Day: October 29, 2021

Shopify Plugins

5 Must-Have Shopify Plugins to Take Your eCommerce Store to the Next Level

With approximately a 10% market share. Shopify stores throughout the world have achieved over $100 billion approx. in sales.

One of the main reasons people appreciate this platform is its built-in tools, which allow customers to increase the operation of their store and add unique features, in addition to its user-friendliness and excellent backend support.

The Shopify plugins are very useful, as they can be utilized to boost customer interaction, sales, and revenue.

Why use Shopify Plugins?

Top reasons why you should be looking into Shopify plugins

#1 Better Customer Experience

The Shopify plugins allow you to engage with your customers with interesting and interactive promotions. With customized promotions and a range of support in email marketing and Google AdWords, you can increase your customer base and make it easier to reach them with better conversion rates.

#2 Increased sales

Shopify has a list of Shopify plugins that assist in increasing the effectiveness of your eCommerce store by offering a wide variety of ways for retailers to engage with their customers and acquire more sales.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Plugins for Your Ecommerce Store

Shopify plugins offer a myriad of features and ways for improving this customer experience. You can connect your store to Facebook, create a cart, give customers the ability to save orders, and enable customer reviews. The inclusion of complementary features and new ones may not be so immediate, so you should take a look at what is available to see if it is something that can improve the customer experience.

5 Must-Have Shopify Plugins to Take Your eCommerce Store to the Next Level

If you are looking for ways to enhance your e-commerce store, look no further than the below list of must-have Shopify plugins.

#1 FeedGeni aka. Product Feed Generator

The Feed Generator App also ensures that titles are optimized so that search engines can quickly identify and display product listings when they are requested.

Advanced capabilities such as Product Mapping, which guarantees that product attributes are completely aligned with standards, and Inventory Rules Setting, which ensures that future products imported are ready to be used by shopping channels, are available.

#2 SEO Doctor

To perform well in Google Search results and gain web traffic, every website on the internet must be optimized. Shopify, like any other website, has to be SEO optimized in order to attract traffic and reach as many people as possible.

SEO Doctor is a Shopify SEO plugin that helps you fix all SEO issues and increase organic traffic to your business. It’s simple to set up and use. Manual and Automatic SEO modes are available. You can manually optimize SEO issues detected by its tools in Manual Mode. Automatic or Autopilot Mode, on the other hand, automatically resolves SEO concerns

#3 Image Doctor

For editing product images, the Image Doctor App is a simple to use Image Editor. Crop, Draw and Resize, to mention a few, are among Shopify’s basic Image Editing tools.

The Image Doctor App functions similarly to an image editor on your phone. It includes both simple and expert image editing techniques, such as cropping, flipping, and rotating images. You can adjust image brightness, white balance, noise management, and pixelation.

It comes with more than ten color filters to enhance the look of your product photos. On the Images with Emphasis, add custom colored text. To further enrich the images, overlay unique and pre-built icons with coloring options.

#4 Sumo

Uncertainty about how to expand an eCommerce business b2b is one of the most important issues that eCommerce business owners encounter. Even after learning more about the established tactics, they often find it challenging to implement them in their store. Is this something you’ve heard before?

As a result, Sumo has launched Sumo Shortcuts, a solution to the concerns mentioned above. To build your email list, reduce cart abandonment, raise average purchase value, convert window shoppers, and more, start using Sumo now. Sumo’s shortcuts make it simple to convert your website visitors into eCommerce clients.

#5 Referral Candy

Referrals are an extremely effective sales strategy in general. In 80 percent of transactions, personal recommendations have a role.

ReferralCandy is a simple-to-use Shopify application that offers one of the most branded, seamless referral programs available. It’s one of the best Shopify marketing applications because of this. You can choose from a variety of perks and incentives when you use ReferralCandy, including cash, coupon coupons, and one-of-a-kind items.

They’re also all immediately paid out. In terms of branding and customization, the tool gives you a great deal of freedom. No coding skills are required for the setup process.


There are numerous strategies to optimize your e-commerce site as an e-commerce store owner. These plugins can help you upsell and cross-sell products, enhance average order value, and build customer loyalty, among other things.