warframe with your friends or hosting a Twitch match, don’t worry about your voice quality. Logitech G Pro X lives up to its title and is powered by the best developers, Logitech itself. 

The Corsair HS50

Image result for The Corsair HS50

If you don’t have enough budget and still want a headphone that packs a punch, the Corsair HS50 is one of the decent built headphones. Not only are they ergonomically satisfactory but they also offer a good quality sound for a $50 headphones. Of course, these won’t be able to match the sound quality of those which cost around $100 or more. And neither is the design as adjustable and comfortable as the Cloud Alpha or Logitech, but at half the price of those high-end headphones, it offers more than the bargain. It is a great headphone for those who like to experience gaming in short bouts of time. Though, people have issued complains saying they do warm-up ears after an hour worth of use, but I still heck yeah! Go for it cuz it sure is worth it if you are low on budget and can’t compromise sound. 

So there you go, here are my five best picks for the day. These are some of the gaming headsets that I recommend you should look into before you get started on gaming this year. Do you have something much better in mind? Do let us know by saying a few words about it in the comments. 

Apple Acquires Making Wyze Cam Lose Its Business

Every once in a while, Apple signs off contracts with smaller tech firms which helps the company progress forward. But rarely do we come across situations where multinational corporations such as Apple acquisitions mid-tier organizations which create a direct problem for other organizations. 

In recent events, something quite similar has happened where Apple acquired a company, XNOR is a firm that specializes in creating AI technology for facial recognition. The firm has been long serving this AI technology to smart home company Wyze as they included it as one of the core features in their products. However now, the smart home company has lost its unique selling point. 

Earlier in November, Wyze revealed that they will soon be removing its key Person Detection feature from its security camera products. A clause addition to the Xnor sent the company wondering if it was the right decision as the clause stated that they can discontinue partnership at any point in time. But after the acquisition, the air was pretty much clear revealing the plans behind Xnor merging Apple.  

The deal sign-off between the two has come as a rather harsh blow for the Wyze camera company. delivered an edge-based AI-powered technology to Wyze Cam which ensured that all its recorded information stays put within the device’s own memory unit rather than getting uploaded on the cloud. Because of this particular feature, Wyze was known for its high-end security cameras. 

Apple has not just shown an inclination but it has shown quite an interest in acquiring this tech. 

Xnor brought forth its powerful innovative AI edge-based facial recognition algorithm to the forefront in 2017. Xnor came out into the open from the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI2. It was a project governed and initiated by the latter co-founder of Microsoft Mr. Paul Allen. Its particular algorithm is what put the firm into the limelight and the company was able to raise $2.7 million during the first year of its inception and approximately $12 million in the latter year 2018. 

Edge-based person recognition is a unique feature where the AI recognize objects through edge identification and extraction. It eases the uncertainty of false face recognition where Apple previously suffered a backlash on its Face ID. Two sisters who were fairly identical were able to open the same phone in an experiment even though they weren’t twins but had an age difference of 4 years in them. The existing gap in Apple’s Face ID was something creating quite the distress for the organization. 

The algorithm designed by isn’t just any specific type of edge-based person recognition. It is a very powerful machine learning algorithm which requires a considerably low power to run on embedded systems. It can run on any kind of device irrespective of whether it is a low-tier, mid-tier or high-tier electronic component. Xnor simply designed an algorithm that could be integrated anywhere. 

As per why Xnor got Apple’s attention? It wasn’t just the fact that the algorithm can overcome the gap for Apple on its Face ID concern. The data recorded by the algorithm can stay on the device itself rather than getting transmitted somewhere else such as a cloud instance at a particular datacenter. 

The company is more likely perceived to be moving in the Apple’s Seattle offices. It was reported to GeekWire that a move is certainly underway and can be expected sooner than they think. The company also concluded that Mr. Farhadi, the man behind the technology is no longer working at the firm but has relocated himself to the University of Washington as a faculty member. 

Do you find this bit of information interesting? Do you think it was the right decision of Apple to acquire Xnor and sever its ties from Wyze? Will Wyze be able to search up a different alternative? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sonos Speaker Company Files a Lawsuit Against Google for Stealing Patented Technology

Sonos Speaker company filed a lawsuit against Google for stealing their patented technology to manufacture its own line of products, says the New York Times report published this Tuesday. The company alleged the tech giant for taking five of its important patents and using them to create its own wireless technology. These speakers can be connected to the Internet and then can later be controlled by a mobile app. As a result, Sonos is forced to cut down its price and position in the market. 

The lawsuit document which was initially obtained by the Verge Google got hold of the patented technology from Sonos through a 2013 partnership program between the companies. And since 2015, Google has been found infringing Sonos patents for creating their own line of products. More than a dozen of Google’s product use Sonos patented technology including the Pixel phones and Google home devices. 

Sonos speaker company claims that Google has subsidized the prices of its products manufactured using patented technology and has flooded the market. In effect, Sonos’ business is getting hurt with these cheaper options. For instance, Google’s cheapest smart speaker the Google Home Mini starts at $49 and when it is on sale, the price cuts down up to $25 whereas Sono’s own speaker products cost around $179. 

The lawsuit filed by Sonos further claims that Google also has an upper hand in sales as it collects user information and utilizes it for target marketing by running different ad campaigns. Sonos doesn’t stop there, it also extends the lawsuit and claims that Amazon has also violated Sonos’ patents. For now, Sonos is only suing Google because the company is not in a position to combat two tech giants. 

Sonos speaker company are filing the lawsuit and suing Google in two courts. One lawsuit is filed at the federal district court while the other lawsuit is filed at the United States International Trade Commission. Sonos urge both the courts to seek undisclosed financial losses and place a ban on Google’s smartphones, laptops, speakers and other devices that are in infringement with the Sonos technology patents in the United States. 

Today, the smart speaker market is attractively growing with some of the major tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google all selling their own speaker designs. One of the reports released by The Consumer Technology Association further shed light that smart speakers alone are accountable for making almost $3 billion in revenue alone in 2019. The report published was a mid-year report. 

The CEO of Sonos, Patrick Spence has claimed that Sonos has warned Google countless times not violate since 2016 yet Google has persistently used Sonos patented technology for their own products.

Now they are left with no other option than to file a lawsuit against the firm. On one of the occasions, Spence declared, 

“Google is an important partner with whom we have collaborated successfully for years, However, Google has been blatantly and knowingly copying our patented technology in creating its audio products. Despite our repeated & extensive efforts over the last few years, Google has not shown any willingness to work with us on a mutually beneficial solution. We’re left with no choice but to litigate.”

In response to Spence’s declaration, Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda speaks out and says, 

“Google and Sonos have had talks regarding intellectual property rights but Google disputes these claims and will defend their stance vigorously.”

Stay tuned as we will soon be publishing more interesting news on how things develop between Google & Sonos. Who do you think stands affirm at their claim? Sonos speaker company or Google. Comment below. 

Did Finland Prime Minister Suggest a 4 Days 6 Hour Work Week?

There’s been quite the talk around the world about the Finnish government reducing work time for full-time employees to four days a week up to six hours per day. And the international media has flamed the news on different news outlets across the United States, Britain, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia, but is it actually true? The truth behind the matter tells a completely different story. 

Most newspaper outlets claimed that on Monday, the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin stated that there will be shorter workweeks in Finland. However, the notion is not entirely true as it was later revealed by government spokeswoman Paivi Anttikoski that she merely suggested the idea. She held a view that someday Finland is going to follow a four-day, six-hour work week routine in the future.  

She expressed the idea during a brief at the panel discussion held last year in August where she voiced her support to push the initiative forward. At the moment, she was the minister of transport. 

This news has been confirmed by spokeswoman Paivi Anttikoski. 

Neither does the five-party coalition government which Marin leads states anything in her agenda nor does her Cabinet mentions anything as such regarding the shorter corporate work week proposal. 

How Did it All Start? 

The inaccurate information on the shorter workweeks started circulating the market in the month of Jan. An article got published on one of the renowned news website (New Europe) a Brussels newspaper which revealed that Marin raised the issue of a six hours a day, four-day workweek prior to securing her place as the prime minister in the government cabinet of Finland. 

But that’s just about how much she revealed as she didn’t choose to discuss it any further. 

For those of you who don’t know Sanna Marin, she’s the world’s youngest sitting prime minister who aims to implement shorter workweeks. She hasn’t implemented them yet but it is one of her goals. 

On discussing the matter with the New Europe news outlet, she said: 

“I believe people deserve to spend more time with their families, loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of life, such as culture, this could be the next step for us in working life.”

Right after the statement was spoken, Zoi Didili published a news report claiming that Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin urged the government to change the working hours from 8 to 6 and working days from 5 to 4 per week. Zoi Didili later explained The Associated Press on the very next day, the translation from the original Finnish news sources had a few details wrong. In fact, the published report was readily revised later on.

In her defence, she said: 

“The basis of the story was that we wanted to see whether the Finnish prime minister would uphold her earlier views. This time we fell into the trap of not cross-checking this information properly,”

She further concluded,

“We’ve been very alerted to the fact that so many news outlets reported the story without checking it from original sources, ”

At the time when the statement was issued by Marin, she was serving as the vice chairwoman of Finland’s ruling Social Democratic Party and minister of transport and communications in the Cabinet.

At the time, the Social Democratic Movement played a significant role in supporting Finland’s industrial history. There is a higher probability that Marin made such a statement in the light of protecting the right of employees so they can have a chance to spend more time with the family. 

When the panel discussion was held, she presented a myriad of utopias among which one was the idea of cutting down work hours to 6 and working days to 4 which she hoped to see turn into reality. In a city accommodating 5.5 million people, such a radical change will take its time to have an effect. 

Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat later revealed the correct statement which was posed as a question:

“Is the 8-hour working day the definite truth? I think people deserve to spend more time with their families and their loved ones, hobbies and culture activities. This could be the next step for us in the work-life,” 

Though Marin still backed up to what she believed and said, 

“A four-day working week or a six-hour working day with a sufficient pay maybe utopia today, but it may become reality in the future,”

It’s not the first time Finland has taken bold steps in different productive facets of the country. It has made significant contributions in many areas including education and labour. In 2017, Finland’s then-Prime Minister Juha Sipila created a two-year trial program to provide monetary benefits to chosen unemployed individuals. They were paid around 560 euros ($624) every month for two years. 

The assessment concluded in 2019. It did contribute to the people’s well being but didn’t increase employment. Was the article informative? Did you have a good time reading it? Let us know below. 

There is a Chrome Extension Shitcoin Which Can Steal Your Crypto-Keys

The world of the Internet is vast and there are plenty of interesting tools and extensions. Some of these tools and extensions can be trusted, while a handful of these tools cannot be trusted. 

Recently, we have come across a similar tool called the Shitcoin which was released on the 9th of December. This particular extension was initially designed to secure Ethereum coins and ERC20 digital tokens. For those of you who aren’t aware of these tokens, these tokens help with the ICO. 

For now, Shitcoin is trending among users who are dealing with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Apparently, these individuals aren’t quite aware of the fact that this particular wallet can put their private information at risk. The Shitcoin wallet uses a specific JavaScript code specifically designed to steal passwords and private keys of other users who are using the Shitcoin wallet to make crypto-transactions. The wallet simply injects the JS code into other people’s website pages and then track that information to the source. It then copies the information and then delivers it to the Shitcoin database. Users often install the chrome extension on their browsers and if they aren’t quite the fan of using Chrome, they instead install the Windows desktop app and manage funds outside the browser. 

Sadly, the wallet app isn’t something that the organization’s CEO has promised the users that it will be. According to Harry Denley who is currently working as the Director of Security at the MyCrypto platform, the Ethereum wallet Shitcoin contains a malicious code which injects itself in different website unannounced. Denley also sheds light on the fact that the extension is harmful to people who rely on the wallet to secure any funds in the form of Ethereum coins or ERC20-based tokens. 

Denley exposed a shocking reveal that the Shitcoin wallet is capable of sending private key information of all its wallets to a third-party website located at the following address: erc20wallet[.]tk.

At the same time, the extension also injects a JavaScript code in case, a user visits any of the five popular cryptocurrency management platforms. The code is specifically designed to extract credential information and extract private keys. Here’s how the malicious code inflicts damage to the users: 

  • Users install the Chrome extension
  • Chrome extension requests permission to inject JavaScript (JS) code on 77 websites [listed here]
  • When users navigate to any of these 77 sites, the extension loads and injects an additional JS file from https://erc20wallet[.]tk/js/content_.js
  • This JS file contains obfuscated code [deobfuscated here]
  • The code activates on five websites:, Idex.Market,,, and
  • Once activated, the malicious JS code records the user’s login credentials, searches for private keys stored inside the dashboards of the five services, and, finally, sends the data to erc20wallet[.]tk

There is no clarity yet whether this code on Shitcoin Wallet has been installed by the company itself or a third party, but one thing is for sure, this particular Chrome extension has been compromised. 

It is best advised that a user should first scan the website using a tool such as VirusTotal. 

Do you enjoy reading this informative piece? If you did then please do let us know what you think. We await your feedback. 

Google Develops AI Program to Detect Breast Cancer Faster Than Human

We live in an age where digital is the new norm. Digital transformation is taking place all around us. We have seen the rise of a new era in just over a decade, an age that significantly depends on intelligent systems and data science. Today, AI and Machine Learning has made significant leaps and deployed quite remarkable implementations. From chatbots to autonomous vehicles run on mobile apps, AI and Machine Learning have made its way in almost every industry, including medical & health sciences.

Today, breast cancer is a condition that affects many women across the world. Alone in the United Kingdom, there are more than 55,000 women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer every year. And when it comes to the United States, 1 in every eight women develops breast cancers.
The most common method to detect breast cancer is digital mammography, the X-Ray imaging of the breast, where radiologists are tasked with identifying abnormalities within the breast. On average, more than 42 million tests are performed each year in the United Kingdom, and the United States combined. Yet, radiologists are not accurate enough to spot or diagnose cancer in early stages.

To overcome this gap, Google has come up with an AI-based solution.
Recently, Google has introduced an AI program capable of detecting cancer faster than humans. It was a collaborative effort where Google partnered up with different medical institutions located in the United Kingdom and the United States. To develop the AI, Google has also partnered with the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, which is located at the Northwestern University in Royal Surrey County Hospital. By their combined efforts, the company has been successful in developing an AI model capable of analyzing mammograms effectively than human radiologists looking for breast cancers.

When it comes to breast cancer detection, accuracy is of vital importance. More than 20% of breast cancers are easily missed out during the initial screening, says the American Cancer Society. Furthermore, during the screening process, there were several cases recorded where the patient was asked to come back again and do the test because of false positives. In fact, at times, these cases were left with little choice than to perform biopsies to make sure that they do not have cancer.

At one of the occasion, Google says,

“Reading these X-ray images is a difficult task, even for experts, and can often result in both false positives and false negatives. In turn, these inaccuracies can lead to delays in detection and treatment, unnecessary stress for patients and a higher workload for radiologists who are already in short supply,” 

Hence, Google set upon a task to create an intelligent AI model that was able to remove such intricacies. It came up with an AI-powered model that was able to screen and detect mammograms more accurately than their human counterparts. To do so, it was first put to test where it performed the scanning for more than 76,000 women mammograms from the United States and more than 15,000 women mammograms from the United Kingdom and the results came out pretty astounding. 

Google reports that the results generated by the AI-powered model were far better than those produced by the radiologists in both the countries. The model showed a 5.7% reduction of false positives and a 9.4% reduction in false negatives for the United States mammograms of 3000 women. And a 2.7% reduction in false negatives and a 1.2% reduction in fall positives for more than 25,000 mammograms produced in the United Kingdom.  Google also confirmed that the AI model was able to screen better despite having relatively less information as compared to their human counterparts. Human experts had a patient’s history to their expense whereas the AI model didn’t have such data.

Image result for Google detects breast cancer faster than human
P.C: Google Blog.

At the same time, Google also checked whether the AI model is capable to detect and make readings for generalized mammogram data. Here Google trained the AI model to only collect information from the women located in the United Kingdom and then evaluated that dataset from women in the USA. 

They observed a 3.5% reduction in false positives and an 8.1% reduction in false negatives.

On one another occasion, Google further stated, 

“Looking forward to future applications, there are some promising signs that the model could potentially increase the accuracy and efficiency of screening programs, as well as reduce wait times and stress for patients,”

Google isn’t the only platform that has been working on the AI project for cancer detection. In July, the technological giant IBM also introduced three AI projects which focused on curing cancer. The organization made a significant contribution to the open-source community. Right now, there is so much more happening in the world… For instance, the Australian company Max Kelsen is working on developing AI models that can predict the effectiveness of cancer treatment. The company is massively investing in whole-genome sequence research and implementing better practices. 

Initially, they are focusing on the immunotherapy treatment for melanoma and small cell lung cancer. Did you find this piece informative? Let us know your thoughts about the new AI model in the comments. 

7 Best Apple Watch Apps to Download in 2020

If you think the only purpose a smartwatch has is to show you the time or make you look like a fashionable oaf, then I must say you’re wrong.

Apart from its ability to put you in a tech-savvy decent persona, Apple Watches can be the perfect travel agent, an expert fitness tracker, a source of entertainment and effective communication. So, in case you’re just wondering what makes smartwatches worth all the attention, it’s the variety of fascinating apps you can run on these smartwatches.

Smartwatches come in many forms, sizes and under different brand names. But the best so far which no other has been able to successfully compete in the market is none other but the amazing Apple smartwatch. It has all the interesting features and is quite an interesting companion to have on the wrist.

Do you also own an Apple smartphone?  

In case you do, here are the 7 fascinating Apple Watch apps that you must look out for in the year 2020. 

1) Authy

Image result for Authy

As we move into the future, security becomes a major concern. Major Software services around the world are now implying the use of two-factor authentication in order to keep their users’ data safe. Normally, you can authenticate your accounts by a single tap on your smartphone. But with Authy, you take the authentication options up to one level. Authy allows you to authenticate your two-factor authentication through your smartwatch. The app supports thousands of important websites and software services including Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Dropbox, and even Amazon. 

You can add any app you want to Authy from your smartphone. The next time you want to by-pass a two-factor authentication, just type in the code or perform a single tap from your Apple smartwatch. 

2) Carrot Weather

Related image

If you’re more of an outgoing person, then Carrot Weather is a great app to help you track the weather in no time. Apparently, Carrot Weather is just amazing because it helps you track your weather with a bit of sarcasm of its own. The robot working at the back-end can be configured to send out snarky messages alongside weather checks. If you select the option, you will start seeing messages like: 

“You don’t even want to know what I did with all the clouds”


“It’s frakking sunny. Lucky You.”

The app is great as it allows you to check the temperature, track wind speed, set direction, check the visibility, humidity and dew point level. It is simply a great weather app accessible at only $4.99. 

3) Gymaholic

Related image

Like I said, your smartwatch is your ultimate workout buddy and gymaholic serves the purpose best. The app is amazing as it sets a different routine every day. It contains a series of custom-tailored exercise plans and you can add more exercises to your routine from the iPhone version of the app. Not only that but in case you’re not sure how to do a particular exercise, you just have to tap the exercise to see how it’s done. The app monitors a number of reps, heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned. Every stat is automatically saved on the app and the data syncs up with your iPhone. 

The app is absolutely FREE to download. But you can get the premium version at $4.99 per month. 

4) Microsoft Translator

Image result for Microsoft translator for apple watch

Who doesn’t require a translator when they are traveling to a new country? We all do. But, what if I tell you that you don’t have to pull out your smartphone the next time you want to translate. The Microsoft Translator is one such app that also comes with an Apple Watch release. It is quite a handy and effective translation app as it can translate just about any word or phrase in English from a variety of languages. Just long-press the app on your smartphone, select the desired language from the list of options, tap the microphone option, and speak the phrase or word which you want to translate. 

You can choose to translate words and phrases from Italian to English, Spanish to English, Chinese to English, Russian to English, French to English, Hebrew to English and even Klingon to English. 

5) Moment – Pro Cam 

Image result for moment pro camera watch app

We all have friends and some of them are downright freaky. There’s no fun unless you capture those freaky moments so you guys can laugh on it together later. But, if you pull out your smartphone at such an instance, you can eventually give a heads up to the other person so they stop their freakiness. 

Now, you certainly don’t want that to happen now, do you? 

Moment – Pro Cam is the best Apple Watch app for controlling and taking clicks using your Apple Smart Watch. You can snap just about any photo you like or shoot any video you want by controlling your iPhone camera using the Moment – Pro Cam. The app offers you front and rear camera controls. 

So the next time your friend tries to act freaky, you can always save the moment with this great app. 

6) News 360

Image result for news 360 on Apple watch

How about if I tell you that there is a news app which you can organize based on your interests? News 360 is a great app that puts everything necessary to know in one place. It brings a couple of top stories from each category to the front-line. With just a few simple swipes, you can go through one story of interest to another and learn what is happening around in the world you actually want to know. 

Every item in the News 360 app is displayed with a powerful headline showing that their content creators are simply amazing. Every news detail is loaded with images and covers a full back story. 

While you can cherish the headlines and take a look at these images, you can’t read the whole story unless you don’t access the app from your iPhone device. But, you can still stay up to date with the smartwatch version. So just in case, if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now might be a good time. 

7) Pandora Music

Image result for Pandora music on apple watch

Have you heard about Pandora yet? It’s a great and simple app for listening to your favorite music. And with the Apple Watch version out now, you can even listen to your favorite songs from the watch. 

Once you’ve installed and logged into your Pandora Music app from the smartwatch, you can access all of your pre-configured stations. You have to create these stations from the website or mobile app. To view each station, just swipe through the list and select the desired station you wish to listen to. The Apple Watch allows you to play, pause, stop and control the volume directly from the smartwatch. 

While Pandora is just one among many, there are other competitors like Spotify and iHeartRadio too. 

So there you go, here are the 7 best Apple Watch apps I believe are worth taking a look at in 2020. Do you have any other in mind? Please feel free to share the app with us so we can include it in our article. 

Modern Warfare Becomes the Most Played Multiplayer Game in the First 50 Days

The first-person shooter genre has long been the staple of online gaming. 

Just when you think that you’ve seen enough and you nearly get attached to a particular FPS title, the world releases another revitalizing FPS game that resets your entire shooter game experience. 

Among many titles that were released this year, one that tops the chart is none other but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remake and the fans just simply loved it. In recent events, Activision disclosed that the franchise observed modern warfare as one of the most played multiplayer console game ever. 

The analysis performed by the franchise was done over a course first fifty days of gameplay. Based on the results from the analytics, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare exceeds all the other Call of Duty games when measured in total hours played, total hours per player and average daily player count. 

According to Activision, the game experienced a total of 500 million multiplayer hours of game time in a total of 300 million different multiplayer matches. In fact, the latest call of duty multiplayer title has summed up a total of $1 billion from around the world in sales by the end of November on consoles. 

The First Look at the New Modern Warfare

The game’s opening movie sequence is no less than binge-worthy movies like Sicario. It all starts with a terrorist attack and takes you on a breathtaking journey of a thrilling and mind captivating storyline. 

Most of the game-story revolves around recovering chemical weapons from a fictional country called the Urzikistan. But, early in the game, you do get the chance to play some brutal mission in London. 

The outfits of the players have changed. However, the shooting style still remains the same. The overall tone of the game is dark and most of the story elements are extracted from real scenarios. 

One great thing about the new Modern Warfare multiplayer is the crossplay. It is for the first time the franchise fully supports the crossplay element allowing players to interconnect through consoles and PC at the same time. Fans playing games through PS4, Xbox One and PC can now play altogether. 

Infinity ward has explained clearly how the crossplay feature will work on the new Modern Warfare. It does support keyboard, mouse, and controllers on all platforms; however, people will be able to choose controller-only lobbies or mouse & keyboard-only lobbies irrespective of playing on a console or on PC. If you do want to learn more about the cross-play feature in-depth, then read it on The Verge

How Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Breaking Records?

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the first game in the franchise to offer the crossplay experience, it has significantly boosted the sales for the title. Infinity Wards has also credited it for engagement. 

On one of the occasions, the co-studio head, and creative director at Infinity Ward, Patrick Kelly stated: 

“We’re bringing our players together to play across all platforms and that continues today with a new wave of content coming to everyone for free,”

As the hype just keeps increasing, it is expected to break new records moving into New Orleans. 

“The momentum for Modern Warfare from day one has been incredible. Players are having a great time and are continuing to engage across the multiplayer experience at the highest level in years. We’re also seeing new franchise highs for this console generation in hours played, hours per player and average daily players,” 

Says executive vice president and general manager for Call of Duty, Activision, Byron Beede. 

He further states, 

“It’s great to see the fan response to the hard work from our development teams led by Infinity Ward. Players are having a great time, and there’s much more to come as we continue to deliver new content.”

We can see the game introducing more content for the game in the season one battle pass and we hope to see more success come out of the Modern Warfare as we move close to the New Year. 

Are you flabbergasted with the immense success Modern Warfare has earned in a small period of time? As an avid gamer, are you also interested to become one among the contributors? 

Do let us know what you feel about modern warfare in the comment section below.