Day: August 24, 2021

GogoPDF: Its Quick and Easy Word to PDF Conversion Process

Did you ever encounter problems when sending and receiving Word documents using different social media platforms like Gmail and Facebook? Perhaps you noticed that the texts that it contains were not in their proper places, which made it hard for you to understand the report. Sometimes, the data is in different fonts and spacing, ruining the aesthetics of the file. If these things often happen to you, now is the best time to convert it to PDF. 

Since you are in a fast-paced world, you would want a converter that can help you maximize your available time. Aside from that, it must be within your budget, so what most people would recommend to you is GogoPDF. It offers its services for free and you can access them as long as you have an internet connection. If you are not aware that it exists, you are missing out on a lot of great things. 

Why is there a need to convert Word to PDF?

In today’s digital age, people take advantage of technological tools and innovations to make their lives a little less stressful. One of the things you can use to have a more enjoyable work from home experience is by using the Word to PDF converter of GogoPDF. However, you might be hesitant to do so because you don’t know its importance.

Nowadays, portable document format is the most popular type of file among working adults and students. It surpassed the popularity of Excel and Word because of its great features. For instance, you can easily access it no matter the kind of device you are using because it is compatible with all major operating systems. If you are using an Apple laptop, the recipient can still open the document with the same quality even if they are using another software such as Windows. 

PDF is more advantageous than Word documents because the latter often presents a lot of compatibility and formatting issues. But it is an ideal file format if you wish to create journals and compositions. When sending it to other people online, they will encounter difficulty in reading and understanding its content. For sure, you don’t want to cause any inconveniences to your colleagues and superiors, so might as well convert it to PDF before sending it. 

A detailed explanation of the conversion process

GogoPDF offers the most straightforward conversion process, allowing you to do the task in just a few minutes. You don’t have to spend a significant amount of your time just to have a copy of the converted document. It is a user-friendly tool, which means that you can perform the conversion process all by yourself. There is no need to ask a friend or colleague to help you out. Check out the detailed explanation about how the tool works so that you will not feel lost when you are already accessing the website.

Step 1. Click the Word to PDF tool 

Get whatever device is accessible to you right now such as smartphone, laptop, or computer, and connect it to high-speed internet. Then, open one of the most reliable browsers installed on your device to search for Make sure to click the Word to PDF tool on the home page to reach the needed tool. 

Step 2. Drag the Word file to the toolbox

For the online tool to start the conversion process, you have to upload the Word file to the toolbox. The upload time usually takes more or less one minute depending on the file size and internet speed. You must open the file folder, click the document you wish to convert, and drop it into the toolbox. The method of making the file available on the website is different if you are using a smartphone or tablet. You will have to click the select a file button and double-tap the needed file. Once you verify that you uploaded the right document, click the Convert to PDF button. 

Step 3. The tool will scan the uploaded document

Before the tool can proceed to the conversion process, it first needs to scan the uploaded document. After ensuring that it is in the right file format and it is free from malware and viruses, it will immediately convert it. Within a few seconds, expect that the converted file is readily available for download. Don’t forget to have a copy on your device’s local storage so that you can open it whenever you want despite not having an internet connection. You may also save it on your Google Drive or Dropbox account to access it even if you are using a different device. If your local and cloud-based storages are already full, you may just copy the URL generated by the website and share it with your desired recipients. 

In Conclusion 

GogoPDF has a Word to Excel converter that is very easy to use. You only have to follow the three steps listed above to have a copy of the PDF document. Use it now to save not just time but also your hard-earned money!