AI-driven Digital Covid Certificate Verification and Security Clearance

AI-driven Digital Covid Certificate

AI-driven Digital Covid Certificate Verification and Security Clearance

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The coronavirus situation is worsening and global authorities are imposing several restrictions to stop further spreading. The basic and widely adopted precautionary measures are social distance and wearing masks at all times, but there are now increasing obligations particularly in the travel industry.

Airports around the world require negative Covid-19 test reports and the verification of these reports to prevent forgery. Initially, Coronavirus certificate verification was being carried out manually and took upto an hour, making it very frustrating for travelers. However, there are now solutions for covid certificate verification that make the process much more efficient.

The Need for Covid Certificate Verification

With different countries banning tourism and leisure travels, it has become quite tough for individuals working away from their home countries to manage their annual vacations and travel back to meet their loved ones. Not only airports, but every public place including offices, restaurants, schools, and universities require Coronavirus certificate verification.

In addition to causing a global catastrophe, the coronavirus pandemic has also caused mass digitization of business and education operations, which means manual testing and covid certificate verification cannot be employed anymore. Digital platforms and top-notch software used at airports provide convenience to customers and save their time. Considering these kinds of expectations from customers, digital vaccine certificate verification is the need of the hour.

The Risks Related to Covid Reports

As per the regular procedure that is primarily being implemented by airports, the passengers are asked to report a few hours earlier in order to get their covid test done. The only alternative to this process is getting the test done from laboratories authorized by the respective government. Both these processes are tiring and inconvenient for the travelers/customers because the covid certificate verification is manual.

In addition to this, there are the risks of fraudsters forging the test reports to fool the authorities and travel without having tested Covid negative. This ultimately results in the increased spreading of the virus. Digital covid certificate verification eliminates the hassle and prevents fake reports with the use of AI-based solutions.

Digital Covid certificate verification provides an automated solution to accurately determine whether the test reports and vaccination certificates are original. The illicit intentions of fraudsters lead them to creating fake reports by changing small details like the name, date, and the location of the test. Moreover, they often design accurate reports that are very tough to distinguish unless proper coronavirus certificate verification is done.

Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification

Using the incredible abilities of AI, digital vaccine certificate verification helps global authorities to create safe environments for traveling and public gatherings. It works using the same basic principles used in identity verification, and adds a few security checkpoints.

Document Verification

After installing the respective API’s for mobile or web platforms, the user has to upload the required documents through the provided portal. These documents include the government-issued identity cards or passports, through which the user’s identity can be verified. Numerous AI models and algorithms are used to detect forgery and alterations in the documents.

Biometric Face Verification

Alongside the document verification process, digital covid certificate verification also includes biometric face verification. The user is required to appear live and a selfie is taken to authenticate their identity by matching with the photo on the ID card. This procedure prevents attempts of identity theft and the subsequent unauthorized access by fraudsters.

Covid Certificate Verification

Once the individual’s identity is verified, the next step is to verify the Covid test report and the vaccination certificate. OCR (optical character recognition) technology helps in accurately extracting information from the embedded QR codes within the report/certificate.

The code contains information including the person’s name and the test date, and running the code through AI-based systems can help companies in determining forgery to filter out fake reports. As per government regulations, there are requirements of the validity of the report, meaning that it should not be older than a certain date. Also, the report or vaccination certificate must be from authorized laboratories.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the present situation of travel restrictions and requirements of Covid tests and vaccination certificates is critical. This is why AI-based digital Covid certificate verification is becoming essential. Digital covid certificate verification over manual verification saves time as well as human intervention. Factors like bias and favors are simply eliminated, and so is human error.

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