Amazon Reveals One-Day Free Shipping Experience for All Its Prime Customers

Amazon Reveals One-Day Free Shipping Experience for All Its Prime Customers

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Amazon has recently announced that it is going to upgrade its free Two-day shipping to One-day shipping for all its prime customers worldwide. It will be starting out with its nearby region. 

An announcement was made by Brian Olsavsky, the chief financial officer, during the first quarter of 2019 earnings. He said,

“We’re currently working on evolving Prime two-day to Prime one-day,”

He explained how the free one day shipping is quite relatively different from its free two-day counterpart. The latter version of the shipment does not include any additional surcharges other than the subscription charges. Previously, free shipping option for the prime customer entails a minimum purchase amount of $35. However, things seem to be taking a turn for the better.

Brian Olsavsky states that,

“We’re already starting down this path, we’ve expanded the number of zip codes eligible for one-day shipping. It will take us a significant amount of time to achieve.”

Olsavsky also revealed that Amazon has been considerably striving to improvise its shipping logistics over the last few months. It has collaborated with the US  Postal Service and all the other transportation partners to make one-day shipping the standard shipping for all its Prime customers.


Amazon is thrilled to make further announcements about the expansion regarding free one-day shipping by the end of second quarter this year. For now, developments are underway in North America; but it is expected to eventually expand at a global scale. Olsavsky further states:

“The vast majority of items are available in two days. If we cut that in half…we think it will open up a lot of potential purchases and a lot of conveniences.”

We are very eager to see what Amazon has in store for us in the near future.

Let’s wait up till the next quarter.

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