Day: June 18, 2021

slow website

Reasons for Slow Website

Most of your traffic on your website depends on the browsing and searching speed. If the speed is fast, then the visitors come to your website rapidly and increase traffic. On the other hand, if your website takes 3 seconds to browse then 80% of the visitors left your site due to the reasoning of slow processing. 

Today, here we are going to discuss the top reasons for slow working websites. This article will surely help you to make your website processing faster. I know there are a lot of questions revolving in your mind but I assure you that after reaching the end of the article, all your misconceptions have been cleared. Let’s get started;

Slow Server in Webhosting

Your server is the main part of your website. So, it’s important to use an upgraded server. If your server doesn’t work properly and becomes slow as the visitors do some clicks. It may cause some traffic and ranking issues. 

Service your server when it doesn’t work properly due to high traffic. 

Avoid using a free server because a free server has a quality issue that not appropriate to manage a unique website. If you have a WordPress website, you might want to check out Elementor. The website builder now offers best-in-class, built-in cloud-based WordPress hosting.

Much Ads on your site

A lot of ads or content on your website may cause processing and speed issues. That’s because if your website having a lot of ads, it might work slowly because of a lot of data having in it. 

It doesn’t mean that ads on-site are bad too. It’s just when the data is overloaded.     

Large Files Having Big Content

Text, media, audio/video, graphics, and image files take time while transferring. For quick transferring, you need to have a fresh server device with a strong internet connection. Furthermore, you need to avoid some type of transferring files like BMP and TIFF because it takes much time in downloading and sending. So, it’s preferable to avoid that kind of website while working for a website.

Script Issue

 A badly written script like python, Jawa may slow down your website. Also, it may cause by some compatibility issues. So, it’s important to write good research and a well-planned script to increase the performance of your website.

Unsatisfying location of Server

Make sure to choose the perfect location for your server because your server needs to connect through the internet and browse multiple things for visitors. If you are handling a big site then try to set the servers. different locations otherwise it may start working slowly. That is because people all around the world browse from your website. 

Too much traffic

Having traffic on your page sounds good for your profession but you have some responsibilities to manage all the work. If the visitor increase in your site then the processing automatically becomes slow due to high traffic. You must need to have a server with a strong internet connection. Further service of the server is needed when the work and traffic are overloaded.

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Here, we are standing at the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed this and happy to clear all your concepts and misconceptions. So, why are you standing here? Go and visit the site.Create a professional website and make your living easier.