Day: April 19, 2022

10 Of The Best Performance Management Solutions In 2022

The HR department of an organization handles various essential tasks and maintains the efficiency to achieve the company goals along with increasing employees’ performance growth. 

Managing the workforce’s performance is not an easy task in 2022. Evaluation, appraisals, monitoring, goal setting, reviewing, and giving feedback are significant components of the performance management system. It’s a vast subject that requires a manager’s practical evaluating skills. However, the digital practitioners came up with a practical solution that streamlines the process. We will discuss it here:

Performance Management Digital Solution

Technology has altered through each generation and impacted various businesses and their functions. Modern business practices involve implementing digital tools that deliver a great experience and improve the overall efficiency of tasks. Modern software streamlines and automates the PMS process. 

A performance management system helps HR professionals in numerous ways and saves time so they can devote their precious time to other essential tasks. Some popular features of the system are feedback & review cycle, goal-setting, reports & analytics, and performance evaluation. In addition, the system helps in automating different tasks and growing staff efficiency. 

While it’s difficult to eliminate distractions, inefficiencies, and their causes entirely, a lot can be done to improve employees’ productivity with PMS software. Below is a list of PMS tools with essential features to help an organization boost its workforce’s productivity. 

Best PMS Solutions In 2022

1. Zenefits

Zenefits is an internet-based software managing the PMS needs of organizations and boosting the productivity of staff. Its system assists managers in goal management, performance reviews, and scheduling meetings. 

Why Choose Zenefits?

  • Zenefits lets administrators create, update, and track goals so that they can monitor the progress towards them all time.
  • 360 review enables various types of templates to deliver specific reviews to employees. Additionally, one can add their own review template and save it for future use.
  • Important meetings can be scheduled and tracked through the software. And thoughts, ideas, and follow-ups can be set in private notes. 

2. Lattice

Lattice is a PMS software managing the performance data of employees and provides valuable assistance to HR. Its system includes features for performance reviews, feedback, and appraisal tasks.

Why Choose Lattice?

  • Authorized persons can set 360 reviews with the system to track every member’s accomplishments and identify improvement areas.
  • A continuous feedback cycle is established in the workplace, so the employees’ productivity growth can be redefined. 
  • Analytics lets managers get valuable insights into performance data and generate reports, so the management can make necessary decisions.

3. factoHR

factoHR is a cloud solution for organizations to manage performance management functions and enhance employees’ productivity. Its system helps HR managers evaluate employees’ performances, managing & tracking goals, and handling review cycles efficiently.

Why Choose factoHR?  

  • In-built dashboards give a complete view of performance analysis, and necessary decisions can be taken easily.
  • Employees can add OKRs assigned to them, and on achievement, managers can add reviews or ratings.
  • Employees can give their opinions regarding the goals and hurdles so it gets resolved after.
  • The system integrates PMS with payroll to generate accurate salaries for the workforce based on their work.

4. Deputy

Deputy is a SaaS-based solution handling numerous organizations’ PMS activities and enhancing productivity. The software runs the feedback process and provides necessary insights into performance data. 

Why Choose Deputy?

  • Managers can leave ratings on employees’ work, and they can track it to use in performance reviews.
  • Staff members can drop feedback at the end of the shift, so the managers can identify hurdles and resolve them.
  • Dashboards provide managers with performance ratings, comments, and trends. So they can prepare valuable reports easily.
  • With Deputy, managers can also access the performance data from anywhere as it comes with a mobile application.

5.  Personio

Personio is web-based PMS software enhancing employees’ efficiencies. Its system helps HR professionals track performances, generate reports, and run review cycles. 

Why Choose Personio?  

  • Manages can efficiently set up review cycles for the entire company or certain teams and monitor all progress.
  • The 360-feedback feature brings a holistic reflection of tasks as peers and authorized persons give feedback on employees’ work, and the workforce can provide upward reviews of their seniors. 
  • Administrators can define and track both quantitative and qualitative targets through the system. If the targets are connected to the bonus, then the results are automatically sent to payroll.

6. Paylocity

Paylocity is a PMS solution for businesses to improve the workforce’s productivity. Its software enables assistance for efficiently managing goals, performance reviews, feedback processes, and gaining data insights. 

Why Choose Paylocity?  

  • Individual goals can be added and managed with Paylocity. It helps the workforce in their personal growth. 
  • Using the system’s 9-box method of performance reviews, each employee can participate in the review process. In addition, succession planning can be done by determining success elements, remarkable scoring options, worker potential, and enthusiasm for the next role. 
  • Visual dashboards help authorized persons observe key metrics, determine trends, and make data-driven decisions.

7. 15five

15five is a robust PMS solution for HR professionals to enhance PMS functions and improve efficiency. The software handles performance review cycles, skills assessment, goal management, progress tracking, and KPIs regarding activities. 

Why Choose 15five?  

  • The system assists in building a review culture wherein the staff members get a complete review of their work/achievements, and they can know their strengths and weaknesses from supervisors and peers. 
  • The customizable 9-box grid method is pre-built in the system to make decisions regarding organizational performance. 
  • The software provides robust reports based on performance rating distribution, so that top management easily makes necessary decisions. 
  • Employees can share their personal growth wins during reviews.

8. Talentguard

Talentguard is a PMS tool that streamlines PMS activities and reduces the HR manager’s burden. The system assists superiors in skills assessment, performance appraisals, and goals development.  

Why Choose Talentguard?  

  • Dashboards allow supervisors to review and track their team’s progress.
  • 360 feedback feature allows receivers to get a complete view of their achievements by receiving feedback from their peers, manager, or customers.
  • Organizational and departmental goals can be set and directly assigned to workers via Talentguard.
  • Key metrics help managers in recognizing and rewarding staff members. 
  • Employees can easily get feedback from peers and managers. In fact, the review and feedback process can be customized as per the need.

9.  PeopleHR

PeopleHR is an online software handling the performance review cycle of various companies. The system enhances the review process by enabling 360 feedback, in-built templates, and goal-setting features.  

Why Choose PeopleHR?

  • With the help of PeopleHR’s system, managers can set goals and track them in real-time. 
  • The software sends timely reminders and notifications to the administrator to prompt action. 
  • 360 feedback feature lets workers get a complete review of their work from colleagues, supervisors, or reports. 
  • The software assures all the workers are provoked to add the review set for them by administrators. And supervisors can monitor the status of reviews.

10. SyncHR

SyncHR is an internet-based software automating various organizations’ PMS functions. The system assists HR professionals in different activities such as goals management & tracking, feedback & review process, and development plans.  

Why Choose SyncHR? 

  • Using SyncHR, management can align individual performance with company objectives and goals. And also, they can track the status of goals.
  • The performance review process can be streamlined by getting continuous feedback. Employees can get 360 feedback on the accomplishment of tasks.
  • Managers and the workforce can get real-time insights into goals alignment and skills through the dashboard. 
  • Supervisors can highlight employees’ competencies for their professional development, and they can also set company development plans.


Performance management is a mandatory process to run for any organization that aims for better productivity of employees and the company. Employee productivity influences the company’s goals and achievements; that’s why it should develop an efficient work environment that encourages the workforce to get better outputs. In the context of small startups with a smaller workforce, scheduling software is in demand as it saves time and money and streamlines the process. 

As mentioned earlier, digital solutions can help automate various tasks and remove errors. Therefore, the above-suggested tools can be considered while automating PMS tasks.