Day: August 25, 2021

Healthcare Startup

6 Must-Haves of A Digital Healthcare Startup

Change has become a new constant especially in the era of technology.

Technology has successfully intervened in every walk of life and is effectively changing them for the good. Healthcare is also a part of this transformation. In recent years, we have seen a shift from the healthcare system to digital healthcare ecosystems.

Technology Intervention and Healthcare

The massive change of names as digital healthcare is all we needed in all those years while struggling with healthcare problems. This takes in many things needed for an optimum healthcare service. It is beneficial at both patients and service provider’s ends.

It enables them to virtually visit their physician, get online medical help from the best doctors and have the perks of telemedicine. Not only this but people can enjoy having all these perks and that while saving a great deal of time and money. With this fast-paced growth of digital healthcare, we see many startups emerging.

South Asia – A Potential Market for Healthcare Startups

The South Asian region, in particular, has witnessed this change and we have hundreds of healthcare startups bringing up the best healthcare services in the region. This makes the South Asian region a  potential market for startups. From heavily funded startups to the ones that started to come up with innovative approaches, we will be having a saturation shortly in the region. is one such startup. Serving in both B2B and B2C domains, this digital healthcare system is blooming day and night. Many other startups like Healthwire are determined to serve the masses.

Components of Healthcare Ecosystem

If you are into healthcare startups, there is a lot you need to know about the components of the digital healthcare ecosystem and the factors that are bringing the massive change. Let’s begin!

1- Domain Specification

This is the most fundamental component of a digital healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare is a broad field and keeping yourself relevant and specific can be a great help. The areas can vary from women’s health to elder and children patient care. So, if you want to jump the mainstream, it is recommended to keep yourself relevant and specific.

2- Patient Centricity

Next in the list of digital healthcare ecosystem components comes the approach any startup comes to market. Patient centricity is always a good approach, to begin with. Over time, patients have become more and more aware of their health condition and serving as an integral part of health decision making. So, an approach that is directed towards patient’s preference is better at patient’s engagement and can improve the provision of healthcare facilities by several folds.

3- Recent Technologies

Gone are the times when healthcare was based on conventional healthcare modules. Technology progress is fast and is improving healthcare facilities to a greater extent. Being a healthcare startup you must be inclusive when it comes to technology. IoT, artificial intelligence, automated processes, cloud-based technology are all the recent stars of a healthcare ecosystem.

4- Customer Insights

Any service provider should be able to understand the customer’s requirements from all ends. Having a sound understanding of what their consumer is looking for and what will be the thighs they might need in future can be a great weapon any digital healthcare startup can possess. When you are into consumer insight it can help you a lot and stay in the race.

5- Personalization

No matter if you are into healthcare or any other stream, customization is what defines everyday businesses and transforms them for good. Healthcare is not an exception to this. Make sure you are providing patients with customized healthcare facilities that cater for their specific needs. This includes customized treatment plans, customized therapies and all other aspects of healthcare services.

6- Mass Awareness

Alongside all other things, patient awareness is a vital element for any digital healthcare startup. No matter how good your services are or what privileges you are giving them, it will be of no use when your consumers don’t know about your product. Thus, any healthcare startup needs to increase the awareness among masses.

Bottom Line!

Recent years have been a blessing where technology intervention has changed the course of human history for good. Digital healthcare is also a part of it. Taking in all the things it brings for us, we already know that the digital healthcare market is growing and will continue to grow at a much faster pace in future.