A Persona 5 Fusion Guide for Beginners Interested to Play Persona 5

Persona 5

A Persona 5 Fusion Guide for Beginners Interested to Play Persona 5

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Have you played Persona 5 lately? If you’ve played the game then I am pretty sure you know the significance of building up your persona 5 fusions. They are the only thing that allows you to survive the game’s complex Palaces and extremely challenging Mementos. 

Creating Personas within the game is of utmost importance because it allows you to exploit your enemy’s weaknesses and also enable you to battle and survive some of the toughest enemies in-game. 

Now understanding every Persona can easily overwhelm you. And if you ever plan on delving into their Fusions, the whole thing just become overly complicated. So why not, skip the whole deal of learning and instead, get the best Personas as you go through the game! Here’s a guide to help you understand how you can get the most powerful Persona 5 personas and master their art of fusion in no time. 

So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Are you familiar with the Velvet Room? 

The fastest way to acquire new Personas is to beat down challenging enemies throughout the game. The more challenging the enemies, the more difficult it is to vanquish them and the rewards are better. 

However, do you know that you can also create new fusions and strengthen your existing ones by sacrificing the ones which you already own? Yup, there’s a place called the Velvet Room in the game.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed when you are creating different combinations, but the process of fusion is fairly simple. With the latest updates, you are now able to work your way back if you’re not satisfied with a particular combination. Try manual combinations until you find the best for your character. 

Fusing Personas is also where your Confidant social rank comes into play. The higher your rank in a given Arcana, the greater are the chances of earning better bonuses. It indicates that you have a fair chance to create Personas which are relatively going to be more powerful than any you’ll find in wild. 

And Velvet Room is the place where you can perform effective Persona fusions. 

Personas can also acquire abilities from their parents. Hence, you can get some balanced results. 

In case, you’re having trouble with identifying source Personas, you can eventually become capable of fusing others which are already in your possession. To do so, just go through the “Fusion by result” section within the Velvet Room. As you level up in the game, acquiring personas becomes fairly easy. 

You won’t actually have to kill higher difficulty level enemies, as you can simply stun them and acquire your desired Persona. If you can’t kill em, then at least you can farm your favorite personas from them. 

How Should One Create the Best Persona for his Character? 

It is without a doubt, the Sataneal is the strongest Persona in the game, but you can only unlock it if you’re playing the New Game+. However, if you hold a bit of patience and use a bit of your imagination, you can then easily create variants of your own Persona which are equally tough and powerful.

Earning a complete immunity in the Persona 5 game is near impossible. 

It may take some time and may require a lot of brainstorming but you will eventually get there. 

Are you out on the hunt? Here’s a bit of advice that you need to keep in mind. 

  • Start by taking up a Persona that has all the natural immunities and you can create them by fusing three or more different Personas; good examples are Yoshitsune, Kohyru, or Black Frost.
  • Find Personas with passive-skill based immunities that are inheritable. The best example I can come up with is Black Frost which has no resistance against Electric damage. 
  • Fuse the Personas which you’re going to utilize as part of your ingredients. For instance, to pass Absorb Electric from Barong to Black Frost you’ll have to Fuse Barong with Asterius to create Yatagarasu with the inherited ability, and then fuse Yatagarasu with Seth to make King Frost with the inherited ability, and then use King Frost in the final fusion.
  • Get the raw ingredients, and get started with the Advanced Fusion to complete masterpiece. 
  • In the wake of creating a Persona that can best survive the game, individuals often forget to focus on the offense and make Personas that are more defensive. You can spend some time in the lower reaches of Mementos in order to get your hands on Skill Cars that you can apply. 

So there you go, everything important that you need to keep in mind in order to build your Persona. Are you up for the challenge? Download the game and start playing! Let us know what you feel about it? 

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